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Posted March 8, 2000

From the liner notes:

"Tool: What can we say about these generous monsters? They have consistently been models of integrity professionally and personally, no matter how big they get; an example a LOT of bands could learn from. Dale came up with the song, we recorded it, and they slithered away with the tape. The man-love we feel for these gents knows no bounds, and their sweaty hands have been all over this baby. Their massive artistry cannot be denied."

Written by Dale Crover and the Melvins
Produced by the Melvins, Tool, Ryeland Allison and Vincent DeFranco
Recorded at the Lodge, Hollywood, CA
Tool appears courtesy of Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C.

Observations by Shane "straight outta Ottawa" Brouse:

It's very much Tool and Melvins together. Here's the song structure:

1. keyboard/organ (sounds like it's through a rotating cabinet)
2. sequencer percussion, electronic effects, with snare drum
3. left and right mixed drum tracks (Dale - left and Danny - right)
4. overdriven bass line (likely Justin)
5. whispered vocals (sounds like Buzz)
6. guitars, basses, and drums come in...heavy riffing
7. screaming (likely Buzz or Kevin)
8. repeat 3-5
9. repeat 6-7
10. drumming (Danny) over guitar feedback and playing, distorted bass
11. guitars, basses, and drums...heavy riffing (no vocals)
12. guitar solo and melody
13. drum solo duet (Dale and Danny) over guitar feedback
14. guitars, basses, and drums...heavy riffing (no vocals)
15. phone conversation (Maynard and someone) about a woman's voice over trance music

-- Shane Brouse (

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