05\21\11 Tool Madness Wrapup: Elite Eight Round

With the fourth round of Tool Madness now over, there are only the Final 4 songs remaining. Sure looks like popularity has not been the key to being great; the four songs were ranked #1, #3, #9, and #10 in their brackets.

Only a few matchups remain; we should have a winner this week. And not just a winning song; back when this all started, 1621 of you filled out your picks for the Final 4 and the championship rounds. We’re posting results of those ballots to the leaderboard page, which will be updated daily throughout this final week. Of all the submissions, 35 people picked the Final 4 correctly.

Of the four winning songs last week, three received fifty-something percent of the vote. “Lateralus”, on the other hand, defeated “The Grudge” with over 78% of your votes. Will be interesting to see how this all ends.

A total of 82,965 votes have been cast in Tool Madness so far. Onwards! §

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