Style Notes - Paul D'Amour

by Jason Miller (

Some notes on Paul D'Amour's bass playing style:

	I just wanted to say a little about the way Paul plays, just to
compliment my bass tabs. I won't say I know exactly how he makes his
trademark (Kick ass) sound, but I will tell what I do to get close to it. 
First off he definitely makes use of a pick.  I never do in my style but
here it clearly in his.  He has some distortion (I have no idea what pedal
it is though) on all the time with it's distortion level turned half way
up and it's tone nob turned probably 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the way up.  His
Rickenbacker bass' treble is also set high, helping give that crunchy
sound that he pulls off so smoothly.  Yet he also has plenty of low end
rumble so, if your bass only has a tone nob, give it some lows at the amp. 
It also seems that he typically does do muted string rakes when the guitar
does, but often he does it toward the end of the guitars raking time
(starts after Adam).  He often follows the guitar part closely, with a few
variations on occasion.  Of course sometimes he doesn't, so don't assume