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Review written by: Horus Forelock (
Review posted on: 09/21/01 00:00:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I expected to be able to walk out of the show tonight and write a well detailed review of my experience. Now, however, I find myself groping for the correct words. 'Powerful' comes to mind. Intense. Overwhelming, to a degree. Between the music & visuals, I don't believe my mind has ever had to parse that much information in such a short time. For lack of a better analogy, it's like watching a Kevin Smith film & trying to catch all the references. Good luck. Some of the previously mentioned 'USA, USA' whatnot occured this evening, without any recognition from the band. (thankfully) I was not disappointed in the least. And for the record, Fantomas is what would have happened if Andy Kaufman decided to form a band. Check 'em out. - horus

Review written by: Jeremy ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 00:05:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hi everyone, I just got back from my first Tool show, and I would like to post some of my thoughts. The first thing I want to say is that I was really surprised how predictable a lot of the show was, and I need to stop spoiling for myself by reading too many reviews :-) I mean, when Maynard started talking about doing something positive in light of the terrorist attack, I turned to a friend of mine and said, "here comes the USA chant," and sure enough, there it was. I should mention though, that one of the nice things about reading others' reviews was that I knew to head to the exit during the closing drum kicks of Lateralus. The most predictable part from reading all the other shows' reviews was how much the band would rock, and how much about 75% of the crowd would absolutely suck. During a PERFECTLY played disposition, some girlfriend-beater next to me went on for about ten minutes, screaming, "I was in the pit! Right there! You see that! I was there, I was in it!" Christ, shut the fuck up. The show itself was wonderful. The band was tight, and to me, nothing had more energy than Aenima. Sounds was good, especially Maynard's voice, but I kinda wanted to walk up to the sound tech and take some of the low frequencies out of the sound mix...basically that means the bass was rattling the urine in my bladder, but I'm sure that was due to me being on the floor. One other thing I realized, is how absolutely amazing of a drummer Danny Carey is. I always knew he was great, but seeing him live, his amazing ability to keep odd time signatures while Adam and Justin are playing in a completely different time. Phantomas will be seen by many as sucking...however you'd have to know and understand how talented and nuts Mike Patton is to enjoy such a fucked up band. There were even Mike Patton fans there who came just to see his band, and left before Tool came on. Shows you how dedicated his fans are. Well, I've taken up too much space as it is, but I just have one more note for the Portland Civic Center: Please, when you have 9,000 people crammed into a building, VENTILATE THE FUCKING PLACE PLEASE. Thanks! "Set your gearshift for the high gear of your soul..." Jeremy

Review written by: PaulC ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 00:50:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

My third time seeing them and they continue to impress me everytime. This time they played the tabla Pushit. Finally! I can die a happy man! See you all in Mansfield and Hartford.

Review written by: Brian Parker ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 00:59:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Setlist: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (with extended bridge) 46&2 Noise Interlude Pushit (Salival) Schism Disposition Reflection ----------- Intermission ----------- Parabol Parabola Aenema Lateralus Fantomas = Bad. Tool = Good. It's 1:02AM, and I'm going to sleep.

Review written by: Tom ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 01:18:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

first off, fantomas was fucking amazing. mike patton is a genius. seeing him once again made the memories of my first concert experience ever, faith no more back in 1995, rush back to my mind. such a magical experience. to be totally honest, i think i enjoyed fantomas a lot more than tool. they were just unbelieveable, how they pull that shit off live is beyond me. its pretty close to impossible to remember the set list since they intertwined directors cut songs with a bunch of pages from the first album. all i can remember is they did the godfather, der golem, spider baby and some other that i cant remember the titles off hand at the moment. also, a big fuck you to all the assholes who booed them and said they sucked, you dont know shit. now tool, im not too sure how to go about this... well first the set list: the grudge stinkfist 46 & 2 - interlude pushit (salival) schism - interlude disposistion reflection - interlude with schism dudes parabol parabola aenima lateralus i guess ill just break it down to the certain elements of the show... SOUND - fucking great, one of the best sounding shows i have been to. not too loud, just right, could hear everything clearly. SHOW - the visuals and lights were fucking great. really nice computer graphics, very trippy. PERFORMANCE - now this is the one thing i was a little dissapointed with. playing wise, they were fucking so on, every song close to perfect and sounding great. but as for the actual performance, they really didnt do much. adam and justin pretty much stood still and starred at their instruments. justin grooved a lot, but damn adam, YOU ARE IN ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS EVER, YOU CAN GET A LITTLE MORE INTO THE PERFORMANCE. maynard at times didnt do much or what you would expect during a song, and pretty much just stood in the dark in the back, which was kinda dissapointing, but i understand that he is trying to take the focus off of himself, so i cant really blame em. he wasnt very talkative either which was surprising, last two times seeing him live he talked a bit. he did do the comment he has been doing every night since the WTC disaster, about taking the energy of the night and making something positive or what not. very cool. bottom line, tool is ALL about the music. they really try to not make the selves the center of attention and make the music and show more important, which is good in a sense, but i still think they could have done a little more moving on stage and what not. other than that though, amazing show, probally better than the first/last time i saw them. highlights of the show for me, pushit and disposition. oh yeah, no patient?! what the fuck was up with that, they have played it at like every other show on the tour... also, absolutely no opiate or undertow tracks, a little dissapointing... though im happy they didnt play sober, thats what i love about bands like tool and radiohead, dont feel like they have to play their biggest hit. also, if anyone taped tool and or fantomas, video or audio, please contact me.

