Coachella 1999 Concert Reviews

Date: October 10

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Review written by: yourpalkabir

fascinating.  my 12th tool concert.  i think this one had the coolest 
stage setup of all of them, with the one big projection screen back 
center and the little one on the ground behind mjk.

i just drove back 130mi from coachella, the oasis of lush greenery in 
the middle of the california desert, and found the computer on, so 
here goes my last energy before i fall down.

we got there around 4pm.  it was really hot, the car told me it was 
107 outside.  after walking forever to the gate, we passed security 
(ok, i've been frisked harder at Tori Amos shows) and discovered that 
the place was REALLY REALLY BIG.  like, bigger than small colleges 
big.  just lots of fieldspace.

saw some other bands.  that was neat.  Rage's set, many of you 
probably caught in the webcast, was really suffering due to zack's 
laryngitis.  it was solid, it just wasn't very energetic.  but MJK 
did show up for his part in Know Your Enemy, which unfortunately 
wasn't audible at the beginning cuz his mic was just not on.  =)

back to tool.  there were actually people onstage climbing up these 
cables during sober, and they stayed there, and then they hung 
themselves upside down and just swayed around for the rest of the 
set.  they are, i guess, 'hanna and mark' as written on the setlist,
performance artists known collectively as (I forget the name).

both peach covers featured buzz from the melvins on guitar.  justin 
sang again on you lied, as usual.  i'm sure someone else will cover 
more about the show, but to put it succinctly...

yes, prison sex had the extra verse
yes, eulogy's end was looped and extended
yes, stinkfist had the breakdown in the middle
no, sober did not have the intro from past tours, though there
was a little guitar lick which sort of led from stinkfist into sober.

yes, jerk-off had the breakdown in the middle seen last year.  
maynard was sort of singing through the very eastern-sounding guitars 
'let it go'.  and again, ever since maynard's change of heart about
the lyrics to this song and what they were condoning, he has changed the
'shoot you in your fucking head' line.  tonight it was 'my foot up your
fucking ass.'

actually, the first thing they played was a sort of drum solo with 
maynard chanting 'ninety ninety ninety nine'.

no new songs, though it is interesting to note that in the 3 years 
since Aenima came out, Tool has written -0- new songs and has 
successfully arranged -4- new cover songs (demon cleaner, you lied, 
other peach song, stranglehold).  hmm.

the only really noteworthy thing on the projection screen, unseen 
before, was an animated version of the undertow ribs.  that was 
pretty neat.  it's always a good time seeing tool live.

even if you aren't on the guest list ...  ;)

PS - I just got word of a bootleg, which may show up any time now... 

Review written by: Dust ( Review posted on: 10/26/99 03:33:27 It's October 25th and I'm still thinking about the show. That's how fucking good it was. Tool is the best live band around today. Hands fucking down. They are tight. Raw. Mysterious. Innovative. Original. And most importantly, they have something to say. They don't just smile and play chords like Sugar Ray and the rest of the garbage out there. Tool is for real.

Review written by: Toby Cougar (EANEUMAN@EMAIL.MSN.COM) Review posted on: 10/22/99 03:56:29 well well well what can i say that hasn't already been said. hmmmmmmmmmmm fat set? got that-naked poeple hanging from the sky? check-extended versions of 4 songs? yup covered that-maynard with rage? been there done that- amazingly huge video screen? yeah yeah we know already- seen em numerous times before and was still blown away? yeah you and a gazillion other fools- 2 count em 2 peach covers both with buzz? snore snooze are you done yet im sleepy- quasi religious experience heightened by the persence of hallucinogenic chemicals in my bloodstream? yawn jeez dont you ever shut up- full on multimedia extravaganza? alright already jeez- did i mention the naked people? is that all you think about, get your mind out of the gutter pervboy- well i cant take much more heckling from the peanut gallery so ill sum it all up TOOL FUCKIN TOOL ;)

Review written by: dave ettle ( Review posted on: 10/20/99 17:37:37 the tightest band to ever play live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: John Doherty ( Review posted on: 10/20/99 12:25:35 Strange. A really lackluster, slow show and all the Toolheads embrace denial. From my pov, it looked like everyone was just going through the motions. More than three years since their last album, the record fiasco is settled- ...and yet no new tunes are presented during their first performance in a YEAR? These guys couldn't write ANY new tunes in the last 3 years? Come on. Let's all face facts. Tool is getting fucking lazy. Sincerely, Someone who used to give a crap

Review written by: Nikol ( Review posted on: 10/18/99 21:48:46 i saw that other reviews were written today, so i guess it's not too late... i paid my fifty bucks for tool alone, drove from san diego to the show on sunday and suffered in the sun all day just for tool. by the time they came on, i thought i was going to pass out from dehydration and tiredness, but i'd be damned if i was going to miss it. this was the first time i saw tool without a boyfriend in tow, so i was able to take my life in my hands and go up toward the front. i was wearing sandals, but i didn't care. when the crowd finished crushing itself forward, i was about 20 ft away from the stage (more or less) but i had to concentrate on not falling down, so i wasn't able to watch the show nonstop. i was over to the band's left, so i was kind of disappointed that maynard stayed in one spot the whole time, because he was of course on the other side of the stage. i stuck it out through three songs and then i moved out to my right/the band's left side where people were sitting down, they were so unconcerned. i watched the rest of the show from there. i had never seen rage live, and i thought they were pretty good, but when maynard came out for his part in their song, i realized what a superior sound quality his voice has and that that's what it is about tool that seems to reach inside me and grab my guts every time i see them live. he certainly gave his all. i wondered if anyone else noticed that he had us say "yes, oui, si," which is also "yes, we see," which i don't think very many of us did...see, that is. maynard the shepherd.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (hsif32@hotmail) Review posted on: 10/18/99 12:26:00 well first I would like to say you could never give tool a bad review! I think that they have one of the best stage presents I have ever seen, and Coachella just reasured me of that. It started just when m.j.k.came out to his background part on RAGE'S KNOW YOUR ENEMEY. Then rage being a tough act to follow. Tool left no one dissaspointed as soon as they started playing their first song which was INTOLERANCE. with the huge screen showing the incredible graphics that only tool could come up with, they just blew me away with how good they sounded, every note sounded better than the previous. and the two covers were great especially YOU LIED besides tool just sounded great I was surprised when two people climbed up ropes hanging in front of the screen and hung upside down moving in a slow hyptnotic style then when they ended with Jerk_Off it just was the iceing on the cake. I can't wait to see them again.

