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Review written by: Zach B (
Review posted on: 08/09/01 06:13:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off, the amazing setlist: The Grudge Undertow (!!!) Stinkfist (-) Ions Schism Prison Sex Mantra Pushit Disposition Reflection [Short break, no Schism video] Sober Parabol Parabola AEnema Lateralus Wow. This concert really blew my mind, and it definitely tops the Melvins as the best concert that I have ever seen. I had posted a long, long review last night, but the Tour page got knocked offline, so it was lost. Since I don't really feel like typing that up again, I'll just share my highlights of the show with you: - Before Undertow was played, Maynard said, "Don't try this next song at home." As the opening notes of this awesome song reached my ears, I couldn't even believe that they were playing my favorite song from Undertow! After the song was finished, Maynard said, "Needless to say, we haven't played that song for a while." Well thank you for playing it that night! - When (-) Ions started, Maynard went off stage for a while. When he came back, he was only wearing a speedo, which probably pleased the female fans. (Please note: This wasn't really a highlight for me; I just thought that I'd tell you about it.) - They played the studio version of Pushit, which was cool, as the studio version is my favorite rendition of the song. - Parabol/a is an amazing song live. AEnema is also amazing live. If anyone somehow doubts that Tool can sound good live, GO SEE THEM! They sound better then they do in the studio. As soon as Tool sells tickets for their next show in the northwest, I will be among the first to buy some. See you at the next concert!

Review written by: Adam C. ( Review posted on: 08/09/01 06:22:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

Wow...what a night. That's all I have to say. As shown above, this was my first Tool show and they have proven to me that they can live up to their reputation of the best live band out there. After waiting forever for tickets to go onsale and nervously waiting in line for hours and hours to get my tickets...I finally made it to the day of the concert alive. I had been trying not to listen to any Tool for the few days prior to the concert (partly to not spoil the show). you real Tool fans know...that was difficult. I did manage, however, not to hear any the day of the concert. And, as I stated earlier, I had finally made it to the day of the concert. 4:30 rolled aroung and my comrades and I departed for Seattle and the famous Paramount theater. After wasting time by grabbing some food and walking around the area, 7:00 rolled around and we entered the Paramount. What a place for a show. For those of you who have been there, there's no explanation needed. It's simply an awesome spot for a show. So there we stood, conversing in front of the over-priced Tee- shirt stand, passing time, waiting to file into our seats. About 5 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time we found our seats. King Crimson took the stage as people continued to fumble about, lighting their lighters in an attempt to shed some light on the aisle and seat numbers, making noise and distracting the few of us actually on time for the show. Honestly it wasn't that upsetting because it was only King Crimson on stage. Although I respect their talent (and they do have a tremendous amount of talent), it simply didn't do it for me as much as I would have liked. Yet Im still cheered loudly as each song ended as did many of the fans. Tool was also very appreciative as Maynard showed in one of his monologues to the audience: "It's an honor being able to play with King Crimson this tour. Being able to play with King Crimson is like Lenny Kravitz being able to play with Led Zeppelin or Britney Spears being able to play with Debbie Gibson. I'm a big Debbie Gibson fan. Not so much a Britney fan though. More of a Christina fan. Trailer trash...mascara..." All the while the crowd erupted with laughter. As King Crimson made their way off the stage the crowd exploded with cheers. The lights slowly began to brighten and the black back drop was lifted and the roadies begain setting the stage for the main event. Much like many of the other shows, Adam was on the left. Maynard had his own platform behind and to the right of Adam. Danny was to Maynard's right and elevated. Justin was slightly in front of him. Behind Maynard was a small screen for visualizations and above Danny and Justin was a much larger screen for the same reason. The lights dimmed again and the moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived. Tool made their way out onto the stage. Ok...The setlist...I think: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist Undertow Prison Sex Schism Mantra Pushit Disposition Reflection - Intermission/Encore??? - Sober Parabol Parabola AEnema Lateralus Those are all the songs they played but the order may be off on a few songs. As they stood in silence for a few seconds, the tension mounted. The classic beggining of "The Grudge" was music to my ears (no pun intended). I could have gone home after that song and been completely satisfied but there was plenty more in store. At first Maynards vocals were slightly low, throughout all of "The Grudge" and even at the beginning "Stinkfist". They eventually increased in volume and Maynards magical voice rang loudly through the Paramount.. After a few songs Maynard said his first few words to the crowd: "Good evening." The crowd went nuts. Maynard then gave some advice to the audience: "No matter what, don't try this next song at home." As "Undertow" started the fans went absolutely bezerk. As the song ended, Maynard realized he had come in at the wrong time twice and told the crowd: "I think we need to go buy our own CD and learn it." As expected, the visualizations that went along with the music were an awesome sight. After a few more songs Maynard snuck off to change into his new attire: a Speedo that he seemed to have trouble keeping completely on. He suprised the audience again at the start of Schism as he picked up a guitar and played throughout their new single. He did this again for Disposition and Reflection. The band left the stage for what seemed to be a short encore. The crowd cheered for a few minutes and the band re-claimed their positions for a few more songs, all of which with the unbelievable power that is Tool. Maynard made his closing remarks before commencing with "Lateralus" as the band huddled around Danny Careys drums in a tight-knit circle: "Take this experience home with you. Whether good, bad, uncomfortable, take this experience home." As the music flowed from the powerful speakers, each fan knew that this was the closing song of an amazing show. "Lateralus" came to an end and the crowd exploded with cheers and cries of "Thank you". Maynard made his way off the stage by throwing his remaining bottles of water into the crowd, just as Danny Carey chucked his many drumsticks into the audience and hurled one of his cymbals into the upper deck in a frisbee-like throw. The few thousand Tool fans in the audience that night witnessed an amazing concert, one that will be difficult to match by anyone other than Tool. -Adam Chouinard Feel free to write me at the above e-mail to share your thoughts about the show.

