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Review written by: J. A. White ( Review posted on: 09/16/01 23:25:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Regarding the recent attacks and fan reactions: 1.) Chanting 'USA, USA' at the show has nothing to do with politics. If one were to have chanted 'BUSH, BUSH' during the elections that would have been different. Maynard disagrees and he is wrong. The chanting needs no response at all really - and the attempts at sqaushing them seems a bit curious. Take Maynards own advice on thinking for yourself: If you feel patriotic and if you feel it's the right thing to do - then go ahead and chant. If the lead singer in a rock 'n roll band trys to make you feel stupid then tell him to fuck off and then do it louder. 2.) TOOL is, in my opinion, the greatest (for lack of a better word) metal band of all time. And at the moment, I think TOOL is the best band in America - in any genre. Having said that , I feel that a large number of TOOL fans (certainly not all) are completely full of shit. Every other fan that posts something on this site claims to think for themself. These are the same people who quote everything that the band says and lovingly refer to Maynard as 'MJK'. I'm sorry - but that's pretty fucking gay. I can always tell the true fans - they are the ones not afraid to call a band out for its bullshit. Some of you 'free thinkers' and 'individuals' will no doubt be pissed at my lack of reverence but really don't care. TOOL is great for jamming to, but if you look to them for any sort of guidance I'm afraid that you could be sorely mislead.

Review written by: rick ( Review posted on: 09/16/01 23:47:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

first of all the setlist: (as far as i can remember) the grudge stinkfist 46 & 2 undertow eulogy schism disposition reflection *** parabol parabola the patient aenema lateralis my fourth show on this tour and it was a pretty strong set. extended stinkfist is truly amazing. blessed again with eulogy and undertow. how about intolerance?! the rest of the set pretty much adheres to the regular setlist for the tour. except for aenema replacing opiate. the band played great tonight. maynard chose to have his back to the crowd for the most part of the show. he also never shedded his bodysuit to go off in true maynard form. he also did not participate in the band group hug at the end of the show. oh well everday isn't a good day. rock on.

Review written by: apatheticly speaking ( Review posted on: 09/16/01 23:55:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th? Tool show

Perhaps it's just me, but theres something inherently 'off' about anyone who would wrap an american flag around their neck like a cape, then run around the parking lot drinking cheap beer while wearing a NWO wrestling t-shirt and screaming with patriotic pride. I would assume this particular red blooded fellow skipped the day they covered Hitlers New World Order in high school. Be that as it may, if this was your first Tool show, I'm sorry. The band, as always was incredible but the 'fans'(?) left a little to be desired. Spilling beer on me while screaming "play some fucking music, I didnt pay 50 bucks to watch some naked fags hug" is distracting to say the least. But is me complaining just another symptom of the mindless followers the previous reviewer commented on? Is the fact that I'm wasting my time reviewing the fans instead of the show further proving his point? Whatever. I like to think of myself as smart enough to actually follow through with seeking out my own answers, instead of just blindly screaming out questions. But thats just me. Of course the show was incredible, what did you expect? 'Naked fags hugging?' Well good, then you werent let down.

Review written by: Wes ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 00:26:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I got into a wreck on I-75 about 3 hours before the show, my car had to be towed and I missed the concert. The worst part of all that was me standing to the side of the road and hearing about 15 cars go by blasting Tool. Then on my way home I saw the worst wreck in my life. Some motorcylce idiot was going atleast 100 and ran into the back of somebody. There was about 6 motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic with him, and he just rammed a car in the back. I'm almost sure he died. So instead of seeing my favorite band in the world.. I get into a wreck, miss the show, and see some guy die. So if you went tonight and saw the band, please don't take forgranted that you got to see the show. If there was something you didn't particularly like, like your seats or something.. just be gald you were there. One of the best days of my life turned into the worst. This sucks. Sorry I used up Review space. Just thought I would share the worst day of my life so maybe some of you could appreciate the show you saw tonight even more than you already do. Later

Review written by: Dark_Sector ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 00:28:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Begin with setlist 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 42&6 4. Undertow 5. Merkaba (edited) 6. Schism (maynard on guitar) 7. Euligy 8. Dispostition (maynard on guitar) 9. Reflection (maynard on guitar) intermission 10. Parabol 11. Parabola 12. The Patient 13. Aenomia 14. Lateralus The concert was my first & kinda interesting. I was a little dissapointed that maynard never stepped out of the front of the screen on the side that showed visuals. He was mostly just a silloette that moved like a snake while the concert more concentrated on the animations on the screen. You didin't really get to see the band too while the lighting was never on them. There was a couple of dissapointments though. On is at the end of "reflection" Adam Jones insistantly dragged on the ending riff for about 15 mins. Another is that some essential songs like "sober" "prison sex" or "swamp song" (my personal fav) wasn't played. Nothing from OPAITE was played either. One interesting note is that during Parabol & Parabola is that 2 people on bungie cords hung over the band while they were playing. The concert was still kicked ass. I give it a 4 out of 5 A.T

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 00:46:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My first Tool show. We had the worst possible seats in the Palace, but everything happened as if we were front and center, the visuals were amazing. Meshuggah was an utter disappointment, sad to say. The crowd, and most notably, the main floor stood stagnant throughout their set. As per earlier reviews, Maynard stood infront of a small screen appearing as a silhouette for the duration of the show. He spoke briefly and if memory serves his longest dialouge included a briefing on how we can heal togeather, and he sent us on an assignment "Remember the way you are feeling right now, and maybe in a few weeks, take that feeling and do something positive with it". Maynard did not participate in the group hug. Sorry if I misquoted, we got into an accident upon exiting the Palace because Michigan drivers are morons. But all is well, no one was hurt in our wreck. A very memorable show, Tool was great, cant wait for the next one.

Review written by: butter (buttermail2002) Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:00:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom. Show was good. Not as loud as I'm used to (Metallica). Don't undersand why Maynard is not in a spotlight, prefers to stand against a video screen, don't get it? The band could have stayed in the dressing room and played while the trippy video entertained the crowd. Not my idea of a concert. Sounded very good though, just don't understand the whole silouette with Maynard and the band simply standing in one spot. Didn't need to take acid, the video sequence took care of that mind numbing experience. Loved that they played eulogy and aemina; fuckin rocked. Saw them at Ozzfest couple years ago and very disappointed as Maynard sat indian style on the stage for 15 mins or more while the band played repeating cords. They did similar tonight with a long "intermission". Not sure if I would attend another Tool show. Don't get me wrong, their music is very intense, interesting, and entertaining. I will buy the music but probably will not spend $50 for a show. Unless of course it's a free suite ticket! Fans were awesome, of course, it's Detroit!!!

Review written by: Cannibal Raul ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:03:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool continues to improve its live show from year to year. I am very impressed. Maynard's oft-lamented style of standing in front of the screen for most of the concert created terrific balance and some great images. The set was great, as one would expect, and I was very impressed with how Disposition/Reflection sounded live. Adam plays the synthesizer with his feet! That was what really took me back about this show. Nobody else has payed much attention, but watch his feet as the synthesized intro to Reflection plays. You will enjoy it. The temperature in the arena was well controlled, which is why Maynard may have stuck to the suit. I wasn't in the pit, though, so I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure. Best Tool concert I've seen.

Review written by: Ben Cecilio ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:13:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

For my third show this week, i was hoping something special would happen, especially since this was my last one for a while. so when i heard the beginning of undertow, i about lost my bearings. and then right after schism, and an extended beginning, i hear the first piercing notes of eulogy. my friend claimed to have numerous orgasms, but i wasnt so lucky. i was still happy tho. this show was great, with its deviations from the other shows ive been to. maynard was quiet for the most part again, with the same "make something positive out of what you felt tonight" speech. they never cease to amaze. besides the fact that my seats were in a different arena, i was satisfied. but as a bonus i got to sit and enjoy the show and not get beer or earth thrown on me. and also, as some other reviewers have pointed out, and as im sure that some of you reading this either are one of them or know who im speaking of, some tool fans suck as human beings. if you have a problem with adam playing his guitar for a little bit after a song, dont go to another show. let someone who doesnt get bored have the ticket. its a priveledge that they are out almost every night playing their music and hearts and minds for us. the setlist has been posted, and ive seen an accurate one, so ill refrain. enough of this, were all thinking, so im off to create something positive.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:28:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Well this is my first attempt at writing a review for a show and i figure someone has or will post the set list and say how great the show was. Which it was amazing, seeing Tool is always a near religious expirience. I figured i would concentrate my review on the crowd something missed in other reviews. I left the show realizing how fucked up people are, how in the hell can you mosh to Parbol or Reflection. Here the band is on the stage trying to open your eyes and thoughts and theses people arn't even looking at the stage but happier to beat eachother up, if i wanted to do that id go see Vision of Disorder. I could tell Maynard was dissappointed too, he would attempt to talk to the crowd about healing and people would return chanting USA, USA, USA. It just shows how mindless and violent these people have become. I guess all of this is to be expected when a band does make it big, the white trash metal heads seem to take over and destroy something spiritual and wonderful. I just have to say i miss the small shows, which because of most of these animals i can't get tickets to. well thanks for you time jared

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:48:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

well this was my 3rd Tool show, and for the 3rd time i was once again blown away by the visuals. I was fortunate enough to be one of the people to attend the preseminal tour in the spring at the State Theatre. I think every concert i ever see will be compared to that show. The Palace just seems to big and the main floor area seemed pretty empty in the back. Not nearly as intimate as the State Theatre. The extended version of Stinkfist was cool, although many of us fans singing the lyrics "ill keep digging , til i feel something" were thrown off for a minute or two, i didnt know if Maynard was testing the knowledge of the crowd by staying silent during that part of the song to hear us sing or what but we figured it out. I had pretty far seats, but with the two big screens, i could see all of the videos, but the band did seem really far away. I keep hearing people complain about how Maynard stays out of the spotlight during the show and how the show seems to focus mainly on the visual material on the screens, I think that is what makes Tool so great, they are a group of guys with no big rock star personalitys, they focus the attention t0 the music they play, and the whole experiance. Maynard is merely 1 part of this great band, and no more important than any other member. I found myself many times to have my eyes closed, just taking in the music by ear, as cool as the videos were, sometimes i feel like am cheating myself by watching instead of listening. Just as the show at the State Theatre, the closing song was "Lateralus" and i dont think they could pick a better song than that to end a show on. I have not taken acid or any mind altering drugs in about 5 years now, but I think if there is a reason to rediscover LSD, it would be to attend a Tool concert. Definitly a moving experience that should be!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:55:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show itself was terrific, couldn't have been any better. However, the crowd was a different story. People were very impatient during Disposition, Parabol, and the other slow times during the show. All I saw around me were people with disappointed looks on their face, and all I could think to myself was "hey, look at the friggin screens and listen". All the crowd wanted to do was get drunk and be obnoxious, which frequently reuined what would have been great moments during the show. I don't understand why some people even go to concerts at all. Do they enjoy paying for over priced beer? Go home, buy a 12 pack, sit on your couch and shut up, why bother other people during the process. Thanks alcohol! O well, I still managed somehow to enjoy myself :) Take care...