Review written by: Michael Bolkin ( Review posted on: 10/18/99 04:57:47 Coachella was truly my 15th time seeing Tool. I must say that I was excited because I'm pretty sure it's going to be their only show for the year of 1999. Pretty sad. But, at least we've got APC to look forward to. I've seen three of their shows already and am going to try to catch at least one of the upcoming SoCal shows. Their music is awesome too. I can't wait for them to record an album. On to the review: I was stoked that Rage was playing right before Tool. It was too bad that Zach had laryngitis. To be honest, I had hardly noticed. They were great. Tool came on right about 10:00. Make sure to read Carlos Aguas Jr.'s very accurate review of the show. It was great to hear Intolerance, Hooker, 46&2, and all of the other songs. They were all dead on and sounded great as usual. I was bummed they didn't play anything new of their own. But, it was also great to hear Eulogy, Stinkfist, You Lied, Prison Sex (w/ extra verse) and Jerk-Off. I was also very happy that they threw SPASM in there. It's always good to hear a new song, even if it is a cover. The only problem I had with the show was that I could hardly see the band, no matter where I was. At first my friends and I were up towards where the people really started getting condensed (right about where the big tower was). But, we couldn't see anything on the stage because of all of the tall people in front of us. So, by the time we moved back far enough to see the band members on stage, they were so small that it was hard see them. It made it hard to get into the performance as much as I wanted to. It was the farthest away from the stage that I had ever been at a Tool show. But, the music was great, of course. It did not let me down. Yet, I like to go to concerts for the visual performance as well. So, I really hope to find a video of this show so that I could really see what I missed. If anybody knows of one, please email me at Thanks! I will definitely agree that it was a very well run show, for such a far venue. The food/drink and bathroom lines were minimal, and the place was huge. Security was pretty cool too. One last thing, for those of you who haven't figured it out yet, Maynard may have said that the new album is coming out on Nov. 1st, but that's gotta be for the year 2000!!! As far as I know, they have not actually written any new songs together. At this point, let's hope for Nov. 1st, 2000. Anyway, make sure to check out A Perfect Circle if they're playing near you. You won't be let down. TOOL RULES!!!

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 10/18/99 01:23:20 My girlfriend and I drove eight and a half hours and spent way to much in gas and for shitty hotels to see Tool. Bottom line is that it was all worth it. Tool is the greatest live band......period. They put on a show that is not only musical but visual and emotional as well. This show was no exception. I can't say enough good things about the band. Anyway, this was one of the cleanest sounding shows I have ever seen them play. They seemed to have slowed down their playing a little. It sounds great. It seems like you get to hear more of the intricacies(spelling, grammar?) of the songs. Did anyone else notice that never had a spotlight on them? Especially Maynard and Adam. They seemed to be just phantoms in the shadows. Kind of intriguing. Makes them that more mysterious. I wish they had played some new songs other than Spasm (a Peach cover,which was great) but hey, I got to see Tool again so I'm happy.

Review written by: Kevin Cheney ( Review posted on: 10/16/99 15:11:53 Okay so i took a Greyhound bus for 2 1/2 days from wisconsin to cali to see Tool. It was a good show but NOTHING is worth sitting two days on a bus for. Also I was rather displeased when i saw Tool and they played nothing new(except for the new Peach cover). I have been waitng two years to see Tool again and the only song they played here that they didn't play at Lollapalooza 97'(at Alpine Valley) was Intolerance. I thought that since Maynard announced that they have a new album coming out on the 1st of November they would at least play A song off the new CD. I guess they're trying to keep it incognito. On a lighter note they played hard and solid as always, they gave me what i wanted when it came to Prison Sex and the extra verse. I'd really like to someday figure out what he's saying there. So far I've got "Thought it would make me happy, I thought it would break the surface" and then some really graphic stuff including something about "squirming inside you". I don't know I was trying really hard to listen. What i don't understand is this; I've been looking for someone to mention Perfect Circle's appearance day One of Coachella. So far I've read nothing about it. When i got inside the shaow it was about 1:30 and it was fucking hot and water bottles costed 2 fucking bucks and then i went to the main stage and out came Perfect Circle. I think Maynard was wearing the same pants as he was when I saw him in '97 which were black and white striped I think womens? slacks and he was wering a t-shirt with the # 2 inside two circles with the collar torn off a few inches around the neck. They did a few really pretty songs including one wear Mr. Keenan repeated with much emotion "I will always love you" and that was a side of the man i've never seen before. Frankly whan I saw him in '97 I was scared. I was sort of scared this time around too Maynard with Tool was painted blue with a blue g-string on only. They had Buzz Osmond from the Melvins play guitar with them on the Peach songs. I'm not sure during which song it was but at some point what looked to me from where I was standing were two naked bodies, a guy and a girl where lifted over the band from cables attatched to their ankles? they were moving around in a wierd liquid motion and I was like "what the hell?" I wasn't sure if they were real people until a certain part in the song where they reached out their hands and joined them and pulled togather and their naked bodies slapped togather. I know this is impossible with the electrifyingly loud music in my ears but it was as if i could hear them slap together. I also read somewhere about how 46 and 2 is about genetic cloning or something and I thought it was ridiculous until I saw them at Coachella and during the song on the screen behind them was a DNA spool spinning and it made me wonder. Even though they didn't play new songs i suppose it was worth the nearly $500 i spent to get my ass there and fed. They're a damn good show, any way you slice it.

Review written by: carlos aguas jr. ( Review posted on: 10/15/99 15:44:35 Greetings. They say third time's charmed, and this show is a great example of that. I first saw TOOL at the Hollywood Palladium and then at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I will try my best to review this extraordinary show with words, but the fact of the matter is, for you to comprehend what a TOOL show is like, I believe you have to experience TOOL. Here's a list of the songs, which I believe to be accurate: 1. (static) 2. Intolerance 3. Hooker with a Penis 4. Forty-six & 2 5. Spasm: Peach cover 6. Prison Sex 7. Eulogy 8. Stinkfist 9. Sober 10. You Lied: Peach cover 11. nema 12. Opiate 13. Jerk-off I stood about 30 ft. from the stage, and right in the middle, good place to begin. The drums were set up on a raised platform at an angle. Another raised platform was next to the drums in front of a 6-ft. screen. Behind the whole set up was the mother of all screens, a great big square. Lights went down and I began to hear (-) Ions, but it turns out that the playlist just said: (static). Danny then came on and took over with a strong drum solo. The rest joined him. I noticed Maynard, who was wearing just enough to cover his package, painted himself blue from head to toes and had a pattern of orange dots and lines. He started reiterating what sounded like 'ninety-ninety-ninety-nine' (it somewhat reminded me of 'life feeds on life feeds onÖ' from Disgustipated). They then commenced to play a rather slow version of Intolerance, but still great. The graphics began, something I personally think is an essential at a show, and Tool never ceases to amaze. One of the best graphics of the night was here, an animated undertow cover worm. I had never heard this song live before and wanted to, I was pleased. Immediately, they played Hooker, which was for me at least, when the crowd got at its rowdiest. Still, I enjoyed it. Next was Forty-six & 2, which was when some silver-cloth cylinders rose with the wind. The beginning of this song is so recognizable and always good. MJK then announced that this next song was a Peach cover, a band Justin was in previously. Buzz, the Melvin's frontman came out to aid with this number, it's called Spasm. I now know this because it said so on the play list. It sounded skillful and strong, but then again, looks who's playing. Prison Sex followed. It had an extra verse, which made it better than just playing the usual track. MJK said 'This next song is dedicated to our friend Scott (I don't remember the last name)'Öthe song was Eulogy. I took a picture of MJK using the special microphone he uses for the song. It was exceptional and with its usual prolonged ending, I counted 27 times. During that song, some type of harness came down. I thought MJK would be the one to be strapped on, but I was mistaken, it was two nude individuals. One male and the other female, utterly hairless, who I am now informed are called Osseous Labyrinth. They started climbing up and remained in a fetal position for Stinkfist, which didn't include the intro thing, the first 22 seconds on the album. In the middle of the song, right before the words "I'll keep digging," they stopped and played an interlude. It was funny to hear the crowd scream those words, just because they didn't anticipate the pause. The two individuals resting in the position they were in, then began to stretch out and hang completely by their feet. They began to sway side to side until they embraced. The song being played now was Sober, without it's long intro. I didn't pay much attention to it, but I'm sure it was good. You Lied proceeded and again, Buzz came out to play. This song took a while, I assumed it was replacing either Third Eye or Pushit. I liked it a lot because it was different like Third Eye. I now want to know what Peach I all about, but I shouldn't get my hopes up. Even tough they were covers, they were played by TOOL. It took them a while to start the next song, but as soon as MJK whispered 'hey, hey, hey, heyÖ', you knew what it was. Like the other couple of times I'd seen them, the lines 'Fuck L. Ron HubbardÖ,' and 'Fuck retro anythingÖ' were switched. I thought that was it. What else was left to be played? MJK came down from the platform he sang from and I heard the first three notes from Opiate. I would've never thought they'd play this here. But they did, and did it well. And as if that wasn't enough, as soon as Opiate was over they played another oldie, Jerk-Off. This was their encore number at Santa Barbara. It made the crowd happy. MJK took a deep breath for that last boisterous yell in the song. It was strong and loud. The funny thing was that by this time, my voice was pretty much gone. Not even a second after the song was over, he said in a pretty gay voice, 'Goodbye, goodnight.' And that was that. The crowd began chanting, 'TOOL, TOOL, TOOL, TOOL, TOOL,' but the guys cleaning the stage started making gestures. They'd cut their necks with their hands insinuating it was in deed over. I hope my pictures came out, this was the visual show I have ever witnessed, and I have been to many, many shows. MJK was on a morning radio show w/ Kevin & Bean (those in L.A. know what I'm talking about) and announced that they'd be playing no new song and that they were going on last, after Rage Against The Machine. Well, that about should sum it up. Later, me.