Review written by: Owen ( Review posted on: 08/09/01 20:31:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, it pretty much kicked ass, being at the Paramount and all. Only problem I had was the fact that it was seating. I would rather of had general admission down on the floor instead of sitting on the second mezzanine. This was the longest set I have seen Tool play, I believe. I was impressed to see Maynard actually playing the guitar in a few songs, including Schism. I've seen him with a guitar around his neck, but he never played. His vocals seemed to suffer just a little bit during Schism, while playing guitar, but after a minute of what seemed like getting used to playing and singing, he was right at it again. He was wearing his leather suit thingy, until after the intermission/encore, where he had on his little speedo. All in all a great show, rated 2nd best I've seen of Tool (Best being in 1996 at UPS Fieldhouse).

Review written by: Azure ( Review posted on: 08/09/01 22:21:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

TOOL KICKS ASS it was my first tool concert and it was absolutely stunning. if you get the chance, nah fuck that, take the chance to go see tool, theyre absolutely awesome live.

Review written by: Jaffe Ryder ( Review posted on: 08/09/01 23:20:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Tool.... simply amazing.. the intensity with which they deliver their live performance merits any fee. This was my 9th time to be lucky enough to see TOOL. They seem to be aging like a good bottle of scotch... just getting better. The rage and anger I saw at Tool shows in the past (rockstock 95', Gorge etc) has been replaced by a finely focused adulation between the band and the fans. I remember seeing Maynard say "why are you people here, I would not pay to see you?" at a show long ago.. That may still be true, but the fans I see at Tool shows now are not the pissed off kids of the mid 90's but a eclectic group of people who truly appreciate a great performance by an immensely talented group. At this specific show I felt Undertow was a highlight as I had not seen it in so long. I went to both nights and felt this was the better show. I am a huge music fan and with many of my "favorite bands" when I see them live I hope to hear songs from a particular era of their recording history. Tool is refreshing in the fact that I am equally satisfied with old or new material. They just keep getting stronger. Bring on the arena tour... I will be there and be happy as hell to see them again...

Review written by: Jason Dailey ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 01:16:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show at the Paramount on Tuesday was unfucking believable.....the lil screen behind Maynard making it only able to see his sillowette (obviously i cant spell) anywayz i saw TOOL back in 98 when they came to the Mercer Arena and this show was so much better, the sound couldnt of been better... Danny's new drum set is bad ass, the gold really stands out....The visuals of course were just AWESOME AS HELL, another kool thing is that the two screens were reversed one showing stuff on the left when it would be reversed on the screen behind Maynard, very creative, heres the amazing setlist.... the grudge stinkfist undertow prison sex schism pushit disposition/reflection ----Short Break, No Schism Video---- sober parabol parabola Aenima Lateralus King Crimson kinda sucked but they had some good sounds here and there, TOOL is the best band out there today, no one can step to their level, its just sweet to see a band like this play and when they come back, I WILL BE THERE .....TOOL FUCKIN TOOL! Jason P.S. if anyone heard someone yell sober really loud in the balcony right before it started playing, that was me..... Every song just kicked ass! Thanx TOOL

