05\15\11 Ten Years Tool Madness Wrapup: Sweet 16

The album Lateralus was released ten years ago today. Sit back and reflect on all that has happened in your life since then. I said it a few weeks ago for the 10,000 Days anniversary, and I’ll say it again: makes you feel old, doesn’t it? §

The third round of Tool Madness has ended, leaving only eight songs standing. It’s a solid group, though they are not necessarily the most popular of the band’s catalog. Again, seeding (ranking) was determined by the iTunes play count of songs via last.fm. However, popularity has not been enough; only two #1 seeds have made it this far, along with a #2, two #3′s, a #4, a #9, and a #10.

Both of those low seeds barely made it; #10 seed “Third Eye” squeaked past “Forty-Six & 2″; and #9 seed “10,000 Days” held on to defeat both “Rosetta Stoned” and “Right in Two” in their tiebreaker matchups.

Going forward, here’s some info about your Final 4 ballot picks. Back when this first started, we had 1621 valid submissions. Of those, only 75 still have a chance at a perfect Final 4. (Oddly, that’s 4.62% … like the song title). The leaderboard should be active tomorrow.

Glad you’ve all been having fun playing along; there have now been nearly 79,000 total votes cast since the Madness began! §

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