Review written by: netherthot (netherthot@aol) Review posted on: 10/15/99 00:53:57 maynard stood in one spot on a rug. he was painted blue. adams art on a screen behind him and above the band. adam doesnt nod his head or rock out with his body.very intellectual interesting ritualistic concert. danny and justin rock out physically. the disc of symbols set up on stage has become detailed with neon colors. maynard's nasal hic voice is fucking hilarious juxtaposed with his songs. especially how he ended the concert. last line screaming- "stick my foot up your fucking ass"- and then-"thank you , good night" - i forgot exactly what he said but the change of levels of tone was ironic and filled me positive-like. after about the first two songs maynard addressed the crowd, "are you happy?" it was arrogant and nasal and beautiful. he's a fucking comic. his cynicism enthralls me. when maynard did come to center stage at the end to writhe it was more effective because he had been in one spot the whole time previous.i even shed a tear when i read on the lips of adams boyshit creature,"it hurts",along with its expression during prison sex.

Review written by: tool fan numero uno ( Review posted on: 10/14/99 11:38:56 coachella had to best the tightest and loudest tool show i have ever seen and ive seen tool a total of 14 times so i know

Review written by: Billy B. ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 21:57:05 Hi Tool Fans, If you could not make the show it was great. But here is some news you might not have known maynard did not just play on day 2, he also played on the first day. Yeah it is hard to believe (keep reading this is all true) but maynard has another band. The band is called "A Perfect Circle". They are not nearly as smoothe and polished as TOOL is but that is to be expected. They played about thirty to forty minutes until their bass amplifier broke, or the bass itself broke. The band members still could have been better except for the drummer and maynard the band needs more practice. But they still are better than most bands out there. Now day 2, TOOL was the %$#@ maynard came out painted in red paint with an intricate design of connected dots on his body which could only be seen when a certain light hit him. They played like gods and in the middle two naked people (man and woman) who were a part of the act came out and climbed into harnesses and were hung upside down and they moved along with the songs. Tool had two white screens in which images of things from the videos, and CD covers were put on. It led up to be one of the greatest nights in the seventeen years I have been on this earth.

Review written by: K. Durham ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 20:31:57 My friend and I drove 4 for hours for our second TOOL concert, and I must say that TOOL did not let us down. It was hotter than hell and we stood up front for like 8 hours so we could be up close when TOOL played, and it was the most awesome concert I have ever been to. A naked and totally hairless man and woman hung from the ceiling by their feet during several of the songs . They began to move around according to the speed of song, it was freaking rad. Also Maynard gave the release date of the new album. Nov. 1.

Review written by: Jeff Natland ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 20:29:18 First of all, I just wanted to comment on the venue. It was without a doubt the best managed performance I have ever been to. The security was extremely lax (1 second pat down did not get my camera), but I think it was because of the peaceful atmosphere. We didn't see very many drunken fools (well two, and they were really bad), and the general vibe was very nice. Luckily for us, we timed it very well and arrived about an hour before sunset, so the heat was really not much of an issue to us. With plenty of time to catch a relaxing (and excellent set) by Ben Harper, and then moving into a somewhat restrained, but very good set by Rage. (The highly, at least to me, was when Maynard performed his part in Know Your Enemy). He was dressed in a very casual sweater, standing at the back of the stage right up until his part, sang very musically (suprisingly so considering the context and much more so than on the Rage Against the Machine album) and then was gone. Tool put on an excellent show, highlighted by a skeletal-like Maynard and incredible visual effects (created by the intense lighting, the big video screens and some fans blowing around fabric of some kind). The 'acrobatic' type stuff performed by two people in bodysuits (which made them look naked) was incredible, as they were suspended from the top of the stage by a long cable attached to their ankles, and held various almost impossible looking poses for extended periods of time). Attempting to convey the intense joy that I felt listening to Tool live again is probably going to be futile, so I will just say that they were absolutely excellent, and leave it at that. I agree with a previous post that said that it felt as thought Tool was supressing some 'Rage' if you will and focusing on quality, purity and timing. That is definately both a good and bad thing. They were tighter than I have ever heard them, and Maynard's vocals were virtually flawless (at least to my untrained ears). Anyway, if anyone is interested in trading bootlegs, please contact me. I'd be very interested in recent Tool or A Perfect Circle shows.

Review written by: j.r. poston ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 20:22:21 alright, i'm writing this review a little late but that's because i've just finished going through my mind and remembering how amazing that show was. first off, i drove from denver colorado for the show, so that just made it even better. we got our tickets at 9am the day of the show. we then went fucking around in california for a while before the show. we went in around 6 and didn't really pay attention to any of the music until rage got on. they were awesome. the pit was so chaotic. there were so many people there. maynard coming on for "know your enemy" was fucking sweet. shortly after that i moved from the front where i had been to somewhere in the back and ate some mushrooms. then i went wondering around the crowd watching rage until the shrooms kicked in. i met my friends after rages set and they ate their mushrooms and then we walked into the crowd. i made my way up to about the 11th row or so until i was stopped by a wall of people. then tool came on. and what can i say, other than it was the most amazing show i've ever seen in my life. i've never seen a band play with such intensity and power as tool did. and not to mention the fact that i had all the psylocybe(sp?) running through me. the stage setup was great. with maynard all in blue and almost naked standing in front of the video screen, with the larger screen behind him. i'm not sure if everything i saw was really happening or part of my trip, but it was amazing. i'll never forget this one. it was well worth the drive.

Review written by: Lee in LA ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 20:06:59 I've seen Tool twice before the second night at Coachella. The first was on Lollapalooza right after Undertow came out, and the second up in Santa Barbar last summer. This show was, by far, the most intense, tightest, well rounded show I've ever seen! Tool's set was an amazing trip through sight and sound of which I'm still floored by. I listened to Aenima on Tuesday and could picture exactly what was going on during the show when the songs they played came on. For Tool's only performance of '99, they seem to be tighter than ever and don't look like they're losing a step. If Sunday night's show is any indication of how they're next album is going to sound, then I think all Tool fans will be sure to realize that Tool fucking rocks and is one of the best bands of our time......ever!!

