12\17\11 More Dates

Several more shows have been announced, and are now posted to the Tour page. There are some rumblings that a Coachella appearance may be in the works, but so far, that’s just a rumor… §

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  • MonkeyKillingMonkey

    any updates as to when tickets to the FL shows go on sale?

  • TXn

    Aww man, TBA near Dallas is killin me

  • Howdy2012

    Dallas gets 2 shows? More proof it’s the best place on earth.

  • Dtsigas2010

    They are coming to Toronto Canada Jan 25th at the Air Canada Centre. Got tix went on sale 2 weeks ago. Probably sold out!!

  • Williamtgreenv

    yeah…they go on sale jan 7… for the ft. lauderdale show on feb 6

  • Maynards Maniacs

    Waiting to see the set list before I slap down those high ticket fees from ticketbastards. Don’t want to see the same set list for the third time again. Would love to hear a good mix of earlier suff to be dusted off. Hopefully they will test out a few new songs and deep cuts.

  • Anonymous

    Greetings from Scotland,hope everyone is well.
    Does anyone have any idea when the boys are bringing their AWESOMENESS back to the UK-EUROPE?
    It has been over 4 years now and we are in desperate need of the live experience in all it,s glory.You tube clips are great but we need the full assault asap.
    If anyone is looking for some quality tunes to check out.Please try CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX-MANKIND THE CRAFTY APE & AMPLIFIER-OCTOPUS DOUBLE ALBUM.
    Absolutely superb stuff and well worth your attention.

    Stay safe

  • timmy

    Hello.. need…..new…..tool…..

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