05\26\11 Release Date?? • Last Chance Voting

Our old pal Blair over at the Official Site posts today that Tool’s next album will be released on May 15 or 22 of 2012. It’s a long long way from now for such a precise bit of prognostication, but it’s a starting point for Tool-starved fans. §

And we’re down to the last hours of Tool Madness; don’t miss your chance to vote for the Greatest song by the band! §

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  • Tomhet

    So now it will be 6 years? Man, I feel sad because Tool is self-important and try so hard to be enigmatic, but at least they used to release great albums. After listening to the dreadful ’10,000 days’ I really don’t care anymore, I bet the new record will be just as bad.

  • Shit

    10,000 days is dreadful? I feel sorry for you, that you don’t understand this masterpiece :-(

  • Maynard maniac

    As a long time fan, from the first shows in bars, it is too late for any new album. Danny Carey is 50 now and will start to decline in his abilities. Maynard is almost 50 also so the draw of the core audiences; 20 somethings will not be there. Would have been nice to see a concert video of them from when they were on top of their game and relivant. Now its time to fade off into the sunset…. Thanks for all those great shows in the past. Time to move on now!!!

  • Eric Kesterson

    50 is not too old to play music by any stretch of the imagination. Eventually Danny may have trouble keeping up with his youthful prowess and stamina, but I don’t think that trouble will start at 50. Even if it did, it won’t limit his incredible creativity behind the set.

    furthermore, 10k days was far from dreadful. It worked a little less well as a concept album with everything fitting tightly together (I think Lateralus was the peak of that sort of thing) but each of the chunks of album that fit well together are still amazing, and each song still an incredibly strong piece of music.

  • Tonyculotta

    10,000 days dreadful??? and you call yourself a tool fan? do us all a favor and never come back to the site Tomhet! Why are you even reading?? fool!
    one more year!! cant wait!

  • Davila Miguel

    Tool is more than music !!! That’s the beauty of it !!!

  • iseeredandyellow

    if 10k days is dreadful you will never understand the meaning of the music. if you do not go on a spiritual journey every time you listen to it, then you are not enlightened. and therefor you are not using the proper Tool.

  • daFunk

    Considering the context with which it was written, I can’t really take the posted release date very seriously.

  • Flying Anxhovy

    Great music or any form of creativity for that matter always is relevant. Only trends become irrelevant. Would you call Tool a trend? Definetely NOT.

  • Tomhet

    Those arguments (like: If you don’t understand 10,000 Days you don’t understand music/you are not a Tool fan) are rather pathetic. What’s more, I will do whatever I want, if I want to keep reading or if I want to keep visiting the site, I will do so and there’s not a fucking thing you can do. So grow up.

    I have always thought 10k days was rushed and half-baked, there’s no flow, there’s no unity in the album and there’s a lot of rehashed material. I only liked the 10k days song, but the rest was completely forgettable. And with the exception of the highly poetic eponymous song, the lyrics sucked too.

    As someone else pointed out, they should have released a live DVD at least 10 years ago, it’s a tragedy they never did.

  • Tascott

    Blair on Toolband admitted he was joking and the release date is a hoax. No release date yet. Blair is an asshole.

  • David

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the album ACTUALLY came out on one of those days? I mean, if Tool actually followed through with a release date it would throw their entire fan base for a loop.

  • Notagain

    very far from a masterpiece!! there is way too much “fluff” in the recording. It is maybe the 3rd best release. Didn’t really put it out there for the masses.

  • Nzdillz

    What ever the album is what it is I have listened to tool since the early days and like a fine wine they have matured with age, how cares if you like it or not they still have the same message! The world is a fuck up place and we are all crazy in our own way.you all go on like you know what a master piece is,try hards.tool is great cause they stay true to them selfs and don’t realty give a fuck what you think

  • Jimmybrennan

    Every album they put out is very creative. They never copy another song. Thank god they are still around. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Schmörg.Schnitzeldog

    I’m a dog myself but I’ll never know when yesterday was born?

  • Kalakanana

    At least we got a date! SWEET! CANT WAIT!

  • Saira30

    As far as albums go id say it was their least creative release. But tool has never put out a bad album. I thought lat was their most creative but it’s been six years. I would think despite age, the next one should be amazing. I’ve been a fan from the early days and have met Maynard in person. He doesn’t do anything half assed.

  • Toolesque417

    Hey Dude, tha’s not nice. Keith Richards is pushing 70 and still rockin; as are so many others; Alice Cooper & Ozzie and many others. Tool fans range from 9 to 70 and Maynard like the fine wine he produces, will only get better with age.
    Open your mind and you”ll still be young @ 50. Its a new world. 30′s, 40′s 50′s 60′s & up are not what our parents were. THERE WILL BE A NEW ALBUM and IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY…

  • LordFumaa


  • LordFumaa

    Blood Into Wine
    It’s a compelling and edgy story about Keenan’s wine making passion. Filled with humor and the very hot Milla Jovovich. Look for it on Netflix.

  • Rgreer999


  • Rgreer999

    Whooom is EFFIGY?

  • Jhager

    may 15 or 22nd? uh it’s June here where i live (on earth).I just don’t understand,i have searched the net looking for release date and can’t find anything!!!James Hager

  • Jhager

    Tomhet,after your comment,you should be kicked in the nads with steeltoe boots…find another site to be a piece of shit on.TOOL will always rule,they don’t sellout like the rest of the bands you probably listen to…oh yea,i hope you live to be 100 yrs old and when you turn 90 you have terminal dribbling shits…nuff said

  • The man

    Sanctimonious. Tomhet was sure helping speed thing up wasn’t he?

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