Review written by: Mootiwan ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 18:52:32 From a first time Tool concert attendee: Tool / RATM raise the bar for live shows! Before Tool had even stepped on the stage (with the exception of Maynard) they had an uphill battle. Rage Against The Machine had blown away the audience with a powerful performance, Zack's laryngitis, notwithstanding. During their set, Maynard was called into action as he performed the spoken word part usually reserved for Henry Rollins. When the crowd heard the first word from the man who was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, they knew who it was and erupted. He fed off that and blasted the last of his few lines, and that sent the crownd into a frenzy. He and Zack paraded around, jumping and throwing each other into circles as they enjoyed this brief moment together on stage. You could tell that these bands who once spent a lot of time together, savored this intersection of their respective careers. I felt bad for Tool, especially for having to follow the Rage show. Within thirty seconds, I realized that they had nothing to worry about. Starting with Intolerance, the sound quality, volume and pace were flawless. The stage visuals and hypnotizing bass and guitar licks were unlike any live performance I had ever attended. Maynard appeared as his usual Purple Man and freaked me with his unusual movements. His voice permeated every one of the willing participants that remained for the final show. The video imagery was worth the price of admission alone, but when the two naked volunteers dangled upside down above the stage, for what seemed like an eternity, I knew that any live show would now be compared to this. Be it energy or intensity, RATM and Tool had it covered. Great baptism for these two great bands.

Review written by: Aaron Johnson ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 18:31:46 I'm not going to attempt to describe the experience of seeing Tool in concert, as most of it transcends words. Besides, many people have already tried. I do have a few comments though. One is that Maynard's voice was a lot more melodic than usual, which I attribute to all the Perfect Circle performances and rehearsal for the new album. And no, his voice wasn't weak or out of tune like some people have said. It's just that a vocalist has to focus on hitting the right notes without any rough edges when recording an album. I for one enjoyed the increased beauty of his voice, and if the show was lacking in energy at all, it was because of the shitty soundboard people. The guitar was rarely loud enough, until they turned it up for that last few songs, but then it was too much and it overpowered everything else. Better than most concerts I've been to though... Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that Maynard was in the background most of the time and never had any lights on him, which gave the band a more balanced stage presence. The last thing I want to say about the show is that the audience was really great. The entire place was basically a mosh pit for RATM, and people were screaming nonstop. Then when Tool came on everybody just stopped and took a chill pill. During the entire set people just stood quietly and clapped. I want to thank all of you there for being so cool, otherwise my BOOTLEG wouldn't have turned out SO DAMN GOOD!! I know other people were taping there, but I'd be willing to bet that mine is one of the best, if not THE best. It was recorded dead center in front of the soundboard, using Core Sound Pro Binaural microphones with a Sony PCM-M1 portable DAT deck. There's basically no distortion, and i would rate it an A/A+ as it is. It'll sound even better after I digitally transfer it to my computer using an Audiomedia III card, then improve the sound even more with all the professional audio software I have. Everybody interested in trading for a copy can contact me at I also have tapes of RATM, Beck, Chemical Brothers, Morrisey, and Modest Mouse if anyone wants any of those. I wouldn't really bother with the RATM bootleg, since Zach's voice didn't sound good and some guy next to me thought he could make up for that by singing every goddamn song. Also, I have a Perfect Circle tape, but the bass drum is distorted because I didn't have time to get my DAT setup right. I showed up at 1:30 pm, and they started at 2:00, so I had to run like a madman across the huge field to the main stage after a quick stop in a port-o-pottie(a.k.a. stinky sauna) to get all my gear ready. I'll do my best to clean up what I got, but I'd be VERY interested in getting a copy of any other Perfect Circle bootlegs out there. I'm also looking for videos of the Tool concert; Jason Lindgren (, this means you. I've included my current bootleg list to let people know what I already have, but if you have a lower generation video or DAT copy of any that I have, feel free to contact me. Speaking of video tape generations, I'm only interested in 3rd gen or higher, unless it's super rare. So, hope to talk to many of you soon! (Hope you don't mind me using this review area for setting up trades Kabir, my apologies if you don't like it. If you want a copy, feel free to contact me.) Videos: Philadelphia, PA 5-1-92 1st gen A-/A London, UK 7-21-94 4th gen B/B+ - has No Quarter and Disgustipated Pomona, CA 10-16-96 5th gen B London, UK 2-23-97 1st gen A/A+ Concord, CA 8-15-97 2nd gen A Mansfield, MA 7-7-98 3rd gen B/B+ Lewistone, ME 7-8-98 3rd/4th gen B+ Mansfield, MA 7-7-98 3rd gen B- Las Vegas, NV 8-18-98 1st gen A/A+ Seattle, WA 8-23-98 2nd gen A-/A - filmer had to stash the camera a couple times, and there's a small piece of You Lied and half of Pushit missing Sacramento, CA 8-25-98 1st gen A+ - 3-cam mix, best video out there Sacramento, CA 8-26-98 1st gen A+ - 2-cam mix, almost as good as the 25th Santa Barbara, CA 8-28-98 1st gen A+ San Jose, CA 8-30-98 2nd gen A/A+ - has Stranglehold CDs: Stynkfysted, Pomona, CA 10-16-96 B+ Amsterdam 2-11-97 A+ Pittsburg, PA 7-12-98 A Seattle, WA 8-23-98 A/A+ - full set

Review written by: armando "flash" ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 17:43:50 waiting for TOOL to perform for more than nine hours in the hot sun, but it was well worth it. I had never seen TOOL live ,and man it blew me off my feet. I was hypnotized,so was everybody else it seemed. Almost everyone was singing along including myself.The only time it was silent was when Maynard spoke to the crowd. It was intense, there was this part of the performance where two naked and totally shaved woman and a man were suspended in the air by their feet and then they were taken all the way to the top of the stage, then they started moving in very strange ways, almost like the characters in TOOL videos. Then a guy from the MELVINS joined them for a while. Maynard had a real good voice, it was so good his voice sounded just like if you were listening to a recording. Adam made the sound so good it would give you goosebumps. You could feel the bass guitar vibrating through your whole body. Dany Carey, my idol, since i'm a drummer also played so fast but you could still listen to every note being played. I still don't know how he can play so many notes at the same time. In the song eulogy when he's playing all those elect.drums and at the same time having a drum beat is just unbelievable,, he is trully the best drummer of these times.

Review written by: H.B Abels ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 14:57:33 I have never, ever witnessed a show as AMAZING as TOOL's performance at Coachella. The sound was crystal clear, that band was beyond tight. I thought the slower tempos were a cool twist as most bands tend to play faster live. It definately highlighted how in intricitly TOOL'sl songs are arranged. The changes they made to the songs were great and the Peach songs were very trippy. I thought the visuals did a great a job of enhancing the songs, the imagery during Prison Sex was still haunts me. The performace artists were stunning ( I spent some time wondering if they were even human their movements were so gracefull and controlled) I have never seen TOOL or any other band put on a show that tapped, toyed with and enhanced the psychedelic frame of mind better (yes, I was in that frame of mind during the show and for some time after). I also don't think that I've seen a crowd as awestruck after a show, everyone was very calm and quiet and basically speechless. Rage Against The Machine was good as well, bummer about Zack being sick. I also though Ben Harper was very good, never heard a slide guitar sound so good. The whole event was great, run very well, and well thought out as there were no excessive lines for bathrooms, water, etc.., and even getting out the parking lot was fairly quick. P.S. If anyone has a bootleg of the show, I'd kill to have a copy and be willing to work a trade I've got a bootleg from England during the first leg of the Aenima tour that's really unique.