Review written by: Neal (Mjkx13@aol.con) Review posted on: 09/17/01 01:59:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 14 Tool show

What more do you expect me to say.... Um....Tool is the absolute shit and they should be worshiped like the TOOLGODS they are. For FIVE nights in a row I have witnessed THE PATIENT!!! Not bad... Thanks again Don for the hook up with H2O and for the DRUMSTICK and the SETLIST for the night, they have already been added to my Tool Shrine (Next to the REVEREND'S water bottles.). Well, this was the last (7th) show for me for the summer, cant wait to do it again SOON. I have a feeling that the next tour will have a little more old shit in it. Just a guess... Thanks again for the last time THIS YEAR, I love you my TOOLGODS, Neal OGT BABY

Review written by: JVC ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 02:04:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Tonight was my fourth show over the course of the last 4 months and it was definitely one of the better ones. I have never seen an opening act generate so much of nothing. Noone was moving to them. Tool came out and seemed stronger in the beginning but had some problems during the softer songs... I couldn't point out specific instances but things seemed off until the last two songs. Maynard did get pissed at one point in the middle with the "usa" chanting and was quick to note it was not a political forum as he said the other night. The other thing that caught my attention was at the end before Lateralus when he made the speach about "doing something positive in the coming weeks" the USA chanting got really loud. This really pissed Maynard off. At that point the band was huddled near Danny's drums and I could see Maynard shaking his head back and forth in a "they just don't get it" type of motion. He then proceeded to go and sit down with his back to the crowd in a position I have never seen him use which seemed to indicate he was mad. The performance of Lateralus itself seemed on mark if not a bit subdued on Maynards part. Danny on the other hand really seemed to punish the drums at the end. When the song ended Maynard picked up his water bottles and threw 1 into the crowd. The rest of them he kept. I don't know how others saw it but he looked like a child having a temper tantrum. The rest of the band members were left to gather at center stage for a hug where they then proceeded to throw everything out into the crowd. They also seemed to wave alot more then I ever remember them doing... as to make up for MJKs poor behavior. I think I understand MJKs reasons for getting mad, but on the other hand he doesn't seem to realize that people chant "USA" to achieve a sense of togetherness and empowerment in a time when alot of people are scared and unsure of what our individual and collective futures hold. On a last note I saw one of the other reviewers mention the wreck on the way home involving the motorcycles. It was not pretty. The whole back end of the car was smashed in and the bike was a mess too.

Review written by: jamie (ghfddfg) Review posted on: 09/17/01 02:21:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hopefully Tool's next album will consist of three 20 minute long songs and be really hard for the white trash neanderthals to digest. Why do these people come to to see Tool. They just don't get it. Anyone who got annoyed when reflection was being played trying reading a book. Expand your thought process.

Review written by: concerned ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 02:31:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i know this is a review forum but i see most people are using it for other reasons, so i will put my money in as well. i went to the chicago show and ive been reading through the others since then. im glad i had the chance to see tool again with somewhat civilized people around me and a crowd in general. but, as always there were people throwing things at the show i attended. i wish these monkeys that seemed to break free from their cages would shake this overwhelming desire to throw things. then you have the people screaming 3rd grade level remarks about they want this and that. your job isnt to run your mouth at a concert. in fact you have no job at a concert. you arent getting paid so just keep your mouth shut and relax and enjoy yourself without bothering people like me and many others. i wish the only people who did drugs were the people who could control themselves on them. and there are the people who have to dissect everything maynard says or moves he makes. calm down. the man hardly speaks and when he does its up to the highest criticism. he's not god, he's not hitler, he's a lead singer in a band. when you hold the mic fine then its your turn to talk. the band is probably so tired of dealing with these unoriginal idiiots. people shouldnt have to feel ashamed when then sit or stand with you in a crowd. just stay home so the rest of us can enjoy the things we like. you just make everything worse in every possible way for those of us who actually realize we dont know everything. think about yourself for awhile and stop making an ass of yourself and everyone else. tool is sacred to me and others, lets not taint it anymore than we have too. thanks for the space and peace to the ones who try hard to remain peaceful and pretend that these people dont exist.

Review written by: claudia ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 02:43:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

my life has truly been fullfilled because i have seen the setlist about 13 times reading these reviews. thank you so much, people who seem to get their piggly wiggly's hard and wet over repeating the setlist. be considerate. did it ever occur to you that people might want to be surprised at a show? i managed to avoid reading reviews before i went to the show, because i knew i'd be reading setlists till i had it marked on my forehead. and if you love maynard so much, why not try listening to him? this is probably the most messed up time all of us will witness in our lives, and chanting 'usa usa' doesn't seem to be working when in fact, maynard is right, do something peaceful and useful. don't throw beer on the person next to you. don't bodysurf and think it's funny when your foot hits someone's head. don't spend 40 bucks on beers, knowing you're not capeable of driving. admire the band, admire the music, the words, the people hanging from the ropes. it's sad to see that those people were referred to as 'fags.' and i love the people who have to point out that this disappointed them, and that disappointed them. the band can't accomodate everyone. i'm glad the band had a group hug in chicago. there are a lot of things i don't like about chicago, but it is true that we have some of the best crowds out there. for the brats and the metalhead beer bellied bastards, stay home and blast 'sober' on your cd player, and spare the rest of us the embarassment of sharing an arena with you. that's probably the only song you really like. ok i'm done. peace, love, desire, and gladness.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 03:01:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom.

Review written by: Mr.P ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 03:36:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Obviously a great show, but I had a few dissapointments. I was a bit distraught with Maynard's lack of stage presence. While I've heard rumours of him going through hard times, and plus the crowd being 50% idiots (if you were the jackasses sitting behind me who kept yelling "Holy Shit" I about decked you), friends of mine who have attended previous Tool shows (in particular their show at the State Theater earlier this year) have told me great things about Maynard's crowd entertaining. At the very least I was expecting the body suit to be tossed off. Oh well. Other then that the only real dissapointment was the lack of either something from Opiate or in particular the one song I was hoping to hear coming into this was Push It. Sadly, no Push It was there, and no Sober or Prison Sex either. Enough of the bad though, Eulogy was incredible. Aenima had a ton of energy. Everything else was just simply Tool doing what they do best I guess. The crazy and artistic nude balancing act going on from the ceiling certainly wasn't predictiable, though once again it was ruined by idiots behind me who obviously had the concert confused with one of their dad's stolen playboys. Pretty dissapointed with Musshaga (or however you spell it). I would have been much happier to have had Fantomas open for this show, but can't win 'em all. All in all, great show, can't wait for Tool to come around again, or A Perfect Circle.....can't get enough Maynard these days.

Review written by: robert ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 07:24:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

due to a rib injury i need to trade my 2 floors for 2 really good seats...

Review written by: JM (email removed) Review posted on: 09/17/01 08:45:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My girlfriend and I attended the show last night, the first Tool show for both of us. We have seen APC, TON, Spineshank, Kiss, Nugent, and Aerosmith, and this was definitely the best of any. Not because they are our favorite band (and they are), but because they put on a tight performance. It was almost too sounded like they were playing the actual cd's and just had the band up there acting like they were playing, that is how good it sounded. Some people are complaining about how Adam kept playing the end of "Reflection" for a long time. Someone said 15 minutes. I would say closer to 5 or 6 minutes. It wasn't that long, and it sounded great. It was interesting seeing the morons around me yelling for him to stop over and over. I was glad he kept playing it, I liked watching those idiots get pissed even more. I did notice that most of them didn't even know the words, they just jumped around during Schism, Aenema and Parabola. I will have to say though that the fans pretty much created all of the negativity for me. I'm sorry but Tool is not a goth band, so I don't really see any reason in getting all decked out in the black lipstick, fingernail polish, makeup, boots, leather pants, fangs, face paint, fucked up haircuts resembling horns, or any other stuff like that. I understand that there is freedom to do whatever you want, so I guess if you want to look like a fucking retard, then go for it. The moshing idiots are right up there. Tool is not a band to mosh to. You should go there and enjoy the music that they play. They aren't up there to watch you act like assholes. I was in section 201, and they weren't the best seats, but I could have been being trampled on the floor by the mosh fuckers and I probably still would have enjoyed it just because it was such a great performance. I read someone said that Maynard shot down a USA chant.....I did not hear anything like that. Nobody was chanting USA when he said "this is not a political forum..." He just said it. Out of nowhere. About 20 minutes later is when the USA chant broke out. Aside from most of the fans who were very disgusting, the night was great. But, since the vulgar fans have ruined a lot, I doubt that I will attend another Tool show in Detroit again. Maybe I'll travel to Chicago and see one, as I hear they have great fans. Detroit does have great fans, but they are just too damned rowdy. Go see Slipknot or Mudvayne if you want to act like that. I live in Monroe Mi and I did see that motorcycle accident on my way home. I don't really think there was any way the person could have survived that. It looked horrible. There were pieces of the bike in the trunk and all over the road. I hope that they are o.k., but I'm sure they aren't.

Review written by: Zach ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 09:22:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Seeing Tool for the 2nd time was a far better thing than seeing them at Ozzfest. The opening band was poor. A copycat metal band, with a lead singer that sounds like the cookie monster, just didn't compare to anything I was about to see that night. I was down on the floor, and it was a little rough, but not to bad. There were the idiots who wanted to mosh during songs like Reflection which just pissed me off. I was standing on the right hand side, right in front of Justin. I stayed there for awhile, and during the encore, I moved over to the left hand side, to get a better view of Danny. My highlights of the night were: Aenima was incredible. The "praying for rain" part send chills all over your body. The whole lighting effect went right along with the show; Danny's drumming during 46 + 2, The Grudge, and Aenima was outstanding. Never lost a beat, never lost tempo; the extended version of Stinkfist. Just when everyone starts singing "I'll keep digging" they break into this unbelievable break down section.; and Reflection. One of my (if not my) favorite song off of the new album, as soon as I heard the drum beat come in, I was jumping up and down. Now, as far as the comments about Maynard not having the best crowd response, That is why I like Tool so much. It is "tool" as in, Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny. There is no indivual that sticks out. No Fred Durst, No Jonathan Davis, Its TOOL. In my opinion, they are one of the best bands I have ever seen live. There onstage performance is so tight, that if there was any errror in the show, it was be obviously noticable. The comment by Maynard about "keeping this feeling, and turning it into something positive" was something that I think everyone in the crowd was agreeing to. It was incredible to have the feeling like I did, but comming out of that concert, and knowing that all the bullshit is still going on in the world, it was a good short- term relief. They are deffinetly a band that I want to see again in the future. I've seen APC 2 times, but I'd rather see Tool for the 3rd time. Sorry to hear about the accident. Comming from Mount Pleasant, the traffic comming south was horrible. Hope everything turns out ok.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 09:46:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

How do I start? 4th tool show this year. Absolutley the worst. No Energy. The palace sucks and I about fell asleep after Parabola. Yeah rag on me first time toolers but when you've seen em at their best, then to see a dead show like this? I'd give it a 4 outta 10. Tool should take a short break cuz they are much better than what they gave us last night.

