04\10\12 Just One Show

I posted this to our Twitter feed a few days ago when it was announced, but neglected to do so here! Oops.

Tool will be playing at the River’s Edge Festival in Minnesota this summer, in what is being billed as their “only US show this year.” Presumably, if they are advertising that, it’s a good bet that it’s a fact (and that a premium was paid to the band). [EDIT — perhaps they mean "only remaining show this year".] At least it’s in the middle-ish of country, so it’s not too far for any of you non-foreign fans! §

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  • Rpa04

    Kabir, if you get Tool to play a show in Dubai or Beirut I will make out with you for 5 seconds.

  • Rpa04

    Kabir, if you get Tool to play a show in Dubai or Beirut I will make out with you for 5 seconds.

  • Angel on the Sideline

    Not sure how that can be perceived as fact. I personally have already seen a TOOL show this year, as have thousands of others.

  • cipherz

    I saw Tool this year in Reno, NV. That’s still in the US, right?

  • Kmounts33

    really? man!!!! the best band in the universe, w/ the worst schedule…

  • Theotherguy82

    ha ha ha i live in minnesota and you dont.

  • Tool022611 At

    thats right people, every band that comes to minnesota says we have the best fans and crowds. it is going to be a fantastic show. also will be pretty cool to see pucifer as well.

  • Xxkorn


    Tool and Dream theater tour is this year?

  • Th3tr335

    This is bullshit.. For those of us not riding the social dragon, good luck I suppose on our quest for updates (any and all) on the things we come here to read.. Don’t loose the roots..

  • podge

    Its probably because Puscifer is in the line up too.

  • chris

    several people are insisting there is a new album coming out may, 22, 2012, is there truth in this?

  • Maggie

    I really want Tool to come to Dayton, Ohio. I just recently started to listen to their music and I fell in love. I’m very sad that my new favorite band is almost done touring…Would have been a trip of a lifetime.

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