The Official Tool Newsletter

June 1998

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(Note - This has been reproduced _exactly_ as it is in the newsletter,
typos and all)

As promised we are back with yet another Tool newsletter. We told you that
these things were going to be more regular & you probably didn't believe
us. & as lots of you have probably heard, Tool is going on tour this
summer. July will be spent with the Ozzfest tour, not heading into a town
near you as the Ozzfest is only on the east & midwest this year. After the
end of the Ozzfest tour, Tool will be doing headline shows on the western
half of the country & that is where you come in. See the reverse for these
dates. We will see you out on the road & remember to have a good time, but
don't ruin the experience of the folks around you.

For some of you this is your first Tool newsletter & for those people we
have still have to answer some of the most frequently answered questions.
To those that have received our newsletter before this is going to be kind
of boring, but bear with us.  Hopefully everyone will gleam something new

We are still in the middle of a lawsuit with Volcano Recordings & hope to
have it resolved before the end of the year. This thus means that there
will not be a new album this year, contrary to many rumors floating
around. We can't really tell you much more that that, but stay tuned. 

Close to the top of most asked questions is when is Tool coming out with a
live album &/or compilation video. At the present time there are not plans
to release either, we can't say this will never happen, but not in the
foreseeable future. Unitl then write or e-mail or call that channel they
call "Music Television" & ask them to to play Tool.

Many of you wonder whether Tool has a "fan club" and that would be a
maybe. We are discussing the idea of starting one in the next coming
months. If you are interested in joining an official Tool fan club, send a
self-addressed stamped envelope to the address at the bottom & please
write on the envelope "Tool Fan Club". 

Everyone wants to know where they can get lyrics to the album & can
we mail a sheet to them. No we can't. There are no copies of "official"
lyrics that we give out, but you can look for "unofficial" lyrics and many
web sites (most notably: ). For those of you who
don't have internet access. get one of your friends that has access to
retrieve them for you. 

Tucked inside of this envelope is a merchandise order sheet for those who
are into that sort of thing. Please expect your orders about 4 weeks after
you mail them. We have to wait for checks to clear before we can mail them
out. We'll give you a tip, if you send a money order, your order will go
out quicker than those with checks. Unless of course something you order
is out of stock. & unfortunately those that have ordered Rococo t-shirts
from the last sheet will have to be patient with us a little longer,
because those are still not in. Our t-shirt company promises soon.

As many of you have probably heard, Tool played a couple of shows in
Southern California & Arizona in March. We were very happy with the shows
& the turnout from fans, it is nice to know we are not forgotten. & we
hope to see more of you in August. & until then if you have a change of
address or have a friend that would like to receive the newsletter, please
write (e-mail or postal) to the address below. 

8391 Beverly Blvd. #298
Los Angeles, CA  90048
web site address: