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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: august / september 1998 -

[9/15/98] - The label lawsuit was supposed to start off yesterday, but apparently it has been pushed back two weeks. For those of you who lost track, Tool and Volcano Records are suing each other with Volcano claiming that Tool tried to get out of their contract; Tool says that the label never picked up the option in their deal. This whole thing has to be settled before you should expect any new Tool material.

[9/2/98] - Happy September! Only three months late, the most recent Official Tool snail mail Newsletter has been posted, along with all the rest of them, under Mailing List.

[8/30/98] - And so the tour is over. I did see someone with long hair and a t.d.n shirt at the show yesterday, but I wasn't able to talk to whoever it was. So if it was you, cure my curiosity. Next in Tool-world: a lawsuit.

[8/29/98] - The tour is almost done with, tomorrow is the last show (I might see some of you tonight). No doubt they'll start working on new songs sometime soon after.

[8/18/98] - The new menubar had a bug which only allowed you to click on its left half, this has now been fixed. Thanks to all who offered positive criticism and comments. More changes are forthcoming. Some tour changes have come up last minute; the rumors have been confirmed. The show in San Jose has been moved to August 30th (previously it was on the 27th), and a show has been added in Sacramento on the 26th.

[8/17/98] - Three years ago today, this site first started regular news updates. (Go on, look in Old News). Today it takes on a shiny new look. As the front of this site stated this week, roughly 1.5% of t.d.n users are still using a 14.4 modem. Technophile though I may be, I have been using one since 1993, coding this site so it will load quickly for me. So at long last, the menu images which have been faithfully serving this site for years are retiring (the s.d.n incident didn't impede this decision -- who knows what they look like anymore). The whole menu is now on one page, at last. Also, the front page has gotten a new look, but that happens more frequently, so maybe that's not so exciting, though it now has a bunch of little new graphics. You'll also notice the upper-left logo-frame is now combined into the menubar (though you AOL users will still see the logo as far too wide). Also, the Discography has moved offsite so Shane can do any updates himself and not have to wait for me, though it is still contained within this site. Also, the Links section no longer features "Tool Reviews" as a subheading, and the remaining sections have been reformatted. They are also no longer split into "Checked" and "Unchecked" links; I just didn't have the time to keep looking at them all. But no, the MP3's and still are not back up. I'm still waiting with you.

[8/15/98] - "Noiseland Arcade" is actually a side project, featuring some of the Melvins and Adam (and maybe more of Tool). This different-sounding band played at the Lion's Lair last night, and may play again later this tour; keep your eyes open. That's all the info in for now.

[8/14/98] - So then, Kevin Lang ( has brought this news to my attention. He reports, after much investigation, that Tool is apparently playing a secret show tonight at the Ogden Theater, under the name "Noiseland Arcade". So if you are in the area, check this out, we may not know if it is 100% until it has already happened. And undoubtedly, many of you have heard of this new "unreleased / lost" Tool and Rage Against the Machine collaboration song. Rumors fly that it was for the Judgment Night soundtrack, and that it was this and that. The facts are still settling, but as of now, it appears that this song does actually feature members of both bands, and a demo version is floating around online. It will materialize in an as-straight-from-the-source as possible version at this site ASAP. This info hit the net thanks to t.d.n friend and RATM FAQ-man Gavin Rattmann ( And at last, Tool's official site got overhauled. It is, by the way, purely coincidental that this site is about to look different...

[8/11/98] - For the first time in almost two years, an addition to the Lyrics section: Barry Toma ( sent in the words to the three new covers in rotation at current live shows. This motivated me to add the words to the Tori Amos song from the RAINN concert she performed with Maynard, as well as words to "No Quarter."

[8/10/98] - Well, the menu images have been temporarily replaced with the text-only navbar thing. Jeff says that s.d.n will be back within the week. Hopefullly, that will work out.

[8/9/98] - Hey, it's palindrome day. So this issue has completely become the biggest fiasco in the history of this site. On and off for two months, it has almost been a bigger pain than a pleasure. The fact is, I don't run that machine, and I can't fix it. Furthermore, I can't get files off of it if you can't. Evenfurthermore, this frustrates me more than it does you. So I ask you to please be patient, largely because there is nothing I can do either. I don't even have an apartment yet.

[8/4/98] - Well, navbar images still aren't loading, and there's not much I can do about being down. Waiting. But the Tour section finally got prepped to accept reviews for the rest of the tour. Keep those reviews coming.


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