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old news: october - december 2001 letters on a page with no meaning anymore

[12/24/01] - End-of-year Awards

As 2001 comes to an end, numerous publications are handing out numerous end-of-year awards for Best Album, Best Single, etc. A bunch of them have gone to "Lateralus", including an appearance on Spin's Top 20 of the Year (mentioned below). Here are a few others: Critic's Album of the Year (Kerrang), #6 Album of the Year (Triple J), #18 of Top 50 Albums of 2001 (Maxim). The "Schism" video won for Best Video over at shoutweb.com, and Tool was voted Best Live Show in Hit Parader. More awards probably will happen, but they won't get listed here anytime soon, thanks to the impending holidays. So Happy Holidays to everyone - be safe, and we'll see you in the new year. §


[12/13/01] - Why can't we not be covered? | Jumping the Gunn

Staind, in an appearance on KNDD 107.7 FM's Deck the Halls Ball (in Seattle, just in case this part of the sentence wasn't long enough), played a cover of "Sober." Owen Ekenman (ooveh@hotmail.com), who wrote in with this info, describes it as "acoustic - and real slow." You can find it online here and there. And just to clarify - this is not necessarily new info, they have been doing this song live for a while (much like Limp Bizkit doing an awful rendition of "Opiate"), but it seems that it's winding its way onto radio stations here and there. §

Phil T. (ptoudic@hotmail.com) writes with info that the below-mentioned interview / article with Trey Gunn of King Crimson incorrectly conveyed the impression that a Tool / KC tour is in the works for the spring. Such info is apparently premature. §


[12/5/01] - Another new Spin

Spin Magazine, in their January issue, have listed "Lateralus" at #16 on their Top 20 Albums of 2001. System of a Down's "Toxicity" came in at #1. The accompanying text of the article is not yet available online. Also, thanks to Andy Owens (aojigman@yahoo.com) for pointing out that Spin awarded the "2001 Rock Growl of the Year" to Maynard for the 30-second scream in "The Grudge". §


[11/30/01] - Nothing now | Crimson again

It's been a long time since there was no news update for three weeks, but nothing is really happening in Tool land. The band is supposedly setting to work on a video for "Parabola." Tabs are still not up to speed, mostly because of vacations / the Thanksgiving holiday. §

One tidbit in the news today: Trey Gunn of King Crimson talks a little in this article about further Tool - King Crimson collaborations, happening perhaps as soon as March. Thanks to Brian Hopely (cirkusfreak@hotmail.com) for the info. §


[11/9/01] - And the award goes to ... | Tab update

"Schism" was nominated for two Billboard Music Awards ... and won neither. D'oh! §

It seems some music distributors do sell sheet music / tabs for a few individual Tool songs, though it is not clear if they are officially licensed, or if they are any better (or more official) than the tabs here on this site. The songs "Ænema", "Forty-Six & 2", "Parabola", "Sober", "Stinkfist", and "Undertow" are among the few floating around out there. §


[10/30/01] - The nominees are ... | No webcast | Single roundup | Tab update

"Schism" has been nominated for the Billboard Awards, in two categories. Whether it wins for either "Best Hard Rock Clip of the Year" or "Best Modern Rock Clip of the Year" or both, we won't know until Friday. Thanks to Greg Clayman (taprootmaster@aol.com) for the tip. §

Those who saw the Voodoo Music Festival this weekend know that the cameras were removed before Tool played, and that their show was not streamed live. Knowing their feelings about artistic control, this comes as no shock. You'll just have to find a ticket if you want to see them. §

There's a lot of hearsay about what is going on with the next single. Some folks are saying their radio stations received a six-minute edit of "Lateralus", some say their stations are doing the edits themselves. Music websites are reporting that the band will be producing a video for "Parabola." At the moment, the most certain info anyone has is that an uncut version of "Lateralus" is the next radio single, but that there may not be a video for it. §

