A Perfect Circle Tour Reviews

for the following shows:

Aug 15 1999 - Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA)
Aug 20 1999 - Opium Den (Los Angeles, CA)
Aug 20 1999 - Troubadour (Los Angeles, CA)

As "Recreational Racism", Maynard and others played a series of covers coutry-style at the Viper Room on August 15, 1999. Later that night, a new band called "A Perfect Circle" played at the Viper Room. They played two more shows that week. Here are some reviews.

From: Nathan J Burdick (burdick3@corp.earthlink.net) Kabir, Hey brother I went to the Whiskey show yesterday and there is definitly much to report. But first I must ask what is Perfect Circle???Unfortunatly I could not afford the Viper Room show and was unaware that Maynard wouyld be performing regardless...now I hear that Maynard debuted his "new project" Perfect Circle with whom he is recording an album... As for the whiskey performance wow!!!! His band was called Recreational Racism. They were a country band doing Circle Jerk covers. The only original they did was one of the funniest things I've ever heard it was called "my big 'ol country boner wont go down" w/ lines like " I fucked Elvis Presley on the toilet where he died" and " I fucked johnny cash bent him over and fucked his tight white ass"...Maynard was in full character complete w/ a big blonde pompador wig w/ big burlg sideburns and a bushy blonde mustache. He was wearing a horrible beige suit w/ a big cowboy belt buckle. His band were all cowboys except for his back-up singer who was a tammy-faye baker look-a-like complete w/ whig and makeup....It was hilarious chalk another one up for good 'ol Maynard!!! if anyone has a copy of this show or pictures please email me.....

From: MNB808@aol.com Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 06:17:38 EDT My three friends and I got to the Opium Den at 8:30. They didn't open the doors until 8:40. We hung out at the bar and had a beer until the band went on just after 9:00. Maynard was hanging out at the bar too, with Billy, the guitar player. Then, when they got up on stage, Maynard started off by saying "Don't blink, this set's going to be over before you know it." He also said something about hoping that nobody was there to hear Tool-like songs, because the music would be different. The band was made up of 5 members: 1)Maynard, 2)Billy Howerdale, 3)a great drummer (I think his name is John), 4)a guitarist from Failure ( I couldn't hear his name), and 5)a girl on bass with long black hair (I also didn't catch her name). He introduced them all after the third or fourth song. I also thought that I heard him introduce the band as "A Perfect Circle." As soon as the music started, I could tell that I was going to enjoy the show. I thought that it sounded a lot like Tool, mainly because of Maynard's voice. But, the guitars were definitely different, and the drummer had his own style too. The music had many moments of being very peaceful and beautiful, but also had lots of crunching guitar riffs and hard-rockin' drums intertwined. At the Opium Den, they played 7 songs, one of which was a cover of the Cure's "Lovesong." Although, a friend of mine told me that the verses were actually from Ozzy Osborne's lyrics, (I think she said from "Diary of a Madman", or something like that). Anyway, the set lasted for 45 minutes, and the sound was incredible. Maynard was his usual funny self. Throughout the evening, Maynard kept saying that the band was Billy's. He was Tool's guitar technician during the AEnima recording session. I'm glad that they all got together to make this new music, which I thought was absolutely great. During a couple of songs, Maynard was actually reading lyrics off of a piece of paper. I don't think that he really needed these papers, I think he did it just to show how new these songs really were. The music was absolutely great. My body was moving the whole time. It was so great to hear this new music, and to see them in such a small place, especially for free! After they went off, we hung out for a little while, and tried to finish our beers. That was until the next band kicked us all out, because we had to pay to see their gig. They said that they were hardcore hip-hop. They told us that we would have to go outside to pay just to get back in. That's no way to run a club, or for a band to try to get new fans. Well, fuck those guys, we weren't going to pay to get back in to the place where we had already been watching a show and drinking beer. Anyway, nobody that evening could possibly top the show that Perfect Circle had just put on. We later arrived at the Troubador at 11:30. The band before them, The Apex Theory, had actually packed the place. I guess their set lasted a little long, because Perfect Circle was supposed to go on at 12:00, but didn't actually start until 12:15 a.m. The lead singer mentioned that Maynard would be coming up next. Once Apex Theory went off, many people left, and I was actually happy, because that just meant that I would have a better view, and it wouldn't be so damn hot in there. All the people who left didn't know what they were missing. Perfect Circle only played 5 songs (I think all of which they played earlier at the Opium Den), and they didn't play the Cure cover. But, the music sounded incredible again. The set lasted for 30 minutes. Billy is definitely a talented guitarist, and the drummer kicked ass. I'm so glad that I got to hear those songs twice that night. It really made them more memorable in my head. I didn't get the setlist, or even the song titles for that matter, but I will try to get them from my friend. Perfect Circle will be playing a show at the KeyClub in Hollywood on September 2, with Fishbone. Everybody should go. You won't be disappointed. Anyway, I hope that Perfect Circle and Tool will both record albums soon. We all crave their new music. Thanks for reading.

