05\02\11 An Anniversary Tool Madness Update

Today is the five-year anniversary of the release of 10,000 Days, and to commemorate the occasion, a rollout of a new feature here at The Tool Page was planned, but everyone had their “eye on the TV” with the Osama bin Laden news. We’ll have something new for you soon. §

And speaking of lyrics from “Vicarious”, that song has become the first #1 seed to lose in the Tool Madness tournament; defeated by the title track “10,000 Days.” The final matchups from the second round are now live, and we’ll move into the Sweet Sixteen next. And we’ll deal with both ties that resulted in the second round. Check out all the action on the Tool Madness page! §

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  • ab_musicislife

    supp, i’m austin.
    yeah fuck the noise about osama bin laden.
    i don’t give a shit about him, and quite frankly
    i think just about everyone deserves what happened to him, to themselves, one, for the stupid fucking media put there to make us show our own ignorance, by giving in to the bullshit they’re feeding us, and two, for not realizing that our president, and his predecessors, are all fucking stupid, and lie to YOU so they can lead us, and we’re still in debt. shows how great “americans” really are.

    well played world, you just proved my point and you didn’t even have time to say anything.

    quit fucking living, because you’re not living right, so just stop while you’re ahead.

    and you know, on the topic of music, it’s my life.
    and when i hear the same stupid ass pop artists playing their “today i swear i’m not doing anything”, it fucking kills it for me. no shit sherlock, it’s because you’re making gay little pussy fart songs, and getting payed for it, that’s why you’re not doing anything today. but that gives you the right to call yourself a musician? i think not. do you even know what it means to feel? fuck you and your little whiny ass shit i play music everyday, and i’m sucking “the mans” dick.
    not saying feel sorry for me or anything, but shit, if you’re not going to do shit today, then let me take your spot, because you’re doing a shitty job of being a musician. you’re supposed to feel for music, and search your inner mind for what’s hiding in the back saying “throw me at the fucking world as hard as you can” make music for the sake of making music, not to make money, because in my opinion, that’s my personal concept of the “devil” to put it in terms that the stupid ass religious freaks will be able to understand, and another thing, FUCK RELIGION, FUCK JESUS CHRIST,, AND GOD AND SATAN, BECAUSE THEY CONTROL YOU AND THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST, AND EVEN IF THEY DID, IT WOULD BE FROM BOTH OF THEIR MOUTHS: “COME TO MY SIDE”, “NO, COME TO MY SIDE, i”ll give you all of this (insert whatever the most fucked up weird, trippy thing you can think of is here [might as well be because it's not like they exist anyway])”, WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK THE BOTH OF YOUR SIDES I DON’T WANT SHIT TO DO WITH IT. now, having said that, what happens to me when i die? heaven or hell? i just blew your fucking mind.

    now, onto life, i haven’t figured out the point of it yet, but i strive everyday to be able to explain to myself what that truely means.
    the closest i’ve gotten is this: okay, we all know that everything is given definition by shape, shapes have dimensions, dimensions as we all know, exist theoretically, 1st dimension: a single point. 2nd dimension: two single points, connected by a line. 3rd dimension as we all know and love (i hate it): lines connect to make shapes, and so on (4th, 5th, 6th, etc.). now, bringing life into dimension, my theory is that we’re put on this earth to learn what it means to let go of “self” and step into, or obtain “one”. what i mean by that is quit this constant mindset of “me, me, me, me”, understand that we are all linked to the same consciousness, and become one with our mother earth (the elegant, and all too patient for us thing we call our home, yet we shit all over). anyone ever been to arizona? the desert? well fuck you cuz i have, and it’s fuckin beautiful, well the parts that aren’t overflowing with people are beautiful anyway. back to what i was saying about life, my belief is once we die, we’ve finally let go of selfishness, and we move on, not to heaven, not to hell, but we move on to (and oh my make believe god, you’re about to shit your pants) THE 4TH DIMENSION!!! think about the fourth dimension (in terms of consciousness) as a place where we can take every possibility that could have ever occurred in our lives, and you can go forward in time to see how it would have been, backwards to see how it should have been, and every other direction to please your soul. after we learn what we have to learn in the fourth dimension, we go to the 5th and learn something else, then the 6th and learn, then 7th and learn, etc. alllllllllllllll the way up to the 10th dimension, where we obtain “god mind” where we can basically create something from nothing, and be aware that at this point we’ve completely left our bodies, and we’re basically just balls of consciousness.

    well there’s my theories, and i typed a lot, so someone please read this lol, and whoever has the power to tell that faggot ass that isn’t doing anything today, that i hope the master copy of that song burns up. why, you ask? oh, just because.

    and if you think i’m insane for what i’ve typed then kiss my ass. i’m just a normal 18 year old, making, and loving music, and all around just trying to find my place in this small ass world, but life’s to short to worry about dying, so i’m going to learn as much about living while i still have a chance.

    sorry for completely ranting your shit the fuck down.
    i hope it sparks some interesting discussions and stuff for your site. thanks for listening XD

    and anyone who wants to email me to help me figure out this life thing, then do it to it.


    shit you can even call, or text.



    and p.s. anyone who has the ability to make music with maynard, or anyone from tool for that matter, do it as much as possible, because they’re all true musicians.

    and p.s.s. anyone who can obtain DMT, do it for your pineal gland, it will love you forever.

  • Toolhead1107

    How did Reflection do? That’s always been my Fav

  • toolhead1107

    How did Reflection do? That’s always been my Fav

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