05\31\11 Tool Madness Results!

Here it is: the winning song in Tool Madness 2011, the song that has been voted “the Greatest Tool song” by you, is … “Lateralus”!

“Lateralus” beat out runner-up “Third Eye” convincingly, collecting nearly twice as many votes as the older song. Looking at the picks that you filled out back when this all started, it turns out that 509 of the 1621 ballots had picked “Lateralus” to win it all, while only 141 thought “Third Eye” would. And there was a last-minute upset: “10,000 Days” beat “Sober” for the third-place trophy, showing that the band did not peak back in the early 1990s.

And speaking of your picks, of the 1621 people who submitted valid picks for the Final 4, the official overall winner is … Josh Abbott. Josh wins some fleeting notoriety and a mention of his Twitter feed; send him a congratulatory note at @LiverFluke. Complete results are on the Tool Madness page; more data will be posted later this week for you data-lovers.

A grand total of 93,557 votes were cast in the tournament. I heard from many of you that you had fun playing along. It seemed like a fun way to pass some time while waiting for there to be any actual Tool news. Glad you all enjoyed the Madness! §

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  • http://twitter.com/hellboy1975 Matt Smith


  • JSenger

    I would have stuck a fork in my third eye if lateralus lost. Good fun TDN.

  • Ndread


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722422875 Dan Maor

    my favorite of favorites!

  • Schornographer

    awesome…now let’s do the same tournament, but with Nickelback songs [sarcasm]

  • http://hecabe.tumblr.com/ Hecabe

    The best forever… http://t.co/2wFzigS

  • FT

    Thanks Kabir, great competition. Shame Third Eye didn’t win, but it was a worthy runner up and if it had to loose to something Lateralus is a good choice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MotorGlassRob Rob Switzer

    Was there ever any doubt? Everyone knows that’s their best song.

  • jamie D

    idiots. while Laturalus is a great song,best of all time.No! I could see STINKFIST,EULOGY, SOBER,PRISON SEX,AENIMA OR HOOKER WITH A PENIS.

  • J0nniefive

    Pretty shocked, while I do love lateralus, I feel there is better winners for the #1 stop. Oh well

  • http://www.facebook.com/RyanJLind01 Ryan Lind

    Was my choice from the beginning. Only disappointment is the relatively poor showing of Reflection, which would probably be my 2 or 3.

  • Tseng Raiden

    aw third eye…

  • Toolfan112

    I don’t understand how people were able to make this choice.

  • Naeblisss

    Third Eye as greatest Tool song ever? Second greatest? Ahead of Jambi, and Sober, and Pushit, and Aenima, and Reflection, and, and, and? Really? Wow.

  • Dimitri

    Dear all,

    The idea of summoning a competition between Tool songs seems highly frustrating to me. Resonance between Tool output and human brains may be affected by lots of parameters. Tool songs embody states of mind that vary in a non linear manner. Hence, linearly classifying such introspection tools appears as a non sense. It seems to me that the message of such a competition is at odds with some strong direction that emerges from Tool oeuvre. On the other side, such a massive contribution from Tool listeners makes me hope that people will have new material to classify in the next years.


  • Json

    Lateralus has lots of elements in one, this is the main reason it won i guess. I think I also voted for it!

  • Emanance

    Perhaps a celebratory re-release is in order…

  • Marc

    Whatev…Eulogy is so the best Tool song ever….probably one of the best songs ever…though I do love Lateralus…furthermore, I will never forget the first time I heard Opiate…challenging…life changing…eye opening.
    (I know…this was like 1/2 a year ago…who fucking cares….)

  • ruiner86

    LOL @ all you n00bs.

  • George

    Ohh, give me a break, what a disappointment. Lateralus is of course a great song, but not close to one of the best. 46&2 is a perfect masterpiece, not a flaw, not one awkward moment. Ranking ahead of lateralus easily are also Eulogy, Aenima, Prison Sex, Stinkfist, Schism, and Intolerance. Come on people! I’ll bet a thousand to one if you asked the band Lateralus wouldn’t be in the top five and 46&2 would be near the top. Who are these people that are voting?

  • Joshwhitworth24

    It’s not that tool didn’t “peak” back in the 90′s, it’s just that a lot of these younger kids are much more compatible with the lateralus album over undertow. My all time favorite tool song is definitely the grudge, and I’m really surprised it didn’t get many votes, but when I saw tool perform in Houston 2011, and the flux capacitor came out alongside intolerance, I knew that the band was rejuvenated by their older songs. Undertow is an amazing album from beginning to end. Those ideas still linger in my subconscious and I will always appreciate the energy and raw rocking ness

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTFwDpr14Bo Neil deGrasse Tyson

    1.Third Eye; 2. Reflection; 3. Pushit

    4. Stinkfist;5. H; 6. Eulogy 7. Ticks and Leeches

    8. Right in Two; 9. Aenima; 10.Parabola


    1). Aenima, 1) Lateralus; 3) Salival; 4) Undertow, 4) 10000 Days; 6) Aenima

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