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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: jan - feb 1997 -

[2/26/97] - I will be offline for three days, in case you were wondering why I'm so silent.

[2/25/97] - The rest of the promised articles are now online; names of transcribers will be posted shortly to the main page of that section. A new festival-type-gig has been added to the Australian tour dates. Hey, if you've ever contributed an article / image / sound / anything to this site, you may be happy to know that there is a small image you can place on your own home page (so you can brag or gloat or just be proud). More info within days. Those Tori-MJK videos I promised two weeks ago are still coming; I haven't forgotten. And don't forget, today the four Bill Hicks albums were released, including "Arizona Bay."

[2/24/97] - Remember those thirty-five articles which "will be up soon"? Half of them are up now, the rest will be tomorrow. The Opinion section problem has nearly been solved. A new FAQ should be online within a few weeks, and the few concert reviews I've received so far are online already. Old news from 1997 has been split off into its own Old News page.

[2/22/97] - Hey folks, I have no idea what's wrong on this machine, but the site has actually been down now for over 27 hours. If you're reading this, it must be back online, so I guess you know now as much as I do. Sorry for the interruption of service. If it's any consolation, there may be some surprise guests (not on-stage) at the first three US shows...

[2/20/97] - I haven't been able to confirm the recent rumors about Tool pulling out of Lollapalooza, but that doesn't mean it's not true. The latest info will hit here once it is verified. Also, I apologize to everyone for the lack of t.d.n updates or personal replies for the last few days, I'm filming this week and I'm not going to be able to catch up for a few days. To answer the recently-popular question "How much email do you get daily, Kabir?", let me estimate anywhere from 140 - 250. And I do reply to almost all of them. Just not this week. Any Earth-shattering news will still get through.

[2/14/97] - Happy Valentine's Day, or not, depending. Thanks to Jason Jabara ( for reminding us that four Bill Hicks spoken word albums (Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Relentless, Rant in E Minor) will be released February 25th on Rykodisc. Circus Magazine has apparently just reported that Maynard's mother died when he was 11 years old. Sigh. Lastly, three years ago tonight was the second time I saw Tool live. I know you care. =)

[2/13/97] - Thanks once again to Shane, we can stay abreast of as many Tool releases as we'd ever need: a new discography is available. Check the Opinion section today, for ... something new. Expect 4 QuickTime videos of the Tori + Maynard duet online within the week. Also, Texans, check the tour section, there are still more dates trickling in; another eleven Fall 1996 reviews have made their way in, including some of shows which had not yet been reviewed.

[2/11/97] - Well, it seems we finally have an answer to all of those Lollapalooza rumors: despite all the "Tool is confirmed to headline" announcements on the radio, it seems that they were only recently locked up to play the second headline spot; the headliner is not yet confirmed. Of course, this may change, so don't plan your summers out yet. Also, visit MuchMusic for info on the upcoming Tool Spotlight, Thursday night.

[2/5/97] - Hey, I hope you've picked up the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine. Kansas-dwellers, take note of the newest tour information in the Tour section. The Tori Amos concert which featured Maynard singing "Muhammad My Friend" will be rebroadcast this weekend Feb 6-9; for station information, check Lastly, the Mailing List page has been updated to reflect the switch back to the original software. Agh.

[2/2/97] - Just in case you hadn't heard, since I seem to have never posted it, the death of Maynard's mother when he was 11 was actually an erroneous report in Rolling Stone; she is still alive and well. They printed a retraction a few issues later. The full text is available in the Articles section. Also, until any definite info shows up here, check for any info on the Tori - MJK show rebroadcast. And no, the groundhog didn't see his shadow.

[1/31/97] - Missed the Tori/MJK show on Lifetime? Sources suggest that they may rebroadcast it in April. More info to follow. And, Star Wars was quite the good.

[1/30/97] - Here's some neat Tool Trivia submitted by various people: "Stinkfist" and "Sober" both appeared on MuchMusic's Favorite Videos of all Time show at the end of 1996. Tool came in 3rd place for Best Heavy Group in Rolling Stone's 1996 readers' poll. And just recently, on MTV's "Week In Rock", trip-hop master Tricky offered this lament about his singing ability: "I wish I had a voice like the guy of Tool." In addition to all this glamour, the t.d.n winner will be posted tomorrow. Right after I see Star Wars.

[1/29/97] - Slight tour date modification for Texas shows; seems the info posted was off by one day. Sorry for the confusion. Also, be sure to check out our sister site: Steve Reed's Failure page, about to be an official site, at it's new URL:

[1/28/97] - It does appear that, based on the way many radio stations are getting copies of an edited "H.", there's been a second single decided off Ænima. There'll probably be a video by summer.

