08\17\11 Sixteenth Birthday • The Jones Spangled Banner

Sixteen years ago today, the very first news post was made to this site, in an era before blogging or websites with time-stamped updates. Happy birthday, toolshed, and congratulations on being old enough to drive. Can’t believe it’s been online longer than some of you have been alive. §

And to celebrate, here’s video of Adam Jones’ rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”, as played at WWE’s Summerslam event a few days ago. Warning – the camerawork is pretty shoddy. (Thanks to Dan Maor for finding the video for us.)

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  • Lauris
  • Shanecruise43

    Don’t know how I feel about this.

  • Sirhognuts

    Jumped. The. Shark. Follow El Nardo into the land of rainbows and dollar bills.

  • Cryptocarya

    This is sad T_T. This images are decadent, and I am not wearing Vans, or nipple rings. Base on this I guess is not worth it to wait for a new tool album, because it is going to suck. Believe me it is very sad for somebody following the band for 16 years.

  • Cryptocarya

    probably confused or disappointed… like many of us.

  • Chris

    Kabir, I was a freshman at Santa Fe CC in Gainesville in 1995 sitting in the computer lab (before Google or any search engines existed) trying to find a website that had Tool lyrics and ran across TDN. I have followed you ever since and you have done a fab job over the past 16 years! I had attended 2 Tool concerts in high school (Lolla 2 and a Tool/Melvin show in a small venue) and have since been to every Tool tour that has come through Florida (I think that makes a total of 3 shows? Lol). I check in every few months to see the tour section and annually around April Fools Day since that awful bus crash in Australia. Interestingly enough, my sister and her husband have their Masters from UM as well, although I’ve disowned them since I am a Gator. Thanks for everything – it’s been cool to watch your career progress too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509747112 Kabir Akhtar

    thanks man – always great to see people still around from the old days!

  • Jhager

    TOOL rules!!! Adam is hands down the best guitarist in the free world!!!

  • Him

    Oh, grow up!!! So what, he played the national anthem! Does that make him a “sellout”? Big deal! The way you make it sound, you make it sound as if you only liked then because they were ‘rebels’ or whatever! That’s not what Tool are about, and you all need to grow up. Besides, it wasn’t even Tool, just Adam. I’m not American, and I do get a bit sick of the star banner thingy, but I don’t hate tool for it.

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