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 03:23:52 Save the "Tool was good, I guess, but Moby tossed my spiritual salad"-shit for the Moby page or the chronies you feel you must associate with to feel better about yourself. Why bother, honestly? I don't care how drunk/high/tripped out you are, either. We all do drugs. We all boast about how much sex we get. Both are greatly exaggerated. So what? It's about the music, not your shot at internet fame. Moving on... I have found myself incapable of describing the essence of the magic of Tool's performance to those not in attendance on Sunday. Those familiar with the band, and even those who have seen them live prior to this show will probably not understand the nature of the performance that they have missed. Fifth time to witness their enigmatic presence personally, and hands down the best. It proves what I brag about. Those who didn't/don't get it, never will, and I shamefully admit to thinking less of these people (see Moby reference, above). Forgive my audacity. The idea of putting on a "show" to its fullest extent is what is so stupifying and inspiring. They do not walk on-stage and simply knock out one song after another. There is a rhythm and unity to the entire performance. The simple fact that they can pace themselves and their songs deliberately is impressive enough, but to enhance the effect with such stunningly appropriate images is another. The inclusion of the performance artist elevated the show into legendary status. Does anybody else realize what force and artistic bravery they witnessed, or is it only me? How could any other band attempt to do what they did and pull it off without remarks about "self- indulgence" or "new age silliness?" How could anyone else end the festival? I dare anyone to follow Tool. There is nothing heavier than what went on for that 90 minutes Sunday night. A massage of the spirit, a flush away of all that is clichÈd, and an ephemeral sonic and visual portrait of all that life can and should be about. Expression, power, benevolence and progress. You can read other reviews for show details, but I felt compelled to add a more philosophical critique to the performance. May there be much creative inspiration carried to its fruition thanks to that show, and those to follow. Wake up, slow down, and realize what is going on around you and stop wallowing in your own confused, chaotic, and insecure delusion.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/13/99 02:20:25 I haven't the words to express the talent, brilliance or greatness which I witnessed during Tool's performance at Coachella. My first live Tool show... Not my last.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 20:27:02 First of all, this was a show like no other. I have only been to one other Tool concert before this, Hollywood 98, and i have seen a Tool bootleg. But this was by far the best concert Tool has put on and the best concert I have ever been too. Rage was very good, they sounded pretty good, but I dont think you can compare their performance to Tool. I'm sure you've read by now the stage setup they had, and it was totally cool. The two naked people hanging upside down was unbelievable, especially since they were upside down for about 20 minutes. The video was awesome, as usual. I liked the small screen behind Maynard, which made it appear he was moving during Aenema. Maynard himself wasn't walking all over the stage which he did at the previous concert, but he was moving to the music. They opened with Intolerance, which I had not listened to for a while, but it was good. Im sure youve also seen the songs they played. The best sounding songs they did were Eulogy and Stinkfist. I dug the Ions start they had too. The stage was black at the beginning with the electric sounding noise from Ions going off. And you could hear Danny warming up on the drums. Right there I knew I was in for something amazing. I wanted to hear Pushit, Third Eye, and H especially, but there are no complaints from me. Truly amazing show.

Review written by: MIchael McKenney ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 20:25:39 Dear Tool: I had mixed emotions about this show. First off, all of you were stunning in your musical precision. The tightest I have seen you. But, it seemed like the overrall tempo of the songs were slower. Am I nuts, or is this true? If the tempo was slower, it did seem to bring out the musical brilliance of your pieces, but the primal energy of the delivery seemed weaker. The entire night I was stuck between appreciating the precision, and missing the energy. So I don't quite know how to rate this show. Maybe the tempo seemed slower because we had just heard Rage's set. Or, maybe you guys slowed things down so people wouldn't get killed in the front rows. I'm not sure. Maynard's voice was the best I'd ever heard it- but- at the same time, it seemed he gave more effort to hitting the notes right than performing. I'm not sure that slowing down the tempo works with your material. If I had to choose between technical precision and energy, I might sacrifice a few rough edges and wrong notes for a great "show". Many of us discussed the show afterwards, and some of us felt that you guys were trying to emphasize the music, rather than the power of the music. We all know that gaining RESPECT as a musically precise rock artist is very, very hard to do. People are drunk and on drugs and most of them don't care what you play, and you guys know this. But to go so far in the other direction, to be so technically precise as to sacrifice the ENERGY by slowing down the tempo- I'm not sure that works for TOOL. Those of us who understand your music don't need to have it slowed down so we can plainly see your brilliance. Believe it or not, there is some intelligent life going on out there among the masses. Some us fear that this show was a sort of omen of things to come. A way of saying, "we are Musicians, not just a rock band." Some of us are worried that you may mellow out too much, in the interest of showing the world how talented you are. If this is true, you guys will be pandering to stupidity. The brilliance of your art, your pieces, lies in the MARRIAGE of Precision AND Energy. For me, that is the beauty of TOOL. Your music is Cathartic, Complex, and Brilliant. Please don't forget your roots. And remember, they tried to change Coca-Cola and replace it with New Coke. As we all know, that didn't work. And for God's sake, whatever you do, please don't let us see Maynard turn up on some idiotic hip-hop song like Bono with Wyclef Jean. This, to me, is a perfect example of what I mean by "pandering to stupidity." We all KNOW you guys are incredible musicians. You don't need to PROVE IT to anyone. And please don't RELAX. The millions you guys got from the record deal won't be worth anything if you lose your ENERGY. Now, go kick some ass and make us one of the greatest albums of all time. We all know you still have the ANGER, the ENERGY, and the DRIVE still in you. Don't forget your roots, and don't pander. Michael McKenney

Review written by: spankie ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 20:13:45 holy moly is about all I can say about Sundays show. I have to say that that was an unbelievable performance. It was the fourth time that i had indulged in Tool's presence, especially the musical magic that Danny brings off his set, and i also had the pleasure of being first and front row. To see Maynards expressions as he sang, was a treat. Great show guys, and I look forward to the many more shows ahead!

Review written by: SevenFourteen ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 19:17:15 Wow. Despite the lack of drugs in my system...I was still at the will of Maynard's powerfull stage presence and amazing voice (to say the least). I went to the March '97 show in LA and would have to say that Suday night was the best I've heard Tool yet...keep kickin' ass!!!

