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This page is here only for historical interest; over 400 people mailed MTV within a week of this posting. But you don't have to anymore. Thanks.

The following was posted April 7, 1997

If you don't know about last week's April Fools' incident, you can read the facts / apology / reactions.

After airing a brief clip several times late in the week on MTV News (a good one; saying that the post had been a joke, and that the band was fine), MTV covered the event again on their wrapup show "Week in Rock." This followup story, however, was not as accurate:

Tuesday was April Fool's Day, and to celebrate it, some clown posted a message on an Internet web site for the industrial band "Tool," claiming that three members of the group had been hospitalized in critical condition following a tour-bus crash in Australia. For the record, this is totally untrue. The group did just wrap up an Australian tour, but there was no accident, no one was hospitalized, and the members of Tool are doing just fine.

[Quoted from MTV Week in Rock, April 5, 1997]

Sad that when Tool gets airtime on MTV, it's of this low caliber; two of the above statements are false, another seems to be a cheap personal attack. This is your chance to voice your opinion to MTV, and to be heard (they can't ignore you if a few thousand of you write in this week).

 - Tell them Tool is not industrial.
 - Tell them to check their facts; Tool's Australian tour runs for another week or two.
 - And if you're so inclined, tell them how you feel about them calling someone a "clown" who has spent over two years trying to take down rumors; tell them that the post indeed had a disclaimer at the end, and why you think such hysteria resulted; or tell them if you think reducing toolshed to a 'prank' site was uncalled for.

Don't just curse them out; it won't be a very effective means of communication. MTV's website has gone to some lengths to hide their email addresses, so you'll have to use their feedback form to send them mail; but don't worry, it should load really quickly. Just organize your thoughts, and hit the button...

[If that doesn't work, just use this link.]

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