- thoughts on the t.d.n shirts -

144 t.d.n shirts were made; here's some comments by folks who managed to pick one up.

Newer ones are added to the bottom of this list:

Your pal Kabir (kabir) had this to say:

i got mine, so that rocks, and i'm damn psyched.  i've been showing 
it off all day.  the front kicks major booty, man, i'm still wackied 
out by the thought that i made that in photoshop about 9 months ago.  
you can't see the t.d.n at a distance of over like 20ft.  i like that 

the back is a LITTLE crispy, but trust me, over 8inches away, it's 
all good =)

a friend asked what 't.d.n' was.  i said 'look on the back.'  she 
asked again.  i repeated myself.  what fun!

another friend asked if anyone would know it was me, walking around 
this city.  i said 'only in boston / ny / philly / dc / la / sanfran 
/ chicago' that might happen.  not fucking in miami.

Matt Ford aka ElectricheaD (mford@netunlimited.net) had this to say: I haven't gotten my shirt yet, but it seems everyone else has. You all suck ^_^

Heidi Pierce (lotus@lessonslearned.com) had this to say: Wow... my shirt!!! I love it! Does this mean we are the cult t.d.n.??? Kabir is our leader. If we become the "Church of t.d.n." kabir can be tax exempt!!! I have that warm fuzzy feeling... OR heh " club t.d.n.", the exclusive club of the rich and Toolish.

Master Reviewer (mwgordon@hotmail.com) had this to say: got my shirt

Havok (latif99@discoverynet.com) had this to say: Hey, hey, hey, I got my shirt. Now that all this buisness with the crazy list we had going is over I'm just happy to have the shirt and be done with it all. I really do hope to do this again sometime. But, hopefully that'll be in a while. I am very happy with my shirt and i thank Kabir and co. for all their dedication and work. It's been fun. -Havok

Master Reviewer (malignant@worldnet.att.com) had this to say: Got my shirt. Its cool. Thanks

Greg Wason (gregw@toolshed.down.net) had this to say: Wow. 7 Months, 2 failed attempts at meeting Kabir, and 2 Tool concerts after the contest ended, I'm sitting in my basement and my mom comes down the stairs and hands me a FedEX package. Knowing what it is, I tear it open to discover my present from Kabir. Worth it? You better believe it. =) This is the *coolest* present I've ever gotten in my life. I even got to play the "Kabir game" today: Someone asks me want "t.d.n" is. I reply with a finger pointing to the back of the shirt. Then they read it, after, still confused, ask again: "What's t.d.n?" I point again... You're right, Kabir, that was fun! =) The shirt turned out perfect. Thanks Daanon. =)(great job) Thanks Kabir... ;) -greg

Kris Rickerson (krrick@cody.gac.peachnet.edu) had this to say: Good job Kabir! Nice design, good work!

Cryogenic Figment (Lindroz@Comcat.com) had this to say: i received ~the~ shirt on August 28t, 1997. I live in Pennsylvania, and I am a hermaphrodite.

Patty B. (toolhead@comland.com) had this to say: One very fine bit of wearable art. An exquisite example of good things being worth the wait! I shall treasure it always.

Dave Pirofalo (pirofalo@ix.netcom.com) had this to say: Thanks, Kabir! You da' man!! The shirt looks great. Thanks a ton for a job well done. (Thanks, too, to Daanon Decock / Dismissed Version Merchandising) Dave

Grendel Prime (grendelprime@earthling.net) had this to say: The T.D.N. shirt kicks major ass!!!!! Kudos to Kabir for allowing us to be priviledged enough to wear a shirt from the best damned Tool site on the planet!!!!!

ian (stoy@earthlink.net) had this to say: well, i think everyone's gonna say just about the same thing so i might as well join in.....the shirt was well worth the wait (it wasn't that long guys) and i think kabir did a smash up job... that's it. ian

Greg Thompson (gregt@visix.com) had this to say: shirt looks good, but it's big enough to fit two of me in it... thanks for goin' through all the trouble, kab.