A few people have found a listing in a music catalog (Infinity 1) claiming that official tablature books for a few albums are coming out in a few months. One fan writes that they are actually selling them on a song-by-song basis, but there is as yet no official word on any of this. On a related note, it is looking like the Tabs section will be changed to have only one tab available per song, with that tab moderated / adjusted by someone. The system is modeled after Nolan's system over at tooltabs.net, so much so that we may just bring some of his over here. Anyway, this is getting worked out, so you don't think anyone here forgot about it. §


[10/27/01] - Reading (not between the lines)

Twenty-four new articles have been posted to the Articles section. §


[10/26/01] - 2nd radio single

A bunch of folks have reported hearing "Lateralus" on radio stations (with a big chunk of the middle edited out), seeing promo singles at radio stations, and reading on music websites that the title track from the new record has become the second single sent to radio. Reports also come in that radio is receiving notices saying simply "Track 9 - the new single - no edit available", so it is likely that the stations themselves are doing the editing (especially because Tool is so opposed to cutting down their songs). This would account for some cities hearing a version with the middle cut, some hearing a version with the intro cut. Word is that it is scheduled to officially hit radio on the 30th, but you could just break out the CD and bypass the wait. §


[10/25/01] - Honolulu tickets (more) | Streaming voodoo (less?)

In addition to the phone number below, you can also get tickets to the Hawaii show over at tickets.com. Thanks to Sven (sven139@aol.com) for the info. §

Word now is that although this Saturday's Voodoo Music Festival will be streamed at their site, the Tool performance may not be webcast. You may just have to tune in and find out the hard way, so far nobody has a definite answer one way or the other. §


[10/23/01] - Honolulu tickets | Streaming voodoo

The Hawaii show is not listed on sale through Ticketmaster, but Zach McEvoy (zmcevoy@home.com) writes "they are being sold via an outfit called Ticket Plus and they are already on sale. The number for charge by phone otherwise you will have to pay cash to get tickets in Hawaii is: 808-526-4400." §

The Voodoo Music Festival, which features Tool as a headlining act this Saturday, "will be available via webcast in its entirety," writes AsA Stanaland (asafly@hotmail.com). §


[10/20/01] - Naked now

If you love Flash animation, you're in luck - the fine folks at untool.net have sent over a file known simply as "Dress Maynard." You'll find it in the More section of this site. §


[10/16/01] - Reviewable again

Concert reviews for the last three shows have been unpostable until just now because nobody was paying attention to this site because of a family emergency. Sorry about that. So go post your reviews, we're all curious how those shows went. §


[10/10/01] - Hope 'Ticks' is what you wanted | No-hio

Last night's live show, as many of you found out firsthand, was the first Tool concert featuring a performance of "Ticks & Leeches." For people's firsthand impressions of the evening, check out the concert reviews in the Tour section. §

Word is circulating that the Dayton show, which was postponed following the September 11th attacks, has now been cancelled. Jason (jgamma@dnaco.net) writes that he heard the info on 103.9 WXEG, and John Brazier (notomorrow@hotmail.com) points out that the Nutter Center website says the show is cancelled and that refunds are available at point of purchase. He went on to say: "I had four front-row tickets to this show ... needless to say, I'm devastated." §


[10/07/01] - This video is an illusion

Seems what most people have been guessing is going to come true: a few news sources are saying that "Parabola" will be the next video by Tool. Figure the band has to stop touring to get to shoot / edit the piece, so it likely won't be out until 2002. §


[10/05/01] - "You guys need tickets?"

Some of you have already discovered yesterday's addition to the Tour section of this site: a page where folks with extra tickets can post offering to sell these tickets to Tool fans. The new page hopefully will help out some fans in need, but it is totally out of t.d.n's control what people say they are selling. So be careful, but check it out. Already today a bunch of folks have posted wanting to unload some extra tickets. §


[10/01/01] - Happy Birthday | Happy October

Thanks to Cameron Parrent (cameron_parrent@hotmail.com) for the reminder that today is the five year anniversary of the release of "Ænima." So go break out your copy, remind yourself what a day it was when it finally came out, and think about how quickly this half-decade has passed.

Also, thanks again to everyone who has been sending in information about new concert dates. All kidding aside, it is quite sincerely appreciated. §

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