Review written by: Nicholas ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 10:13:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, Ive read the reviews from this show, so Ive known what was said. The set list was repated twice. Thats unnormal, but fine. It was an amazing night. I think meshuggah was tolerable. They had alright music, incomprehensible lyrics. But no one really booed at them or threw anything. I guess we were all just happy to see tool that it didnt matter so much. Tool was amazing! I had pretty high up seats thanks to the confusing fellows of ticket master. But I got a really great view of everything. The visuals were amazing. I enjoyed everything. Nothing really stands out to be better, they are all as a whole, amazing and creative. I do want to point out stinkfist though. Everyone keeps talking about the breakdown and the extended part. My interprutation of that is that Maynard wanted some interaction with the visuals. From where I was sitting, I could see his silhouette great with the small screen behind him. As That breakdown or extended part or whatever you want to call it was occuring, all they played on the screen was the part in the stinkfist video where the girl has her thumb in the guys eyelid. They repeat the same movement every second or so and its just where she moves her head up and down a little bit. Maynard was in a position to make it look like he was receiving oral from her the whole time. Most of you will probably argue this being on the floor and not seeing it from my perspective, but from on high.. Maynard was getting some action from his visuals. Enough about that though. He has a great sense of humor from all I heard on the past reviews. Oesseus Labyrint (contortionists/people from schism video/whatever you call them) were truly jaw dropping. The swinging back and forth with arms outstretched as the person from the salival box set spun round and round, and the loud slap as they embraced. Amazing moment. I also have to say Danny is amazing with what he does. He looks so in control of the drums. The rest of tool is equally amazing but I wont waste time with that. The only thing I didnt care for was the ticketmaster mistake letting us in. Twenty minutes after the doors opened we finally got in. Also all the beer drinkers there, Im not stereotyping, Im sure some of them may of been fine, but all the ones I saw were ubnoxious. The two guys yelling "Assholes" a good twenty minutes in a row got on my nerves, then claiming to see Kenny G tomarrow at the Palace. Hm, well I guess thats it, It was an amazing night and I spent it with one of the most amazing people I could of. Thank you palace staff for selling roses. All in all, great night and I cant wait to see Tool again.

Review written by: eugene ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 10:16:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

A couple things to clarify. 1. Maynard has given the same message at each concert .... before ... and after the major tragidy. Except now he added that the feelings experienced could be used for "healing". Very possitive message.. to say he was dissing the audience .... I just didn't get that. As to his comments about not being a political forum .... The band has often advertised that there concerts are about the music .. not the fetishization of "Rock Stars" ... In this vane ... I took his comment to mean "Tool" was not there to be "political". They were there to make music. The message was to take that feeling from the "music" and use it for something Good. As I see it, This was not a comment on the audience. Relax. 2. The reviewer that critisized another reviewer calling the acrobats "fags" ... I believe the latter reviewer was commenting on some audience members around him. [too bad someone still has to be put out by members of the same sex hugging but .. oh well] The Acrobats were one male one female [acrobat without a penis] To use language that insinuated they are homosexual ...... that doesn't work with two sexes. 3. The second set list listed, listed "merkaba [edit]" as one song played. I think somehow I missed that. There was an instramental were adam played a small synthesizer on a stand which at the time I thought was "mantra" but later thought it was too melodic to be "mantra" but i'm not convinced it was merkaba. Could some one help clarify this? Am I wrong? It sounded familiar but I'm not sure. 4. The spacey music before tool came on stage sounded very much like Robert Fripp's Soundscape solo material. The music during the 10 minute "acrobatic" intermission sounded familiar to me but I don't know what it was. Can any one shed some light on this?

Review written by: Angie ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 11:37:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

this was the worst Tool show i've seen. the sound was great, the setlist was good, the naked bendy people were really great, but the energy level was terrible. i don't like this new format of Maynard on the box at all. what ever happened to him standing at the edge of the stage, gaze fixed, projecting his awesome intensity? and last night he had his back to the crowd the whole time. no clever comments, nothing. i've seen some kick ass Tool shows and that one was a waste of money.

Review written by: Toolboy ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 12:14:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

An incredible journey through sight and sound. A bombardment on the human senses. Tool brings music to a whole new level.

Review written by: peter cushing ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 12:19:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

i would have to say it was the best concert experiecne i've had in my life. it was amazing. at the intermission the twins came out and clibmed the stage. they must have been hanging upside down for 30 minutes. they were great. it was awesome to hear eulogy live, i didnt expect that. towards the end of the show someone from the croud threw something onstage. it hit maynard and knocked him off balance and he feel into his "mini-screen" that he stands in front of. the screen fell and maynard just layed there....singing. the whole experience was beutiful. c.d.d.t.d.m.

Review written by: Joe Mamma ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 12:24:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was by far the best fucking show ever performed by TOOL. It was nothing like what I expected. I'll admit I'm not a big Lateralus fan, but they pulled it off spectacularly. The aerial show was outstanding, though I too experienced boneheads yelling "faggots". Whatever. Maynard himself may have never even made it to the front of the stage. He posed just in front of a large screen; you could only see his silouette. The screen behind him displayed the same image as the two huge screens above the band. It looked very cool. There was a lot of play with the lights, and that, coupled with the imagery shown on the screens, was a show in itself. They sounded as clean as crisp as ever. Damn, it was almost like a Pink Floyd show, only the music just fucking rocked. They seemed to hold off all their popular shit, and ended up playing the songs that you really want to hear. When "Undertow" came on (3rd or second song), I knew it was going to be a great show. Anyway, this being one of the few things in the U.S. that was NOT cancelled, there was great energy there. The highlight for me was when they played "Aenema". Don't know if I spelled that right, and I don't care. I just know that it was fucking superb. Learn to swim......fuck your tatoos....praying for rain, praying for tital waves.....please lord flush it all away....

Review written by: Keith ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 12:51:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Contrary to other reviews, I thought that the band sounded pretty good last night. Maynard certainly sounded a little more crisp than on September 13th in Grand Rapids. I thought that the sound system in the Palace was worse than anywhere, but Tool managed to make it sound moderately respectable. The big change for me personally was that instead of being on the floor I was in a seat this time. (Tickets for both Michigan shows went on sale at the same time on the same day, so I ordered Grand Rapids tickets first because Van Andel is smaller and therefore more intimate than the Palace. [As if you care.]) Also a welcomed change from that performance was a slightly altered set list. In Grand Rapids it was Prison Sex with the extra verse. Last night it was Undertow. In Grand Rapids it was the Salival version of Pushit. Last night we heard Eulogy. Plus, instead of Opiate we heard the equally energetic Ænema. The small alterations certainly made it feel like a different show. The Stinkfist remix was still present, so that was good too. I could actually see Osseus Labyrint on stage during Schism this time, but that didn't make up for being so far away from the rest of the show, especially Parabol/Parabola, whichs is when I think that the two contortionists have the greatest impact. There is something about them thrashing upside down with their arms contorted, helpless, completely naked, totally exposed, with the very applicable music blaring. I am sure that the burning question in the minds of some reader is "What did Maynard have to say tonight?" The answer to that: Very little. "Thank you for coming." "We hope that tonight has served as healing for all of us." "This is not a political forum. It is an experience we are sharing, exploring intelligent life on this planet." (Or something close to that.) This brings me to the crowd. Let me suffice to say that the "intelligent life" that Maynard was talking about was definitely NOT seated around me. Examples of this foolishness: While the two members of Osseus Labyrint were swinging, holding each other, and mimicking the Salival artwork, someone yelled out "Play some fucking music." Someone next to me said "They have too fucking long of intros." Everyone seemed to think Disposition, being a slower song, was a good time to sit down, get up and get another beer, or stream towards the exits for whatever reason. This shows extreme disrespect for the art that was being created and displayed. Not only that, but it shows the downside to Tool's newfound popularity. But at least they were not the primate sitting behind me. He was gifted/cursed (depending on who you are) with the ability to whistle at 100 decibles. Now, this would not necessarily a bad thing if he hadn't done it as long and as loud as he could every 30 seconds. Couple this annoying habit with the fact that he didn't know how to say (scream) anything except "Fuckin' Tool" and "Yeah" in between whistles. Constantly... His throat was obviously raw from screaming but that didn't stop him. Ugh, I can't believe I didn't hit him. It was very frustrating. Thankfully Tool's music and mood were enough of a distraction so that I couldn't hear him during the songs most of the time. I just "let go." But my mood was shattered between the epic emotional journies. I suppose that is what I get for being a "squatter" or "squatting," in concert terminology. (Squatter skwa*ter (noun): one that settles on property without right or title or payment of rent.) Simply put, I didn't sit in my assigned seat. I wanted to be closer. For the record, if the real seat holder did come by, I did move for them. Oh well, I still had a good time despite the wakeup call regarding evolution's effectiveness. It was a good show, but still didn't compare to the time I had at the State Theater on the Preseminal Tour. Almost 3 hours of Tool... Bliss... Regardless, I hope that the band decides to come around again before they finish up the tour. Maybe play a smaller venue again. Give the fans that really feel the music and do find a way to communicate through it, in whatever way, something special. Maynard, Adam, Danny, Justin: Thanks for the art, good memories, and the uncomparable ethereal experiences. Hopefully I'll see Tool again very soon... Keith 11-17-01

Review written by: Dreamweasel ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 13:15:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I arrived at the Palace at 6:00 pm, a full hour and a half before showtime. There was no backup whatsoever on I-75, and I cruised into the parking lot with minimal hassle. This is not a luxury I would necessarily enjoy on a weeknight, but weekend gigs come with their own traffic buffer. : ) Grabbed a slice of pizza and a Coke, and perused the merch. Jesus, when did concert T-shirts go up to $35? Unlike many of the posters above, I actually liked Meshuggah: I was moved by their brutal metal riffing. Ironically, the spoken interludes were very stoic: "Hello. Ve are Meshuggah, from Stockholm Sveden. Ve are here to entertain you until Tool comes out." Half the audience dug 'em, and half were saying they sucked. But you'll get people who hate ANY opening act, no matter how good they are. The arena really started to fill up after their set... there was no room to move in the Palace concourse. And every other kid seemed to be sporting a brand-new Tool shirt. I guess the manufacturers knew what the market would bear. Tool's gotten quite a bit of mileage out of the anti-ego surrealism pioneered by Pink Floyd: "We'll give you lots of stuff to look at, as long as it isn't us". This aesthetic carried over to their live performance as well: all four members were pretty much locked in place, with Maynard only visible in silhouette. Like Floyd, the real show took place on the video screens behind them. If you've ever seen any Tool videos, you've got a good idea of the kind of visual imagery they prefer. They augmented the presentation with a couple of nude, bodypainted acrobats who joined them onstage and spent a good 15 minutes dangling upside-down in front of the screens. The girl in front of me swore up and down that the one on the left was Maynard (despite, or perhaps because of, the absence of male genitals). There's not much room in a show like this for spontaneity, but clearly the week's events weighed heavily on everyone's mind. "This is not... a political forum." said Maynard between songs. "This is a moment for us to share, to ponder the existence of intelligent life in the Universe." Introducing "Schism", he said: "This is a song about overcoming our differences through communication." The crowd was receptive; I'm sure most of them got it. I heard several dozen people chanting "MAY - NARD! MAY - NARD!", which itself is an experience almost as surreal as the visual imagery above. It would have been a truly transcendent evening were it not for the freakin' GOON behind me who kept ramming his head and elbows into my back. He seemed to be REALLY getting into the music, which of course was good... but nobody else was moshing around us, and others were becoming irritated by his thoughtlessness as well. I clamped him on the shoulder, and said: "EXCUSE ME... COULD YOU PLEASE NOT DO THAT OVER HERE?" I'm not sure if he heard me... he really did seem like he was in his own world. It's difficult to enjoy yourself if you're always watching your back, and maybe I should have just moved elsewhere. But the floor was crowded enough as it was, and I really liked the spot I'd chosen. Still, I kept an eye on this guy, who increasingly appeared to exhibit classic "drunk meathead thug" mentality. (Shouting "WHOOOO!" during the quiet, introspective songs was a dead giveaway.) So when Tool ripped into "Aenema", this same guy plunged HARD into my back, knocking me into a pit and damn near knocking off my glasses. I was seriously ready to take a swing at him, but instead I just leaned real close to his ear and screamed "THANKS A LOT, ASSHOLE!!!" I'm not sure if he heard me. I've gotta remember that I'm wearing earplugs at these shows. Accepting my defeat, I retreated to a spot near the edge of the floor. By now, the show was coming to a close, and Maynard addressed the crowd one more time. "I'm glad we were able to spend this time together. But now, I have a homework assignment for you. Think about how you're feeling now. I want each of you to go home, remember this feeling, and harness it into something positive in the weeks to come." Unfortunately, my own feelings at that moment were still pretty close to "I'm gonna fucking kill that guy", but Maynard had no way of knowing that. I checked my watch: 10:50. I knew that the Palace was downright militant in enforcing their 11:00 curfew. I listened to about half of "Lateralus" before I escaped to the exits. I don't think there was an encore (despite the absence of "Sober" or "Prison Sex"). I saw the crowd flooding out of the arena just as I was leaving the parking lot. Perfect. : )

Review written by: vena cava ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 13:21:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First TOOL show and it was everything I wanted and needed. So much emotion and energy. I was right up front the entire show and except for a fight that broke out it was perfect. A group of jerk-offs were saying some elementry things about the pair preforming on stage and the people in front of them told them off and it went from there. I really can't put it into words how It made me feel except to say that I had tears in my eyes during 46&2 and Reflection. So, yeah, I'm a big pussy. Such a fucking powerful show, one of the best I've ever seen.

