06\25\12 Show Reviews from Rivers Edge

Tool played this past weekend in Minnesota, showcasing a setlist that did not deviate much from their usual shows over recent years, though they did open with an old crowd favorite. Check out the reviews being posted to the Tour section, or add your own if you were there! §

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  • Alhamy

    Apple learned how to string their customers along by studying the way Tool acknowledges their fanbase. I predict the next album will be slimmer with a new design and possibly 4G.

  • Charlotte Dowling

    I’m certain Tool were fantastic playing shows in AMERICA but i’m English and they are one of the only bands i want to see BUT NEVER HAVE! When will Tool come to England again? A frustrated English Tool fan from Reading, Berkshire, England x

  • Paddy RSA

    Im out here in the ass end of Southern Africa, between becoming a crazed Tool fan, Ive also become a firm believer of my own perception of their music… If you guy’s wont come and play for us here… Atleast impact my life with another Golden album… (What i mean to say is i want to see how u guy’s will even begin to top Lateralus) …1,1,2,3,5,8,13… come on guys pull finger

  • Christopherjhernandez

    Fly to the us next time they tour i grew up in Las vegas and seen Tool 35 times,try live shows(RENO,NV) on youtube bro.Congrats to ernie Els

  • Dv

    Hey man i’m from SA too. Stellenbosch to be exact.
    Would love for TOOL to play a show here!

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