Jeff Brown (jbrown@jbrown.fastrans.net) had this to say: Very nice. Thanks Kabir!

the resident queen of eyeballs (djohnsen@pomona.edu) had this to say: I think it's a pretty damn cool t-shirt. I give it four stars for price, quality, style. So thanks to all who pit their effort into making it. And I'd like to especially thank whoever decided to order a shirt and then flake out on paying for it, because you allowed me to get your t-shirt and I must say it looks great on me.

Amar (amarlo@earthlink.net) had this to say: I didn't recieve my shirt today either. I'm in NJ. Anyone else?

BrightShadow (scott_ames@stream.com) had this to say: i got a shirt i got a shirt! woo! :> -shad

Brett McMillian (brett.mcmillian@mindspring.com) had this to say: The shirt has got to be one of the greatest shirts I have. The only problem was that the girl sitting behind me in first period asked the teacher what a nymphomaniac was. It was pretty funny because I knew where she had seen the word. The designs look a lot better than they did on the computer. Terra de noctum stands out more than it had appeared before.

ElectricheaD (mford@netunlimited.net) had this to say: Okay, I got my shirt, no more complaining from me. It looks good. I think Kabir has a new career. hey that thymes....hotdamn.

Jeff (mrshow@discoverynet.com) had this to say: I have one thing to say -- BAD-ASS!! Thanks to Kabir and everyone else that took part in the contest and the making of the shirt, quality, I love it. (I just hope I don't lose it)

Kevin Fredericks (Kfreder@avalon.net (kfreder@accessus.net) had this to say: the shirt kicks ass.

Dan Trout (trout@poe.org) had this to say: I got my shirt and it rules. No I just gotta wash and wear. THanks Kabir, great Idea.

Eric Klein (RicKiE6597@aol.com) had this to say: Not Bad I like my shirt. looks good and the back is kinda funny. Nice painting, not too crisp. Didn't mind the wait, all those that did can lay one on my butt.

Bartley (godwithgun@aol.com) had this to say: YaY, my shirt is my new best friend. Thanx kabir and daanon, its great. -bartley

ceeyouentee (kraegel@ismi.net) had this to say: The shirts rule!! Now whenever I go see Tool and they play Hooker and Maynard stops and says, "There's t-shirts and hats over there just for you.." I can say "Ha Ha, not this one.." and proudly flaunt my rare and exotic Tool website shirt and revel in the fact that people are drooling with envy of me and the other select few that were chosen to wear this grand article of Toolishness.....T.D.N. shirt wearers unite!!!!! Ok, maybe I got a little carried away, but the shirts are effin cool!!! Thanks, Kabir for going through all the troulble

Tom Jeffery (ujefft01@mcl.ucsb.edu) had this to say: Got my shirt too... it's pretty big, but I haven't washed it yet... any other UCSB tool/tdn fans out there?

Matthew E. Evans (mevans@mail.dot.state.nc.us) had this to say: Looks great!

Milk (QRYCHE3@aol.com) had this to say: My shirt loves me. It almost didn't survive it's long voyage, but we're together at last. Thanks Kabir.

Tim Cederman-Haysom (vision@innocent.com) had this to say: all I can say is, about freaking time! hehe j/k :) nah, it's a class shirt, thanks kabir :)

Lawman (dlaw@polarcom.com) had this to say: happy happy joy joy The shirt made it through customs and the mail all the way to the Yukon!!! And damn, does it look fine! ;-) Enjoy all! & thanks for everything Kabir!

Brian Governski (briang@amgen.com) had this to say: Great job on the shirts Kabir. It was a gift to a friend and he really dug it. The beauty is most people won't ever understand it.

Gooch (gooch@execnet.net) had this to say: I got it!!! whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee. i kics ass.....kabir you rock. u guys put alot of work into it....thanks. gooch

Charlie Calvano (ctc5@ra.msstate.edu) had this to say: I think the shirt came out so well, I figured it would be on some flimsy cheap shirt, but this is strong stuff and will last a long time. the shirt came out so well, it was worth the wait. I am actually hesitant to wear it for I might wear it out or something Another contest is a must occurance in the future of the Tool page. I thought it was a great idea and hopefully Kabir got some profit out of it! Thanks!

oscar (jaRid) (flocked@rocketmail.com) had this to say: fuckin finaly geez well kabir u did a great job it was worth the wait keep it kickin later all oscar (jaRid)