The Official Tool Newsletter

Fall 1994

Thanks to Steve Reed (

Tool .5 Fall Equinox '94

Hope you are all enjoying the season. Good news. Thanks to all of you  
Undertow is now officially a platinum recording. We couldn't have done it  
without your support.

We are currently working on new material and we hope to be recording as early 
as March. Aside from a few shows around southern California in mid-November, 
we have no plans to show ourselves until after the new year. I  
have included a list of suggested reading material. Rather than polluting  
your soul with television and all it's hidden agendas, we recommend you read 
one or more of these books. Ignorance is very boring. Besides, it will give 
us something to talk about when we see you next.

Feel free to send us some interesting gifts to help inspire us while writing 
our new material.

We also have a few more items available. Please buy a b'zillion of them so 
we can purchase Cuba and rename it Gorbynia.

Tool x .25,

Maynard James Keenan


Behold the Protong! by Stanislav Szukaslsi

This artist/sculptor created and wrote more by age 30 than DaVinci did his 
whole life. Any collection of works you can find by this man is well worth  
the effort.

Love and Sleep and AEGYPT by John Crowley

John is a master of layering patterns and synchronicities. In these books he 
explores the possibilities of there being many histories to the world.

And the Ass Saw the Angel<-!> by Nick Cave

This is a twisted beautiful story of a mute, persecuted boy's view of the  
world outside a self-righteous religious community.

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

A macabre look at an adolescent's feeling that something is missing.

Squeak the Mouse by Massimo Mattioli Sexual, homicidal rodents. Nothing more 
but certainly no less.

Nothing In This Book by Bob Frissell

Sacred geometry and the evolution of human consciousness. I think this is a 
very important book in helping us understand our connection with the  
universe through mathematics.

Earth by David Brin

A frightening look at one possible future for man.

Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain

Diary Of A Genius by Salvador Dali

It's always interesting to slip into an overly creative person's thoughts.

Interior Design with Feng Shui by Sarah Rossbach

Setting up your environment in order to take advantage of all available  

Archaic Revival by Terrance McKenna

Enlightening perspectives on hallucinogens and culture.