[1/25/97] - No doubt, as many of you that missed last night's Maynard / Tori duet rebroadcast also taped it. Either way, though, Melissa ( has sent in 7 video stills which can be found under Miscellaneous in the Images section (which, btw, looks to me like it needs an overhaul). Tori introduced Maynard as "one of her best friends" and said "when I can't sleep I call Maynard and he sings lullabies." Marty Cassady ( said this with a smile: "Never really thought of MJK as a lullaby guy. I assume he doesn't sing 'Prison Sex' to her."

[1/24/97] - Two big news items today. First, at last night's Tori Amos concert (at Madison Square Garden in New York City), she sang a duet of "Muhammad My Friend" with our friend Maynard. (This will be on LifetimeTV tonight). And second: I guess we shouldn't expect "No Quarter" to grace the Howard Stern soundtrack. "Sweat" was playing after a commercial break at about 10:20am Thursday, after which Howard said, "Is this Tool? Don't play it any more. It sucks. It's fag music." Reportedly, he had this to say about Zoo Records (off-air): "Fucking assholes. They can go to hell." Nice.

[1/23/97] - The Mailing List page contains some new information about the methods of joining / leaving the list at the new server. Also, voting is now underway for the public's entry into the t.d.n contest. Head for the More section. The result of that vote will weigh heavily into the final decision.

[1/21/97] - If you can't be bothered to read the long amounts of text on the intro pages to each section, take solace: you should now start seeing little green/blue summary boxes, which will tell you in a nutshell what the rest of the page says in detail. Also, a keyboard tab for "Intermission" is available.

[1/17/97] - Lots of info: Thanks to everyone who reported the major bug in the new tab section; it should be fixed now. Also, a vast list of tourdates has been added to the Tour section. Not only that, but People Magazine has awarded Tool "Best CD Package". Not only that, but Ænima has gone gold in Australia. Not only that, but last weekend, "Stinkfist" came in at #2 in JJJ's hottest 100 of the year competition. (JJJ is Australia's nationwide "cool" radio station). Justin McKinlay offers more info and a valuable insight into this "award." Thanks to many Aussie Tool-lovers for this factoid.

[1/16/97] - One day after Adam Jones' birthday, the tabs section finally gets caught up. Since October, the system for adding tabs has changed twice, and over 60 new tabs have been sent in. And now, they're all there, living in their newly-designed section, waiting for you to check them out. For more info, you know where to go. Whew.

[1/15/97] - Yes, Tool are being considered for Lollapalooza. Does that mean they will play/headline? No. It means that someone somewhere has Tool on a list. Nothing is confirmed either way, so just sit tight.

[1/12/97] - Check out the new clump of Stinkfist tabs; many more to follow soon (I mean it when I say that tabs are priority #1 now). Congratulations to Justin Chancellor on getting married this past week. And in case you missed it, I turned 22 yesterday. Whoa.

[1/9/97] - Howard Stern recently announced that there was an 11-minute Tool song being released on his upcoming "Private Parts" soundtrack. He is referring to their version of "No Quarter" (which is, btw, amazing). Whether or not the song will actually be released on that soundtrack remains to be seen; there's some kind of hold up somewhere along the line. AND: Aussies, rejoice, and head for the Tour section.

[1/8/97] - Tool has been nominated for a Grammy Award (those are the music ones, folks) for Best Recording Package. On a somewhat related note, Ænima was voted second best cover art in the 1996 viewers' poll in Alternative Press Magazine. (Marilyn Manson won for 'antichrist superstar.' Have you seen that cover???) On a related note, look for Tool to be the cover story in an upcoming issue of Alternative Press. Anyhow, for more info on the Grammy Awards, check out their site. Furthermore, over 90 new opinions have been added to the all-new Opinion section. Next on the to-do list: tabs.

[1/4/97] - Tour news: the reschedule date for the Fitchburg, MA show (postponed due to MJK's voice being gone) is February 28th, still at the Wallace Civic Center.

[1/2/97] - Harpy new lar, everyone! The contest is here. You have just over a month to enter and try to win something free. Again, it's not sponsored by the band or anyone else, just this site. When you're ready, jump over to the More section, and click on "contest" (duh). And there's ANOTHER contest, as well. My my. MTV is running a which-music-site-is-best contest. They've got 6 pages up in their "fan-produced" category, but you can write this one in if you're so inclined. So copy the words here: , then go to their vote page and write us in as "best fan produced". If they see that there are enough Tool fans out there, they may get a message. Thanks again to everyone for their help and support! Lastly, check out the new-for-97 Marketplace look.


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