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Review written by: Chris (
Review posted on: 09/07/01 00:39:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 17 Tool show

Just walked in from the show at XCEL in St. Paul, and TOOL impressed as always. This was the First Large Arena Headlining Show that I have seen TOOL perform at, and as opposed to the common theory that smaller shows are much better (more intimate), I have to say that this show ranked in my top 3 all time TOOL concerts. (Best show was October 1996, Glass House in Pomona, CA.) Being in a Arena gave a different feel, but with the stage setup, lightwork, and artistic touch of TOOL, I was sucked right in! The crowd was also going insane from the first riff of the Grudge to the end. Concert Started with: Grudge , then rolled right into Stinkfist, then 46 +2, then Prison sex and Schism, Push It (aenima/salival version).. At this point i wasn't going to keep track of the setlist, I was in toolphoria. I do need to add that I beleive tonight was the debut of the two TOOL FREAKS (male and female shaved naked contorsionist like pretzle people). They first appeared during Schism. Then made an appearance later, hanging by there ankles in mid air, in front of the video screens, while twisting and spazzing like larvae trying to get break free from their cocoon. Well another TOOL memory made. These boys are simply the greatest group of individuals as performers and artists. An arena show for the ages. Go experience this tour. And as maynard said, hang onto the feeling you get from their music, whether good or bad, and go out and do something good!

Review written by: Wouldn't you wanna know! ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 01:05:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, Just got back from the TOOL show... my first CONCERT ever, period. The show was beyond insane, they opened with The Grudge, went into Stinkfist and after that I was so engrossed in the show I couldnt keep track... They did close with Aenema then Lateralus. This show will be engraved in my mind forever. Keep up the awesome work guys, words simply can not desribe this show.

Review written by: ajen (ajen_trypt) Review posted on: 09/07/01 01:11:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Everyone is in for a treat these next couple of weeks. tool started there tour in, thankfully, my home state. I have never been more speechless. I would like to post the set list, but i can't. I dont want to. It would do a great disservice to tool, who , instead of starting and stopping a song they let it sway, and let the borders fall away; then the sound stops, but the reverberation lives on in our lives. Look in that place were you dare not look and you will find tool staring back at you.!!!

Review written by: Chris And Ivan ( ) Review posted on: 09/07/01 01:39:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First of all let me start off by saying, This show was fucking amazing, I was surprise to hear TOOL play songs I never thought they would the Set of songs they played were, "The Grudge", "Stinkfist", "Forty-six & 2", "Prison Sex", "Schism", "Pushit", "Parabol/Parabola", "Refletions/Disposion", "The Patient", "AEnima", "Lateralus"..... All of the songs were surrounded by an amazing backround video they did remixes of all of they're music videos and had an amazing light show.... For the Song "Prison Sex" they did the extended "OTRM Prison Sex" version with the extra verse.... Just about every person in the Excel Energy Center was on they're feet the hole time. The performance was flawless except for Justin making a slight mistake on "SCHISM" But so suddle I doubt many rellized it.... There was what seemd to be an intermission before "Parabol/Parabola" were two naked people were hanging upside down and rocking back and forth for what seemd to be about 5 minute everyone there had a blank expression on they're face not knowing what the hell was going on, Maynard told the audience to take the energy we were feeling there and to never forget it and to express it in a positive manner... Maynard expressed his gratitude to the auidience for listening and the crowd loved him for it.... The floor area went completely wild during "AEnima"as expected while I just stood there emotionless and in shock that I was witnessing the most amazing performance Ive ever seen in my life and probably ever will.... Ive been a fan of TOOL since I first heard "Cold and Ugly" In 92 or 93 on my brothers CD player when I heard it I knew that they were going to be the most amazing band to grace the music world... I always thought I couldnt love TOOL more then I already did but I was proved wrong because now I do.... Anyone who say them knows wha I'm talking about... Ive read the reviews from most other TOOL shows and In the MN stop they seemd to play much more then they have before and with much more emotion.... At The end of the show the hole band hugged... I was smileing like a giddy school boy.... Wow why did I mention that .... Probably to make myself seem gayer then I already do right now... by the time I was walking out of the Arena I was Shivering and my body went numb.. a feeling that surpases any other Ive ever had... Meshuggah was a great opening act aswell... Im happy to know there are atleast some bands keeping real Metal alive.... Anyways I'm done boring all of you just want to say that if anyone has any other questions about the event or if someone just wants to talk feel free to write me or IM me my screen name and email is "Tourniquet1515"...... This Is Ivan writting this by the way Chris is busy making food...... which im sure non of you give a shit about........... anyways..... Bye

Review written by: Jeremy ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 01:41:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This is a REAL review of the show that took place in St. Paul: $18 to park the vehicle. Yikes! Meshugga: I had only heard a clip of Meshugga once, a few days ago. They seemed OK recorded, but I wasn't impressed with their live performance. Curt (fellow music fan and former co- worker and boss), who was much more familiar with Meshugga, said that they definitely were more of a studio band. But the crowd listened politely and cheered, never booing, which was cool. After the Meshugga set (which ran from 7:30-8:15) there was about a half hour intermission. Towards the end of the intermission they started playing this music over the PA that reminded me of the intermission music in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This seemed to build the anticipation for what was to come. Tool: The stage had 3 video screens as a backdrop - 2 larger ones on either side of the stage and a smaller one below the two larger ones, centered in between. I would call the smaller screen "The Maynard Screen", because that's where he performed during the show, with Danny kind of to his left, and Adam and Justin in front. On these screens they showed various video clips, many of the clips taken from the Tool videos. Most of the clips had something to do with the human form, keeping in theme with the Lateralus cover art. The band started the set off with "The Grudge", great song to open the show with. Then I think they rattled off Ions, Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Prison Sex, and Schism before Maynard said one word to the crowd, which was actually two: "Good Evening". He didn't say anything for awhile afterwords, and I was beginning to think that's all he was going to utter that night. But before playing "The Patient", Maynard said, "This goes out to all the users, cling-ons, vampires [and a whole list of disparaging remarks]." On a more positive note, he also told the crowd several times "Thanks for listening." Then he said, "Hope to see you again soon" before the band exploded into Aenema. But the most noteworthy thing he said was, "I have an assignment for all of you. Think of how you're feeling right now, at this moment, and remember this feeling several weeks from now, whether it's positive, negative, or indifferent. Then make something good out of it." The band ended the set with Lateralis at 10:45. Set list: I can't give you any kind of order to the songs, other than what I described above. But they played "Prison Sex" from Undertow; "Ions", "Stinkfist", "46&2", and "Aenema" from Aenima, and nearly everything from Lateralus, except for "Ticks & Leeches", "Triad", and "Faaip De Oiad". Nothing from Opiate. Most surprising moment: Maynard actually picked up a guitar and jammed during several of the Lateralus songs! Weirdest moment: So many to choose from! Probably the two acrobats who scampered across the stage during Schism and twisted and contorted during several of the other songs. Overall: Great experience. A little more subdued performance than the '98 show -- probably due to the number of Lateralus tunes. But still amazing. Go see this show! If you see/saw the show, let me know what you think! -Jer