Review written by: Chris johnson ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 19:07:23 howdy fellow artists and foolish blind followers . the secret straight from someones mouth (buzzo) is that the two songs that he was to play on at coachella are old tool songs that they never put on any albums. hmmmmm??? has anyone ever gotten a hold of a peach album? if so i would love it if someone would clarify that they are indeed peach covers (2 of them) that they do or are they just fucking with all of you like they always do without you even knowing it. question everything. is peach for real? one little e-mail from one of you out there can clear this all up. if you have heard the original versions of the peach covers then please e mail me . if no one has then why in the hell was it just assumed by you all that they spoke the truth without proper investigation. be careful about what you think is true. its the little things that get you in the long run. adios chris

Review written by: Jason Lindgren ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 17:50:38 holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was the best tool show i've seen. the entire day was pretty good with decent bands playing, then Rage Against the Machine came out and kicked some ass including a song with maynard (know your enemy), and I thought to myself "I love tool and all, but that has got to be a tough act to follow. jesus was i wrong!!! tool spanked rage with their performance. I noticed that the videos that they played behind them were different from the last time I saw them, and they changed some of the songs around too. and the people hanging upside down naked on stage was one of the wierdest things i've ever seen. altogether it was the best tool performance I've seen yet, including all the bootleg tapes I've seen. thank good I got this one on my video camera. (on a side note, during RAGE's performance I wound up behind the sound board while recording Rage, I was right next to the guys that were filming the festival for the internet, after rage was done i was getting ready to film tool, and then the guy working the sound board came to me and said that if he saw me film tool in particular that he would take my camera and destroy the film because tool themselves said that they didn't want anybody to film their performance. and then I noticed that the cameramen for the internet veiwing started to pack up all their shit and leave. then the guy told me to get out of there before tool started, so i was pretty much like screw you buddy, i'll go down near the front and film tool from the pit area, and holy shit did i get a good recording of them, my only problem was that towards the end of the recording i ran out of juice for the last song (cold and ugly???) and i also had to cut A LITTLE bit of the performance out. but i still got about 90% of the performance on tape. thank god.)_

Review written by: Sven ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 17:11:35 Best yet, the suspended dancers, projected CG, sound was incredible, mixed peoples, but not one new song...wierd. Shouldn't ol' Buzzo be Fantomasing by now? And why didn't you just let Peach play that day. Everyone's a critic. See you en'tee!

Review written by: Justin Wright ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 15:23:30 5th time I've seen TOOL and this was definitely the best. First of all Coachella was the best concert event I ever had the privilege of paying 120 dollars for and attending. Two days of incredible DJ and some fucking terrific bands. (Full props must be given to Lunatic Calm, Science Sessions featuring DJ Raymond Roker, Modest Mouse, Rahzel, and At the Drive In) The surprise appearence of Kool Keith was a real treat. The last time I saw TOOL was the very first show of the Aenima tour at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. The band was a bit rusty playing live, lacked cohesiveness and the sound system sucked. At Coachella, TOOL was perfectly in sync and fully ulitilized the power and clairity of the speaker system. I have never seen them so sharp. Ever song the played got better, and I love the Peach songs as well. Tool is an amazing band, the LA Times review of the concert seemed to take them for granted and praise Rage (I tought Rage was pretty weak Sunday). I will never dismiss TOOL as pop-rock or group them with Morrisey. I wish all concerts were as cool as this one. Justin

Review written by: Amanda ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 14:55:52 Tool put on a great show, Maynard Preformed for a brief moment w/ RATM fuck my short term memory!!

Review written by: Rubyourside ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 13:14:35 This was my first Tool concert and they did not cease to amaze me. They seemed to have a new sound from the albums. Maybe new pedals or something. The whole setup was just wicked, there was a large screen in the background showing off Adam's art work at its best. Portraying a lot of the cover art from the albums in third demension. Along with the lighting and the dancers. I never realized Tool to be such a psychedellic band and just lets me love them even more. What disappointed me was that no one knew who Buzzo was. He deserved far more credit than the dead silence he got when he was introduce as "Buzzo! from the melvins" by Maynard.

Review written by: yuck fou ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 12:29:21 Luke Vibert and Moby were great... Tool? I think I saw some of their show. Looked like they had some stage props that they picked up from a Brett Michael's garage sale!!

Review written by: Big Ogre Man (nowhere@noway.nocom) Review posted on: 10/12/99 11:50:57 Coachella was my 3rd tool concert and the best by far. I just wish they'd stop playing those damn peach covers with the melvins. Anyway just wanted everyone know that there are bootlegs, i have two that my friends and I recorded. one in stereo, and one in mono. i have yet to hear them because i drove home after the concert (a bad idea).i'll keep everyone posted on the transfer from minidisc to mp3. another thing, was it just me or were people pushing in the front more than usual, it was pretty fucking annoying when 46&2 was on and i couldn't pay attention to the song cause i'm too busy trying to stay standing.

Review written by: Zapatistan ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 11:12:00 By far the most amazing musical experience I have ever had. Rage rocked, expecially with Maynard in "Know Your Enemy". I would be hard pressed to say that the sound quality wasn't better than the CD.

Review written by: Nick Vogel ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 10:34:21 Alas, my 10th Tool show. I drove from Sacramento, and it was worth every cent and minute. It seems almost as if they get better every time I see them. Perhaps that cliche fits for Tool. The last time I saw them was the very last show they did on the Aenima tour in San Jose on August 30th of 1998, and it was almost hard to believe that I have been starving for Tool for over a year. The set was amazing as usual. I definitely did not expect to hear Intolerance as the opening song, but it was a great change since I have not absorbed that beautiful song since March 1998 in Hollywood. It seemed to me that Maynard's singing voice was much clearer, crystal clear, not a scratch or break in it. Almost like he has not used it for over a year, yes? The guys seemed very in tune and tight with each other. The breaks in the middle of songs as Kabir mentioned were on the money and performed to a "T". Their aesthetics were, as usual, amazing. The screens were enriched with gorgeous new artwork and the two performing artists were mesmerizing. I'm sure everyone felt the same way because there was hardly any moshing and killing each other when Tool played "Aenema" because the artists were still out there, suspended in air. They definitely tamed the crowd. They never disappoint. They truly may be the best live band in the industry as I type this review. I'm thankful for them and their music. It moves me, thrills me, and soothes me. Thank you Tool.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 03:14:39 i was backstage and watched as maynes sang his entire set on a persian rug. i wonder if there was signifigance. there was evil.....

Review written by: Fly ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 02:06:01 Yeah, that was a pretty sweet show. It didn't have quite the MAGICAL energy of the last show I caught at Red Rocks, but that could just be me. Rage Against the Machine kicked ass as usual. Only an impending Tool show could make me impatient for Rage to leave the stage. The first cool Tool moment came when Rage busted into Know Your Enemy. I was maybe 50 yards back at this point, and I could kind of see this little bald guy in an orange sweatshirt chillin' behind Zack. Is that Maynard? Then the break comes, and orange sweatshirt man steps forward, picks up a mic, and sings... "I've got no patience now," in that sweet sweet voice that could only belong to Maynard. I screamed myself silly along with everyone else in the crowd who recognized what was going on. I was up in the pit for Tool. Maynard was all blue with red dots, and stayed in sillhouette in front of a video screen for most of the show, convulsing and staggering, rarely getting into the light, and never under a spotlight. They played... Intolerance Hooker I'm not sure of the order of the next 8 songs, something like... Peach cover Eulogy Prison Sex 46 + 2 Sober Stinkfist Peach cover Aenema Then they closed with... Opiate Jerk Off No encore, but none was really needed.