Review written by: Nard ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 01:30:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I had been waiting for this day for so so long and now it's over. But it's been one hell of a night!!! As usual, Tool knocked the socks off everyone in attendance. Their set seemed absolutely flawless and we Mainers were wound from the opening chords of "The Grudge", until their usual group hug at the end of the concert. If you're reading this, you're probably getting excited about heading to a tool concert near you in the next month or so, but I have to tell you...heed the advice given on this site and don't read any more reviews until the show you go to is over. I know its extremely hard, as I meticulously studied past concert reviews for the past 4 months looking forward to my own concert, but not knowing what is coming will make everything that much more amazing! I like a fired up pit as much as the next concert lunatic...but moshing during Dispostion? Come on now......knock some skulls during Aenima but know when to take it all in. Too tired to......

Review written by: Psycho ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 01:31:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show


Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 01:55:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This show was awesome. All the members put a lot of intensity into the music, as expected from what I saw of APC. The opening band, Fantomas...well, they were different. I couldn't get into their music, because it was so random, and didn't seem to have much of a concept behind it, but they are probably just ahead of their time, and it might catch on eventually. Definitely a creative style. I was a little upset that Maynard was off to the side, but it was cool. I would of enjoyed the show more if people on the floor had waited for the band to start playing before squishing everyone into the barricade, and pushing everyone around. The time between bands should be used to relax, to conserve energy for when the band plays. Oh well, thats just my opinion. I can't wait for the next Tool show.

Review written by: okeefe ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 02:13:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

its over now but tool put on a show that will b engraved on my mind for the rest of my life. setlist was the shit but they always leave u wanting so much more. the only surprise was the absense of the patient and nothing off undertow or op8 but thats minor. controling myself became a problem after awhile. toolgasm set in and no emotion was held back. everysong stood out amoungst itself and left me in awe. i opted not to eat acid for this show but i felt as tho i were staring at the most trippy visuals ive ever seen. maynard was quiet but rite on of course and danny was looking like the machine he is and adam and justin just pumped the riffs like explosions of life in my mind. truley unbelievable. naked contortionists kick ass!!! life is complete. spiral out... psycho the man MAYNARD=MESSIAH ryan

Review written by: Bearskins ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 05:02:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

hi. I just got home from the show, a very long drive, and very worth every mile. This night has been too long coming, lemme tell ya. I have been awaiting it for years, and it went by so fast. where to start...the venue was ok, the people weren't all that bad, though i had hoped for a more subdued floor crowd, figuring its maine, they're all hippies, right? joke. anyhow, fantomas is no doubt an aquired taste, but anyone who enjoys mr bungle would like this business. even if ya cant exactly jam out you have to have respect for The Patton. what a screamer. I figured I'd see a tool fella or 4 watching from the side, seeing as it was their first show and all, and sure enough, justin poopped in to jam out. apparently i was the first to notice and when he looked at the crowd i gave a finger point and fist, kinda like "i see you, and you rule" kinda deal. my moment came when he looked at me and nodded back. to me directly. at this point i could have shat meself right there, because i felt damn cool. Im easy to please I tool finally takes the stage after some long intro music that reminded me of radiohead's spinning plates a bit, and shine on you crazy diamond's intro. cool, long. when the lights dimmed i thought i must be dreaming, for out they came, to rock me like a hurricane, or a rainbow in the dark, take your pick. yeah i am tired, you're right. but you are wrong about me being a loser. movng rapidly along, they started the grudge and i thought it sounded a little off sound quality wise, at least in front of adam, or maybe it was just my ears getting beaten by my fellow sardines. it sounded better once i got the hell outta there. no scream at all, never mind 24 seconds...foooey. is mj ill? tired? it rocked none the less as did the enire show. personal favs: PARABOLA (what a show, sounded so unbelievable) aenema. everything ive always dreamed of. i thought for sure a life would be lost to the madness that was the floor. Pushit. cannot believe i got to hear the salival one live. obvious bummers: no old stuff, that blew, even though i knew not to expect it, it just hurt the team. no fucking patient. lets not even go there. overall, the only way to understand what this band does is to experience it yourself. it could turn fucking lil kim into a fan. whay did i just type that? cuz its true and you know it man! bitch all you want about the setlist or energy level or performance, the fact that they came and did what no other band can even come close to is why they deserve immense amounts of respect. my only complaint is that i feel like no matter how loud or long i screamed for or how intensly i felt what they were doing, it just isnt fair because it would never be enough to thank them. i could never thank them enough for what they are and do for me everyday. i wonder if they'll ever know what they mean to people. to me. as someone said in a past review, Im so glad these guys met. see you in ma and ct. the fun has just begun. and i can die at peace. thanks for reading. email me for shits and giggles.

Review written by: Anne ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 07:39:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Last nights show was amazing and deep...manard was amazing and so sureal...the two people on their video were so talented when they were hung from the ceiling... I wenth thier with my boyfriend is a huge fan and he is the one who got me into tool... TOOL you guys rule...

Review written by: Francis ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 09:32:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th? Tool show

FANTOMAS were absolutely, pure, fucking genius... nuff said.

Review written by: crYme ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 09:55:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Alright.. the set list has been posted, but ya'll forgot about Mantra. It's not just a bunch of noise, it's mantrA! so it goes like this: Gurdge (- Ions) Stinkfist - because I love you baby jam - Stinkfist 46&2 MANTRA!!!! Pushit Schism w/Contortionists Disposition/Reflection Contortionists suspend themselves upside down above the stage - like an upside down crusifix Parabol/Parabola Aenima Lateralus It was a great show! And I thought the experimental sounds of Fantomas were AWESOME!!!! I couldn't believe how tight Buzz was with the drummer Dave Lombardo! You either "get it" or you don't. For other people who will be seeing Fantomas for the first time, I suggest you lighten up, sit back, relax and take in the sounds - emotions and "mental imagery" they paint. Your first reaction might be "what the fuck is this", but hang in there, realize that it's great musicians "playing" and enjoy what they create. peace! ~*~

Review written by: Great Ajax ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 11:29:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, this was my first Tool show, and it was by far the best show I have ever seen. The music was clear and crisp and precisely performed, all those complicated riffs went off without a hitch, perfect harmony. The crowd in my area wasn't into it enough. How people could sit when Parabol turns into Parabola is beyond me. I don't even dance ... but this is TOOL damnit, and I could not control myself. Fantomas sucked. Mike Patton appears to have lost the use of his vocal cords except to be able to form an inhuman screeching wail that grates on the eardrums. The drum solos sounded like one long cymbal crash. The basic formula is: tiny quiet part, then screeching vocals followed by screeching instruments. I guess they are supposed to be avant garde or something. Fact is they sounded like crap and they deserved the boos they got. My pot got confiscated on the way in, but thankfully there were many fans around me who were happy to make up for my loss. Great people, great concert. I'll never forget it.

Review written by: Kevin ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 11:32:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

Hey All, Great Show. And Fantomas was AWESOME! It bothers me that people boo'd these guys. Hey, Tool likes 'em, maybe we should give them a chance.... Set was mostly, if not entirely, Aenima and Lateralis. Very clean, very good sound. And, when Maynard speaks of "positive energy" I'm not so sure he's looking for people to chant "U-S-A", I'm not sure that's his point... See you tonight at Great Woods, or maybe at Hartford... KF

Review written by: Heidi H ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 11:43:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 15th Tool show

Holy SHIT guys..... what a show. Fantomas kicked ass. Mike Patton as usual was amazing and lived up to what I expected.... but on to the amazing TOOL!!! I can't even try to put into words how great Tool was last night. I'll try though, LOL. The show started with some very intense background music and two large video screens playing very intense images. About two minutes into it Tool rips into the Grudge and the crowd went apeshit. I was on the floor, squashed between a big sweaty guy that was like a foot taller than me and my friends behind me. If I had a windshield squeegee, it wouldn't have touched the sweat coming off that guy. GROSS. We were about 10' from the stage and had a great view of Maynard, who stayed to the back left of the stage in front of the screen, and Adam who looked kinda grumpy, LOL. The pentagram thingy was on the right of the screen and looked very cool. The next song was Stinkfist, and was AMAZING, so perfectly done. The one thing that I love the most about seeing Tool live is how TIGHT they are. I was singing along with Maynard as was the crowd. We were so loud!!! Right after Stinkfist they went into 46& 2 which was BRILLIANT!!!!! At this point I have got goosebumps watching Maynard doing his trance-like dance... he is almost like a guy possessed while he is singing.... I could go on and on about each song.....luckily as were were walking out, I snagged a copy of the set list off the sound is the set: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Schism(Video) Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opiate Lateralus The highlight of the night was Parabol/Parabola..... while the band was playing soft soothing trance music,LOL, the actors from the Schism video came out on stage, strapped themselves into some ankle apparatus, and climbed to the top of the video screens. They were completely naked and painted silverdangling upside down. They got the crowd really pumped!! It was like seeing the circus LOL. They stayed up for about 20 minutes upside down the whole time swaying and doing this frenetic dance. It was cool. After that was done, Maynard finally spoke to the crowd,thanking us for coming... me and my butthead friends all yelled "YOUR WELCOME" LOL. I'd have to say that the highlight for me was Opiate.... It was unbelievable. After they wer done with Opiate, the crowd still cheering madly, maynard spoke again, telling us to remember the feeling that we have right now, to take it home and to do something positive with it. We went nuts at that point. The whole crowd at that point starts clapping and chanting U S A, U S A!! which lasted for about a minute. After that, they played lateralus and left the stage, and left all of us dumbfounded. So I know this is very long, but I HAVE to say what happened outside. It is roughly 11 when the show got out... there is a little bar down the road where my friends band was playing... we all went and stayed for about an hour. I decide that I have got to get home, because it is raining and all and a two hour drive sucks at night in the rain. I walk past the civic center and notice the 3 buses are still there. I decide to park myself on a bench and wait. 30 minutes later I KINDA get my wish answered........ Adam Jones comes out to get on the bus. I stood up and said hi to him and he said hello to me and got on the bus. I could have died. It was a great GREAT night. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read this.

Review written by: Cpt. Wigglesworth III ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 11:48:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

FANTOMAS owns your ass!! Jesus fucking christ PATTON & MAYNAR (2 of the greatest vocalists) LOMBARDO & CAREY ( 2 of the grestest drummers) ALL UNDER THE SAME FUCKING ROOF, GOD DAMN!!!!! All hail King Buzzo Hopefully w/ FANTOMAS aboard we'll get some Buzz/Tool Jams like Stinkfist, You Lied, Stranglehold, etc. IT THREATENS THE WORLD Fanboy shit aside: Please anyone going to the other shows w/ Fantomas do yourself a favor and OPEN YOUR MIND, isn't that what Tool is all about anyway? If you give them a chance and don't like them I understand they are quite inaccessable at first but at least give King Buzzo, Patton, Lombardo, and Dunn the respect they deserve. Those who don't are the same kind of idiots who booed Meshuggah, even if you didn't like them they command your respect, Tool wouldn't be what they are without their influences, even the ones you may not like. CRIMSON, MESHUGGAH, FANTOMAS, and TRICKY Tool sure keeps good company, eh?

Review written by: Kyle J. McBride ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 13:34:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Just an observation, first off, Fantomas were AMAZING.I have never been a big FNM fan but they are great. Now I realize how great of a singer Mike Patton really is. But, anyway,back to my point. Which is, I think maybe not now ,or next year, Tool will get bored with playing Rock because it is far too easy for them. Crimson defintiely rubbed off on them. And the amount of "ambient interludes",and the reaction by the audience, gave me pause to think that a good portion of their audience might not be up to the musical journey Tool is trying to take them on. Not me, I'm on for the whole trip.

Review written by: Bill ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 13:59:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Awesome show. I have been obsessing over Tool's music for quite a long time now, and I'm so glad I finally got a chance to see them. The crowd was kind of lame, trying to shove everyone around during mellow songs like Disposition and what-not. Fucking stupid people don't even know how to listen to music. Oh well.. Fantomas was crazy.. I've never seen music like that and theyve definately put some sort of influence on me. Anyone with appreciation for music should see how much thought and time and creativity went into putting that stuff together. Tool was great. They played everything perfectly. Maybe it was just me but I thought the sound levels were a little off, but that didnt matter. My fravorite moments were moshing to Stinkfist and Aenima.. that was fucking cool. It's fun being a dedicated listener because you know just how to move in the pits to some of their odd-time beats. Like the 9/8/7 riffs in Lateralus. And ah yes, the visuals and schism performers. They were very weird. I liked the visuals because they weren't just eye- candy. They were fucked up weird scenarios that really made you think. I kind of wish i had gotten my hands on some hallucinogens for that aspect. The dancers moved very eerily, and when they finally hung down from the ceiling and started spinning to the salival guy spinning on the screens, I just got goosebumps it looked so eerie. Well of-course my only complaints are that alot of people are fucking stupid, and I wish Tool had played every one of their songs... but I guess thats a little unrealistic. And fuck patriotism, It has no place in art and music. Tool was amazing. Awesome show.

Review written by: Ryan Thomas ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 14:00:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First off, I thought Fantomas was fucking insane. Patton is a maniac. Quite an all-star cast in that group. I thought Tool was spectacular however the setlist could have been better. Nothing at all from Opiate ot Undertow. I've been listening to Tool since the beginning and this was my first time seeing them. They played every song perfectly. It sucked that Maynard stayed in the shadow and didn't say more than five sentences. One more thing before I sign off...I know that moshing may be exhilaratiing and all but why pay 40 bucks too see Tool and not even watch them perform? Put the music on at home and jump around there..Tool is on the fucking stage and your missing their brilliant form of music. Later

Review written by: Eric! ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 14:48:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

AHHHHHHH! t00l 0wnz me!!!!! :) this was such a great concert and it was everything i expected =] i think i just about wet myself when they played Forty Six and 2!!!!! a;sdlkfjsald t00l 0wnz all! =] |eric|

Review written by: Aaron Phillips ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 15:14:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Words cannot do justice. My first Tool concert, and by far the best show I've ever seen. Nothing even comes close. There were these two huge screens playing mirror images of all kinds of wild fucked up Tool-art playing throughout. They played The Grudge, Stinkfist, Forty-six & 2, Schism, Disposition and Reflection. Then the band left and these two schism-looking people came out and pulled themselves up in the middle of the screens on a harness, and then hung themselves by their feet, so we could all see the left one was a woman and the right one a man. They spun each other around with their arms out like upside-down Salivals, which then came up of the screens. Then the band came out and did Parabol, Parabola, AEnema, and closed with Lateralus. The crowd went fuckin insane on the last two. There were two types in the crowd: decent human beings and a bunch of shitheads. Everywhere, especially in the pits, there was always someone willing to help when someone took a spill, so I was impressed. Phantomas isn't my cup of tea, but that's no reason for the shit they were catching, especially throwing stuff. You don't like em? Then take a number and shut the fuck up like everyone else. Do you piss and moan every time you sit through a shitty band? As for the USA crowd, what is this a fuckin pep rally? Think what you want, but keep it the fuck out, just like the born-again motherfuckers trying to save your soul after the show. This is probably the same crowd that doesn't post reviews about the show, or does and whimpers about lack of sleep. Hurry to bed so mommy has time to tuck you in. You'd think Tool would be worth a little sleep. And they were. Tool was unreal. The transitions were beautiful. The set was pure energy. The visuals were beyond description. All in all, they were more than anything I expected. From all I could tell the bulk of the crowd agreed.