Review written by: mike and dawn (masthachef! Review posted on: 09/07/01 02:18:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 4&1 Tool show

Hey you, the tool show was kinda neat. i thought meshuggah was very LOUD and we couldn't understand anything he was saying. there were 2 people hangin upside down on a rope naked, and the two things from the "schism" video (bent over with their heads swinging frantically) CAME OUT ON STAGE WITH TOOL. maynard was hiding in the back on a platform with a giant screen behind him, always in the dark, could never get a glimpse of him, but his shadow looked sweet!!!! lots of new images, crisp clear sound, sounded just like the albums, we wanted to find their tour bus after and smoke a bowl with them but we had a hard enough time finding our car.....we love you guys, man! and no you cant have our bud light.. j/k maynard said very little but one thing that stands out was that he said "the way you feel right now, the positive energy, do something positive with it, in the next few coming weeks," a very positive message to send out to everyone, especially our today's troubled youths who needs someone like you maynard to be a role model and teach kids to love one another instead of killing each other ...and that's all we have to say bout that.

Review written by: Weston ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 02:49:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow! I can't beleive that I just experienced something so amazing. Tool is really something else. I felt that I was having some kind of spirutal experience as I sung/shouted/felt every song, every note and every lyric. This was my first time seeing Tool and as you can see I was blown away by these guys. These are things that I cannot forget. 1. The band never messed up. It is so amazing that they can come together in such a way that you can forget anything else. 2. I also loved how the band is pretty hidden. You can see the shapes of their bodys but that is about it. This is especially true with Maynard who is probebly the least visable. This really says a lot about how they look at their music. They are saying we are not as important as the whole or the songs themselves. The music stand's on it's own. 3. People have already posted the setlist so I will not post it again. For me my favorite songs where The Grudge ( great way to open the show besides it's one of my favorite songs off of Lateralus), Pushit ( during the last three minutes of the song I was such an emotional high) Anema (this sounded so tight, so together) and Lateralus ( this is the song I wanted to here tonight, I kept saying to my girlfriend "please play Lateralus" and then they did it for their last song, fucking amazing). 4. Maynard sounded amazing tonight. His voice had so much more fluid tonight then on my CD's 5. The artists from the Schism video were really cool. They just came out of nowhere. 6. I love what Maynard said at the end of the concert right before playing Lateralus "I want you to do a favor for me. Remember this moment. Whether it be positve, negative or indifferent. Remember it, take it with you and do something postive" ( Not exact word but pretty close) I will Maynard 7. The last thing that we saw was the entire band giving each other hugs. What a way to end the show. I just wanted to give a thank you. A thank you to Tool. Thanks for coming and giving me something I will remeber. This show really means alot to me, your art means alot to me. You guy's give me so much and for that I am thankful.

Review written by: Blind&Deaf&Dumb&BornToFollow ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 02:54:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2th Tool show

Tool really knows how to appease the minority of the audience who is tripping balls. Psychotomimetic visuals galore, massachistic acrobats, Maynard pulling a Mr. Rogers ("and several weeks from now, remember this show, and go out and do something positive!", paraphrased), for those noble men who follow Leary's idea of reality, the show was a blast. Hell, even some of the Xcel Energy Center security guards got toked up. Missed the opiate songs & ticks & leeches. Also, when is tool finally going to break down and do an actual encore? Ahh, fuck at least they all (band) hugged each other @ the end.

Review written by: [cory] ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 03:47:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

half the fun of this, my first real concert ever, was managing to get to the floor, since we had seat tickets. i even got stopped by a guard when i tried to rush the floor alone. i made it to the floor just as The Grudge began. Maynard sat out for most of the songs. He had something else he wanted us to be looking at: the videos. Every song had a visual accompanyment, which i found myself watching more than the band. It was more active at least. The band was fucking killer tonight, the only mishap i picked out was that Justin dropped a note from the intro to schism. Not a show stopper, but I kinda was like :o Awesome show, but as my first concert, I fear I will expect equal kick-assness from my next few concerts :/ I had a positive experience, and I am off to make something positive come of it :) visit #tool on efnet! :)

Review written by: Derek Arnold ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 03:48:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, everyone knows the setlist, so I'll post something a little more introspective. I'd have to say I definitely felt like there were quite a few hundred people in tune with eachother tonight, even amongst the mundanes and their slipknot t-shirts, or whatever. Highlights for me were probably seeing osseus labyrint coming out during schism, and later hanging suspended from the rafters during Parabol and Parabola. I had no idea that those people from the schism vid were real people, and that their heads could in fact do that. And, as usual, Maynard had some loving words towards the end in the hopes that someone would actually listen and do something positive. I definitely was happy I had seating and was able to watch the show, rather than just getting squished in general admission, set to some soundtrack I wouldn't remember. Pushit was played normally except for one instance of the opening riff from the Salival version. Stinkfist was played with the extended part that has now become commonplace (even though it's still a welcome addition to the song). Prison Sex also had an extra part in it, the all-too familiar OTRM version. Probably the most suprising things was that Maynard put on a guitar and played. And sung at the same time. He screwed it up a little bit, but then again, it's nice to know they're people, and not music robots. Seeing them in person kind of makes you think that celebrities ARE real people. : ) Definitely going to sleep good tonight. Later.

Review written by: Tony ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 09:39:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

wow the concert was great, it was the single greatest experience of my whole life, i really like the fact that before the show, those of us who came early enough, heard TOOL do their own sound check, they played the grudge, third eye, and stinkfist, i was amazed before the show even started!! being on the bar the whole time was very painful, but most definately worth it. well dont want to bore u ppl reading these, just go see them, u wont be disapointed! Tony

Review written by: Shane (shane@o'meara.rules) Review posted on: 09/07/01 10:30:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow, what an amazing show. Tool has once again proved themselves as one of the best live bands around! The sound quality was great and the visuals were amazing. Their video show was intriguing and disturbing as expected from them. The band as a whole is always mind blowing live but Danny and Adam are just so tight it’s unreal. I was seated in the club level and it took me awhile to figure out the Maynard was actually on a small riser at the back of the stage next to Danny. He also had his own little video screen behind him, it was an interesting setup to say the least. I was really happy with the set list they played, although I was hoping they would play Ticks & Leeches. One of the more interesting moments of the night was when they played Schism and the contortionist people from the video came out and danced around the stage while they played. They came out once again right before Parabol / Parabola and hung upside down above the stage, twisting and contorting themselves to the music. It was fun just watching the expression on the crowds face as they hung there for what seemed like ten minutes. I think everyone else has covered the set list and other points of the show pretty well. I just have to mention the guy seated in front of us who was pounding down beers all night and then passed out around the end of The Grudge and was out until the end of the show, $40 well spent.