Review written by: Tony ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 14:04:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I have been a Tool fan for a long time and after having the line cut off right in front of me for State Theater tickets I was very disilliusioned as if I would ever see them again. Luckily I had the chance and this show will stay up their with Nine Inch Nails/ A Perfect Circle as the best ones I have ever seen. To start the ride their I saw alot of people with Tool stickers on which was awesome. We had Meshuggah blaring and it was a fun ride. When we get to the venue i noticed alot of (pardon for a better word) Drunken rednecks. I did see the one with a USA flag and a NWO shirt and it was very annoying to me. But anyways I tried to ignore the distractions and focus on my show. My seats I had were 2nd from the floor and were amazing but I decided to go up a few rows to sit with my friends. From their Meshuggah came on and played an amazing set. I am into a lot of the Swedish metal stuff so seeing them with Tool was a real treat for me. If you are not into Thrash or Speed/Technical Metal at all you probably did not enjoy Meshuggah that much. After about a half hour Tool finally came on. The setlist has been posted and it was amazing. I unfortunatly was one row in front of the people that started chanting USA and they were really annoying me the whole show. All they yelled was play Sober and Stinkfist. But the show and visuals were completely amazing. The merchandise prices were highway robbery though as a XXL Tour Shirt was 40 dollars. Hopefully Tool can realize their mistake like NIN did and lower their prices a tad. Overall finally getting to see my favorite band was an amazing thing and one of the most moving nights in my life. The only downfalls were the disrespectful crowd and senseless moshing the whole show. I was very glad to have seats and completly enjoy the show as I did.

Review written by: Leah ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 15:25:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool were amazing. I had the time of my life. I find that some people don't understand why Maynard was in front of a screen and a silhouette and all... I feel that he is just very creative, I thought it was awesome. We had bird's eye view seats basically, so I saw everything pretty well I think. Every song was done beautifully, and had its own seperate amaze. The fans were for the most part awesome people, although I did notice one idiot with a flag on his back, and a bunch of people that came just to hear the likes of Schism or Sober. Most of the people I noticed didn't understand the contortionists either. They weren't "naked fags", or whatever else was said. They were the man and woman from the Schism video, and in my opinion they were very talented, creative people. Coming from Canada to see the show, I wasn't sure if I'd make it, because of the whole border thing. But it turned out alright, I got to see two of my good friends, and it was just an amazing, great, fucking more than awesome time that I'll remember forever.

Review written by: Reverend Maynard ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 15:30:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

that was the greatest live performance ive ever seen! and i went to Ozzfest twice this year! I saw them before at Edgefest and I thought that was amazing, but last night blew me away. If you haven't seen Tool live yet I suggest you do or you will be missing out.

Review written by: EH ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 15:49:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom. My Point of View : by chanting USA, USA! people are singling out their own ego and saying look at us we are usa and we are strong (somewhat a fearful thing to do in my eyes). what good is this when we are all working to become more collective? I beleive that we ALL need to work on communication and loving all of eachother not just other "americans" i think collectively meens the WHOLE of us here living in this space. that would be the idea of becoming more conscious and collective we are all one and the same. Also think of similar things to what happened in NYC happens in other countrys everyday can we not feel love and compassion for those people as well? Also im not writing this to cause hard feelings between us, as i do not have hard feelings toward those chanting. LOVE and LIGHT to ALL!!

Review written by: Jacqueline ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 16:12:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, after seeing the State Theatre show earlier this year, my expectations were high. I don't know if they were met, but here's a few things I noticed. 1. The sound quality in the Palace compared to the State Theatre was tremendously better. Before it seemed like a lot of Maynard's vocals were muffled by the drums and guitars. This was not the case here. 2. The variety of songs was better at this show. One of my concert pet peeves is when bands cater their concerts to show off all the songs that are played on the radio. If you want to hear songs from the radio, then listen to the radio. But anyways, in that respect I was not disappointed, especially because they played Eulogy!!!! Also the Patient, Undertow, etc. 3. Was I the only one who thought the guitar playing seemed a bit off in places? It seemed like the tempo was being rushed towards the end of songs... 4. Also - I noticed the band didn't seem to play much into the crowd, or even move around. I guess the emphasis is supposed to be on watching the (somewhat low-quality) video footage playing. However, I would have preferred to see more of the band. Especially if there's the potential of Maynard stripping down a bit :) 5. The opening band was horrible. 6. The biggest downfall of the concert (and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed it) was STUPID FANS!!! I'm 20 years old and I felt like the most mature person there. I got the vibe that this was a lot of high school kids' first real concert, and that a lot of them owned few if any Tool Cds (judging by the excited reaction of popular songs like "Aenema" and the lack of excitement about "Undertow," "Eulogy," etc.). There was a lot of drug use (I don't smoke ANYTHING so it was irritating to me), and I was about to ask the person next to me exactly how many tokes it took to be stoned, because he sure as hell took a good 3/4 of the concert to feel any effects. There were quite a few "gun toting hip gangster wannabes" who didn't seem to realize it. Despite this, I did find the show enjoyable but kind of short.

Review written by: Chris Fici ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 16:18:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow........... That was unlike anything I have ever experienced. From the sheer thrill of having to hang on for dear life as the entire floor just never stopped moving, to the simple and sheer fact that I was finally seeing TOOL in the flesh, this was an experience that defines why we are all here..... "This is not a political rally, this is a moment to explore the intelligence of human life"-Maynard I like that quote because it applies to not just this concert, but to life right now as a whole. I don't know about other people, but the fact that the band cut a mysterious figure on the stage, with Maynard never truly showing himself, does not bother me. It fits the mystique of this band well. They are not there to be blindly worshipped, they are there to provide us with a chance to experience things that either we never find on our own, or that which are kept from us by those in control. The one moment that sticks out for me is Maynard shaking his head at the USA chants following his "positive moment" speech. I completely understand his frustration; some of us know, Maynard, and it kills us that the rest can't see not only the world, but EVERYTHING the way in which people won't be hurt. Who knows how to change this? Maybe it's not our job? Maybe we've done all we can freeing ourselves....... Music wise, it makes my year that "Eulogy" was played. The rest of the set was great as well, and seeing a Tool show on the floor is something else. The visuals were plenty cool. I dug the repeating motif (apparently it was very acid-like, not that I would know). Hands down, if the music Tool made didn't exist, it would be hard to imagine anything making sense.....

Review written by: Ray ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 16:39:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second tool show and I thought it was pretty good. I kind of wanted to hear hooker with a penis but what are the odds of that happening... Being on the floor and getting right up to the front was awesome. It was great to be right up there during 46 & 2. I didn't think I'd ever get that close to Adam. I thought that there were a lot of idiots on the floor, but I enjoyed kicking the shit out of the ones that REALLY PISSED ME OFF. Meshuggah was a decent band, but really wasn't one that should have opened for a band like Tool. They should be on a tour with Slayer or Pantera, definately not Tool. All and all, it was the best show I've seen yet and I'm looking forward to seeing Tool many more times.

Review written by: Brent Vasher ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 17:12:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This which will more than likely be the last tool show I get to see for a while, absolutely blew me away. Let's start in the Palace lobby, where I managed to convince one of the fine employees to give myself and the one other person in my group to give us main floor wristbands even though I had lower bowl seats. People will do incredible things even for strangers if you treat them respectfully, and the Palace staff cooperation made my night that much better. Having already seen Meshuggah on Thursday, and not being that impressed I didn't actually enter the concert until about 8:20. I walked around to the front right side of the stage walked down stairs and entered the pit about 6 rows deep on the far right. By the time Tool took the stage I had made my way to about the 3rd row even with Justin. THe crowd in the pit was extremely well behaved and even a little lacsadaisicle. It got pretty hot for the rough beginning of the show, but being so close I was doused with water on numerous occasions by the members of the GSI security team who did a phenomenal job. The setlist last night was more to my liking than Thursdays, including Eulogy, my favorite song, and Aenima which was probably the most intense portion of the concert. That or I'd say parabola. Overall after a good nights rest and rehydration, this was probably my favorite of the three Tool concerts I've seen, and certainly the best overall. Maynard had some interesting things to say especially to some crowd reactions, but people can take what they want from it. Overall it was a truly awesome experience I am happy to have shared with the band, and plan on doing something good I haven't done in a while. MY HOMEWORK!!!!!

Review written by: Matt Newton ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 18:13:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey! I had a lower level suite, and i just want to say the concert was cool as hell. I've never seen tool live before, and i wasn't disappointed at all. Sure, even if maynard wasn't in front of the video screen, we wouldnt be able to see him anyway. I can understand Tool's message here: It's not about SEEING them perform, it's HEARING them. The way they did Stinkfist was bad ass!!!! i totally got into it. The video they ran during Reflection was utterly disturbing -- thumbs up. You have to hand it to tool -- they did a nice set. PS: if you were there, i was one of the dudes playing with the rigged lighters in between songs. Oh yeah, me and my buddies started the "USA" chant...

