06\23\11 No Release Date

As expected, the Official Site has admitted that the “release date” for the next album that was posted recently was actually not a real one. Meanwhile, we must be patient. §

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  • Chasexward

    Weak… but we will wait it out…

  • Rzrbck79

    I’ve looked and haven’t been able to find the comment referenced. The official site being Toolband/Army, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chaitanyamrita Jayadev Das

    Hare Krishna

  • Wingsdjy

    Terrible news…and posted on my birthday no less. Not really surprised, though, since Maynard’s touring with APC this summer and releasing a new Puscifer disc this fall.

  • Justslugem

    I think they’re holdin out till after the 2012 fiasco blows over!

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  • Clamman

    …really? i get the whole work five years (its now been the longest we have ever had to wait) for a stellar album thing but god damn!!! some of us just want new music before the world ends.

  • Lotus

    We have no choice in the matter :/

  • Hudson1

    Is the real practical joke here that the album is coming out then but they are having a laugh by telling you it’s not?? Hmmm I suppose only time will tell….

  • Littleravn

    Anyone see the new Captain America trailor? 46&2 is the theme song. Fits in really well too.

  • The Patient

    and just listen to the patient…. :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/xato.vocal Xato Unsavior

    Well I’ll keep checking website every week, yeah I’m so starving for that

  • Mrmojorisin

    Everyone knows that new TooL albums occur the following way: Talk of a new album, talk that the band is jamming, the band starts putting loose things together, they release a false date, Danny Justin Adam records the music, maynard records vocals, they release an estimated date, they release a false name, they relase a ton of fake torrents with fake song names, Album is released….

  • Thebigpretty

    i must keep reminding myself of this.

  • Notagain

    Did anybody notice that TOOL is on the sound track for the new Captain America trailer??? About time they used some of their riffs for movies!!!!!!!!!

  • gill


  • Tearsofwar1

    Puscifer, APC, Tool, love them all. They are not the ones to rush an album

  • Tearsofwar

    Really? Is it like remixed or something because the trailer I’ve seen, the music didn’t really sound like 46&2. I love that song though. Would fit though.

  • Guest

    The whole 5 years between albums is starting to feel a little contrived and, dare I say it, lazy. Pull your fingers out boys…

  • Michael J. Smith

    C’mon baby I need I need….I be Feenin’ over here.

  • My_spammail

    double album?

  • Mike Engles

    I do so patiently await the next album. I’m keeping my ears perked.

  • Mike Engles

    And that’s why I call them music ARTISTS. A good ARTIST never rushes to do quality artwork.

  • Jaw_87

    a groan of tedium escapes me…

  • Mike Engles

    I patiently await the new album for I realize when it comes to musical art it can’t be rushed.

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