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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: jan - feb 2000 -

[2/22/00] - At long last, the website for the other band Maynard is in, A Perfect Circle, is up and running. Word is that a few Tool songs are finally together, and that the writing process is moving along.  - Also, late last week on VH1's Rock Show, Ozzy Osbourne called in to request "Stinkfist", and when it played, it was played as "Track #1 [Stinkfist]". As if there was a doubt that VH1 is often better than MTV.

[2/9/00] - Well, The Melvins' new album did not come out yesterday as promised. The release date for "The Crybaby" has been delayed until March 7. The album features guest performers, including Tool ... on a song called "Tool."

[2/2/00] - Still not much in Tool world, though the A Perfect Circle album is currently in postproduction, and should be out in a few months. Brent ( noticed that in the newest issue of Guitar World, on their list of the Top 5 Biggest Disappointments, "No new Tool album" is #3.

[1/15/00] - Happy birthday to Adam (and to me, four days late).  - This site is featured as the site of the week at; it has actually been a featured site at numerous places in the last two years, I just always forget to post about it.  - The unofficial "Bunny" shirts are no longer available. Check the More section for more info about that.

[1/10/00] - At last, there is information available about Tool's ubiquitous opening band, The Melvins. Their next album "The Crybaby" is due on on February 8, and features many guest artists, including members of Tool on a track currently known as "Tool." More info is available from Caroline Distribution.

[1/9/00] - After almost a year, the FAQ gets an update; though it must be said that the amount of new information is totally consistent with the amount of happenings in Tool-land last year.

[1/5/00] - Happy new millenni-centu-decade-year thing! The unofficial "Bunny" shirts will not be available after this week. As for what's going on with the Official Site and the A Perfect Circle site, I have no idea...


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