Review written by: Mike Lyon ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 11:12:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

A Tool fan for almost 8 goddamn years, and my first show! It took long enough, I guess. It was a remarkable experience to say the least, and easily one of the best shows I've ever been to. The setlist was as follows: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Pushit Schism Reflection/Disposition Parabol/Parabola The Patient Aenima Lateralis But let me back up to Meshugga - I don't mean to insult any longtime Meshugga fans, but I was REALLY not impressed. I had heard one or two things about them before show, but really, they were ridiculous. The lead singer was very courteous, and they played in some very interesting time signatures, but otherwise a real ho-hum production. Tool though was pretty goddamn out of control. The Grudge has slowly become one of my favorite Tool songs over the past 4 months, and when they busted out with that I was in heaven. I started singing, and sang along to every song the whole night long at the top of my lungs. There were 3 screens onstage with the movies running and 3 above the audience, as well. Maynard came out wearing either a long coat or a dress (bet on the latter), but of course you couldn't really tell since he was only backlit. He removed it after 2 songs at any rate, and went topless. They ripped through the songs at a perfect clip, only pausing between songs several times, first so Maynard could say "Hi". Before The Patient, he stopped for the 2nd time and said "This song is for all the thieves, the liars, the Klingons". I actually found The Patient to be one of the highlights of the show, although it wasn't my favorite before! At the end of the show, he stopped and thanked us all for coming, and told us to "Remember this feeling, whether it's positive, negative, or interesting, remember this feeling and in the coming weeks, use that feeling to create something positive" - it was astounding, everyone was through the roof and in the clouds. Highlights: - The contortionists came out and "head-bobbed" like in the video during Schism, then climbed the walls and hung upside down *more than 15 minutes*. I hope their little shaved heads are okay... -46 & 2, just because I really didn't expect them to play it, and it's one of my favorite songs. -Many of the visuals will stick with me forever, from the hallway/lavatory cycle to the recurring naked man/woman collages. It was beautiful. -Maynard's scream during The Grudge. A lot of people I know think that it's all electronic bullshit, that Maynard can't scream for 4 full measures. Well, believe it. - The end of the show was gorgeous, really. Aenima was so moving, the entire crowd surging as one, I think there were maybe 2 people stationary in the entire place. At the end, Adam reached down with his guitar and let some of the kids in the crowd whack out the feedback! Then they all huddled together around Danny as they began grooving out Lateralis. When they show ended, each member hugged every other member of the band. The show was more than 2 hours long, but it really could've gone on forever. If you're reading this and haven't yet soon Tool, you've gotta find a way too, no matter the cost. If this is your 70th Tool show or your first, this tour is something really amazing. Cheers- Mike

Review written by: Joe ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 11:35:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Heres just something Maynard said towards the end of the show, I thought it was very interesting... "I want you to remember how you feel right now, weather it be positive.... negative... or in-different and in the next few weeks I want you to look back on how you felt tonight and do something positive with it."

Review written by: Genuine Tool Fan (???? Review posted on: 09/07/01 11:48:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow, what an absolutely amazing experience. The near flawless perfermance, (except for Justin's little mistake in Schism), shows how dedicated and true these four men are to their music. All four of the guys were just rocking out there as one big unit, epitomized at the end by the group hug. The highlight of the show had to have been when maynard asked the audience to remember something, he said: "Think of how you're feeling right now, at this moment, and remember this feeling several weeks from now, whether it's positive, negative, or indifferent. Then make something good out of it." What an amazing thought by Maynard, a man who was literally worshipped, a god out on the stage, yet he doesnt live the role or take any pride by it. Aside from the beatings that every single person (including me) took on the floor, everyone was standing, singing, and rocking to every note of every single song. Musically, this band right now has to be at their best, and if not, we can only be so greatful if they continue to grow as musicians, as men. Maynard, keep up your lifestyle, please. The power you seemingly have over most of the people there is unconsious, and unknown, but please lead these people toward these "positive experiences" and lifestyles you wish them to have. Thank you Tool. And by the way, please, oh please do not be anywhere near California when the tidal waves, earthquake, and meteor showers come. Stay far away. Otherwise guys, take your advise, and learn to swim. Thank you Tool Keep it up, and see you tomorrow night in Madison.

Review written by: Mr. Happy ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 12:11:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

WoW!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!! Those are about the only words that describe what I'm feelin at this moment. I've been waitin 3 whole years to see these guys, so the expectations were enormous. They didn't disappoint one bit. Props go out to the Tool gang. You can't even put into words how brilliant the performance was. All of them were on top of their game, especially Danny. That set is fuckin amazin. He's easlily the best drummer in the business, I don''t care what anyone says, Lars sucks a nut compared to this dude. Maynard hit every single fuckin note like always, and Justin and Adam were superb. The only downer on the night was that they didn't play "Sober" (not the big of a deal. I guess if you played it a few thousand times, it'd get a little old) but I'm not complainin one bit. Aenema was fan-fuckin-tastic, easily the best song of the night. Every single member of the crowd was jammin out. It was just fuckin nutz. It was well worth the 3 year wait. I hope it's not that long before I get to see them again!!!! Oh yeah, I wanna say thanx to the short, drop-dead gorgeous girl with the perfect smile in the bandana and white top (who was friends with the girl in the red bandana) standing about 20 - 30 feet in front of the sound boards who couldn't see anything cause of a fuckin 50 year old hippie that you wanted to kill. You know who you are. Thank you soooo much for sharin this experience with me. You don't know how much it meant to me. I wish I could have stayed afterwards to talk to ya. I feel bad that I didn't even catch your name. :(:(:( If you read this pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaazzzzzzz e-mail me sometime!!!!