Review written by: kristen smith ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 18:28:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well this was my second tool show. i saw a lot of people i know, and a whole lot more people i don't know.. i went with my friend jon, a tool concert virgin. we got to the palace at around 6:30. if you saw two looney kids skipping around the parking lot, the chick in a homemade mr. bungle shirt and grey pants and short blonde hair, and the guy in a homemade sailor moon shirt and grey pants and short dark hair, that was us. we got kinda excited. we met two guys from monroe in the parking lot. after we ran around the parking lot, we went back to jon's car. i experienced my last tool show back in may sober. we decided that since the resources were available, we'd undergo this concert in an altered state of conscious... so we shmoked that, and passed the rest to our friends from monroe.. pretty cool guys, but i don't remember their names... in the parking lot, the sun looked very cool, especially with the way it was shining exactly between jon's car and the monroe boys' car... it was really beautiful, to see the sunset before the show. very enjoyable. we went inside and wandered around... we found our seats, section 119, row e, seats 7 & 8. the palace is a very big venue... i knew this experience would be much different than seeing tool at the rather small state theatre. there was more of a friendly, brotherly, connected vibration going on there.. it was closer. the fact that everyone had to wait outside in one common area at the state theatre in order to get in definitely contributed to some bonding going on before the show. friends were made. at the show last night, there was just a different atmosphere. the impersonal level of everything sorta got to me. especially the $35-50 t- shirts. i made my own tool tour shirt. some people near our section were chanting "USA..USA..USA..USA". that didn't have much effect on me.. it didn't really bother me either, and i enjoy the fact that they have positive energy toward that, but come on guys, we're at a tool concert and we're just trying to enjoy the music. it ain't no pep rally. a group of people came who made their own tool shirts and they were with magic marker; the shirts had an american flag drawn onto them with "TOOL" under the flag. pretty spiffy. good job, guys. meshuggah, the opening band, was good. they played some songs i recognized. people weren't too too into them, but it's not like they sucked or anything. big ups to stockholm, sweden. the ABBA of metal. they didn't seem to feel the crowd very much. i think i'm going to swear off sports arenas as concert venues from now on. we left our seats and went food hunting. at this point i got very dance-y and very... physical in my way of expression. i really wanted to connect with the people and most people were just very distant. jon and i upgraded our seats thanks to the wonderful art i have mastered, called "seat-hopping". the first song tool played was "the grudge". i like this song, and think it's a good song to open with. the emotion wasn't really there though. they were going through the motions... danny was great as ever, making his crazy drumming look so easy.. i think maynard had his black leather suit on again. the place was just too big and just too impersonal. maynard barely spoke to the crowd. i think he said "thank you for coming" or "thank you very much" twice. that was it. and i don't blame the man for not speaking. i hardly felt connected with the audience either. the fans have been really watered down. the song[s] i was looking forward to were parabol/parabola, the tear-jerking climactic duo. they made the night worthwhile. adam jones' "solo" was also a great great part of the night as well.. it was very touching. i think his "solo" was at the end of "reflection".. this was the point at which the contortionists came out, gyrating their bodies with one another, and putting on a sweet show. all nude i think. the videos were good, of course. nothing that great to say about the show. i don't think i'll pay to see tool again, unless under special circumstances. i've seen them twice; once sober, once stoned. i liked the sober time better. concert venues are like high schools, or summer camps, or colleges.. the smaller and less people, the better off you are socially. and at concerts, a major part of the enjoyment factor has to do with the sociality. props to you and i think it's excellent if this was the greatest experience in your life. i'd rather have skipped last night's tool show and saved my energy for tonight's fantômas show instead though. too bad i'm not 18. feel free to get in touch with me. i like to share opinions, etc. much love, kristen

Review written by: kristen smith ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 18:43:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

p.s.--i would just like to extend something to EVERYONE who traveled out of state [or like, from the upper peninusula or other faraway lands] that you guys rock! i was so happy to see so many canadian and ohioan license plates..

Review written by: amy ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 19:34:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I have never heard better sound at a concert in my life!!!. Tool blew me away. At first I was disapointed that the visual projectors were directly in my path...could not see anything but the screens and a small section of the stage. But then I realized that seeing the band was not the point or the reason I was there. I was there to hear great music from my all time favorite band and they played outstanding, I was not diapointed with them at all. The visuals were amazing and hightened the experience. I just moved back from Atlanta and had tried to get tickets there that last time they came through this summer. I was not lucky enough to get those tickets and after hearing about what had happened as far as fake tickets and how the people in Atlanta were screwed over by ticketmaster I am glad that I did not make it to that show and glad that I was lucky enough to make it to this one instead. Even though I have seen better and more enthusiastic fans here in Detroit (which was disapointing) experience from seeing concerts in 4 other states has shown me that there are no fans like Detroit fans. Tool never the less rocked my socks and I will go see them again and again!!!

Review written by: jeff michalak ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 19:52:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

simply amazing!!.. i went to the grand rapids show also and this one was 10 times better it might have been cause they played eulogy, or cause i had floor tickets this time. its prolly just a combination. this was the best concert i have ever been too. cant wait for another go! thanks to the best band in the world.

Review written by: Karl W ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 20:43:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 21st Tool show

So comes the end of another exciting tool experience. 4 shows with great music and even better friends. I can't wait till the next round. Karl W Oh the concert was good. eulogy and undertow were great. I acyualy broke down and spent the fifty dollars for the longlseeve shirt. With those prices you would think ozzy was playing. I don't care what other people think. Meshuggah was pretty good. It's funny watching people stand and stare at a band cause they can't keep up with their music (the people in cleveland were able to get into them).

Review written by: Tool, not Limp bizkit, stupid fucks ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 20:54:12 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

I didn't go to this show, I don't even live in Detroit. I just wanted to comment on some of the stupid reviews some of you fuckin morons wrote. First of all if you want to go see a band jump around the stage like a bunch of monkeys while the lead singer flicks of the crowd and spit beer at you, THEN GO SEE LIMPBIZKIT, PAPA ROACH OR SOME GAY 80'S BUTTROCK BAND!!!!!!!!! Tool is not about that, they are about music and art, not getting fucked and trying to apeal to fuckin jocks and dirthead dipshits. Adam, Danny, Maynard and Justin can sit down on stage with their backs turned for all I give fuck. I'm there to hear them play their music. So to all you bitches who are crying about maynard not moving form his paltform, or adam and justin not running around back in forth on stage and banging their heads, i have some advice for ya= dont go to a tool show, keep you gay asses home and watch TRL. And another thing i can see if people get a bit annoyed when dudes mosh to a song like "reflection" or "Parabol", I mean come guys, you look stupid. But if someone once to mosh to a faster song like "undertow", or "stinkfist", they should feel free to do it. It's a fucking rock concert, not a church. Thanks see you auntie

Review written by: HeadHolio ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 20:55:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was different from the start. You could tell that Tool was aiming for a different atmosphere then before. I was on the floor front and center for most of the show. Maynard did seem pissed/annoyed, as some people already noted. I think the USA chants were getting to him. And I can see why they would too. Tool tries their best to bring you into another world during a show. Almost like a different spiritual place where there are no countries and patriotism doesn't have any meaning. I think the chanting was distrupting his vibe and it showed with his body language. I should probably thank the security personel up front for giving me water because I was on the verge of dehydration. Plus, I left the show soaked with what seemed like everyone else's sweat. The visuals were great, they definately added to the experience, and Maynard almost looked like Till from Rammstein with his body suit. Yes there were pits, and yes it was pretty tight up front. But this time, the pits were a little less violent, and there seemed to be a lot more breathing room up front, not to mention that there were very few body surfers. All in all, it was a great show, but I can definately see how some people might have been upset thinking it was a bad one. And I think that's great, maybe they won't come to the next Tool show.

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 21:13:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Ok, some insight on a couple of things concerning the show: 1) When Maynard said "This isn't a political forum, just a search for intelligent life on earth." (something like that), I think some took it wrong. I don't think he was putting down those who were chanting "USA, USA". Whether or not he liked that or even heard those people who knows. I think he said that to let us know about the next song, Eulogy. He wants us to know that Eulogy doesn't necessarily reflect the current national situation, it isn't about Bin Laden or terrorism...I think he just wanted to remind us of that before they played the song. 2) As for the 15 minute riff played by Adam. I guarantee it wasn't 15 minutes. But even if it was, you came to see TOOL. And TOOL is what you got, whether your impatient ass liked it or not! And as for Maynard not stepping out from the dark during the show...that's what makes TOOL special. Their faces aren't shoved down our throats. They have done it the right way--they are a popular band and yet most of them can walk any city street and no one will notice them. If any of us end up in a popular band, I'm sure we'd kill for that kind of anonimity as well. Some fans really piss me off. TOOL is about music, not image. Oh, the show itself? I loved it...hearing their songs live was the highlight of my life. And the imagery on the screens was breathtaking, added lots to the show. Thanks TOOL!

Review written by: Beattie ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 21:56:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was the best concert ive ever been to. Maynard never left the front of this screen, and they didnt play sober, which is my favorite song of all time, it was extremely awesome. These people in skin tight latex were crawling up and down this rope. This was really cool because it looked like they were apart of the screen behind them, but they were real, i think. The music videos played behind them on screens and the sound was phenominal.

Review written by: liquidcow ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 21:59:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i just want to thank you for giving me a moment of solace in the midst of such a tumultuous and uncertain time

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:01:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All i have to say is this show kicked some major fucking ass. First, i would like to say how crystal clear and loud the sounding was. You could hear all of their instruments pefect and Maynard's voice was as clear as it gets. The lighting and special effects were awesome, especially the Schism people. I went to the Columbus show also and that was a hell of a show also. My home town is Detroit so Im very happy that i got to see them in my home town. Im glad that they changed the setlist a little bit because i really wanted to hear eulogy and undertow and i did. So that was my highlight of the show, actually the whole fucking show was the best. Those were the best 4 hours of my life when i saw them 2 times. Tool is the best fucking band out there right now and the rest of phony bands suck. No one can reach the potential that Tool puts in their music. I thank Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin for being Tool and making the best fucking music. Setlist: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Undertow 5. Schism 6. EULOGY (FUCK YA-FAV. TOOL song went crazy) 7. Disposition 8. Reflection Intermission 9. Parabol 10. Parabola 11. The Patient 12. AEnima 13. Lateralis

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:01:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All i have to say is this show kicked some major fucking ass. First, i would like to say how crystal clear and loud the sounding was. You could hear all of their instruments pefect and Maynard's voice was as clear as it gets. The lighting and special effects were awesome, especially the Schism people. I went to the Columbus show also and that was a hell of a show also. My home town is Detroit so Im very happy that i got to see them in my home town. Im glad that they changed the setlist a little bit because i really wanted to hear eulogy and undertow and i did. So that was my highlight of the show, actually the whole fucking show was the best. Those were the best 4 hours of my life when i saw them 2 times. Tool is the best fucking band out there right now and the rest of phony bands suck. No one can reach the potential that Tool puts in their music. I thank Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin for being Tool and making the best fucking music. Setlist: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Undertow 5. Schism 6. EULOGY (FUCK YA-FAV. TOOL song went crazy) 7. Disposition 8. Reflection Intermission 9. Parabol 10. Parabola 11. The Patient 12. AEnima 13. Lateralis

Review written by: zamba ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:04:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3RD Tool show

Tool plays great music. Maynard needs to recognize that Tool is a band. If Maynard can not come to terms with his disassociation of the country he lives in, he needs to be sure he does not use his position to contort our young peoples minds into followers of something they really do not understand. This is no better than any of our enemies efforts. Please persuade our people to think for themselves and to NEVER trust the word of anybody. Even their most trusted rock star- Maynard. Please teach people to do ALL of the research themselves and come to their OWN opinions. Whatever those opinions may be... Our Nation needs people to think for themselves and we all need to help them do that.....Keep Rockin' TOOL and think.....this is tough stuff

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:06:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All i have to say is how fucking amazing Tool is live and how the show kicked some major fucking ass. First, i would like to say how crystal clear and loud the sounding was. You could hear all of their instruments pefect and Maynard's voice was as clear as it gets. The lighting and special effects were awesome, especially the Schism people. I went to the Columbus show also and that was a hell of a show also. My home town is Detroit so Im very happy that i got to see them in my home town. Im glad that they changed the setlist a little bit because i really wanted to hear eulogy and undertow and i did. So that was my highlight of the show, actually the whole fucking show was the best. Those were the best 4 hours of my life when i saw them 2 times. Tool is the best fucking band out there right now and the rest of phony bands suck. No one can reach the potential that Tool puts in their music. I thank Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin for being Tool and making the best fucking music. Setlist: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Undertow 5. Schism 6. EULOGY (FUCK YA-FAV. TOOL song went crazy) 7. Disposition 8. Reflection Intermission 9. Parabol 10. Parabola 11. The Patient 12. AEnima 13. Lateralis

