12\13\11 On The Road Again

And with this fine December week comes word of several new shows that Tool is suddenly reported to play. It’s been eighteen months since they’ve played shows in North America, and all of a sudden, it looks like there will be at least seven shows in early 2012. Check the Tour page for the list, but read on for more info.

We’ve seen sometimes in the past that shows will appear out of the blue, only to later be debunked as fakes, but in this case, Ticketmaster is listing it, LiveNation is emailing about it, Songkick is reporting it, and a few other sources seem to confirm that these shows look legit. Toolshed reader Vincent T. writes to remind us that Puscifer is on tour in December and again in February, so these dates may fit nicely into their hiatus. Thanks also to Daniel M. for writing in with mention of two possible Canadian dates as well.

The Tour page has been updated with the new list of shows, which are scheduled to go on sale later this week. Maybe we’ll hear the debut of some new material? As always, send any new info via the Feedback page or to @thetoolpage on Twitter. §

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  • Xbox360profile1

    x107.5 xtreme radion has cofirmed tool will be playing in las vegas jan. 15 mandalay events center

  • Jokerandthethief666

    do you know if they will be coming to california?

  • Majortokage

    Thank you for letting us know. I guess the people running the TOOLband website and FB page etc are on vacation or just don’t give a crap about TOOL fans.

  • Maynard Maniac

    I just hope that it is not the same show they have been doing for the past 5 years and mix it up. Would love to hear some new songs and deep cuts from them. ITS WAY OVER DUE FOR SOME FRESH MUSIC!!!

  • Seetherevelation

    Same shit show that they been playin for the past 5 years for double what tickets should cost in which El Nardo cant be bothered to sing half the lyrics………….think i’ll pass unless its to heave a big ol bag a shit at Maynard. Now that would be a show for a change. STOOL! STOOL! STOOL!

  • http://twitter.com/the_yeti Jeremy Anderson

    If by California, you mean Reno, then yes…

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