Subject: KISW Top 1000

Date: December 30, 1995

From: Steve Reed (

KISW, Seattle's Best Rock (tm), does an annual Top 1000 of all time 
countdown thing, where listeners get to vote for their 5 favorite songs, 
or something like that. Well, I got a list here and thought I'd let you 
know how all the other people think of Tool:

#210 Sober, Tool
#402 Prison Sex, Tool
#777 Intolerance, Tool
and best yet (this made me happy)
#978 Hush, Tool

That's all I could find. It's a big list... but I'm sure those are the 
only four on it. There were far too many AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van halen 
songs on the list, but hey...

#1 was Stairway to Heaven, #2 was Purple Haze.