05\05\11 Tool Madness: Second Round Wrapup

As the second round comes to a close, there have now been over 61,000 votes cast in Tool Madness! Of the sixteen matchups, two ended in ties! Also, the radio singles were not all shoo-ins as you might have expected; “Stinkfist”, “Schism”, “Ænema”, and “Forty-Six & 2″ all received less than 53% of the vote in their matchups. Also worth noting: the Lateralus bracket is represented by the songs seeded #1 through #4, suggesting that at least on that album, the most popular tracks are also the most highly-regarded.

No covers and no segues made it to the Sweet 16. Only two title tracks remain in the competition: “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”.

One #1 seed (“Vicarious”) was eliminated. All four #2 seeds are still contenders. The only #3 seed to be eliminated is “Ænema”. The lowest surviving seed is #10-seed “Third Eye.” For more, load up Tool Madness. §

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  • Charlenefourie55@gmail.com

    it appears theyrs nothing wrong with toolmadness never the less its all knew age i wonder if they believe there is only one greater GOD only one healer GOD i think there madness is from inside there emotions, hearts, due to wrong parent care when they were young there music might be cool but tel me what is the third eye between there eye people have to be garefull for what think is cool one thing reach to the other u are not our own god be carefull for the next step

  • Charlenefourie55@gmail.com

    all i can say i went through the whole set up and gruel things can happened to u badly I really dont think any one is grazy its the inner demons, GOD dont great mad people the world drive them grazy

  • Charlenefourie55@gmail.com

    it will be great if they change their 3d pitc. and words it do young ones terreble harm for they dont know what it all about is why cant they have a song thats true and build up childrens faith in God, to be an atias u will burn one day

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