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:06:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All i have to say is how fucking amazing Tool is live and how the show kicked some major fucking ass. First, i would like to say how crystal clear and loud the sounding was. You could hear all of their instruments pefect and Maynard's voice was as clear as it gets. The lighting and special effects were awesome, especially the Schism people. I went to the Columbus show also and that was a hell of a show also. My home town is Detroit so Im very happy that i got to see them in my home town. Im glad that they changed the setlist a little bit because i really wanted to hear eulogy and undertow and i did. So that was my highlight of the show, actually the whole fucking show was the best. Those were the best 4 hours of my life when i saw them 2 times. Tool is the best fucking band out there right now and the rest of phony bands suck. No one can reach the potential that Tool puts in their music. I thank Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin for being Tool and making the best fucking music. Setlist: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Undertow 5. Schism 6. EULOGY (FUCK YA-FAV. TOOL song went crazy) 7. Disposition 8. Reflection Intermission 9. Parabol 10. Parabola 11. The Patient 12. AEnima 13. Lateralis

Review written by: Gleadogg ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 22:29:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A few points I'd to comment on: About the set list, I think they also played (-)Ions right before Stinkfist. Sorry kids, but Meshuggah could have been the absolute WORST warm up act I've ever seen. Now, I know some of you will tell me that I just don't get it or how they used to rock before so and so left the band... whatever, but, what I saw last night, was crap. To the reviewer who thought Maynard's "...not a political forum..." comment may have been an introduction to Eulogy.... nope. It was a direct response to the chanting. He said the same thing on Thursday and they did not play Eulogy then, but they did chant. Musically they were sharp. Maynard is always fun to watch. Although the occasional spot light illumination wouldn't hurt. From my seats it was impossible to tell if he was facing the crowd or not. However, when Eulogy started my concert was made. I was so hoping to hear that song and it certainly didn't disappoint. I was fortunate enough to win tickets to see them at the State Theater earlier in the year and Maynard seemed more crowd friendly then. But, like the one reviewer said, he's just a singer in a rock n roll band and he did a damn good job so I'm pleased.

Review written by: Malfeasance ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 23:03:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I thought Osseus Labryrint was really cool. All these art-rock visuals remind me of a scene from Spinal Tap when the guitar player was stuck in one of the space pods during the show. I think Tool needs a stage setup that resembles Stone Hendge, that would be cool. So don't hate me, I was just kidding. Well anyway, I like tool. CHICKENWEASEL!!!!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 23:09:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I went to the Grand Rapids show and the Detroit show. While Maynard did talk a little bit more during the Grand Rapids show, I enjoyed the set list more in the Detroit show. Eulogy and AEnima were appreciated additions to the list. When my friends and I tried to get through the ticket collector into the arena, they told us my seats had obstructed view because of the projectors and to go to this table and exchange our tickets. This we did and actually got better tickets. Then some girls came to our seats and asked if we wanted to trade them tickets for the floor because they would rather have seats. So we ended up getting main floor instead of some mediocre seats. All in all an awesome show. The band plays so well live that it sounds better than on the cd. Best concert I've ever been to.

[Despite its anonymity, which I don't like, I liked this one a lot -- Kabir] Review written by: e ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 23:41:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I've been a fan for eight years, Tool is one of my few absolute favorite bands. Which is why I find something heartbreaking. One of the reviews from the shows of last week indicated Maynard responding to the "USA, USA" chant with, "You're going to be really bummed when you find out the US did it." I live in New York City, a few miles from where the Towers collapsed. I know people who were killed. This is my home. Maynard's remark, even in jest, or as a gesture to unify people, or to promote compassion instead of fear, was sorely misplaced. Not good AT ALL. I hope he was misunderstood or didn't really say that, because that's a real fucking let-down. To even hint that our own government did it is atrocious. No matter what end Maynard hoped to achieve. When they play here October 1st I hope he has a little more compassion for the 5000 civilians killed. This review page is also "not a political forum", but it IS "first-hand, immediate, from the heart."

Review written by: Paul Greiner ( Review posted on: 09/17/01 23:50:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I saw this enlightening show about a week and a half ago. I figured that I would give myself a little time to sit back and reflect on what I experienced that night. Buying the tickets was almost as much of a memory to me as the actual concert. Four friends and I decided that we were going to have to realize that if we wanted to do what we wanted to do at this concert, than we were going to have to get pavilion seats to avoid all of the ignorance. We decided to have a gathering and then leave for the ticket store on May 15 4:30a.m. and then have a little nap in front of the place. I recieved lower pavilion tickets and then through sheer kindness of ones heart,I was able to sit in the third row exact center. -The show- Although this was my first live tool experience I did know what to expect. I knew 90% of what was going to happen at this concert. Some people think that this might be deadening to the experience, but I take it as a sort of preperation for what was about to happen. The one thing that i did not expect was for it to blow away my expectations and basically blindside me. Don't take this as negative at all. I have been researching this band for 6 years and I am 17 years old. The level that my study has taken me to is amazing. Tool IS actually a tool. Just think about what I am saying and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Put yourself in the same frame of mind as you were in at that beautiful concert you were at. Do you think you have ever felt like that in your entire lifetime? This band will teach you the beginnings of an unbelievable journey and that is just the beginning. I am not blabbing about how this band rocks. We need much more than that. the catchphrases and the slang belong exactly where you found them. Please truely think for yourself. This is only my opinion. Write me

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 00:01:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

My first show, I was brought by one of the guitarists in my band who knew I would dig it. Always had trusted friends who spoke highly of TOOL yet I never really had my moment with them. Knew they had their act together, so I was ready to see them. WOW. I can see why ignorance allows for people to write them off as a metal/hardcore band. There's so much more going on, the interplay is sophisticated and refined. Not knowing the songs (except for Schism which I love), I got the in-your-face treatment of experiencing the show as a virgin...which is great because you have no hindering preconceptions, you're open to being blown away in whatever way...just raw impression. Being a drummer, I really appreciated the counterrhtythms among parts and especially Danny who I always heard great things about. He had some serious 'fighter-pilot licks' that made me laugh and cheer. He fucking flogs. ('flog' meaning rips.) I agree with some other posts that the 'meathead' factor of alot of the crowd was a buzzkill and somewhat discouraging. I could see TOOL being just as happy playing for a sitting crowd at Carnegie Hall who pay attention to all the work they obviously put into their music. I just hope noone got hurt in the moshing and that it was heavy rambunctiousness rather than misguided, violent venting. The show was exhilarating, primal, thunderous, and smart. The heaviness in the music easily can be misconstrued as just another hardcore band. TOOL will obviously be around for a long time, and the people in the parking lot afterwards who were complaining about Osseus Labyrinthe, and Maynard not hootin' and hollerin'...well, hopefully these idiots won't be there next time. More fun for us who come to listen and not get pummelled by drunk Goldberg wanna-be's. I'll be seeing TOOL from now on when they come to town. They're just too good to miss. And better yet, I have a new band to learn about and get into.

Review written by: fucked over like a monkey ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 00:07:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

well now; if you want a reivew of the concert, just scroll down. don't even bother with this shit... if you want to read about the excruciatingly disasterous sorrow faced by a certain human being, read on. wednesday, august 8th, 3:00pm: while basking in the carcinogenic solar rays that penetrate my epidermis with pure, unadulterated ultra-violet death rays, my friends and i hear that tool tickets are going on sale on the 10th... in two days. since i was fucked over by ticketmaster after waiting for 4 hours in line (for the mini-tour earlier in the year), i was set to go to any extent to attain tickets for the upcoming show. frantically, i called my place of employment and cancelled my shift for friday. friday, august 10th, 6:30am: alarm clock sounds. stubbling, fumbling to wake myself; the 'play' button of my cd player greets me with the good-morning mantra of 'cold and ugly'. alright, now my ass is up. tool t-shirt on torso, cell phone and walllet loaded with canadian money in hand, i step the fuck out of the house in the summer heat, determined to get tickets to see my favourite band since i was in eighth grade (when aenima was released). 7:30am: i rendez-vous with my friend on the bus, headed to downtown windsor, on our way to joe lous arena, in the heart of downtown detroit where we aim to purchase tickets. 8:00am: we enter the united states having not exchanged our canadian funds due to lack of time. we are stopped at customs and nearly cavity searched when we informed them that we were entering the U.S. to buy concert tickets. 8:30am: we arrive at the box office window of joe louis arena to find other tool fans waiting patiently outside for the 10:00 on-sale time to roll around. after interrogating many companions, the conclusion was reached that i should haul my fuckin ass to try and find a location whereby i could allocate my canadian money into american funds. (as it was strongly believed that ticketmaster would not accpet canadian money). 9:00am: a tall white canadian kid with 'tool' written across his chest and a wallet chain hanging from his war-torn jean shorts is literally running around downtown detroit. this motherfucker is me. mind you, i've ate nothing since my dinner the night before, and am running on water alone. i went back to the tunnel. then to greektown. chinatown. mexicantown. every fucking town in that town... and no luck. 9:55am: at the second bank i entered, i was informed that another adjacent banking firm would gladly exchange my currency at no additional charge. as i exit that bank en route to my potential babylonian salvation, i consult my watch. 9:55am: tickets go onsale in 5 minutes. i am far away. with no american money. my friend is waiting at the box office, as i have his money to exchange for him. i nearly defecate in my trousers. 9:56am: my friend's cell phone rings. it's me. as i inform that i am running like an ethiopian in the deserts of somalia, he in turn tells me that they do in fact accept canadian money. as i stop in mid-stride, re-orient myself in the sprawling downtown of detroit michigan. me friend calmly screams 'get back to the joe now!!!!!!!' 9:57am: every pore in my body is secreting infathomable amounts of sweat. i gallop across construction-ridden terrain. i jump over scultures, dive through park sprinklers, dodge buicks and hurtle down escalors. 10:00am: finally, in front of the joe, running to the rear ticket window, i push 'redial'. my friend is next in line. it's now or never. i close my eyes and breathe. all i hear in my head is maynard calling me to spiral out, keep going, keep going, keep going. as i ride the spiral to its very end, i see the inner light of the box office room through the battery of cavernous doorways. as my friend turns to see my near- asphyxiated body stumble through the door, he frantically turns to the ticket clerk, "four floor tickets!!". as i withdraw my wallet, we are informed that the floor has sadly been sold out. ouch. we get seats. total price in canadian money? over $300. but fuck money. this is adam, justin, danny and maynard. 11:00am: back in canada, and laughing all the way home. i'm going to see tool september 16th!!! sunday, september 16th, 2:00pm: my fucked up neo-nazi parents inform me that i am unable to attend the concert becuase it's 'not safe'. fuck the palestineans. this is good. so, my friend takes his girlfriend. and they 'talk' through meshuggah's entire set. i would've gone just to see meshuggah. so that makes me feel good. not only that, the seats were reconfigured so that the seats on the tickets didn't even exist. so my friends got moved to the front row of the lower bowl. by the way, i play the drums. so does my friend who attended. the plethora of shit he tried to explain about the brilliance of danny carey's playing alone, nearly reduced me to tears. the played some of my all-time favourite songs. i missed it. my friends got hooked up big time for setas. i missed it. they got across the border in an hour-and-a-half. i missed it. they had the most euphorically mesmerizing and stimulating experience of their lives. and i sat home and jerked off to old nirvana records. by the way, as of now, i am 18 years old. 18 on the 18th. nice fucking birthday present too. for all you fuckers who saw the show, be glad you went to see one of the most beautiful and precious things i've still never experienced. the way, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading.

