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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: june 1997 -

[6/29/97] - The survey (still under More) is going to end early, sometime tomorrow, so hurry on up and fill it out. Tour reviews continue to flood in (no pun intended). Maynard's car hasn't sold yet; in case you were holding your breath, now you can exhale: the selling price has dropped to "$6000 or best offer." Check out the updated for-sale post.

[6/27/97] - Apologies to all of you expecting Opinions to be up today; they are taking more time than I had thought to clean up. But, the volunteer crew is doing quite a job. Tabs are next on the list. A couple Lollapalooza dates have gotten all mucked around, I'm trying to keep up with the changes in the Tour section. Also, I forgot to mention that in the official Lollapalooza magazine, on the bio page for Tool, a certain FAQ is quoted extensively. Thanks to Maynard for pointing that out to me; that and more is detailed in my review of the show.

[6/26/97] - I'm far too exhausted to post a good review now; maybe later today. The important bits are as follows: the "Ænema" video is awesome; it looks like the past three meshed together and covered in water ... it will likely make its public debut at Lollapalooza in Atlanta ... Tool's playing for about 70 minutes ... and I have a new favorite band: Orbital. The gaps will all be filled in in my review. Stick around.

[6/25/97] - Really, there was no news for six days. Anyhow, the survey (under More) results are temporarily offlined due to server load problems. Tour review posting has been reactivated; also of interest is that nobody will be replacing the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in the lineup. I'll be at tomorrow's Lollapalooza if any of you were wondering. The Maynard chat now has an even cleaner version available, thanks again to Shane (I messed up his old one). And, the Opinion section is just about back...

[6/19/97] - Thanks to Shane, a clean version of the Maynard chat is now online, with a link to the old one in place. Just in case you Lollapalooza-goers didn't know, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is no longer on the lineup; I don't know who has replaced them yet. The Larrikin Management Tool Site has gotten a really cool update: a 'Shop' section, where you can buy items normally on sale at shows, and for MUCH better prices. Thanks to Sean Chambers ( for keeping me up to date.

[6/16/97] - Continuing the age-old tradition of listening to the user, that ugly chat transcript is getting cleaned. Shane is going through it, picking out only questions that Maynard answered; it should be available within another day. Stay tuned. Also, in case you haven't sent in your money for your t.d.n shirt, you have until Friday -- then unpaid shirt orders will expire, and your shirt will be up for grabs by anyone else.

[6/15/97] - Last night's Maynard chat was ... well, it worked, no thanks to that generally-despised Palace software. A transcript of the chat is now available in the Articles section. A second Detroit Lollapalooza date has been added, also. Don't miss the Tool survey (under More), with over 130 entries in just 6 hours.

[6/14/97] - Now that Friday the 13th is past, feel free to indulge in some good luck: Maynard is selling his car, no lie. And if that isn't Tool news enough for you, that chat is tonight. Read the FAQ so you don't look like too much of a freak. Also, take a minute to fill out the brand-new survey in the More section!

[6/13/97] - This site is featured in Alternative Press again, in their July issue. The story, about misinformation online (remember that April Fools thing?), features t.d.n as the bookends of the article. It makes the WWW look a lot more malicious than it is, but at least I got my say in, and the article did make me smile. Go to a bookstore and check it out.

Also, the cat seems to be out of the bag on the next video, everybody seems to have noticed that "Ænema" has found its way onto radio stations, albeit with an enormous amount of editing. And we thought we had problems catching the other videos on MTV. Hopefully it will be on once or twice. And don't forget the Maynard chat tomorrow (info below).
To all with very old web browsers, take note: "Biography" is now finally available from the menu. The History of this site has been updated, as have various other bugs reported recently.

[6/12/97] - Late last night, the official Lollapalooza mailing list announced that Maynard will be doing a live online chat this Saturday night at 8PM Pacific time (that's 11PM Eastern). You'll need their special chat software (available free from; here's the info they posted.

"Once you've got the software, you can either connect to the chat via the chat page in the Club-Lollapalooza area on the web-site, or connect directly by using the "Connect" option in the Palace software itself. The server address to Connect to is: 9999 "
Thanks to all of you who sent me this info today. I'd strongly recommend you read the FAQ before you get online.

[6/5/97] - August 12 and 13 concert dates have changed; don't miss that. I'm going to be out of town for 6 days; going to Philadelphia. t.d.n updates and email replies will be infrequent. RealAudio, drum tabs, Opinions, all next.

[6/2/97] - After five months of working mostly well, the Tabs section has been rewired to (hopefully) work even better. Netscape users should notice no difference; other browsers should now finally be able to view the "newer" version of that section. If you find a problem, mail me. (All this is in preparation for the drum tabs and the new Opinion section).

[6/1/97] - Happy June. Another new choice has shown up in the main t.d.n menu, likely the last for some time now: Biography. This will lead you to an offsite page by Joel Mahaffey, dedicated to individual band member info. Also, if you have ever given anything to this site, or if you've ever thought about it, or if you've ever thought the Contribute page was out-of-date, check it out now. And in case you were wondering what happened to the order of things in the menu; check the News post on May 14th for the easy explanation of the sorting order.


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