Review written by: learyspokenwords ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 19:03:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Ok I have to start out by explaining to people that Fantomas is more than most people can begin to understand, really why do you need to throw a bottle at someone even if they sucked(which they were far from it). EVEN IF YOU DON'T DIG THE MUSIC AT LEAST GIVE THEM RESPECT. The best thing i heard someone say in response to: "booo you fucking suck!" was: "Who's on stage huh man?!?!" Whoever said this I agree wholeheartedly, and I'm getting depressed that the music is getting so spread out and popular, the setlist left some to be desired as would be expected out of just Lateralus and ĂNIMA. The performance was flawless, as would be expected, just lacked the personality of Lewiston(Tool not APC, for the uninclined). I think maynards getting disappointed with the generic crowd showing up at every show. Don't worry the meanings not left everyone, we still understand don't give up on people quite yet. VENTILATE THE FUCKING PLACE, HAVE MORE WATER, FUCKING DON'T OVERSELL THE PLACE BY 3 OR 4 THOUSAND, ALSO DON'T MOSH DURING THE SLOW SONGS. ~drew *anyone that has bootlegs of this show please contact me*

Review written by: Don ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 19:04:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I've been waiting such a very long time for that, and I was not the least bit dissapointed. Fantomas... I realize that a lot of hard work and creative thought went into their work. I'm quite positive that they had a very thought provoking message to express. I simply didn't get it. I respect what they were doing, it simply wasn't for me. TOOL was fantastic. When Danny is up there playing drums he makes the most complicated beats seem easy, like he's doing it in slow motion. Unbelieveable. Justin and Adam were exceptional. I thought the image of Adam onstage by himself for several minutes playing the trailing notes of Reflection was amazingly powerful. And hearing Justin pulling off the jagged bass riff from Schism was something else. Maynard was unbelievably captivating on his platform in the back of the stage. He sang with such true emotion and force in his voice, especially in the quieter moments of Pushit and Disposition. The band was on top of their game. I was hoping for some songs from Opiate and Undertow (Part of Me and Intolerance, in particular). But when they ended with a raging AEnema and a unfathomable dynamic Lateralus in succession all discontent was erased from my mind. Can't wait for another chance to see them.

Review written by: jess ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 20:39:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

that was the best thing i've ever felt, seen, or heard in my entire life... i'll never forget that day and that moment... as a friend said to me... "it was better than sex, better than drugs, and better than life itself..."

Review written by: Anjin_san ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 20:45:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off FANTOMAS was the single worst band I have ever paid to see. This is coming from a Faith No More fan too. I came to the show EXPECTING to like FANTOMAS but...Honestly I have seen garage bands that don't suck so hard. I cannot imagine who could like the nails on the chalkboard screeching of Patten who has quite obviously lost the ability to hit a note. HE WAS A GREAT SINGER ONCE. HEAVY emphasis on WAS. Onto Tool....fucking amazing. Such a tight and entertaining band. The visuals----WOW. Before last night I liked Tool....seeing them deliver the goods live.....INCREDIBLE. Do not miss this show no matter what.

Review written by: Jose 420 ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 21:20:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First of all , i have to say, This was by far the best show by any band I've seen this year. The night started out whith a bit of the old sneak the tape recorder past the pigs at the door. At first, I was sure i was fucked when the nice lady cop, who was more of a man than I am, was feeling my balls and happened to brush up against my tape recorder. My face must have been blood red when she grabed right on to it, slowing cocked her head to meet my very bloodshoot eyes and onked "What this Shit?" In a 1000 degree sweat i belted out the first thing that came to mind "My fucking wallet!" Then came the confussed moment of silence........ "Oh, move along." I felt the sweet rush of cusing out a pig wash over me, and I suddenly had to sit down. A few moments later, I found my pals and we made our way in the performence area. I have to give if the promoters, G.A. was a great fucking idea. I was able to get great sets directly across from the the stage. I'm not a big fan of those pit areas, because i don't feel the need to waste a good preformence by one of the worlds most kick ass bands getting pushed and kicked by a brunch of fat sweaty assholes. Anyway, to the bands. Fantomas kicked ass! Dispite the crowds bull shit reaction to them, I found them to be a very funny, and hard chargin' rock and roll band. I herd (this might be B.S.) that the singer was the guy from Faith No More. If so , then I got to say the dude has realy grown as a artist, I've seen maybe 5 to 8 opening acts this year, and they are by far the most original, and the one band that has realy managed to crack me up.( I love It when then do that!) And then came TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been 3or4 years, And the 1st time I saw them it was at a festival (ozzyfest) and i'm sure i missed half the set. This was the real deal. The strage set up was unbelivable. a multi media show that wasn't cheesy, or lame or been done before. The Adam Jones film stuff was a great mix of old and new, from the Familiar classic vidieos for Stinkfist and Schism, the the new shit he put together for Aenema and 46+2 and all the great new Lateratus songs they played. the set was Lateratus heavy, but goddamn did they play the shit out of those great songs (MORE like classical movements then songs.). This has got to be one the most well though out, and executed tour shows of the past 2 or 3 yaers or so, only the NIN tour(with APC opening) come close to the passion and pure kick ass rock musicanship that I got to witness last night. THIS SHIT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!! P.s. I don't my bootlegs, i just feel if i pay 40 bucks for some music, i should be able to enjoy it more ten once. So fuck all of you who think i'm ripping of the band!

