The Official Tool Newsletter

April 2000

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From: toolband (
Subject: TOOL
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 17:09:51 -0700

Tool would like to thank you and everyone for the overwhelming response
instigated by the launching of the web site.  The enthusiasm and love
everyone has shown really helps.  The following is an faq for the people
who emailed us in the last few days.

What is Tool doing?
besides finally ending a long year and a half ugly law suit the the former
and new owners Zoo/Volcano/FreeWorld/Zoo/and the present Volcano II, Tool
has been writing  four hours a day five days a week, for the last 15
months with periodic breaks during holidays.  Check the for more details on these and other projects.

When can we expect to hear new music from Tool?
At this point it's too early to say.  We are in the process of writing
fifteen or so arrangements with a ways to go before actually completing
'songs'.  While there is no dominant theme at this point, We have been
experimenting with several different textures and time signatures.  There
are several things being worked on in 5/4 time and one even in 9-8-7 .

When I saw Tool live, there was a large (brown?) board with a seven
pointed star and other things on it.  I was wondering what that
represented, what it is called, and where i can read up on it? The board
is an Enochian board based on one similar to what John Dee utilized in his
works with Edward Kelley.  For a basic start on information into devices
utilized for Ritual Magick read Aleister Crowley's Book Four. If your next
question is "Do we worship the devil?" The answer is no.

"The Three Pound Universe", have you read it?
Not yet, but thank you for any suggested readings.

When does A Perfect Circle's album come out? May 23rd at a store near you.  
Maynard is scheduled to begin touring with A Perfect Circle in early
April.  Check for details.

Will there be more updates to the website?

Yes, and we are planning on launching another site operating under the
title of within the next few months.  This will be
more of a concept oriented site providing insight into the layers forming
Tool. Also featuring a gallery with original artwork by the band and their
favorite artist.

What's up with  Is that gonna be a real 
Yes, it is/will be a real site.  Expect something to happen with this site
in the near future.  It will also be linked from Tool's 
"dissectional" site when it goes online.

I remember reading about a side project called Zaum.  Are they still
together?  Do they have any material available to hear?
Zaum had some demos available a few years ago through Tool's management,
Larrikin.  Lately the members Marco Fox, Danny Carey, and Mother Goose
have been too busy to put something out, but are hoping to go through over
twenty hours of material to put something together.

Live chat's with TOOL members will be posted in the news. stay tuned.

To send artwork and other things you can mail
PO BOX 298
Los Angeles, CA

thanx again for your patience and support
talk to you soon