Review written by: harsh ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 17:26:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well all i got to say is that was the best show hands down ive ever seen.i was so pissed during crimsons set list because all of the assholes yelling,"king crimson sucks!" and shit like that. what is the point in being negative about music that has inspired a band like tool. i dunno i geuss this is just pissing in the ocean. so anyways about the concert. THE BAND WAS SOOOOOO SOLID LIVE oh my god! it was scary how well in time they were with eachother. it was nothing but raw energy and just amazing music. ive been a tool fan for years but for some reason or another i had never been able to go to a show. but this honestly was so much more then i was expecting. it was just so intense. the visuals and the music went together so so well. well anyways all the idiots out there that dont respect the music that inspired tool, cant fully appreciate the music that tool makes. -harsh

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 19:14:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 17th Tool show

awsome show they get better everytime i see them. they havnt had a better set list since 1993 in portland....

Review written by: colin ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 19:20:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i drove down from vancouver b.c. to see both shows back a ways the first night (still unbelievable) but 3rd row the second night i could see dannys feet incredible all those nights of getting high and listening to lateralus built to this climax of intensity words cant describe a tool show the paramount is a sweet venue exept for no smoking area so we had to blaze in the bathroom oh well its tool

Review written by: diegox ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 20:56:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom. maynard was just amazing hunched over like a little troll in front of the mini screen, great effect. even though i was only 15 rows back i couldnt really see maynards face. 1st show that ive seen the front man in the back.they were very tight musically and the twisted video just enhanced the performance

Review written by: everett ( Review posted on: 08/11/01 00:20:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

my first tool show. my first concert in two years. the best experience of my life. i enjoyed everything about this show. adam was right on, justin surprised the hell out of me to see him playing with a pick and was incredible, maynard had his majestic voice mixed in with the bunch, which i appreciated that it wasn't the only thing you could hear. danny...i had a seat in row H (4) on the floor, seat 2, and danny was a good 15 feet in front of me, and i saw and studied his every move. that's all i needed to see, really. he was awesome. i thouroughly enjoyed maynard;s intermittent comments...i didn't realize that he screwed up, although i knew he missed his first enterence, which i thought was on purpose, but now his comments about learning his own song makes sense. the video was a great gave the eyes something a little more to look at than just...around. i am glad i went to the second evening, better song selection i think, my preferred version of pushit, undertow...although, eulogy is an all-time favorite of mine, and i wish i had seen that, but i still am glad i went to the second night by far. i agree, however, that some people were assholes...yelling out TOOL when king crimson was playing, whom i was blown away by, and i plan on buying a cd of theirs soon....and the other assholes (possibly the same) were the braniacs who thought that everytime their tour bus opened, yelling "get yer ass outa the bus, maynard!" would give the band incentive to shake hands and sign autographs. but that was fine with me, the show was...everything.

Review written by: Nearborn ( Review posted on: 08/11/01 09:39:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Too bad that TOOL didn't play Eulogy on the second night. That would have been sweet. Most of what everyone else said is pretty much the truth, but I do have a little more to add. During the middle of one of the songs, Danny broke a stick. What happened? The band automatically broke into a little jam without missing a beat. It could almost have been part of the song as it was so smoothly busted out. In fact, most of the people in the audience probably didn't even notice it was added because of a broken stick. THAT, my friends is a sign of a tight ass band. Did anyone else notice that both the Crimson drumset and the TOOL drumset had huge simularities in sound? They could have switched sets and no one would notice the difference. Both were absolutely the foundations on which these amazing bands worked. I was in the First Mezzanine, and it felt like the whole fucking balcony was shaking to the beat of the bass drum. Especially the big build up in The Grudge and the ending of Schism. It was crazy.

Review written by: machen ( Review posted on: 08/11/01 20:46:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

just a couple comments, somebody above wrote that Danny threw a cymbal, that could kill somebody, it was actually a drumhead also wanted to point out that unless they were behind Adam's rig, Maynard didn't appear to have any monitors which is goddamn amazing considering the complicated shit they play another reviewer said tool broke into a little jam when danny broke a stick, this is not true, adam and justin weren't even looking in that direction, danny just made up for it with his other hand and feet. while on the subject of danny's feet, I just wanted to comment that as a pretty accomplished drummer learning to play double bass, I think his footwork is freaking amazing. the speed and smoothness with which he combines notes between hands and feet is incredible finally wanted to comment on ticket prices, ticketmaster sold out in 20mins so I got my 5th row 1st mezz. seat for $115 at the show. I was offered a floor seat for $250 and saw a dude buy a 3rd mezz seat for $160. what I paid was a bargin because tool came out and delivered the goods for 2 full hours. unbelieveable.