Review written by: CortexanneX ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 13:04:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It's now the morning after and I feel as though i was strapped to the mast of a mystic ship, pummelling through potent waves and an unstoppable storm for an evening, stopping occasionally in the calmest of waters. As though listening to the lateralus album wasn't a moving enough experience, I feel far beyond grateful [moreoever reverent] to the members of tool for their ability, for their musical gift, for their overflowing creativity, and for their subtle, yet powerful messages. Euphoria, agony, humanity. pulled and pushed and twisted between what seemed like an endless chaotic melee of human energy, the floor both humbled me and allowed me to feel as a god for moments. awing up at the musicians, i knew they gave their all. the sweat shining on their faces showed their dedication. the experience in its entirety seemed far more important than the music. And what an experience it was. as soon as i found out that the band was touring again, i knew i couldn't miss out this time. the internet presale allowed many of the most dedicated fans to get closest and most acquainted with the band, which created an incredibly communal and positive electricity on the floor. if the band ever reads this, i want to express my deepest gratitude. this experience will outlive many of my fondest memories. Another thank you to the gorgeous woman who so kindly traded tickets with me so i could experience the floor. i cant believe i almost turned it down. you may never know what a gift you gave. if anyone wants to talk about the concert or whatever else, my sn is cortexannex.

Review written by: Smokes01 ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 14:52:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Mashuga was OK but Tool definitely kicked ass. It was cool how Maynard stood in the shadows all night long. I was surpurised by how short he was. Every song was frickin awesome, especially the well known ones. It was definitely worth the $36.50 and I hope they come to town a lot sooner than another 5 years.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 15:48:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Sorry if this review is hard to understand.. i'm very very tired.. What a truly amazing experience.. My girlfriend and I arrived at the show at approx. 6:45 - just enough time to grab some Subway and head over to the venue. We made it to the floor just in time to see Meshuggah take the stage.. No offense to any diehard Meshuggah fans, but they do not belong on this tour, in my opinion - I don't think I was able to make out one word they were saying, even on songs that I already knew.. they seem to be strictly a studio band. Anyways, after Meshuggah left the stage, we settled in to the crowd about 15 feet back from the stage. Two large video screens hung above the stage, with a smaller screen tucked just to the left of Danny's drumset. Finally, after about 30 minutes of setup, it was time for tool to take the stage. Music resembling that of 2001: A space oddysey was piped over the speakers, while the multicolored Lateralus flame was projected over all 3 screens. The crowd erupted in cheers as Danny, then Justin, then Adam and Maynard took the stage. The first notes of The Grudge sent the crowd into convulsions.. an absolutely flawless transition to live performance, with the exception of Maynard only holding "the scream" out for 3/4 of the album duration. As The Grudge ended, they quickly proceeded into Stinkfist - this was probably the most energetic song of the night in terms of the crowd- the entire floor moved and bounced in synch to the music - tonight, Stinkfist came complete with an extended bridge. With only a few seconds pause, 46&2 began.. images of a worm squirming on the floor were projected on the video screens.. Next was Prison Sex (OTRM version) - i was surprised at how many other people knew the lyrics to this.. At this point, Maynard thanked the crowd for coming, picked up a guitar, and signalled for the start of Schism. Midway through the song, Osseus Labyrinth (the characters in the Schism video) crawled, nude, out onto the stage, bobbing their heads in true Tool style. These two were later seen at the beginning of Parabol/Parabola, where they were suspended from the ceiling - absolutely incredible visuals for both songs - Osseus were the perfect choice to compliment the music. pushit (aenima version, but different middle section) Next was a flawless version of Pushit (with hints of the slow version), followed by Disposition/Reflection, for which Maynard once again donned a guitar. After a short intermission, during which Osseus were hoisted to the rafters, Parabol began, followed by Parabola. (There are no words to describe how incredible this was.) Then - the surprise of the night - The Patient. Maynard dedicated it to all the "vampires" out there - as the first notes of Eon Blue Apocalypse rang out, my eyes welled up with tears - this song was the most perfect thing I have ever heard.. absolutely perfect. They ended the show with the typical Aenema/Lateralus combo.. both incredible.. All in all a great show - although i would have liked Maynard to be a bit more talkative, the music spoke volumes. I'm looking forward to re-experiencing heaven tonight in Madison. See you there :)

Review written by: Darkchoco ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 15:48:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I won't post the setlist but I'll share some thoughts. I got to the show at about 7 (Started at 7:30) so that I could sneak down to the floor (which I easily did). Meshuggah came on who got the crowd ready and had some wicked solos but I was too pumped for Tool to be thinking about them. During Mesh, I was around the middle of the floor and I thought I saw Danny Carey (It wasn't, but I do know Tool guys like to watch opening bands from the crowds). About 10 minutes before Tool got on, the lights were getting darker and tons of people were jumping onto the floor and just pushing everyone up. It was getting really annoying but a group of girls were pushing people to get up front and I asked if I could join, so Eventually I was in like second row of the floor right in front of Justin. The Security guys in front were really cool because they were giving water to the guys up front since it was really hot. The show itself was amazing. I really understand why people love the show without all the fancy pyros or stunts. I was a bit disappointed Maynard was bashful and didn't make his usual hilarious comments, and that they didn't play anything off Opiate as our little crowd up front was yelling for but definately worth seeing.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 16:48:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show


Review written by: Heidi ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 16:48:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

...I don't know what to say. This was my first big concert, and I beleive it is going to be the best. Meshuggah came out and played an awesome set. They sound very good live. If you are planning to skip out on the (which most people did) you should deffinately rethink that decision. They are a very very good band. As for TOOL, I don't know what to say. I don't believe there are words to describe it. "The Grudge" was deffinatly a good choice for an opening song. Everyone in the crowd went crazy! It was awesome. Some has posted the set list already, I believe, but when they got to "Pushit" that was it! I was in another state of mind. It was absolutly amazing! They also picked a great song to end the show with, "ćnema". That completely surprised me! I would have never guessed that. It also was amazing (that is the only word I can think of right now). The two performers from the "Schism" video were very cool. That added a lot to the show. It was very interesting. Not something you would see at any other concert, which makes Tool concerts so unique. So, basically to sum everything up... It was a phenominal show. Deffinately do not miss this!

Review written by: Pissant ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 17:21:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool concert ever. I heard that people were eating shit and drinking piss to get tickets, after experiencing this amazing performance I can honestly say it would've been worth it (I just went to the ticketmaster though). I would post the setlist but I think I might just have to break the cycle. Because if you're reading this review you've probably got it memorized. Every song Ruled, I liked the fact that they did the original version of pushit too. I thought the best song was Ćnima, everyone was singing just kicked total ass!!! I also liked the Patient. I was a little bit dissapointed that they didn't do Ticks and Leeches, I was really looking forward to seeing danny play that one. But I guess I shouldn't complain since the girl who drank her own piss and the guy who kicked himself in the balls 40 times didn't get tickets. I didn't really like the opening band, I thought that they sounded way too loud. Tool's sound (and music) were much, much better. As the lights dimmed a man walked on stage and the crowd went nuts (unfortunately though, it was just a roadie). But once the lights were totally off, Tool entered the stage. Once I heard the first sounds, my whole body went numb and my penis became erect, and I shot a load on an old woman. Sorry about your shirt daloris.....wait....nevermind that, different concert....where was I??? Oh....after the grudge was Stinkfist, the song was great and the video clips were very entertaining. For most of the songs though, it looked like they were doing a bio on Ron Jeremy (cause he's a pornstar! hehe) every song they did was better than the previous, I loved it when they did Lateralus...but when they were done, they decided to keep the lights low (leading me to believe an oncore was on the way) but about two minutes later they turned em back on :-( I was expecting that they might break out one of the classics like Jerk-Off or Opiate, only to be left wanting more. But the second I entered my rusty Ford Fiesta my Opiate cd was in and I was happy again. I don't think I shall ever forget this amazing display of awesomeness. The only thing that could top this show is seeing them again (which I plan on doing) BYE BYE

