04\01\15 FINALLY!

As we just reported on Twitter (which is where all of our posts seem to have migrated over the past year or so, so visit toolshed there too) – FINALLY! Tool have released their first new single in nine years, called “Richard” — have a listen here!

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  • jr maldonado

    Damn you.

  • todd abbott

    Thank you, Kabir. Been checking regularly every year, thought you’d forgotten this place, and this day, existed.

    Thank you.

  • Braddles

    I knew it was coming yet I let it happen anyways.

  • Brady

    I missed these things

  • iamjacksrabbit

    Best news I’ve read all month ;)

  • Anonymous

    Every single year, this is my first stop on April 1st :)

  • DGC1183

    I’m glad you posted today. Long, long time reader. Don’t forget us next year!

  • phi

    Kabir! I’ve missed you so much these long years…

  • caprediem

    hahaha i knew it was not real but wanted tosee the joke it was hilarious

  • Jafo

    AKA Dick

  • JT

    What a great way to start my day today. Checked the page on a whim and was not disappointed!!!! Thanks, Kabir!
    From a long time follower.

  • ehidunno

    i really missed the april fools news! rickrolling is so simple yet effective! well done kabir! :-)

  • Raj Soni

    been on this page since its inception, and I always check back every apr1! Thanks for keeping up the tradition! this was epicly awesome. Hopefully we will hear some new stuff soon !!! everyone is VERY antsy in the pantsy hahaha

  • @Astromby

    OGT and have been visiting since day one Kabir, so its obvious at this point I’m never gonna give you up. Be well sir, thanks for being such a great source of info.

  • Blue

    You came back just for this?

  • Xander Blanc

    I would rather you post once every 3 years over being a 60 year old man who runs a Tool website and thinks he’s a boss daddy because he speaks in Enochian tongues. If there is one man I can’t stand, it’s BMB. He sucks the life out of the band for me.

  • Jen Lewis

    made me cry

  • eric g

    kbir youre such a male organ

  • Spastic Lab Rat

    *sigh* Hook, line, and sinker. Still, it’s good to see you’re still keeping the faith Kabir.

  • Anonymous

    Saw that from a mile away even in September.

  • Matt Casebier

    Dang, Maynard is a natural redhead now? Rick-rolled, damn it.

  • bRIAN

    its about time guys ! ohhhh yeah baby…

  • eliezel

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  • http://www.indueseason.net skottydog

    Awesome! Glad to see you still are “alive and breathing”! The question is, “Rick Astley. Better than nothing? Or worse?” I vote worse!

  • Joef

    You fucks lol. Good work I must say, I haven’t been rickrolled in years! It’s funny because I was just thinking of rickrolling my friend the other day and here you got me lol. Serves me right for clicking on a link that I knew was bullshit from the jump hahahaha

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