on the updatedness of this site or lack thereof

[3/31/99] - Updates ?

In addition to a lot of extremely positive feedback, I have been getting mail of late from people complaining that The Tool Page is not updated as often nowadays as it "used to be." I recently posted to Usenet addressing this issue:

Newsgroups: alt.music.tool

I'm not quite sure what to make of all this. It would be easy to do the following...

[2/33/99] - Added a picture today. Nothing is going on with Tool except that they are rehearsing.

[2/32/99] - 11 people posted Opinions today. Answered 39 pieces of email asking if Tool was rehearsing. Told some guy from Mexico that his English wasn't as bad as he thought it was, and that Tool's new album won't be out for a while. Told some girl in Oklahoma and some guy in Canada and some guy in Maine and some guy in Portugal and 12 others 'Thanks' for their comments about the page. Mailed back the guy who said 'the site blows' asking him what he thought could be better. Didn't get an answer. Also was at work today for 11 hours.

[2/31/99] - 4 new Links were added today. One guy accidentally posted his twice. Tool, well, they probably practiced today.

I think this is what happens when we watch local news. I mean, they HAVE to fill 30 mins at 11pm every night. Why do you think news is so crappy? There ISN'T that much local news. Hence the super-cool graphics, attractive weatherlady, rough/tough sports guy, politically correct anchors, happenin' banter between pieces. I would much rather not say anything if there is nothing to say. I run this Tool site that isn't loaded with graphics; it won't make your 56k modem feel slow. I don't think I "don't have time" for it. If I did, I'd yank it. Why run a website that's out of date.

But why post updates daily if nothing is happening. News. As in, what's NEW. Not as in

"[3/1/99] - Tool might have played today. Posted for the first time in whoknowshowlong to usenet."


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