The Official Tool Newsletter

Spring 1996

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You're probably all wodering what going on with us, and rightly so.  As some
of you may have heard, Paul D' Amour is no loner with the band.  Nothing
hostile, just a difference in musical direction.  This has somewhat delayed
our recording and writing process, but we are now back on track.  After a few
months of auditions, we are happy to announce that our new bass player is
Justin Chancellor. He is from England.

Adam and I recently performed in an HBO production known as " Mr. Show ".
It's a comedy sereies somewhat like Monty Python or Kids in the Hall.  As
far as I know, it's still being run late in the evenings. Check it out. 

Paul teamed up with Ken and Greg of Failure, and Chris Pitman ( who plays
in a band with danny called Zaum ) to do an album of cover songs entitled
Replicants which was just released on Zoo Entertainment.  I had the
privelage of singing " Silly Love Songs " by Paul McCartney. 

Danny has been working with Marko Fox (bass) and Chris Pitman (vocals,
guitar, and keyboards).  Their side project is called Zaum.  You can get a
4 song demo of Zaum for only $6.50.  Just send a money order to Woomera at
8391 Beverly Blvd. #298, Los Angeles, CA, 90048 (please no checks or cash
will be excepted)

On August 5th I was blessed with the arrival of my son.  His name is Devo.
He was the "family medical emergency" that canceled our show in Hawaii on
the 6th. He says " hello ". 

Other that that we have been hard at work writing new material.  It's been
far too long since our last release, so we are anxiuos to get back to the
studio.  You can expect a record sometime this fall/summer.  Meanwhile, here
are a few more books that we think are worth checking out.


The Dancing Wu Li Masters

The Mayan prophecies

The Legacy of the Beast ..