The Rules

Premise: All over this site, you see the blue "t.d.n" logo; it stands for "". Of course, it COULD stand for a lot of things. That's your task: come up with the best phrase that "t.d.n" COULD stand for.

How to: Just fill out the form above. (Don't type in the T, D, or N.) Enter as often as desired. Due to seriously insanely overwhelming response, the deadline has been moved up: you have until 11:59PM EST January 18. The winner will be selected soon after (by popular vote, Steve Reed, and Kabir).

The Prize: One of the not-yet-printed-super-limited-edition t.d.n shirts; small t.d.n logo on the front and your winning entry (perhaps the top few entries) on the back. No 'net addresses / references on it (you can wear it in public). "Why on earth would I want this shirt?", you ask? Hey, it's free. And you'll go down in history as the winner of the t.d.n contest: OGtdn.

Anything extremely / off-the-scale offensive will be removed, as will all other entries by the offender.