Review written by: Evan ( Review posted on: 09/21/01 22:35:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

it was a damn fine night. I didn't like Fantomas, although, when Patton would stop screaming and actually sing, they weren't that bad. I hate people who act like Tool fans. For instance, if you go see Tool, and you don't know any of the names of any of the songs, other than "Track 1", don't try to tell people how great the song Opiate was. Especially when they didn't even play that fucking song! I was pissed(as pissed as I could be, after seeing TOOL) that they didn't play anything off Opiate and Undertow. The audience was full of asswipes, most notably the people who held up the american flag during Aenima, and the people throwing glowsticks. I got hit in the head with one of those pieces of shit. I didn't read any reviews before I went, it was all a surprise. The underwater porn was sweet. I still can't believe they didn't play Undertow. The naked people hanging from the ceiling was interesting. Danny made the drummer from Fantomas look like a kid banging on pots and pans. I still haven't realized totally what I saw there, it hasn't quite sunk in, but when it does, I will probably sell everything I own and buy tickets for the rest of the tour. I was surprsed there was no encore, as soon as they walked off stage the techs started taking away the gear. The best parts of the show: "Rest your trigger on my finger...", "I will choke until I swallow...", "To feel, to breathe, to know I'm alive...", "I'll keep digging, til I feel something..." It's impossible to comprehend how talented this band is, without seeing them live. They were perfect.

Review written by: john ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 00:40:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

LAst night I saw the show in portland maine (9/20) it was fucking amazing. Fantomas kicked ass, and tool was incredible. I was a little dissapointed to not hear many older songs (only played 3 of Ănema) but the set still blew my mind. The extend version of pushit was amazing too, there was such a strong feeling in the room the entire night. It was exactly what I pictured tool to be like live, melodic, aggressive, passionate, evrything, it was so incredible. And to think maynard and patton in the same night, what an amazing show

Review written by: Sasha ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 12:26:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

For my first live Tool/Fantomas experience, this show transcended anything I've ever seen or heard. Let's start with Fantomas: When Fantomas first started their set, I was sure it was going to be hardcore metal the whole way through, not being familiar with this particualr project of Patton's. But then came the impressively mind-blowing composition of any of Patton's bands. And in no way am I saying that Patton was the center of it all. All I can say is that these guys were some of the best song writers I've ever heard. The rich collage of experimental non-nonsense surprised me at every instant. Awesome!!! Now would be a good time to mention the crowd (at least the majority of it). It's so disappointing to see the state so many kids my age are in. The sites I witnessed ranged from demonstratively shirtless men and women upholding a masking persona at all costs to drug-abusing ("abusing" being the operative word) passouts. Eventually these and many others banded together to mindlessly boo Fantomas. Who the fuck do you think you are, you little toddlers?!! I know it's hard to remove yourself from showing everyone how tough and/or hot you are for long enough to appreciate ANY kind of art, but come on!! And then, in a collective effort to piss me off (and others, I imagine) the floor started their rage-sourced chanting of "USA, USA, USA!!!" If you like Tool so much, why don't you try LISTENING to it!!!!! It might clear some things up for you. ANYWAYS, now for Tool's performance: My girlfriend and I agreed that no other word (if any) could sum up this show except "moving". It was beautiful. The already full and layered sounds of Tool's last two albums were enhanced even more by the synaesthetic visuals and body-resonating rumbles. Tears came to my eyes more then once. Highlights (judged by my emotional reactions) were the new versions of Pushit and Stinkfist as well as the interpretive movements of naked, upside-down suspended Osseus Labyrint during Parabol and Parabola. The screen- bound, revelatory spiral/alien-head during Laturalus topped it all off perfectly. It was the best time I've ever had. And none of this really explains anything... Sasha

Review written by: Alfred Decoush ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 14:36:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

The show was a total and udderly diappointment. This was the worst tour from ever. If i wanted to see visauls for an entire concert I would have rented a psycadelic video and jammed tool. They have totally lost their edge. Maynard is on the edge of "sell out". Between the people and derogatory statements maynard made, the show sucked!! The set list is the same for every show except for the occassional change of one to two songs. please, thats not original. I miss the old tool and their performance. Maynard needs to rethink his performance techniques. Standing on a little stage barely moving to the music and never coming out of the shadows and never really interacting with the crowd is lame!!! If this was your first tool show, sorry if think this show was good. It roraly sucked! Hopefully, tool will get back to the grass roots soon. The new album is still decent, but the older albums are much better and more metal then this perfect circle spin- off. Enjoy!!

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 14:42:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Fantomas opened up as you already know. I give them much respect for the variation of sound they gave us, but i think there set was too long. I was sitting in the stands and i realized that tool would be on soon so i went on the floor. After about 25 min of pushing I made it to the front and there were like two people between me and the front rail. The lights went out and the screen was showing that rotation circle of eyes that is seen on lateralus. This went on for about 3 min with some hypnotic noises that occumpanied it. Then the bass player came out, i thought it was maynard at first. Then the guitar player and the drummer. Then maynard came out. They played the grudge first. It was good. But my favorite was when they played 46 & 2. A larvae on its back with a face of a boy with braces was on the screen for this song.