Review written by: Angela ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 17:23:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I just have to say that TOOL is absolutely amazing in concert. I experienced my 1st TOOL show last night. I couldn't believe my eyes. Like, was I really there? Shit yeah! Trippy photos continuously flashing on large screens behind the stage and on the scoreboard above our heads. I was blown away by the sound and the nude puppet-like people crawling on the stage and later dangling above the stage by their feet. I loved that at the end of the show Maynerd actually came to the front of the stage (he was towards the back of the stage almost throughout the entire show, stripping off layers of shirts/jackets, facing the crowd donning the painted face, and almost looked like a shy guy) and all the band memebers hugged. Great show... I wanted to share my excitement with other fans. Thanks for listening.

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 17:58:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey everyone, last night was my first TOOL show. I'll skip to the good stuff. The concert was amazing, no one performs like them. Maynard was so tiny hiding in the back. Lots of bowls gettin' smoked! There was two huge screens side by side in the back with maynard in the back left in front of a smaller screen, Danny to the back right, justin up front on the right , and adam in the front on the left. They played slightly extended versions of prison sex and stinkfist. I'd heard maynard was short but DAMN!!! He has such a powerful voice especially considering he was bent over the whole time. During one song he literally stumbled around in a trance. Not much moshing until AEnima, that's when the whole place went absolutely nuts! By the Way, I've never seen so many naked people with out it being a porn in my life, but no one was immature about it except the weed- head sitting next to me...perv

Review written by: Setik ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 17:58:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

What could I possibly say to describe such a show, and why did it take me so long to see them live. I’m going to skip some of what others have talked about, the set list, the precision playing, and for the most part excellent fans. I noticed a few people wonder what was playing during the intermission between Meshugga and tool, I knew exactly what it was when it came on. It was a track from King Crimson Guitarist Robert Fripp’s Soundscapes, I think the 1999 album. Very nice for spacey stuff, and he does it all solo and live with his “Frippertronics” techniques. I think it was a fine choice by TOOL, it built the energy that would surely explode once they hit the stage. Man, and when they did come out, they came out hard! Like most people have said The Grudge is a great opener, it absolutely took my breath away and every one was on there feet within the first bar. They tore it up for a while then brought the mood back down before the brought it to its climatic end. I was impressed by how much the fans responded to the music, TOOL knows what they are doing to give people the ride of their lives. There was such a huge vibe in there, it was like a living thing, it was the ether that bridged with the band and the fans and every one picked up on it and fed it. The band was in excellent form, and I found that they were all giving us all they had. I was seated near Danny so I perhaps focused too much on him, but I could not help notice Adam going into some haunting solos. I could not hear Justin very well but I knew he was in there, and then there is Maynard. Maynard was incredible I was completely blown away by how much he uses his voice as an instrument, not only for musical purposes but to connect the music with words of understanding. I went in expecting the best and got something that transcended me to a higher level of music appreciation, for that I truly thank the band for everything they gave. If they are coming anywhere near you do not miss the opportunity to take part in the experience!

Review written by: james ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 18:40:52 ET

This was this reviewer's assy Tool show

first of all, meshuggah is an amazing band. from a drummer's standpoint no one can realize how talented they are in a sense of how fucked up their time signatures are, and how tight they execute their songs. all kicks match up with guitar strokes, and i was very very impressed. second, meshuggah is even more rare to see live than tool. so those of you who saw them have some fucking appreciation for them. also, a big fuck you goes to all the people who didn't bother to help people up when a group of 50-60 people went down to the ground 5 rows from the stage at the beginning of the grudge. i happened to be one of the ones struggling on the ground and you all know how tight packed the floor was. it was hell. i don't appreciate having to use a guys shirt and another dudes belt as a means of getting back up. fuck you assholes. otherwise the show was good. a must see.

Review written by: Michael Kaduce ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 19:05:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well. I had a really long review typed up. I hit Start over. Oh well. BTW, I'm 13. Highlights: Tool. Nuff said. The Nude dancers. The cool guy sitting next to me. Meshuggah. I've been a fan for over 5 years and they blew me away!

Review written by: Ursus Maritimus ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 20:03:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

But my first review. Massugah was a little reminicent of Pantera in stage presence. A tall bald guy performing the "I'm a metal singer" nod while strutting around the stage. They sounded great though. Amazing drummer, and they played new songs and old ones. Tool played a much shorter set than they did in CA. I also attended the Berkley and LA shows. They played some new Lateralus and some golden oldies, the set list is in here someplace. The Schism actor/dancers were a treat, writhing around while hanging by thier ankles from the ceiing. The visual effect were almost all the same as CA with a few new treats. The mosh was virtually nonexistent since every one was more intent on being in front instead of enjoying the music and stage show, a little disapointing. I really like the "take this feeling and create something with it in the next few days" message. Inspiering. And Justine flubbed one bar in the intro of Schism which made me smile. I won't toss my bass in the trash after all. Overall an "A-" show. I liked Crimsons intermission from the CA shows but the dancers made up for it. The show was topped off by a big Tool group hug on stage which made my night. Until next time. Thanks for the space Kabir. And thanks for your time. Have fun, -Ursus-

Review written by: ToolFan ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 21:12:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I can't believe how many people are giving Meshuggah "OK" ratings let alone that people even thought they were close to good...THEY SUCKED!!! Talk about no talent ass clowns. Almost everyone in my section was ready to start booing. Screaming into a microphone (incoherently) is not talent. And to the lead guitarist...I appreciate that you can play fast and clean, but there is this concept in music known as "scales". They are a grouping of notes that go well together. And if people think I'm one of the few who feel this way, I'm not. Just by watching the crowd's reaction you could see that hardly anyone was impressed. The entire crowd just stood there practically motionless (with the exception of a few polite people nodding there heads). Sorry to rant so long about the ONLY sucky part of the concert (but someone had to do it). When Tool came out it made it all worth sitting through the painful experience of Meshuggah. I don't think I need to go on for fifty pages about how awesome Tool was. You all know it. (just had to set the record straight on Meshuggah).

