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Bass Tab for Swamp Song


Transcribed by
MiKe R (threatening_skies@yahoo.com)
Added to t.d.n: 04/05/99 11:14:19

i recomend using your fingers for this song, even though Paul uses a pic, but it 
sounds much better using your fingers.

(bass intro)      10x's                                4x's
G------------------------]     G---------------------------]
D------------------------]     D---------------------------]
A--------5-3----------3s5]     A-0-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3s5-]
E-0-3-0-------0-3-0-0----]     E---------------------------]
guitar & drums come in
a little after the 2nd 

(chorus)           4x      
D---------------------]--------------------------](then quickly go back to 
A-0-3-0-5-0-0-3-0-5s6-]-5s6---6s-0-5--6s5-0-5-3-0] the intro riff)
this bog is.....

  the rest is pretty easy to figure out