Review written by: Sheep (poser) Review posted on: 09/22/01 15:14:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

FUck man, im a new kid in town. And theres alot of "Gothic" people at my school. These people at south portland wear slipknot shirts and fucking godsmack shirts. I saw those fuckers there wearing the same shirts, playing their role, living thier fashion. Acting like they were stoned "Ahh dude, im fucked up mannn" I fucking hate posers. Theres this one kid in my school that wears a pentagram shirt. And one time this girl sneezed and he was like BLess you. WHAT!!!? I wear plain clothes now. I used to dress all weird but now its a fucking fashion. Its like they try to fit in with a style that tries not to fit in. And those are the fuckers that make fun of hippies. Fuck that. Wear a tool shirt. I dont want to see your fucking limp dick shirts and your fucking Drowning pool shirts. People wearing J Crew, abecrombie, and white guys wearing fucking fubu? WHAT THE FUCK ? People go to make fools out of themselves or what. I respect the older adults who really dont know who tool is, but they still go, thats cool. But fuckin preps that play tennis? Man go shop at the mall at The Gap or some shit. Dont go to a tool concert. Fucking college frats. You dont deserve that ticket. You just went cause it was a good place to get drunk. Man i know real fans that could of got that ticket but instead, your fuckin chubby ass got it. I heard this guy calling everybody sheep, and he was going "Baah, Baah". Hes fucking right, its not just there though its everywhere. Fuckas HAHAHA, I was just thinking about those fuckers who were chanting USA. hahah, what the fuck was that. It doesnt even make sense. haha. There were fucking college guys with no shirts on trying to sing the lyrics, but they couldnt, why? CAUSE YOUVE NEVER EVEN HEARD THE SONG BEFORE. Fucking MTV heads. When that schism song came on ( personally im not very fond of it,) but when it came on everyone was screaming. Man i think it kinda sucked. I thought those naked bobbers where cool though. Much respect for that naked bald guy for waggin off his nuts like a dog. I didnt mind maynard staying as far away from the audience as he could. I wouldve done the same thing. Stay as far away from the dumb ass audience . "USA USA".hahaha. shit thats fucking stupid. But seriously, if your reading this and you were chanting USA at the show, just ask your self "Why?". Why did you chant that for. HAHA fuckin idiot De Krant

Review written by: Obsoletist ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 18:14:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What a confusing, emotionally draining and thought- provoking night. Not only did I witness two of the most innovative and talented bands on the planet, but I went through a small series of 'personal' events that are still shaking me. You might want to just skip this review if you're looking for something straightforward... First, a little background. Every night, for the past few weeks, I've been having reocurring dreams about a certain ex-girlfriend of mine. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that those dreams were telling me something... I headed to Monument Square in Portland, in hopes that I would be meeting an online friend there. She never showed up, so I was left with an extra ticket. I spent almost an hour outside, trying to get rid of that one ticket...and I never did! I still have it now, and I'm going to keep it as a piece of memorabilia. I did talk to some interesting people outside, one guy in particular who actually came to see Fantomas. He had never heard them before, so I explained them the best I could (think of the soundtrack to a 50's horror flick played at 10x speed, sprinkle in some metal edge and progressive sequences, and top it off with Patton's matchless vocal abilities). Fantomas started their set just as I got through the door. I worked my way through the crowd and found a comfortable spot about 20 feet from the stage, and started to soak it all in. This band is truly amazing, although I can understand why some people don't like them. I'm sure that anyone who appreciates the power and versatility of this universe we call 'music' can appreciate Fantomas and their flawless performance. Mike Patton: "we'd like to thank Tool for bringing us here with them tonight..." Random Asshole in Audience: "yeah, you better!" I look to my left and there are two guys talking about how disappointing the crowd response is. "Man, people just don't know pure talent when they hear it." I responded: "Yeah...I bet half the people here don't even know who Mike Patton or Buzz Osbourne are." It was a TIGHT set, every moment packed with surprise. Fantomas makes me smile. An experiment in terror, indeed. This is where things started to get weird. Fantomas finished up, the house lights came on, and I decided to work my way closer to the stage. I find another comfortable spot, this time about 10 feet away. I look to my left, and a very familar face is smiling at me. It's that certain ex-girlfriend I've been dreaming about for the past few weeks. Hmm. We did the usual 'so, how ya been/oh, not bad' routine that people do when they run into someone they haven't talked to in almost 2 years. Then some guy next to us said "let's get further up front", grabbed her hand and started pushing through the crowd. I followed. We were just short of being at the barricade when we decided to stay put. I asked Mandy if she was with anyone here, and she said just her brother, who was up in the bleachers. So there we were, two ex-lovers, two of Tool's biggest fans, somehow brought together by a mysterious work of nature. Or coincedence? The lights went out, the crowd began to roar. The pushing and crushing and flying sweaty body parts came immediately after. I held on to Mandy, out of pure instinct, to try and keep her from getting hurt. After a few minutes of ambient noise and the Lateralus ring-of-eyes display, Tool began to work their magick on the stage, with the half-industrial, half-ethereal 5/8 opening riff of The Grudge. The crowd went wild, and I was giving all I could to protect Mandy when suddenly a huge wave of momentum came in from the right, knocking over about ten people including the both of us. A couple of people gave me a hand to get up. I looked around, and couldn't find Mandy anywhere. At this point the heat and lack of breathing room was too overwhelming. I started feeling sick, and forced my way out of the crowd to the back of the arena. The last minute of The Grudge was spent catching my breath and wiping the sweat from my face. I found a good seat for the rest of the show. Stinkfist opened up, and I noticed Maynard singing something different during the quiet interludes in the middle and end. That's one thing I like about Tool - even after their songs are written and recorded, they still add experimental touches to (some of) them when played live. I enjoyed being able to relax and absorb the performance now, rather than being crushed between hundreds of shirtless, sweat- drenched bodies. Mandy came back to me around the same time Forty Six & 2 started, and we reflected a little on the past 15 minutes...I apologized for losing her in the pit ( I still feel bad about it now...) The rest of the show was spent right there, both of us standing and staring in awe at the beautiful swirling visuals of underwater sex, twitching and convulsing puppet-like figures, brilliantly colored fractals and peeling flesh. Taking in every single tidbit of musical integrity, finesse and perfection that Danny, Justin and Adam had to offer. Listening and relating to every heartfelt and painstaking word that emerged from Maynard's passionate-yet- aggressive voice. Everything about this performance was powerful, even the noise interludes between songs and watching the Osseus Labyrint slowly climb their way to the top of the two giant screens, hanging upside down from their ankles and spinning with arms outstretched while the 'Salival guy' did the same on the screens. Schism was a very introspective song for the evening and its events, a song about forgiveness and breaking down barriers, and the willingness to 'rediscover communication.' It really hit home for me. Parabol/a brought back a lot of memories as well. And Lateralus, what can I say - this song should be part of the soundtrack for everyone's life. As a struggling musician, this is one of many songs that always reminds me to keep my head up and keep striving to create something different, something pure, something that comes from the heart, something that can be looked at from many angles. It reminds me to 'push the envelope' and 'spiral out.' Tool couldn't have picked a better song to end with. With the exception of Third Eye. The only dull moment of the show for me was, as expected, Reflection. It's a great song, but so repetitive. Most people I know call it trance-inducing, I call it boredom- inducing. The end of the song is the only part that really catches me, and they pulled it off well...but I think Adam went a little overboard with the extended guitar fade-out. Perhaps it was because they were having some delays with the 'intermission' or something. As for Mandy, we simply said our goodbyes and our nice- to-see-you-again's and went our separate ways. It's only been two days, but I'm sure I'll be wondering just what this all means for some time to come. One more thing: for all the USA chanters - SHUT THE FUCK UP! Someone else on this board summed it up quite well already. "Fuck patriotism, it has no place in art or music." I couldn't have said it better. Amazing show. I can't wait for the next chapter in the evolutionary book of Tool - as with Lateralus, I'm certain it will leave me pleasantly surprised. email me with comments, complaints, or just to share experiences if you wish. i'm also looking for a recording of this show, audio or video or me if you have info please. -toad-