Review written by: Master Reviewer (thirdeyetoolfan) Review posted on: 09/07/01 21:27:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The best concert I have ever seen. The band had videos in the arena for EVERY single song. By far the most disturbing moment of the night was right before Parabola, two bodies descended from the top of the arena and everyone was wondering if they were real or dummies (I think they were dummies). There were a lot of really cool things about this show I couldn't even begin to describe. I do know that Tool's live show sounds just as good, no, superior to their studio releases. I had heard live bootlegs before but NOTHING even matched the intensity and proficiency of the show. Here's the set: The Grudge Everyone just went NUTS. The "Lateralus" logo (the one around the CD) was played as well as this video. The perfect way to open a concert. Ions No, not the full song. Just a little tease. I started flipping out thinking they would play "Third Eye," but knew they would follow with... Stinkfist As good as "The Grudge" in terms of crowd reaction. Maynard would just thrust really violently to the left and right during the, "Its not enough!/I need more!/Nothing seems to satisfy!" part while clips of the video were shown. Forty Six & 2 It didn't take too long to recognize this classic. Wickedly good outro. Prison Sex The only song off "Undertow," but it didn't matter because they played it with the extra verse! They only used a few clips from the "actual" video to this song and replaced it with this other video. Schism Incredible perfomance and Maynard actually played a little guitar. It was the first time I had seen the "Schism" video. Pushit Really glad this was played. Maynard was on guitar again. Disposition/Reflection A dramatic dynamic change from (mostly) hard, heavy songs to spacey art rock until.. Parbol/Parabola Turning point of the entire show. Played with near perfect precision. The Patient One of the few times Maynard talked to the crowd. He said the song was about "assholes trying to bring us down; the vampires" proceeding to deliver a song I thought would be impossible to do live. Ćnema I never thought they would segue "Patient" into Ćnema. The obvious way to do things would be to go into "Opiate," then "Ćnema." But Tool are far from conventinal, and just about everybody was singing along. Lateralus Maynard gave a little speech before this song about remembering the night and to make something positive out of it and then closed with one of their most powerful songs. Great live rendition. After the show, all of the band members hugged and left. And yes, there were many people who probably would have liked to hear "Sober" or "Opiate" (including this hilarious guy who kept yelling for "Jerk-Off) but this night exemplified the transition from a once nihilistic band to a group comfortable with life who may just ride the spiral to the end and go where no one's been.

Review written by: kojak ( Review posted on: 09/07/01 22:33:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i think i have a slightly different perspective of the concert than those who already posted, cuz, for the first time i brought a pair of binoculars to the show. we had fuckin great seats as it was, but this put the band right into my lap. a few things i noticed: maynard's face paint - a single black stripe down his face. and it was so fuckin weird, his water bottle glowed like he was drinking some otherworldly potion. it was obviously lit up by a black light behind him but it was weird that nothing else was illuminated but the bottle. it looked badass between songs when it was maynard's sillouhette against a bright green background drinking from a glowing bottle. the naked schism people - they came out and everyone was like "what the fuck". i didn't see any genitals, though, they looked weirdly asexual. crazy. but then there was a full on labia shot of the chick right when my girlfriend grabbed the binoculars. hahahaha. then, when they were suspended from the ceiling, in extreme graphic detail could you see them. i mean, with the binoculars it was fuckin weird. i wasn't expecting a money shot of a chicks anus and vagina, and according to my girlfriend, the guy was uncircumcised. i didn't look too closely to that. it was all, interesting to say the least. maynard playing guitar - cool to see, but, since i had a up close view, i couldn't help but notice that he wasn't playing anything. i never saw his fingers move. adam was looking right at us. i swear. justin has good taste. my girlfriend and i both agreed that he had, next to a couple water bottles, two bottles of Two Dogs lemon brew on top of an amp. one of the finest beers made. i neglected danny for much of the show, since i was watching maynard alot, checking out justin's fingerwork, and i'm telling you zoomed in on the visuals made me feel like i was on acid, so i watched danny for all of the patient. he's a fucking machine. a couple people in the nosebleed section having the time of their life, regardless of their shitty seats. overall, it was a very powerful, emotional experience. rather than being a draining experience, i found myself refuled. there are alot of other reasons in the peripheral why this concert was one of the greatest things i have ever witnessed, none of which you all would be interested in. but all i can say is that it is weird how everything falls into place, when the impossible becomes a reality. alot of crazy dominoes had to fall to get us to this concert and i thought during the show that all this was the best dream i had ever had. most importantly, thank you tool for offering a ticket presale for the hardcore fans through toolband. great seats for a reasonable price with absolutely no hassle.

Review written by: biggest tool fan ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 00:04:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom. That concert left me breathless, best show ive ever seen in my life there all geniuses....they perfected every song they played here is the setlist 1. the grudge 2.stinkfist 3.46 & 2 4.Prison Sex 5.Schism 6.Pushit (Aenima Version) 7.Disposition 8.Reflection Intermission 9.Parabol 10.Parabola 11.The Patient 12.Aenema 13.Lateralus

Review written by: harry houdini ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 00:09:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well it was by far one of the best concerts i have ever seen in my life.......its just too bad the opening band sucked

Review written by: schneima ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 05:52:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom.

Review written by: schneima ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 06:15:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I understand the insignificance that I pose when I try to present and plant my posies among your trees. Tool fans are to be the, in my opinion, diplomats of a conscienceness towards the gain of adhersion to what musical fans in American society are suppose to be (And if the European socialist doesn't follow my theory and hold in suit-F*ck em!). All I want to understand in this whole plausable situation is that my comfort in a marketable band is deemable! (Beleive me- this band is the most marketable concept in the entertainment industry in years. All who wish to respect Tool but, @ the same time, discuss how they just keep us quessing (And, yes, all you strongarms, I do realize that my be the very point of their existance), go ahead and contact me. Peace.

