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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: 1995 -

[1/16/96] - The below-mentioned "tour info" page has turned into a set of info and reviews of Tool's latest four shows.

[12/12/95] - Tour info is now available.

[12/4/95] - Yes, 'tis true, Tool are playing several shows on the West Coast this month, including a New Year's Eve show with Primus. I hate living on this side of the country. Exact info is still becoming available; check out TicketMaster for further info.

[11/17/95] - The Replicants album comes out on 11/21; the lineup is credited as Ken Andrews / Paul D'Amour / Greg Edwards / Chris Pitman. More information is available on this album now via the discography!!

[11/15/95] - More info about the new bassist: Justin Chancellor has taken over for Paul. Justin used to play with Peach, a band from England who have put out a release or three worth checking out.

[10/31/95] - The mailing list has found a new home thanks to the maintainers of . Reuven Bell has taken over ... find out more.

[10/26/95] - The mailing list at Bozak's server,, is no longer active, as many of you had noticed. [see 10/31/95]

[10/18/95] - The T-shirts (see below) have hit another stall period; this time, getting word out to people has become very difficult since the mailing list is currently experiencing server problems. Fear not, though, they WILL get made. Really.

[10/4/95] - After a brief period of uncertainty / rumors, it has been confirmed: Paul (the bassist) is no longer a member of the band. Apparently he left due to "creative differences." While details are not yet fully available, early indications are that he did not leave under hostile conditions, and that he is now a member of Failure (who have opened for Tool in the past). Watch this page for info on further developments.

Note: the band is NOT conducting open auditions, please do not ask how you can go about being part of the band.

[9/22/95] - The Tool Mailing List is shutting down on 9/30/95. Current subscribers and subscribers-to-be are encouraged to sign on to the new list, which should end up taking over all of the traffic from the old list. More info is available.

[9/17/95] - From the LA Times Calendar: "Paul McCartney's 'Silly Love Songs', John Lennon's 'How Do You Sleep', and the Cars' 'Just What I Needed' are among the oldies on an album by the Replicants, a side-project featuring members of Tool and Failure, due Nov. 21. Both bands have their own albums due next year." (Thanks to Ray Clouse ( for this blurb.)

[8/30/95] - The mailing list is currently deciding on a design for an unofficial t-shirt. Let Kabir know if you are interested.

[8/28/95] - On touring: nothing has been said about there being a tour anytime soon. Just keep your fingers crossed.

[8/17/95] - On the new album: word is "maybe in the spring." This means not for a WHILE.


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