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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: july 1997 -

[7/31/97] - Not entirely Tool-related, but worth noting, is that Korn is no longer on the Lollapalooza bill, due to a member of that band having viral meningitis. Also, Tool may be on Rockline (a national radio call-in show) soon. Stay tuned.

[7/29/97] - So Maynard's car isn't really sold yet, so you may have an extended chunk of time to check it out. To all of you who ask for Tool's "suggested reading list", it has been available under Mailing List, from the menu. Also, I don't know if I've magically become famous, but I'm certainly enduring a few consequences: two recent Kabir-impersonators have been brought to my attention. So, if you encounter someone on AOL acting as if I'm with him, it's not me. And if you find me taking shots at someone's page in their guestbook, it's also not me.

[7/26/97] - The Los Angeles August 8th Lollapalooza will be broadcast live via RealAudio, according to info found by Carl Mockenhaupt (; check out for details. Though after last November's amazing response, I'm skeptical about how their machine might handle this event (see Old News for info). Also, early yesterday morning, some station in Phoenix did indeed play a remix of "Stinkfist" by Ogre of Skinny Puppy. No info is available on this yet, but yes, it does exist and has for a while; the radio play is surprising though. Lastly, rejoice: all you Opinion-ated folks can now post your thoughts on Tool's videos in the Opinion section.

[7/25/97] - Peter McCourt ( has pointed out that the "Ænema" video will premiere in Australia tonight (that's Friday) just past midnight on RAGE on ABC-TV. I just got mail from that DJ (see below), saying it was just a "tongue in cheek" comment. So she and I are now on the same, pro-Tool side. I got my own t.d.n shirt at last, and it looks great. On a related note, take this opportunity to send mail to Daanon the printer and wish him a happy-yesterday-birthday! But if you're looking for a shirt, you're out of luck: they're sold out. We may print a few more someday, but you never know.

[7/24/97] - Roughly 10 t.d.n shirts remain, mail me if you want info on them. In other news (wow, it's like real news, except I'm not spending half an hour on Versace), Maynard's car seems to have finally sold! Looks like you missed your chance. A few weeks ago, t.d.n News reported that a California radio station (KSJO-FM) had plugged this site. It seems that yesterday a DJ at the same station (after playing "Ænema" and calling it "On-ema") plugged this site as "", and complained that "the bastards" behind the website deliberately made it impossible to print out the lyrics. To her (and all other lyric readers), I amiably suggest re-reading the intro to the Lyrics section, specifically: "Make sure to click in this frame before you hit 'print' or 'save'." Sorry to have been such a difficult-to-understand bastard. =)

[7/23/97] - Bass tabs are back online; Greg and I are working on adding a lot more, so watch for that this week. Also, t.d.n shirts have finally come in, and 24 are not accounted for, so if you are interested, mail me about it right now. And, for those of you keeping track, Tool played "No Quarter" again yesterday. Argh. Finally, thanks to ( for pointing out that Chicago-based fans can catch the band doing a live radio interview on 103.5 FM this Friday the 25th at about 2:00-3:00 PM; smack dab in the middle of Lollapalooza.

[7/22/97] - Bass tabs should be back online tonight. Get ready for 65 new tabs (guitar, bass, and drum) to get posted within days. Also, thanks to a lot of you for sharing this (though was the first): Maynard and Danny were on a brief interview on Sunday night's 120 Minutes, talking about... well, the usual stuff they talk about.

[7/21/97] - After five months, Shane has brought us a new version of the Discography, online now. This version has info on several recordings not listed before, including many promo CDs and two new bootlegs. Go check it out. Sorry about the bass tabs being offline, Greg and I are trying to bring it back up to speed. Meanwhile, go check out the seven new Articles now online.

[7/19/97] - Guitar tabs are now up in their new format; bass and drum tabs will follow. More stills from the new video are up in the Video section, also.

[7/18/97] - Tabs are finally about to get (yet another time) reworked, hopefully tomorrow this will all be in place. A couple good hours of crashing machines has yielded a slightly-new-look, totally-different-inside Tablatures section, complete with automatic posting (like Tour reviews, Articles, Opinions) and automatic voting updates. I'm not even a Computer Science major. Anyhow, tab access may be irregular until the new system takes effect, but it should load faster now that a couple pointless image files are gone.

[7/17/97] - Looks like MTV got the best of us this time around; the video for "Ænema" showed at midnight last night on "The Pinfield Suite", with no warning of 'Premiere' or any other such fanfare. It seems that it will officially premiere today "at noon, 5:30 PM, and 12:30 PM" (I'm assuming that's after midnight, really 12:30 AM). Thanks to Jody Westmoreland ( for pointing that out. Some stills are starting to make their way in to the Video section.

[7/16/97] - After reading the reviews of yesterday's show, it looks to me like the best setlist so far this tour. Sigh.

[7/15/97] - No t.d.n updates or mail have been addressed for the last 40 hours, thanks to a hardware problem on my end. Word now is that the "Ænema" video will premiere on MTV either this Friday at noon, or Sunday on 120 Minutes, with our buddy Matt Pinfield, who coincidentally did a quick spot today on MTV about the different covers in "Ænima"'s liner notes. So keep your VCRs ready.

[7/12/97] - It's a media day: the "Ænema" video aired on MuchMusic in Canada last night around midnight; stills should be (hopefully) online ASAP. An interview with Maynard also aired. Also, yesterday morning, lots of mail came in about Maynard doing an interview on K-Rock 92.3 FM in New York later in the day. Well, it turns out that not only did he plug the sale of his car (buy it) and deflect questions with his standard flair, but he also gave a nod to your old buddies Shane and Kabir. Good old Maynard.

[7/10/97] - Concert reviews are still flooding in (10 came in today for Tuesday's show), as are hits to this site, thanks to such plugs as the Official Lollapalooza Magazine and radio station plugs. Early this week, for example, a DJ on KRXQ in Sacramento, CA said "check out Tool at Lollapalooza on the 15th of August, or catch their web page at" (thanks to Brian La Pask ( for that). Opinions are still coming in, the OpinCrew is doing their best to keep it from being a mess. Some guidelines have been posted to the 'Add an Opinion' page, if you are curious. Lastly, the "Ænema" video should either air on MTV's 120 Minutes this Sunday or next Sunday, though word is that it has already aired in New Zealand...

[7/7/97] - The Tool Page just had its first major error since postings went automatic; while t.d.n notified me automatically that five show reviews for July 5 had been posted, something went wrong, and they all got erased. I didn't notice this until just now, so any reviews which do show up will be appreciated -- thanks for putting up with this technical problem.

[7/5/97] - As usual, I forgot a thing or two in the new FAQ, but they have been fixed, and it is still smaller than the April version. The Video section has gotten a total makeover; with any luck, "Hush" and "Sober" videos will make their way in soon. And drum tabs are STILL coming. Really.

[7/4/97] - Happy 4th of July! Celebrate it by reading the newly-revised FAQ. Wonder of wonders, this is the first time in the 3 years of this FAQ that the new version is smaller than the one it replaces.

[7/3/97] - Late last night, the Opinion section came back to life, at last. For those who don't know, it's a place where you can post/read individual takes on Tool lyrics and music. In order to help alleviate redundant / mindless / empty posts, a crew of volunteers has signed on to help me out with it. Their names, as well as more info on why it went down in the first place is on the front page of that section. Enjoy! Also, a bunch of new scans of promo CDs have shown up in the Images section.


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