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old news: january - december 2003 letters on a page with no meaning anymore

[10/06/03] - Summer vacation? | Double Plat-eralus

Happy October! It's been a year of no Tool developments, and it will probably stay that way for a while. In November's issue of Guitar World, Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle offers up this info: "Maynard will be going back to work with Tool next summer, but we have him until then. He could change his mind at anytime, though. We really don't know." Thanks to All_One_Mind for the heads-up. §

"Lateralus" was officially certified by the RIAA as reaching double platinum status, having sold two million copies in the US! (The certification actually came a few weeks ago.) That's a whole lot of copies. If you won a million dollars, you couldn't buy that many copies. You could burn them, but we all know you would never do that. Thanks to Philth for the info. §


[09/24/03] - Prying open my third Doom

IGN.com reported last night that they were informed by an anonymous source that Tool would be doing an original song for the forthcoming game Doom 3. Trent Reznor has also been on tap for this project earlier, but his current status is unknown. When recording / writing of this new song would happen is a mystery, given the current schedule of A Perfect Circle. §


[08/17/03] - Silent Anniversary

Eight years ago today, this site turned into a fully-operational webopedia for a band that was about to become even bigger than they were. It's true that these days not much is going on around here, but then again, not much is going on with the band either. While there is a fair amount of APC and Pigmy Love Circus activity these days, that type of news is not typically posted here. Outside of APC, though, Maynard does appear on the Underworld soundtrack, on a Danny Lohner remix of a David Bowie song, as well as with Danny in an outfit known as Puscifer. As for Toolish news, we're still waiting for the "live DVD", which may be out by the end of the year... §


[06/25/03] - Condolences | Apologies | Updates

From all of us, condolences to Maynard and his family, on the recent passing of his mother Judith. You can send flowers for the June 28th service to Judith Marie Keenan/Garrison, Toland-Herzig Funeral Home, 803 North Wooster Ave, Dover, OH 44622. §

Nearly three months pass and finally a brief update. The day I posted the last update was the start of seven weeks of hellacious work for Fox, which segued immediately into a trip to Panama for another show, which led straight into another insane-schedule job; all of this left me no time to go grocery shopping, let alone check email or this site. Sorry everyone. §

Most of you already do know, but "Ænima" was certified triple-platinum (sales of three million records) recently. There continues to be no update on the live DVD release. And if you are wondering about the April Fools' joke ... maybe the joke was that there was no April Fools' joke? Or was there? Chew on that one ... §


[04/02/03] - Happy April!

Another year, another bit of April Fooling here at The Tool Page. Fear not, as far as we can tell, nobody from any band who happens to sing in another band has made any duplicate commitments precluding any appearances on any so-called "unannounced" tour. A full wrap-up of this year's fun will follow shortly. §


[03/26/03] - A Perfect Palooza

Once again, those of us on the West Coast get a lucky break in the land of live shows. Queens of the Stone Age will miss a few Lollapalooza dates due to other commitments, and it seems A Perfect Circle will take their place on the main stage. So if you are into that, and you live in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, or Seattle, then you're in luck. Otherwise, you are out of luck. No luck for you. §


[03/25/03] - Is this thing on?

So you were wondering what is going on in Tool land, or even in toolshed-land. Honestly, not that much is going on in either. To be sure, we just set a new record of two months without a news post. But very little is happening with Tool of late. The few bits of info aren't especially Tool-news-worthy. Danny played a show with Pygmy Love Circus in Los Angeles (actually minutes from my house). Concerning A Perfect Circle, you likely know that Twiggy from Marilyn Manson and Danny Lohner from Nine Inch Nails have replaced Paz (who is working with Zwan) and Troy (who is working with Queens of the Stone Age). Depending on how you view it, neither of these items is necessarily "Tool news."

There is no real new info about the live DVD, the elusive "Schism" DVD-single, or much else for that matter. Even the correspondence I've had from the band has concerned the war more than the band.

The Opinion section is rapidly heading for its 50,000th post, and Dan has recoded the inner workings of the Articles section from perl to PHP, which means newly posted articles will be up faster than in the past (though with no Tool activity, there's not much writing about them either). Times like this, I think it wise to thank all of you for still coming by, and to remind you all of this post from four years ago. See y'all in the Opinion section.§


[01/24/03] - King Toolmus | "Everyone has one" | Mystery release | Keep going

Well, well, well. So you are wondering what the hell is going on around here? Read on...

First off, word surfaced yesterday that Danny has headed up to the Bay Area to begin a new recording project with Adrian Belew (uber-guitarist from King Crimson) and Les Claypool (uber-bassist from Primus). You don't need me to tell you how exciting this all is. §

The Opinion section recently had its 15,000th post, after being open for just two months. Seems it's true what they say about opinions being like that part of your body. And, thanks to the generous (and the skimpy) contributions from t.d.n readers, we were able to purchase the forum software, and actually do something on the up-and-up for a change. Names of the $upporters will be etched in stone here soon. §

Towerrecords.com has listed a CD titled "Aenima/Opiate" due to be released next week, on the 28th. Nobody seems to know what this is; it may just be a record company marketing trick, packaging the two together in the same shrinkwrap at a (slight) discount so that you will get into older Tool even more quickly. It may just be a typo. No doubt we will know for sure in the next few days. §

Finally, my word - more than a month since the last news post?! Many of you likely noticed the downtime at the start of the year. The first few days of 2003, both name servers for down.net somehow died, and it took a few days to get things working again. Special thanks to the folks at webair for their help with that. Some of the non-updatedness has to do with there being no real Tool news to speak of (what with Danny's other project, Maynard's many other projects). Plus, there is the undeniable fact that I've gotten way too busy to deal with this site myself.

So, many months overdue, some other folks will be helping out with the daily administration of the site. We're just figuring out how to proceed, but the goal is to keep this place more updated - faster email response, a cleaner Links section, loads of new Images, etc. So say hi to Dan Green, Chris Brightwell, and the ever-anonymous Kelly. With any luck, their help around here will become apparent shortly. Thank you for staying tuned. §


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