Review written by: Marker ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 15:45:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

1. Arrived at the venue around 3 p.m. to be greeted by 2 beautiful girls and an overzealous Vision of Disorder street team member. We talked for awhile. 2. Sat inside and listened to Tool warm up with Stinkfist, The Patient, and Triad. 3. Bought a t-shirt and a necklace. 4. Entered the gates and found my seat, which was in section 104, row 7, seat 5. I was sitting next to my best friend who was in seat 4. 5. My conciousness began to expand as the anticipation of the show took hold and brought me to a whole new level of love and understanding. 6. Ate a hot dog. 7. Listened as a bunch of angry Swedes jumped around and screamed about stuff I couldn't understand nor cared about. My teeth were beginning to hurt, so I 8. Stepped outside for a minute. They were playing a Tool marathon on the loudspeakers at the venue, and I got to hear H, which is good because they didn't play that song at the show.. 9. Sat back down and prepared my mind for what I was about to encounter. 10. Stood there unable to move as the band I've been waiting 3 1/2 years to see took the stage and pounded away at the Grudge. I was in tears by 46 and 2. 11. Sang along to every part of every song, including the extra verse in Prison Sex, and let myself go. I was enveloped by the visions and the music and the beauty of it all - trapped in psychedelia without taking any drugs whatsoever. 12. Stumbled my way out to the car, the explosive Hell's Fermata they played at the end of Lateralus still ringing in my ear. I felt completely drained and completely fulfilled at the same time. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but that's the best way I can describe it. I hope everyone reading this gets to experience Tool live at least once in their lives. Peace.

Review written by: Steve Patrick ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 16:38:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I must admit...Im fairly dissapointed with the multitude of mindless peons that inhabit my state and that also have the sheer audacity to call themselves Tool fans. First of all, don't mosh at a Tool show. For everyone of you dumbfucks that feel the need to burn calories slamming into other males, there are one hundred or so others that think of you as plankton throbbing in some bizarre homosexual mating ritual dance. Moshing is not conducive to the message and experience the band was trying to give you. Getting shitfaced drunk and vomiting on the floor is not required nor is conducive to the afforementioned goal either. Fools such as yourselves comprised the only negative aspect of the evening. With that in mind, let us proceed to this informal review. I was disheartened with the harsh response Meshuggah recieved. Anyone that knows anything about music would not have put them down. You might not have to like their brand of music...but you should respect the talent they possess. For instance: Mesuggah displayed superb musicianship. Never were they off time with each other. The drummer was amazing. Thor, the lead guitarist, was excellent. Haunting melodies. Eerie solo work. I will give you plankton the benefit of the doubt and suggest that perhaps you felt the need to be disrespectful because lead singer, Jens, is not Maynard James Keenan. This is understandable. However, it is really not a good reason to be disrespectful. By the way, I noticed that very few people booed Meshuggah. At least not openly. You would rather talk shit quietly amongst yourselves. Perhaps you were fearful that one of the big Nordic looking fellows would descend the stage and stomp you into a substance somewhat reminiscent of a horses' fecal matter. The band displayed extreme talent for the time signature change. Never choppy and always fluid. To be able to play so swiftly and so accurately and still have time to warp onto a heavy groove and fit in an, from the look of Thor's face, obviously emotional melodic lead take alot of talent. Not that very many in the crowd, at least on the floor where I was, would notice these musical wonders. I won't spend much time on Tool. Obviously, I drove the 57 miles from Big Lake to St. Paul for them. They were flawless, save one minor mistake commited by Justin during "Schism". It was a beautiful experience. Too bad so many dipshits attended and wont remember much of what they were given. Osseus Labyrint was a great and very artistic addition to the bands performance. Despite the plankton around my companion and I saying such thoughtful and colorful things as "What is this gay shit?" Adam's keyboard intro into "Pushit" was spectacular. I would also like to add that all of you idiots that always feel the need to push and shove, forced me to pay more attention to keeping my balance instead of listening and absorbing "The Grudge". Thank you. I only hope that I will have the oppurtunity to show you exactly how deep my appreciation of your efforts extends to. This has turned into a semi-bitching rant. Allow me to refocus... The show was amazing, after all the initial pushing and shoving was over with. The images being displayed on the screens fully complimented the performace. Spasmodically jerking humanoid creatures. One visual that stands out in my eyes is the animation of the yellow-orange worms during "46 & 2". Nudity as an art form seemed to be the general artistic motiff of the Tool set. Just image all the drunken fools proclaiming "Tits!" every time the screen featured a nude woman. Please...all you accomplish in doing that is the announcement that you are a pervert, a virgin or both. If anyone saw the last webcast on they might have recognized the animations during "Aenima". I was very pleased that the band played "The Patient". Again, I want to congratualte Osseus Labyrint on their performance. The message of coming together and reunification during "Parabol/Parabola" was not lost on all. Beautiful show. Excellent experience. I will certainly attend all Tool shows from now on. They are such an influence on my art and my own music. I can but hope that other bands will arise that create music for the sake of music. Unfortunately it seems that bands with those very ethics are shunned. And with that, I am done. Thank you for enduring my Bitch Fest.

Review written by: Dayv Lambelet ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 17:47:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

WOW... That doesn't even begin to describe a Tool performance...almost overwhelming. Osseus Labyrint was simply amazing. And seeing Maynard on guitar was great. If anyone hasn't had the opportunity to see Tool's live performance, GO. You will not be disappointed. Set List: Mantra The Grudge ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Schism* Merkaba Pushit Disposition* Reflection* Parabol Parabola The Patient Aenima Lateralus

Review written by: sixwords187 ( Review posted on: 09/08/01 17:48:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

My second Tool show...Saw them @ Red Rocks 08.03.01. The light show was a little better than Denver, but they didn't play Sober...Oh well. Setlist above is right except for a few minor interludes... The Grudge Ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection **intermission** Parabol Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenima Lateralis

Review written by: thordendal ( Review posted on: 09/09/01 14:01:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

k..............i had to write this review mostly to correct ToolFans statements about Meshuggah. I went to the show SOLELY to see Meshuggah and left right after they finished. They are the most brilliant and exciting musicians ive seen in a long while. And yes ToolFan, Fredrik (the lead guitarist) has an extensive knowledge of scales and various tones, you obviously just have not heard of the diminished (whole- half, half-whole) scales which he uses extensively. Meshuggah will ALWAYS put on a FLAWLESS show. period.