Review written by: jeff ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 02:19:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

all i want to say to the people that thought the detroit show and crowd "sucked", HELLO! there was a little incident you might have heard of last tuesday which brought a lot of people down, so maybe a lot of people were chillin out. i've been to a lot of concerts around the country, and no audience can compare to detroit. kiss wasnt fucking around when they called it detroit rock city. their loud, smart, as in knowing when to cheer and when not to, and we support our bands 110%, and the bands know that!! as far as tool goes, they were incredible once again. i first saw them on lallapalooza '93 when they were on the second stage, and i can remember me telling my friends we have to go check out this tool band. some roadie proceeds to juggle a running chain saw, an egg, and an apple, totally insane. then some guy holds up a wrench, the small crowd goes nuts. this was with the original bassist paul too....memorable. and all you people that think ticketmaster "screwed" you over for the state theater show need to find a ticketmaster that doesnt have a wristband policy, and try to get away from the suburbs of detroit. the one i go to is first come first serve. so what you do is get there 5 hours early and your golden. they did two songs off opiate at the state theater, but i'll gladly trade them in to hear eulogy. the palace show was great....adam jones is a genious on the guitar and the video special ready for my 8th time seeing them......

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 02:51:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

after missing tool in '96 cause i was to young i had waited 5 years to catch these guys again. the show was amazing. i hadnt read any set list before i went cause i wanted a suprise. i got mainly what i expected except "undertow" i enjoyed the way the song just kinda exploded from the ashes of 46&2. everything else of note has already been reported by reviewers. but a few notes. 1. if ur on the floor and u bitch about people running into u get fucking bent. seriously some people express the way the music is effecting them differantly. usually more physical enjoyment occurs on the floor. i for one am not a "mosher" but i was causing a rucous on the floor. i made it all the way to guard rail and am still paying the price. if u dont like "moshers" or physical enjoyment of music buy a fucking seat. also most of the "goths" "moshers" "physically violent" people were very nice. helping the fatigued, and smiling were things i saw. 2. i cant bitch about the set list because.... it was tool. i mean like there was a song i was dissapointed with. HA! 3. when he said this isnt a political forum he was saying that in response to a USA chant.. and he was right it isnt a political forum. i was not thinking about terrorism or anything else in the venue. the music took me somewhere safe and fun, exactly what musicians make music for. 4. why chant USA at a band who hates government in general???? thats just fucking rude. 5. the extra 5 mins on refelction was great because of all the whiners, stop crying wussies. 6. maynard had a black stripe painted vertically on his face. i was close enough at one point when he turned and faced the groud to see it through the shadow. 7. danny carey is god basically tool was everything i hoped for and more. it is probably the best show ive ever witnessed.

Review written by: Aaron ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 14:28:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I didn't actually go to this show. I recently attended the SDSU Open Air Theatre performance on August 15th, so I've seen Tool once. What caught my attention was a couple posts regarding the "moshers." I do not tend to mosh to music that I enjoy thoroughly. Maybe to punkrock, or death- metal or something along those lines. But I love Tool too much to even move when I'm listening to them. That' s just me. What I don't get is how someone can listen to Tool, believe all of their antics, and still judge others who do something different than what they would do. While "moshers" seem dumb to you, they're having the times of their lives. Why even waste your brain-cells over making fun of their ways? They're probably thinking, " why is that ass-hole just standing there to Aenema? " I'd hate to break it to you, but Tool is in the METAL category. They attract people who like bands like Metallica, and Pantera. There are the Tool fans, such as myself, who prefer more progressive, classic rock bands like Pink Floyd, or King Crimson. But Tool generally appeals to the metal fans. If you haven't already learned to accept this, then you are a sad story. I know that most Tool fans are not ponderers. They don't worry about expanding their minds, and such. But they all share one thing in common with us " free-thinkers." They love good music. After all, isn't Tool a great band? Are we not all there to unite and enjoy the show, as different as well may seem? Who cares if the dude next to you is patriotic? Let him be. Who cares if the guy behind is complaining about the "fag hug?" Let him be. Don't fret over STUPID things. That's right, worrying about other peoples problems is a STUPID WASTE OF TIME. I've noticed alot of the "pondering" Tool fans do that too much. I'm a guilty party as well. After all, what am I doing right now?

Review written by: Sarah ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 14:31:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I just have to say this. I have never felt so sad as i look at all of the reviews on this page. It seems like the :: core :: of the Tool fanbase is diminishing. Some of you may take that as an insult, some of you know what im talking about and some of you probably had "daddy" get you free backstage passes. Any OGT knows what im talking about when i say that the level of comprehension for tools music has seemingly gone down the drain. When i read these reviews, these stories of frat boys and girly girls...thats fine if they want to go to a Tool concert. But for the love of all things Tool, why go somewhere that you cannot understand? Why go to a Tool concert when you do not understand the message, the idea that we are united as a PEOPLE not as a country, or an audience. You need to wrap your mind around the concept that other things exist in the universe besides you. For the people giving this concert shitty reviews, please hold your tongue about the band itself. Of course maynard is pissed. Look what has happened! He puts this message out, sells his soul to make a record, and he is met by the chants of USA? Perhaps you have no concept of the right time or the right place, but that seems to be neither. You talk about needing unity, needing a collective for us as a country to ban together. But you are the same people bitching about the type of people at the concert itself. You want unity, sure, but only on your terms. How do you think maynard, and the rest of the talented members of Tool, feel when they see their supposed 'free thinking' fans chanting themselves into oblivions rather than swinging on the spiral to The Patient or Parabol? I wish there was some way to stop this terrible downfall in Tool fans, but the only way to fight ignorance is with information. SO INFORM YOURSELVES. Find out what the songs mean if you have to. Read up on religions, experience fine art, understand some psychology, dig deeper. Think for yourselves. Question ignorance. Because nobody is born enlightened. You have to work for that. And to all of the OGT members of Tool Army (and you know who you are) keep up the good work. I know some of you understand what im talking about and that gives me hope for the rest of em.

Review written by: Mona ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 15:41:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool show- after tickets sold out for the state theater show i was pist- but then they came back and hell yea it rocked. Basically the show was a 2 hour orgasm--- i loved every bit of it. Even if they didn't play H or Prison Sex... who cared? It's friggin tool. At the points where i wasn't hysterical, my mouth was just wide open in awe. I felt kinda bad for the dude behind me who passed out after the second song... but hey its his damn fault. And who cares if Maynard didn't move from in front of the screen... it's tool remember- they do their own thing. In conclusion... 4 words... ONE 2 HOUR CLIMAX!!!!!!!

Review written by: Timmy O'Toole ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 19:12:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I heard that brittany spears is pissed that maynard doesn't like her...she is apparently planning(plotting) against maynard and tool...something about a pie-in-the-face....hey kids, be safe..your friend, peripheral

Review written by: jonny ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 20:06:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the show was great of course! not quite as exciting as chicago where i was 4 rows away from the stage..i was sitting birds eye view on the upper was still cool to sit back and absorb all the visuals and everything this time rather than being beat senseless in the pit..the things maynard said were very interesting..said something like remember this feeling and do something positive with it..well when he was saying that it sounded to me like there was a lot of deep emotion in his voice and that really reached out to me.almost like he was about to cry...and he also said something about finding intelligent beings..wich to me meant finding intelligent people through music..drawing intelligent people with intelligent music..i dont know..those maybe just some trivial bullshit things that i noticed but they are the things that stood out in my mind when i left the palace..this show and the show in chicago were probably the most spiritual journeys ive every encountered..not even lsd or magic mushrooms could take me where this show did.

