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- old news: september 1997 -

[9/30/97] - A lot of mail has come in recently asking for a Tour section update. As it now says there, there is no info up because no tour is coming for a while. Emailing me about it won't suddenly make the band go on tour, either. And a fun tidbit or two: while on the road last weekend, Greg Wason ( drove past a car with the New Hampshire license plate "46&TWO". Lastly, Dan Dickinson ( noticed that in Time magazine's October 6th issue, Tool is mentioned in an article entitled "Internet Service Provider or Rock Band?", basically just a (pointless) quiz comparing band names to ISP names. Apparently the Prodigy was actually listed as both.

[9/24/97] - Despite the Tool-vacation in progress nowadays, Maynard made a guest appearance at Sunday night's Rage Against the Machine show in Phoenix, singing his famed "time has come to paaaaaay" line in "Know Your Enemy." I still think I live on the wrong side of the country.

[9/20/97] - Two months ago, the new Tabs section was completed, but I forgot to make automated tab posting available from the Tablatures submenu. Silly me. So now, at last, you can add tabs directly to t.d.n. In court news, all sides involved in this wonderful battle are making it sound like it will stretch on for a while.

 - MTV News Followup on Lawsuit

[9/19/97] - I forgot to post this bit of info recently passed on to me: Paul D'Amour (Tool's original bassist) is getting married tomorrow in Seattle to Gilden Tunador. Best of luck and congratulations to both of them! Another article on the lawsuit is now online, this one has some more details on the situation:

 - Addicted to Noise Report on Lawsuit

[9/16/97] - This site reported recently that Tool was splitting from Volcano Entertainment, since the label had (somehow) managed to not renew their contract while the band was still under an option period. Seems that the label wasn't ready to say goodbye to their only profit-turners, and now the band has filed suit against the label. The label has apparently filed a countersuit against Tool for trying to break their contract. What a mess. This news has been hitting headlines around the industry, notably at MTV and Yahoo! I'm referring you there for further info; although I know it will all get posted here eventually, I'm not a full-time member of the press:

 - MTV News Report on Lawsuit
 - Yahoo! report on Lawsuit

[9/14/97] - Honestly, nothing noteworthy has happened of late. According to the newest issue of Rolling Stone, the "Ænema" video is #9 on M2. Three weeks of Opinions have finally been cleaned up, many were axed, some "approved", so if you have been scared of wading through them, go now while it is clean. And I'm still way behind, thanks to preproduction for my film. (Don't mail me asking about it, I'll post info about it somewhere else soon. Thanks.)

[9/8/97] - Some more RealAudio files have been posted, including part of that Adam-on-JJJ interview. For all of you wondering about RealVideo, the answer is: "yes, it will be available soon."

[9/5/97] - If I have not replied to your email this week, I apologize; again I say that I will be quite busy until late October. MuchMusic viewers, take note: a NewMusic interview with Maynard will air on CityTV on September 19 and 20, and again on MuchMusic on the 30th.

[9/1/97] - Happy September! Not much news of any kind, but that one "Prison Sex" live RealAudio/28.8 file should be working at last.


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