Review written by: Bad Food ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 01:38:33 Last night was my first Tool performance I have ever seen. I must be honest. I have not loved Tool from the beginning. I haven't been to every single show. I have however, felt, and loved Tool. And I have loved them for almost 4 years now. They have been my favorite band for those 4 years. I stood there, before their performance, knowing that what I was about to witness would be a milestone in my life. And I wasn't let down in the slightest. I can't describe how I feel right now. It feels like my brain is inside out. Each song they performed was better than the album versions. I have never heard a band play as good as them. I have also never seen a band play as good as them. Or smelled. Or felt. Or tasted. Every sense and every emotion was brought out. To say Tool's performance was amazing is like saying the Pacific ocean has some water in it. Maynard makes me laugh. When he was talking before that first Peach song (if anyone knows what it's called, or it they were able to get a recording of it from that show, let me know, put it on this site), he was talking about how Justin used to be in Peach. And then he said it was "...back when he (Justin) was eating bad food." I laughed heartily, then I screamed "BAD FOOD!" And everyone around me laughed. That's the kind of atmosphere I like. Also, before Tool came on, someone screamed "MAYNARD!" So I screamed "ADAM!" Then he screamed "JUSTIN!" Then I screamed "DANNY!" And all were happy. That's the kind of atmosphere I like. I've heard a lot of stories about how shitty a lot of people are at Tool shows. And I was a little worried about that, because I was with my friend, who is a very small girl, and I was worried about her. But I must admit that the fans were great. And I thank you for that. Sorry if the above post makes no sense, but I am tired. I was 3 hours late for work today. Oh well. Thank you, and good night.

Review written by: Master Reviewer Stinkfist32 (Stinkfst32) Review posted on: 10/12/99 01:23:45 TOOL never ceases to amaze me. Everytime I have seen them perform it has been a unique and pleasurable experience unlike any other. And at Coachella, I stood and watched in awe, overwhelmed with emotion and unaware that my mouth was wide open as I became hypnotized by the music. What a fucking show! Maynard came out to the stage painted blue, with red dots resembling what looked like a big dipper all around his body. And in the middle of the set, two cleanly shaved naked bald people were lifted by ropes attached to their feet above the back of the stage. It was a surreal thing to see, they swayed back and forth, hugging each other at one point, very interesting. I believe this happened between 46 and 2 and sober. I found myself in a small pit with fellow TOOL fans who new the lyrics as well as I and we all moshed about, never in hate, but in celebration of the music. They played a lot of songs, and it was very cool to hear Maynard sing covers from Justin's old band Peach. I wanted to hear pushit and Third Eye, but I suppose their is always next time. TOOL is a band that I hope will be together for a long time, for, as long as they live, and play, and offer us their music, the world is a beautiful place to be. Whenever I hear them, see them live, I always think to myself and realize how great life can be if you only open you eyes to what is around you. I am in a lot of pain due to the violence that occured during rage. ( I felt 15,000 people on my back as I tried to stay standing.) But it is all worth it. As always TOOL has shown me the light. I am left in an utter loss for words at their performance. I screamed and yelled as many lyrics as my voice could take. I needed water badly, but wouldn't give up my spot close to the stage for that. Hope everyone else had as great an experience as I. TOOL forever. There's no love in fear......Yes We SEE! Hope to see a bootleg soon. Love to all......Stinkfst32

Review written by: Jah-sun (BIPSYCLE@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 10/12/99 01:05:46 Simply put, Tool is not only music, it is religion. Thank you Coachella.

Review written by: Cameron ( Review posted on: 10/12/99 00:59:14 well, that was the dopest show EVER. Tool definately took it to another level at this show with all the visual art and acrobats. They knew they hadn't played in a while and they knew it was for a big audience so they didn't let us down. I think that shows great respect for thier fans. One thing of many things I like about tool is that they are comfortable with selling thier souls to an audience. But when they sell it, they don't dumb it down or change it at all. They sell themselves and if you don't like the material, go buy a third eye blind album and stay that way.

Review written by: D-fi ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 21:41:43 Ok well since ive already read 10 reviews Ill skip the usual rhetoric and ask one question: DID ANYONE ELSE CATCH THE "YEAH...WE....CI.."???? Maynard you never cease to amaze me w/ your subtle brainwashing!!!!! baaaaaa baaaaaaa Ill also say that noticing the lack of security from the previous day, I decided to get my friend to bring in his handycam!!! now before you all begin flooding me w/ email requests let me finish!!! We first discover that we have only 1 hi-8. so we decide to be selective during Rage to save space for the entire Tool set. After securing a spot about 20 yards back dead center, the perfect spot for filming, Tool emerged. The crowd was suprisingly mellow( burned is probably a better term after a day of the desert sun!!) which was perfect for steady filming. Three songs in I knew this was about to become the crown jewel of my Tool collection, when my friend who was filming put the camera down and looked as if he was going to be sick right there on the spot!!! I ased him what the hell was wrong though i already knew the answer...the battery had died!!! My only hope is that one of the many people I saw in the crowd taping this set will read this and contact me I have much to offer for trade!!!! I also would like to add that Perry Farrells set the previous day was stunning!!! By far the best performance of the weekend!!! yes even topping the mighty Tool...dont start hate mailing please just keep an open mind and know Im as die-hard Tool as they come!!! but Perry left me speechless!! I had the honor of escorting my mother to the show and when Perry was complete she looked at me teary eyed and all she could say was "Wow"!!! God imagine if Perry and Maynard did somthing together...ok ill put my dick away now...if ya dont ya know!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 21:37:19 If you wernt there it sucks to be YOU.

Review written by: Rob Whitlock ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 19:55:19 Taste Them Again for the First Time The best advice I have ever received from anyone was this: ìIf you can communicate your ideas and have them make sense to anyone, you can achieve anything.î As an English major, I have some weird sense about communicating my thoughts on paper, yet for the first time in my life, I have no words to even begin to describe Toolís performance on Sunday. The Chinese have a system of writing in which one symbol represents an entire thought or phrase. Once again, if this editorial were in Chinese, the description of Toolís performance would require an entirely different system of lettering because there are not enough symbols or any other writing mechanism for that matter, existing today to feebly describe one aspect of Toolís energy, focus, professionalism and genre. Hence, we can only utter the phrase, ìyou had to be there.î This was the eighth time I have been privy to Tool which doesnít mean Iím a super-duper bad ass ninja, it just means Iím a huge fan. I say this not to glorify myself but to relay the very important message to those still stuck at home babysitting their bong and their addictions and not seeing Tool because ìtheyíll be back.î In each performance I have seen Tool has been a totally different experience whatsoever that has always left me thinking that that particular show was the best Iíve seen. Ironically, every show has been the best I have ever seen because Tool has elevated their conscious (and unconscious) far beyond the capabilities of an advanced space alien. Folks, in the words of the stereotypical sheep-like fan , ìTool fucking rocks!î I use fuck because it is the strongest explicative and appropriate word to hastily describe my feelings because I am awestruck beyond help. Tool played a set-list that was a balance of old and new and yet the old was entirely new making all songs newld. This word does not exist, but words as of this moment are completely irrelevant. I would have been happy and satisfied if Tool had only played ìIntoleranceî, ìForty-Six and Two,î or ìHooker With a Penisî by themselves and then left because only one song was enough to put the rest of the bands to shame. However, they opened with these songs and then continued to play ìEulogy,î ìPrison Sex,î ìSober,î ìOpiate,î ìAenima,î ìStinkfist,î and two new cover songs from Peach that left fans baffled to the point of insanity because fuck, what could they possibly play next? It was not fair to watch each song top the next (if thatís at all possible, but since they are aliens, maybe they know something we do not) and gradually apex to the highest point leaving fans bewildered and having the sudden urge to bite our own arms off because it was totally justifiable. While fans gasped for air and words to describe what they were seeing, Tool decided to end the concert with ìJerk-Offî and the scream of a man with a voice (for so long obscured) pierced the never ending drum beats inside of drum beats, with a noise wrought with anger, compassion and raw talent leaving us staring in disbelief and disappointment because it was the last impression of Tool we will think about until there is an explanation as to why a band could possibly exemplify perfection. This visual and magical performance not only captivated perfection, but defined music and how advanced, as a species, we have progressed. Tool has increased their abilities to perform to an entirely different level every time they take the stage thus making every ticket I buy an entirely new experience and always tasting them for the first time. P.S. if ANYONE has this on video or knows anything about access to this material and has compassion, please e-mail me at I will compensate to the fullest extent of my funds.