From: Barclay Virden (mer11@mediaone.net) Kabir, The shows last night were a very nice surprise. I didn't know what to expect, and (despite better judgment) I kept hoping for a surprise TOOL show. That's not what we got... but instead we were treated to a very good band. The Opium Den show (FREE!) was the better of the two, as the Troubadour's set-up (perhaps because of no sound check) left Maynard's beautiful voice nearly buried beneath the instruments. 'Twas very nice. I really hope they put out an album. Maynard warned at the outset (to the best of my recollection), "For those of you expecting a TOOL show, looking to bang your head and break things, you should leave now. This is AM radio stuff." Not quite. Can't say I remember either banging nor breaking anything at a TOOL show. I have a tendency to be selfish about things, wanting to feel like I'm somehow privileged to something special. Well, I'm happy for the TOOL's success... and entertained by the skeptical criticism that Maynard seems to practice in addressing his masses... but yeah, I've gotta say that I like an intimate concert experience. I'd like to feel that my depth of interest brings the occasional reward like I felt last night. I know, what makes me so special? Nothing... I'm just biased towards myself. He's got such an incredible voice and presence. That being said, Perfect Circle is playing with Fishbone at the Key Club on Sept. 2nd (if you didn't know). Take care, and thanks again for the page. -Barclay

From: Evan Zarefsky (ezarefsky@yahoo.com) Just in case you didn't know, Maynard showed up w/ his side projects last weekend for two benefit shows. Attached is a portion of the writeup that is at addicted to noise: The benefit began at 4 p.m. at Whisky a Go Go with a lineup featuring Pennywise, Fishbone, the Vandals and Recreational Racism one of the two side projects Keenan fronted Sunday. Keenan's oufit opened the show with a set of country-style versions of Circle Jerks songs, including "Group Sex" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Back Against the Wall." Keenan wore a brown suit and a loud blond wig. While the evening show was for ages 21 and up, the Whisky show was for all ages, and the audience was dominated by teenage boys who created a mosh pit that grew most fervent during Pennywise's headlining set. Morris introduced Pennywise by telling the crowd that the Hermosa Beach, Calif., band is carrying on the punk-rock torch. Pennywise mixed older tunes with songs from their latest album, Straight Ahead (1999), and ended with "Bro Hym Tribute," during which a horde of young men joined them onstage for a sing-along. "There was skepticism about punk rock being dead on the Sunset Strip, but those kids let it all fly," Morris said afterward. "It was awesome; it was flawless." Keenan later turned up at the Viper Room as part of Perfect Circle, with whom he is recording an album. The Viper Room show included the original lineup of X, Thelonious Monster, the Weirdos and Haynes, who performed a DJ set. "Am I not the Chemical Brothers?" the lanky, dark-haired Haynes asked as he danced behind his turntables.

From: Brad Martin (bmartin@usinteractive.com) I attended the both Perfect Circle shows. I got some pics at the show at the Opium Den, but im sure the ones at the Troubadour turned out much better. There was an attendence of about 40-50 people including Danny Carey, Chino (deftones) and Rage's Drummer at the opium den. Im guessing there were more rock stars in my presence, but i dont know many of thier faces. The Troubadour show was packed. Both shows were amazing. Maynard said before he started the set at the Opium Den "If you think this is tool type music and you wanna bang your head and break shit, youre going to be disapointed. This is AM radio style music, like billy likes" They played a Cure and a Black Sabbath cover and mixed the 2 together at the Opium Den, but didnt play it at the Troubadour. At the end of the set, maynard mumbled something about they were opening for Fishbone at the Keyclub on sunday or monday, i didnt quite make out what he said. Im looking forward to going to Coachelle. i wonder if they ! will play anything new that they have been working on. - Brad Martin, Tustin, CA