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April Fools' Day 2000

The fourth annual April Fools' rigamarole went off again this year, though the scope was decidedly smaller than years past. All day on April 1st, 2000, the April Fools' Day message below was posted to the News section of this site, another example that we must be careful what we believe.

The Original Posting

[4/1/00] - Fear not, there is no April Fools' joke this year. However, as if to mess with us, Tool just today announced their first live show in over 6 months!! Danny is quoted as saying "this is going to give us a chance to try out some new material ... we have seven songs which people have never heard before." Tickets reportedly go on sale tonight (!) at 5 PM Eastern at Tower Records stores only. The press release says the band "wanted to give everyone a fair chance of not being hosed by scalpers or Ticketmaster -- by announcing ticket sales this secretly and this late, we know that the most hardcore fans will be on top of the ticket situation, but we also left people enough time to buy plane tickets if they want to come see us from far away. In fact, we expect that even the Tower Records employees won't know about it at first; we asked store managers to keep it as quiet as possible. The fans are what keep us going, so we want to thank them, starting with the most die hard." The show, featuring special guests Helmet (!!) is scheduled for April 31 in Los Angeles.

The Effect

It's interesting for me to see how this April 1st gag has progressed. The first one (the 1997 Bus Crash) was so over-the-top that it got a whole lot of press, and I wasn't even trying. It also got a little out of hand for some people, but hey. The 1998 Hard Drive Crash Joke turned out to be a don't-cry-wolf foreshadowing of the 1998 hard drive crash, but it still fooled lots of people. Last year's Two Fake New Songs bit was pretty successful at fooling people, but it was probably too cerebral for a lot of people to figure out and actually find amusing.

This year, I think, suffered from being a little too obvious (largely because I don't want people going out and doing anything too foolish), being posted a little late (it was almost 4 PM Eastern time - I was out late last night), being posted on a Saturday (hits to this site drop about 20% on weekends), and being too narrow in scope (a show in LA doesn't really affect lots of people around the planet). I wasn't trying to outdo the Bus Crash, though people have suggested I ought to.

And there's a lot of expectations to satisfy, as well. It's hard trying to live up to a reputation built on such success ... imagine how bands feel trying to put out a "followup" album.

I was really hoping that someone would drive to Tower Records, and ... well, read on. I did get a big smile out of today.

The Responses

So yes, the scope was smaller, so there were far fewer responses to this year's fake posting. The joke did find its way onto the BBS at the System of a Down official site, but I'm sure nobody will get an emergency call like they might have a few years ago.

Some people clearly thought that the "press release" had fooled me, but they missed the super-subtlety that I, in fact, had made up the press release and the Danny Carey quote. Some were confused by the "there's no joke this year" ... I felt dirty about it, but a little confusion never hurt anyone online. Here's what a few of the kids had to say:

wow.. can't wait for the april 31 show.. i hope it was as good as the
secret show they played on feb 30 in my bedroom! ;) (still doesn't beat
the bus crash tho.. heh)

what?  no april fool's joke this year?

The April 31st date gives this one a way a bit too easily.

I like it!! and it even worked! but I think they're on to you, so next
year you might have to NOT do an april fool's joke, that could be your
april fool's joke

There are 30 Days in April...  So a show on April 31???  Not likely...  
Who is hoaxing whom here?  If you made it up, it was a good one...  It
sounds very official.

This year's was particularly good, beginning "Fear not, there is no April
Fools' joke this year" was a great idea :-)

Heh. You never fail us. I pity the poor folks at Tower Records that are
going to have to deal with all the people asking for Tool tickets. I
wonder how many people are going to realize that there is no April 31st.
Thanks for the excellent site and the wonderful jokes every year.

Nice try, Kabir...  It was waaaaaay too obvious this year, though...  You
got me last year. Better luck next year...

fuckin' funny funny funny man, i can dig it...  didn't have me goin' but
my friend in st. louis was talking about coming out to california for the
show...  cheers, man, i gotta give you props for stumping Us once again...

haha funny funny, good joke, but i thought you were going to do something
that involved an mp3 and have a link to it but this is a pretty good one,
even though i knew you were full of shit, i checked all over online about
it, nothin i hope you fool other people No April Fool's joke, huh? There's
no April 31st either. Not even on a leap year.

Damn that's good!!!  You (or whoever in the band) had me going for a bit.  
I almost jumped in my car to rush to the nearest Tower outlet to get those
tickets for the "first live show in six months!"  I didn't even catch it
until I looked at my calendar for the THIRD time.

Yep, I'll have to fly from Sydney just to see the show in L.A. on the
31st. Nice one, as always ;-)

There aren't 31 days in april... but nice try :)

Ha Ha Ha, I like the april fools joke about april 31st.  There is no such

its going to be difficult for Tool to play on April 31st. :-)  I hope
nobody actually fell for that one.

im an ass, you all got me, taking the jokes of the 'news' section... i
should've checked april 31st, and i had a sneaking suspicion ludere would
turn out to mean jackass or some shit. and i knew helmet broke up, but...
shit im gullible... i need to get more sleep..

And last but not least ...

Good one, Kabir!  It wasn't until I was driving back from Tower after
finding no listing for TOOL on any day in April, that I realized... THERE
ARE ONLY 30 DAYS IN APRIL! :) :)  Made even better by the 'no April Fool's
joke this year' opening.  I want to see TOOL again so badly, I was
gullible enough to believe this!

So maybe next year there will be another one. Who knows...

Check Old News for info on previous April fun.


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