Review written by: Sean Grogan ( Review posted on: 09/18/01 21:19:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I have now whitnessed two tool shows, one from the State Theater in Detroit, from the balcony, and one from the Palace in Auburn Hills, 2nd row from railing in the floor. State Theater cost me 190 dollars, Palace cost me 57 dollars. I guess you get what you pay for. I got there early with two friends on Sunday around 5:00. I got in, got my ticket torn, and then I had to turn around and fill out a waiver to see Tool from the floor. I was at the front of the waiver stand when they finnally got around to handing them out. I passed out waivers and pencils to the people in the back, so they wouldn't have to wait long, and still be able to get a good spot in the floor. Now I only had half a ticket, so I got my waiver filled out, my ticket ready, now the guy says I need the whole ticket. At this point I am pissed, and swearing violently. Finally after much hassel I get into the floor, running, and jumping down every 3 stairs. I end up about 2nd row right in front of Danny's kit. I was happy. My friends being more patient walked down later and still got to sit near me. (no one was aloud to stand, that would be unheard of). I met a few Incubus fans while waiting for the opening band. That was cool. I told my story of winning an E bay ticket for Tool to the State Theater for 190 dollars the day before the show. I actually found a few people would have done the same thing. Saw the lady rapped in red tape for clothes and nothing else, which was very hidious. Saw some lesbians kissing a ways down from me. And the repetitive techno music was inbeded in my head. I was praying for the opening band to come on, even though I knew how terrible they would be. Awhile later the band Messugah took stage. They were about what I expected, some good talent from the guitar player on the left of the stage from my view, and the drummer was decent. A mosh pit started right behind me. Other than that no one really moved in the floor. Opening band leaves. Lights come back on. People in the front of the floor meet the Steve look-a-like from the Springer show. He promised us water and safety, as if we were going to war. Tool eventually came on. As soon as the Grudge started, not a second later. It all started. The bullshit. I was seperated from my two friends I came with right then. Shoved up front by some guy who didn't even need to shove at all. This guy was about 6 inches taller than me, and in a perfect spot to see. It went on like that. I was not liking this much. I could see most of the stage, but being swayed knocked back and forth, and screamed at in the ear. Proved to be quite the distraction. I didn't get to see much of the visuals at all. I don't remember the Maynard scream at all. And I was mad. Next they did Ions and broke into Stinkfist. The same shit was going on. Being knocked back and forth. The notorius assholes had worked there way up front (what baddass's) and they were certain they could move this wall of people trying to watch the show. I am about 5 foot 6 I'm guessing. These guys were about 4 inches taller than me. I would have just let them go ahead of me, but if I did that, I wouldn't have been able to see a damn thing. They however could see fine, being bigger than everyone in front of them. But of course they persisted. So during stinkfist I was trying to keep the notorious assholes from, well, being asshole. So I didn't see much of stinkfist. But I do remember fools singing lyrics in the wrong spot where Tool had changed the song slightly. Next came 46 and 2. Missed Justin doing the opening bass lines, because the notorius assholes were, you guessed it, being assholes, and this was BETWEEN songs. People where surfing over me, and sinced my arms were wedged between people, I couldn't do shit about them falling on me. I survived the first 2 or 3 fools to come flying over me with there pinkie finger and pointer finger raised high with pride. (dumbass's) Or it was the scared younger teenage girl crying flying over with the notorious asshole's hand on her ass. Next this big guy in his 20's comes flying over, I could hear him coming about 20 feet back. Yelling like a mental case. BOOM! Foot in the face, another on my head. Which dragged, my black Ottawa Senators hat right over the railing. I really wasn't too mad, that had never did fit right. I was still in my position, and the notorious assholes were being assholes elsewhere. I got a good look at Justin and Danny work 46 and 2 nicely at the end. Which the creepy ass visuals. They Broke out with Undertow next, and I thought it was 4 degrees at first for some reason. Now I had a huge guy in front me, and next to him it was the kid whose hair looked like it was on fire. He stayed in front of me the whole show, didn't harrass anyone, didnt swear at anyone. He may have been tall, and his hair may have looked like it was on fire, but he watched the show and liked it, and didn't be an all out asshole. So my thanks goes out to him. Anyway. I did see the undertow cage alot. but I missed most of it. Many fools were flying on top if me. Some of which being molested girls, which really pissed me off. I had to shove a few people off me for awhile so I could free up my arms and take off my glasses. My vision sucks shit with them off, but being so close, it was still good. Next they played Schism. They played to the video, and it was nice. I was surprised not to see the Schism performers that I read would be there. After this, notorious assholes started a "U-S-A" chant. What the fuck is this? Why in gods name would you chant somthing so ignorant in a Tool show? Maynard was appuled to say the least. He said "This is not a political forum" I thought that was halarious, the notorious assholes were baffled. Maynard said somthing along the lines that this was a gathering of people to learn, and to create somthing positive. I few guys behind me thought this was great, and I heard farocious yells of "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH" behind me. It was some of the only yelling I respected all night. They broke into a long intro ( don't think it was merkaba which some people put it). Slowly it turned into Eulogy, and the drunken dip shits on the floor were not quick to catch on. I was thrilled regardless, and were others. Even about 15 seconds into it, a guy turned to me and said, "Yes Third Eye" I looked at him strange and said, "No it's Eulogy." It came on and it was great. Aside from behing knocked back and forth for unecersary reaons, I could still see Maynard sing great. He didn't sound that good untill the last song of the night. He was now angry and appauled from the crowd, and it was starting to show. They started up with Disposition. I heard a few great men, say "damn this is a good song" and I heard a few dumb men say "play Hooker with a penis" It sounded very good. The basket ball sounds started as Danny banged into Reflection. Then they were back. Notorious assholes at 6 O' clock. They were in full rage for no reason at all. Banging on peoples shoulders and heads, male and female, with no care in the world. Saying "Move we are coming up front" Obviously there is no where to go. One girl next to me, who I stayed next to for most of the show, put it nicely "man I'm just hear to watch Tool, not to hurt anyone" I was glad to be next to such civil people like her for the most part. But back to the notorious assholes at 6 O' Clock. They were ther and they were angry. From no where, some guy comes crowd surfing over me at 50 MPH, kicking me in the head, and knocking my glasses off which I had just put back on. I bend down to find them, I just grapped them, and notorious assholes and company grabbed me by the sides and launched me back to 5th row in the floor. All during the song Reflection, what good song to mosh to and be an all out asshole. (sike) I couln't see shit now, not even most of the big screen, and as you know, the visuals for reflection are some of the best. I could see Adam though on the left from my veiw. Around this time it occured to me why Tool doesn't jump around like animals like other bands. Tool's music is not about jumping around like a dumbass. It's not about molesting innocent teenage girls as they scramble over drunk bastards fearing for there life. It's about listeing to the music, and enjoying it, and taking the worlds they say, the sounds they make, and pictures they show, and doing somthing good with it. I thinkg this goes for all there songs from the hard core AEnima to the softer Reflection, that I had just got attacked listing to. I sit there wondering why these fools feel the need to hit each other as I watch Adam play his guitar perfectly and try not to make eye contact with the obnoxious crowd. It was nice watching Adam play well over the normal time for Reflection, it was not nice to see assholes get antcy and start yelling obscene comments. I also saw Maynard leave the stage as soon as his last lyrics in Reflection come to an end. He marched off fairly fast with no eye contact with the crowd. Finally AFTER the fools yelled dumb shit, it seemed just then Adam agreed to leave the stage and join his band members in the intermission. Now the Schism duo did there thing, I was most impressed, as were others, assholes included. Parabol eased in, and I slipped my way past the notorious assholes when they wern't looking to about the 3rd or 4th row in the floor. Parabola emerged from parabol as expected, and it was nice. I was now in a spot where I could see the screen, and I was pleased to see that Tool, or Adam had added to the visuals since I had seen them in Detroit back in May. Part of the visuals included the last page in the Lateralus booklet. I enjoyed this song, the asshole count was low, and people were half- ass calm, which I was satisfied with. Eon Blue started up and before, it turned to patient I was back into my spot next to the girl that was trying to enjoy the show like the rest of the few sane people in the pit. You could tell Maynard was unhappy. His vocals were off, he watched the visuals the whole time, and he didn't do his swaying dance moves at all. But Adam, well adam probally plays the same every time, flawless and never a move. Adam was on. Justin was doing great, if not better than normal. Danny was a mad man, he beating his drums louder and faster than in the State Theater show in my opinion, almost good enough to make up for the mad Maynard. After this AEnima came on, and Maynard did his vocals very good, for being so mad, and unpleased with the crowd, still he did not move, or make eye contact with the crowd. I got a few head kicks here, and I was not pleased. Morons were flying over me left and right, notorious assholes had came out of nowhere, and were pushing for no reason at all. Maynard if I remember right still thanked people for coming, but it was not sincere, it shouldn't have been, the crowd was terrible. He now looked at the crowd and got serious, "take this expirence tonight and use it create something possitive." To my diguist "U-S-A" chants began. Are people that narrow minded and stupid? USA? How in any way are National politics positive? Are you going to join the US army is that your positive thing to do? Go out and kill some people? Real positive......Maynard had had it. He shock his head and SAT DOWN on the platform. At this point I was pissed, and I appoligize for anyone who had whitenessed my asshole like behavior at this point. This next song of course is Lateralus, there is no debate, Lateralus is the best song written ever. Lateralus is flawless. Lateralus is somthing that I will never forget, it is a song of true talent, and pleassure, but notorious assholes have ruined my night, by pissing off Maynard with unnecessary chants that spew ignorance. So at this point I am just waiting for Lateralus to break open, Adam and Justin are hudled around Danny, playing the slow beautiful opening, and when it did finnaly get to the slamming into before the lyrics I was moving a mile a minute. Notorious asshole continued to shove me from behind, and for the first time of the night I turned around in rage and shoved them back as hard as I could, I think all the real Tool fans around me trying to watch the show like me lost all respect for me at that point, as they should have. But I was fed up. I could not beleive the lack of intelligence of these people. I shoke my head violently through the entire song. I did notice at one point the visuals had been changed for this song like in Parabola. Notorious assholes now more furious with me than ever before were kicking me in the back of my legs and stepping on my feet like an angy and confussed 2nd gradder. I harly even noticed, shaking my head back and forth like an idiot, trying to channel out all the jerkoff's behind me. My hair was letting out sweat like a sprinkler system as I shoke my head. Maynard sounded good, but was still mad and dissapointed, with made me even more angry. Maynard walked off the set after his final lyrics like he did in Reflection, the song came to an end, Danny blasted his drums, he playing better than he probally has all tour, maybe to steer some of the attention off the anger Maynard that had gave up all hope for his Detroit fans. The band even did a group hug together after the show. No Maynard there. Maynard took all his water bottles with him, not giving any to "fans" on the floor. Danny and Justin threw what items they had to give to people. Later that night after I dropped off my friends at there houses, I took the time to drive around the derserted streets and highways to think about what I had just saw, and compare and contrast to the balcony seat I had in the State Theater. I though about all the people that get tickets free from reletives that work the venue, most of whom are not Tool fans, while fans since the first time they heard Sober, couldn't even get a ticket in the top row for 50 dollars. I thought about the comments I heard from people in the floor before the show started, "I like what songs they play from Tool on the radio, but I havn't heard anything else" I hear comments like that, from a person with a close up floor spot, while I have another friend sitting up in the nosebleed section who blasts Tool cd's to help him get through everyday life, on a daily basis. I got really mad from the whole idea of that night. I had a good time, and I am glad I went, I learned alot, and I respect the music much more. But driving those roads well over the speed limit that night, blasting tool, and thinking hard, I realize. Tool has a very small audience that actually understands the music. I won't be seeing Tool live from the floor ever again. I may not ever see any band from the floor again. I will pay whatever it costs to get a good spot where I can have my space and watch the band play and try to do somthing positive and spread it to the crowd. Perhaps Spiral out, and do somthing different. (I would love to discuss this show with anyone who went, email me at I also have the previous Detroit show at the State Theater, in which Maynard was extremelly crowd friendly, that I would like to share with you to compare, free of charge, if you made any sence at all about what I posted email me too.)

Review written by: Michelle ( Review posted on: 09/19/01 12:03:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I have always been a huge Tool fan, since their first release years ago but I have never been fourtunate enough to see them live until this past week. I have never been more blown away in my entire life, I left the arena speechless, breathing heavy and smiling from ear to ear. Tool has this way of hightening my enlightnement of the world around me and my awareness of why I am the way that I am. Maynard was incrediable, his voice is so melodic that I swear he was singing to me almost. The visuals were amazing, everything fit so perfectly. I was expecting him to say somethings about what happened earlier in NY that week and he did. He said something that I will never forget, he said " We find it hard to concentrate tonight considering that we are here, on the eve of World War Three. I hope that we have made things a little better for you tonight because there is going to be a lot more hurting going on in the Globe. But I want you to remember how you feel right now, weither it be good, bad or indifferent, I want you to take those feelings and make something positive out of them" If only everyone in the world could do so, then we would be void of all this senseless violence and destruction. Thank you Maynard, thank you Tool.

Review written by: The Dog ( Review posted on: 09/19/01 13:23:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amen to the guy who wrote about the freethinkers. You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I love Tool to death and embrace their intelligence and efforts to promote peace over violence. However, I sent the following e-mail to the band after reading about how these post-attack shows were going: Gentlemen, I have an important suggestion for you. I have been reading reviews of the concerts following the WTC tragedy. I applaud you for shouting down the chants of “USA! USA!” I also applaud you for embracing world peace and advocating communication as a means of achieving this goal. We ARE doomed to crumble unless we grow. At the same time, I would like to point out an experience I had on Saturday night with the song INTOLERANCE. While I do not turn to Tool with a violent ear by any means, this particular experience with this song in light of recent events served as a soul stirring release of anger for me at those who attacked my country and my city. In light of this, I would like to suggest that while you keep your message intact, you embrace your role as a prominent voice of America at this time; in these days, America itself is a political forum. My suggestion is only that perhaps you recognize the value of this song in helping people cope with their anger. Anger is okay as long as it is targeted and focused; we SHOULD be angry at those who committed these acts from behind a veil of virtue, and we should, by no means, tolerate this behavior.

Review written by: Meshuggah Dominates ( Review posted on: 09/19/01 16:04:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Craig ( Review posted on: 09/19/01 18:08:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

. I have seen what has only been seen in dreams. Today I'm a new man, and "I will do something positive with these feelings and expeirence's, I will heal." I purchased a feeling of immortality for $35. And a chance to see mystic beings Pry open there third eyes. Complete Consciousness

Review written by: Ronnie ( Review posted on: 09/19/01 23:53:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

In response to the very first reviewer. The chanting was not needed. Usa or Bush none the less It was a concert not a political debate and I do believe maynard said something like "We are not here to promote ignorance we are here to promote healing" He was trying to make a speach about the events last week and was rudely cut off. He had every right to indirectly call the people chanting "Usa'' morons, afterall whos show was it? I think the show fucking rocked, every song every video everything. So he didnt run around the stage doing cartwheels who the hell cares. Without moving Tool put themselves at number 1 for all my concert experiences. "Think for yourself" does not mean be ignorant at concerts...