Review written by: Tool (the man, not the band) ( Review posted on: 09/09/01 14:45:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I am not a religious man But seeing Tool live was the biggest spiritual experience I've ever had. They moved me in a way no other band could possibly do. All four members are masters of their craft, yet they can come together and truly be greater than the sum of their parts. I listened to Lateralus in my car on the way back home from St. Paul. My mind was flooded full of memories from the previous night, as it will be anytime I hear Aenima, Pushit, Prison Sex, Stinkfist or 46 & 2 If I could bottle up the feeling of being there and sell it, it would be the greatest drug ever. A euphoric state that everyone should experience, and nobody wants to end. Thank you for listening.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 09/09/01 15:53:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Holy shit!!!! it was the most amaising experience I've ever gone through. I could be killed now and be happy. Meshugga sucked ass I thought, slipknot wanna be rippoffs When they were done and the roadies had it all set up they played a very suspensful noise that just kept building on you, it made you anticipate their appearance even more then before, and they kept waiting it out, like when you'd expect them to come out, they waited, then you'd think for sure they'd be out in a minute, they waited longer, until you couldnt' handle it any longer, then they came. The crowd went wild, they played the grudge and the crowd went even more wild. The two huge screens in the background played a variety of images. Maynard danced in one spot in front of a smaller screen, it was incredible. They played about 5 or 6 more songs everyone of them just fuck'n amaising, then they played schism. I read on that they'd have the actors from the video, halfway through the song they came out and walked around on all fours like in the video, bobbing their heads the whole time. After Schism they started to slow it down a bit. They played pushit, the way they played it sounded kinda like a mix of the album version and the version on salival, it was the best, I wish I would have been sitting to see that. After a few songs they took a break, kinda. They set up some harness like things for the two actors from schism, they got strapped inand were lifted up by the screens then switched around so they were hanging by there feet. THe band came back and played parabol. on the two screens they played the image thats on the cover of salival, the body spread out or whatever it is, then the two actors swung back and forth upside down with there arms straight out, when the band broke into parabola they went crazy doing weird movements, it was all so fucking amaising............. then they played aenima, the crowd seemed to be waiting to hear that one all night. I was excited for lateralus though. After Aenima maynard said something that sent a chill down my spine, something I will remember for the rest of my life, I hope, it went something like this "I have an assignment for all of you. That feeling you have inside you right now, whether its positive, negative, or indifferent, I want you all to take that feeling, and remember it forever. In the next week or two, I want you to take that feeling and do something with it, do something positive, make something positive with that feeling" then they played lateralus and left. I read that hearing lateralus live would change the way you listen to the song, Hearing them live has changed the way I listen to any tool now, I can't belive how great it was, I hope they come to fargo so i can go again, and again, and again, I hope...

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 09/09/01 15:57:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I was on the floor, the front of the floor to be precise, and when 5,000 people are all trying to squeeze into the small space you are occupying, its tuff to concentrate on the music. but I thought it was a good, show all in all. though maynard didn't talk much, it was pretty much a straight forward tool show. the band came on stage, maynard was wearing his little leather SS officer out fit thing, with what appeared to me to be glasses or goggles, and I think a goatee, I was only 15ft away from him, but hes not lit up very well, then after one song, he crouched down, and came back up, without goggles, and a black stripe on the middle of his face. Adam looked up occasionaly, and became noticably irritated with this little fat girl taking flash pictures. Danny was on his game, awesome as usual, and Justin was pounding it pretty heavy on the bass. I have seen better tool shows, but the addition of the nakd schism dancers definately made the show interesting, and I would just like to say, that it takes a lot of balls to hang upside down in front of a bunch of drunkass people with your junk hanging out. oh yeh, a bunch of people got into the show for under $15 because scalpers had too many tickets and couldn't get rid of them.

Review written by: Jake ( Review posted on: 09/10/01 04:22:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I saw the first and second show of the tour, Minneapolis and Madison, the shows were both great. I don't want to give anything away to anyone who may be going to the show, but trust me you will love it. I would have liked to have followed the band across the U.S. but I couldn't. The show is a must see!!!

Review written by: mike mullins ( Review posted on: 09/10/01 11:59:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, began my own personal pilgrimage today at 2:30 pm, off to see the band I have been yearning for for so long. I've had chances to see them in the past but let them slip away...but not this time. I've tickets to St. Paul and Madison, and I'm shaking with excitement. Arrived around 8pm or so, just as the opening band was finishing up (we'll see them tomorrow, no need to overdo it). The crowd seemed pretty diverse, but generally friendly and excited. Took our seats (back row of the lower section, looking dead-on at the stage) and tried not to explode with anticipation. What an amazing sensation. The crowd was really into it, the visuals were fantastic, but most importantly, the music was beautifully performed. After tonight I am positive that there is no band that better brings its sound to a live audience than our friends in tool. MJK thanked the crowd a couple of times, not for coming to the show, but for LISTENING. It's music, it's emotion, it's touch and sound and sight and taste and smell all wrapped up into a electrical, magical sensation. I thought the setup for the stage was well thought-out -- MJK in the background, a silhouette against a video screen, held unnecessary "Maynard" screams to a minimum, and kept the focus on the total music experience. (Don't get me wrong, I love Mr. Keenan too, but I love everyone else in the band too, and anyway there are better ways to express yourself.) Two bigger screens in back and some fairly simple but effective lighting created a really cool atmosphere. Danny's new drum set looked pretty cool, but I wasn't close enough to check it out in detail. The set itself was pretty brilliant. Including Osseous in the middle was fantastic and moving, although I think that some people didn't "get it" (maybe they're missing the point then...). And, as I had been silently hoping all along, they played, "The Patient", which speaks to me like no other song they perform and is without a doubt my favorite song to listen to, to sing along with, and to (clumsily) play along with on my shitty guitar. The show ended after just under two hours of pure musical pleasure. Afterwards, I felt that kind of joyous high that I don't think any drug can match. And best of all, I knew that in a few hours, I was going to be on my way to Madison to do it all again.

Review written by: Brandon ( Review posted on: 09/10/01 23:19:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This has to have been the best damn concert i've ever been to. I couldn't believe that I was standing front row center when the band walked out, when the opening riff to Grudge just blew me away, I mean my jaw dropped to the floor and i just stood there crushed against the barrier not feeling the pain of my ribs being cracked and bruised (I sure felt it after the show), it took me half way through the song to believe that I was actually there. Meshuggah was pretty shitty, but they had a few good riffs, a decent opening band. I was extremely glad to hear "lateralus" as the final song of the evening, since it is my favorite track of of the new album.

Review written by: Jones ( Review posted on: 09/11/01 00:09:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was solid but unspectacular. In normal Tool fashion, a number of the songs were longer than they needed to be- using time that could have been used to play a wider variety. Nothing off "Opiate"- which was quite disappointing. Damn near everything off the new album, though. "Buy, buy, buy, my new record....." The Undertow songs that were played were the obvious choices (e.g. "Prison Sex"). Nothing that the non-common Tool fan would know, like "4 Degrees" or "Crawl." What they did play, though, was impressive. Adam Jones manages to play the coolest and heaviest riffs with barely any effort, and Danny Carey (or Carrey, I can't remember how it's spelled at the moment) is honestly one of the best drummers I've ever heard. "46x2" live, for example. The crowd mix was interesting- I've been a Tool fan since 1994, and it seems that a lot of these people weren't aware that the band was around before AEnima. I'm not saying that I'm "King Tool fan" or passing judgement on the band's direction, but they ARE obviously trying to reach a different audience. More power to them. Just don't expect me to be in line buying the next CD next to a 16 year-old girl buying the new 'N Sync disc and the "cool new Tool". My opinion. Later.