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historical In 1994, with nowhere to turn for info / discussion about the band, Greg Thompson ( conceived of, gave birth to, and originally ran the Tool Mailing List. He's the one responsible, at least indirectly, for the people behind this site (Kabir, Shane, Tyrone, et al) ever meeting in the first place.

For administrative reasons, this listserver was shut down on October 2, 1995. Latter-day posts from this list are now available online thanks to Dan Steadman. Josh Lowe took over the role of listadmin, running the server off his computer. However, this list was shut down within weeks because of hardware problems. Soon after, the list found its new home at; run by Reuven Bell (, where it lived for nearly two years, until moving onto a server courtesy of Josh Lowe in October, 1997. And it has moved a bunch since then, and I lost track =)

troubleshooting If you have any problems, contact Jet Maier
... not me or anyone else.

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