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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: oct - dec 1998 -

historical The site crashed severely at the start of this period, and was down for the entire time. It was available at a temporary location; the infrequent news updates reflect the incompleteness of the site at the time as well as the lameness of the ISP hosting it at the time. The following notes were posted to the news page...
this is ...
... for now

trouble reaching t.d.n?
it's not (necessarily) you that's gimpy. it was a motherboard.

yes the site is coming back. fear not.

[12/8/98] - Finally, the lawsuit comes to an end. After over a year of unfriendliness between the band and the old label, an agreement was reached resolving both lawsuits in this ugly situation. Once again, basically, the label was suing Tool for courting other labels, but the band claimed the label hadn't exercised an option in their contract in time for it to matter. Dig some full-text stories of it at the following sites. Let's not go to our favorite music channel, either...

 SonicNet's coverage
 BillBoard's coverage

[12/7/98] - Yes, what you have heard is true, the court case was (woohoo!) settled on December 4th; apparently the band and the label came to an agreement at last. Further details are still trickling in, stay tuned for info....

[11/29/98] - Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving; seems that none of that time was spent in court, as the court date was pushed back (again) to December 8. Thanks to Chad Montgomery ( for sharing the info, even though I had no net access all last week.

[11/14/98] - Much thanks to toolhead ( and Kevin Raub ( for sharing the latest news on the court case: the court date has been pushed back to November 24. I suppose that is good news for t.d.n, as well. Closer and closer to reactivating the site.

[11/7/98] - The court date drama still continues; currently the date has been rescheduled (again) for November 10. Whether or not this date sticks remains to be seen. The machine originally hosting t.d.n has finally woken up, but is not stable enough to act as any kind of host. But we're that much closer. In sad news, t.d.n has fallen out of Yahoo!'s directory, likely because it has been unreachable for 4 weeks now. With any luck, we'll get their little cool sunglasses award again. Sigh.

[11/1/98] - Happy November! This continues. Word is that is about to come back to life, which would mean a whole lot of MP3's would suddenly resurface. Also, the full site should be back soon, a few solutions are about to manifest in the way of new server homes. Thanks to all for bearing with this mess.

[10/21/98] - So t.d.n is still down. But some Tool news still lingers: Danny is selling his older-model BMW. (Does this sound familiar at all?) Also, Ramiro Rodriguez is having an art opening in Los Angeles. Details on both are available at Tool's official site. But again, careful what you believe (for some, every day is like April Fools' Day).

The machine which was hosting is apparently on its way to some kind of recovery, though whether or not those plans include the reinstallation of t.d.n remains to be seen. A few other options have presented themselves, and plans are mobilizing on those options (for example, Arsenio "Searchable tool-list Archive" Santos is drafting a plan). A huge thanks to all those who have offered server space, I really am going to get back to you, though I haven't had much time recently to check in online.

[10/10/98] - Conveniently, it hasn't been a very busy week in Tool-land, so the comatosity of t.d.n isn't shaping itself into a large problem. I just moved, and finally have email access again. And fear not, t.d.n is on its way back. It just needs to find a stable home life.

[10/1/98] - Happy October ... not. The site won't be awake for another week it seems, largely since it is on a hard drive attached to a machine whose motherboard failed. Hopefully the machine will be repaired and will continue to help this site out. If not, someone else will hopefully have 100+ MB to offer on a "permanent" basis. But we'll burn that bridge when it draws.

[9/29/98] - As may already be obvious, the machine hosting t.d.n had some sort of coronary. All of is consequently unreachable. In the meantime, will provide news updates. (No, t.d.n is not suddenly h.e.n.) The site ought to return soon, though the future of the machine, according to the administrators, is not certain.


"sometime late last week,, the machine which has hosted since january 1996, got very ill. the machine is currently in pieces in an office building in philadelphia, i'm told, and i'm told that the hard drive is actually supposed to be fine. is going to be unreachable (it's on a hard drive on a floor) for a few days, but in the meantime, any important (tdn or Tool) news can be found at ."


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