Review written by: Jeremy ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 12:31:59 First off, I just want to start by saying what's up to the Salt Lake crew that my brother & I met up w/ in the big red Montana Pacific van. It was cool meetin' you guys and if you do end up reading this drop me a line at my e-mail address (send to if you don't have AOL). Anyway, my brother and I got to the venue around 9:30 on Friday night and pulled off onto some back road just in time to hear Tool doing their soundcheck. We pulled up right in the middle of "Stinkfist," then heard what we thought was a new Tool song although two nights later we found out that it was just another Peach cover. Maynard sounded pissed, kept saying that he just fucking wanted to go home. We listened to a third song "Intolerance" and then decided that we'd better secure ourselves a place to stay before it got too late. The venue was incredible; I've never seen anything like it before, just a huge grass field surrounded by mountains. It's hot in the middle of the desert, though. I dropped five hits of acid just before DJ Shadow and watched the sun fall over the mountains, which was really amazing. After that I was pretty much a lounge lizard, fear & loathing in coachella valley during q-bert's set and most of Rage, during which all I was really aware of were police helicopters and a bunch of people trying to start a fire right next to us. Rage was cool, but it sucks that Zack was sick because you could tell it really took away from the performance. We still love you Zack. Tool blah blah blah they kicked ass and I'm sure you already know about the set list and the naked people dangling from ropes high about the stage. Luckily the LSD had mellowed out on me a little bit more and I was able to figure out what was going on around me. Tool kicked ass as we all knew they would although I really feel the need to give them a good kick in the ass... It's been three years and now seven shows (that I've been to) since nima came out and Tool still hasn't gotten their shit together to write any new songs. WTF? A Perfect Circle was cool, more melodic than Tool as far as the guitar and song structure. Much props to their "Diary of a Madman/Lovesong," a sick mix between two great songs by Ozzy and the Cure. and that's that. thank you. _jeremy

Review written by: Tony ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 11:10:55 Well, everyone else has given the specifics on Tool's performance. I missed the beginning of the set because I was watching Moby, which was the best show there. He played all of his legendary dance hits (Next is the E, Feeling So Real, etc). This guy is more enlightened than the members of Tool combined. It's always hilarious to hear Maynard ranting about evolution and compassion while Adam's the only one who doesn't eat animal flesh. These days I'm not into Tool as much any more, but I did catch everything from Eulogy to the end. Maynard seems to have lost a tiny bit of his range, having trouble hitting the really high notes. The band sounded very tight. Danny's drumming is improving. On the eulogy ending he added a bit more complexity rather than the typical tom-pounding. It's always nice to see him drill the set. Another great band that day was a funk group called Spearhead. Right now I'm picking ounces of junk out of my eyes from all the blowing dust. I wonder what the new material will be like. Have a lovely day. tony

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 07:05:55 Tool proves once again why they are the most important band in rock. Before I begin heres some basic info on the show itself. -Maynard was painted blue and wearing what I would call a g- string. -He stood sort of behind the drum kit in front of a screen for 80% of the set. -Buzz from the melvins came and did 2 songs with them both by peach (You Lied and Stranglehold) -They played a really nice set. There was hardly any delay in them going on and they opened the show with a little drum intro which broke into Intolerance, a very good intro. A giant screen played the usual very interesting and appropriate videos while a smaller screen directly in front of the large screen played the same video except this was the screen Maynard stood in front of. Hooker with a penis was the second song followed by 46+2. The set list gets a little fuzzy after this because I was sort of taken back by how well they sounded even though this is my 4th show and they have amazed me each time. The performace artists didnt come out till later in the set right before Stinkfist (not positive on that though). Their name is Osseous Labyrinth and in my opinion they were incredibly cool. This is where it goes from tool show review to Osseous Labyrinth review: Two of them, a man and a women both naked and sitting in harnesses popped up from behind the smaller screen right as a song started. Then, climbed their harnesses to about 15 feet above tool. They sat idle through the first few minutes then slowly dropped until both were hanging upside down by their feet. After the song ended and the next one began they both reached their arms to eachother and quickly snapped into an embrace. This was unexpected because of how slow they previously moved around. One thing to note about them was how similiar their body structures were to eachother. Both were totally bald and the same height. Throughout the next few songs they did small movement pieces suspended in air. I knew the blood would sit to idle in their heads after that long and sure enough during Ênema the female started flailing her upper body around (almost like the little fuzzy person in the stinkfist video). I didnt feel that these performance artists detracted from the show in any way at all.These artists fit into tools performance so nicely it almost makes wish Tool would take them on Tour. Even more so, I hope it opens the doors for more musicians to have performance artists on stage. Back to Tool: The songs they played in no order whatsoever are as follows- Intolerance (sounded just a tiny bit slower then the album which made it feel heavier, sounded great) Hooker with a Penis 46+2 You Lied (With buzz from the Melvins) Stranglehold (Buzz again and Justin sang) Stinkfist (had a very very cool added instumental part) opiate jerkoff (this too had a great Ênema Eulogy (Maynard made a dedication but I dont remember the name) Prison Sex (extended version) I MIGHT have missed one but I am seriously tired, it was a 4 hour drive back to Phoenix and I'm hungry. Songs I would have like to have seen -Pushit. My favorite :( They didnt do an encore which didnt bother me but seemed to have erked some pre-evolved neanderthals in the crowd, they closed it out with Jerkoff and Maynard hit the "dieeeee" part perfectly, better then on opiate even. Sorry for typos, spelling, grammar. sleep. -Mike

Review written by: Matt Findon ( Review posted on: 10/11/99 00:36:19 hell yeah XxTOOlxX23. dude everything you said was perfectly put. now it is 12:35 Central time...i didn't even get to see Rage...can't wait til the reviews...they better be fuckin GOOD!!!!!! waiting it through, matt

Review written by: #1 TOOL fan ( Review posted on: 10/10/99 23:38:07 hey, im writing this review at 9:30pm sunday night the day of the show but i am not at the show i just got done watchin the webcast of Rage against the machine, i thought it was hella kool when Maynard came out and sang part of that song, i so wanted to go to the Coachella for mainly one reason, yes that is TOOL, they are my favorite band, i would of done anything to see them again, i have been patiently waiting and waiting for new music, news, ANYTHING, but i can understand that they are just trying to make there music perfect, its what there about. i cant wait to read bout all the reviews tommorow, i want to hear what songs they played and stuff, and Kabir, i give u hella props for keeping up this AWESOME webpage, i saw TOOL back in August 23rd of 98 when they came to Seattle, WA with the melvins and ever sence i cant get enough of them, all we can do from now is just wait and expect a great album in the future, i know im not supposed to be writing here cuz i didnt go to the show but i dont care i just wanted to say that TOOL is the best fuckin band out there... XxTOOlxX23