Why toolshed.down.net?

I wrote this in May 1996, to resolve confusion surrounding the move to toolshed.down.net. That address was set up on April 16, 1996. For five months after this, the site was really in my old account at the UNiv of Pennsylvania (www.sas.upenn.edu/~kabir/tool). The address toolshed.down.net just bounced you over.

Then, on September 17, 1996, the site actually did move to its new home. This document was here to explain why it hadn't moved yet. Now it's just for show, I guess.

Alright, there's been some amount of confusion about the new URL for this site, so I'm going to clear it up before anyone else gets dizzy.

This site is located physically on www.sas.upenn.edu/~kabir/tool. But, it won't be there forever, since I just graduated. Yay.

So, it's moving to its new home on toolshed.down.net. It hasn't moved yet. But the URL has been set up to automatically redirect you to here (for now). Soon enough, it will really be at toolshed.down.net. So, I'm advertising the change now so that there won't be too many problems when it does move.


Thanks to Maynard for coming up with a sitename when none of us could.


"Your pal" Kabir Akhtar (kabir@down.net)