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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: may 1997 -

[5/31/97] - As May comes to a close, a reminder: don't miss Lollapalooza tickets going on sale! Rory Mitchell ( has pointed out that the "Message to Harry Manback" MIDI posted to the Audio section was an old version; his newer version has been posted. Several west-coast Toolophiles report that t.d.n was mentioned yesterday on 92.3 KSJO, "the biggest heavy metal/rock station in all of the San Francisco bay area." Apparently the DJ gave out the URL to the site where she had picked up the lyrics.

[5/29/97] - This site has been commended lately for being readable / navigable via text-only and non-frame browsers, despite all the advanced layout; my apologies to those browsers who were not able until today to view the Audio section.

[5/27/97] - Not only have the MIDIs been fixed, but two more have been added. Check out the new assortment of Muzak'd Tool in the Audio section.

[5/26/97] - The Audio section has been getting its long-promised infusion of (gee) audio. MIDIs are still causing problems, I'd appreciate any bug-reporting / feedback you can give. I'm not sure it was mentioned here, but Tool's fifth video is currently in production. I'm not sure it's not a secret, so suffice it to say that the song is on the second half of Ænima. Also, the Mailing List page now looks a little different, though none of the info has changed. Slow month in Tool land.

[5/24/97] - A whole bunch of rearranging has just happened to the list of Lollapalooza dates, check the Tour section for those.

[5/21/97] - Though nothing much has been up of late in Tool-land, Shane Wooden ( has brought us this tidbit: Danny took 2nd place as Best Hard Rock Drummer in this year's Modern Drummer Magazine Reader's Choice Poll (1st place went to Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron). Also, Aenima took 3rd place as the Best Recorded Drumming performance of 1996.

[5/20/97] - A few more Lollapalooza dates have trickled in; check the Tour page. Some of you may have noticed slight graphic embellishments to The Tool Page today and recently. These changes will (for now, anyhow) be only slight visual refreshments; part of this site's continual evolution. The Audio section, in particular, is getting its long overdue wakeup call quite soon.

[5/15/97] - Last week, a new Links section was born at t.d.n; this week, there's an About section. Wondering what it's about? You know how to find out. Also, as of 11:59PM, t.d.n shirts are no longer available. If you ordered one, you can find out about their current status on the page which used to hold the order form.

[5/14/97] - Good lord; about 105 orders t.d.n shirt came in in the span of a day. Orders will likely be taken for no more than another 24 hours, so if you're wavering with indecision, it's time to decide. And I finally got the images for the Links section online. The main menu is, for those who haven't noticed, listed (mostly) alphabetically, with priority links first and offsite / meta-site links last.

[5/13/97] - A usually reliable friend told me about Danny's birthday on the wrong day. Heh. Our favorite drummer's birthday was actually Saturday the 10th. The t.d.n shirt is, as of 12:01 AM, available; the order form is under More, under Contest. If you have some problem with getting to the page, try this URL: It seems that a good number of the old tour dates which had been posted here (the list released in recent weeks) have been changed! t.d.n is trying to assemble new dates. If you have any confirmed info on dates, let me know. Check the Tour section for any new info.

[5/12/97] - Addicted to Noise writer and t.d.n friend Beth Winegarner has just finished an article on Lusk which contains some info on Danny as well. Still more articles have been posted, largely courtesy of Greg Wason; go read them. The t.d.n shirts will be available for sale within a day or two; for now, you can check the design out under More, under Contest, but you can't order one yet. You also may be interested to know that Larrikin's official site has been updated and will be taking a less informative, more artistic direction in the near future, so it should be fairly interesting to see.

[5/8/97] - More articles coming in, so if you need to read (and you do), go do it. Even though the graphics are currently broken, a Links section has been added to the t.d.n menu for the first time. It is one of the new automated portions of t.d.n, and it has already begun filling up. Lastly, the t.d.n shirt order form will be up this weekend, and no, you can't put one on hold early, though a few more may get made if demand warrants. But this is a very limited time offer; shirts will only be available for a short time. And it's just one year until Kabir's done school in Miami.

[5/6/97] - The Articles section continues to get fleshed out, 10 new ones this weekend and another 20 coming; all this thanks to Greg Wason, the winner of this January's t.d.n shirt contest. Speaking of that contest, you may recall that a t.d.n shirt was due to go into limited production. An order form will be here really soon (at last), so be ready if you want one (less than 100 will be available; they will cost under $17).

[5/5/97] - Happy Cinco de Mayo. Many of you will notice the t.d.n front page is no longer with us; the menu shows up as soon as you get here. This should make things faster overall, I hope, as well as force me to implement some stylistic changes throughout t.d.n. And you all have to change your bookmarks. Mwahaha.

[5/1/97] - It's May already!? To all those who have ever complained about the "back arrow" problem in the Articles section: rejoice. For the first time since its inception in 1995, the Articles section has undergone a major reorganization; and it now finally looks and acts like much of the rest of this site. Even more exciting, posting articles is now 99% automatic. (The 45 articles which have been submitted since January will show up hopefully today.)


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