Review written by: gabe ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 20:59:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool. Wow. *smiles*

Review written by: juststained ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 21:26:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show do i feel?? Ride to Portland=long,rainy,shitty. Showed up on time,good seats,cheap food and drink,friendly security.35 dollars for a t-shirt.Uncontrolable laughter.Fantomas sample lyric-EEECHIE EECHIE POOO POOO EEEEEEEK EEEEEEEK UUUUUU EEEEEEEEEE. Youre a fucking meathead if you call this grounbreaking. All extremely talented musicians screwing off. Tool arrives on stage. Incredible visuals, great sound. Maynards hiding but moving around more. I cant stop watching Danny. Maynard says ' Thanx for coming". Setlist is odd. 3 Aenema tracks in a row. No Undertow, No Opiate. Some wasted time that could have been filled with a song or two. I love the new album but disposition/reflection clocks in over 20 min live,big chunk of time there. Contortionists were different and entertaining.Maynard says"thanx for coming"again.Crowd chants USA,USA,USA. Maynard shakes his head. Lateralus ends the show. Group hug. Bye.

Review written by: juststained ( Review posted on: 09/22/01 21:27:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show do i feel?? Ride to Portland=long,rainy,shitty. Showed up on time,good seats,cheap food and drink,friendly security.35 dollars for a t-shirt.Uncontrolable laughter.Fantomas sample lyric-EEECHIE EECHIE POOO POOO EEEEEEEK EEEEEEEK UUUUUU EEEEEEEEEE. Youre a fucking meathead if you call this grounbreaking. All extremely talented musicians screwing off. Tool arrives on stage. Incredible visuals, great sound. Maynards hiding but moving around more. I cant stop watching Danny. Maynard says ' Thanx for coming". Setlist is odd. 3 Aenema tracks in a row. No Undertow, No Opiate. Some wasted time that could have been filled with a song or two. I love the new album but disposition/reflection clocks in over 20 min live,big chunk of time there. Contortionists were different and entertaining.Maynard says"thanx for coming"again.Crowd chants USA,USA,USA. Maynard shakes his head. Lateralus ends the show. Group hug. Bye.

Review written by: danny ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 02:15:59 ET

This was this reviewer's LAST Tool show

hahaha i laugh at how stupid all of you are !!!!, tool makes pretty good music but there live proformance SUCKS , they dont have to go nuts or anything but COME ON the were like clay figures stuck in one position it was soo boring , ONLY GOOD PART WAS MESHUGGAH , AND IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM WELL YOU PROBABLY CANT COMPREHEnD WHAT THERE DOING , stupid fuckers dont relize meshuugah is fuckin INSANE

Review written by: Spark ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 09:05:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

Well, it looks like Fantomas done what they were supposed to do, stopped all the fucken fatheads from liking their music, its a shame tool (another amazing band) has some dickheads that go to their concert to boo another great band. Fantomas has more creativity comming out of its ass then you will have in your life time. And Tool fucken Ruled.

Review written by: Matthew ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 11:00:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I apologize for this, but I'm actually writing a review of the cleveland show here. I didn't think of writing one til just now, and it's too late to post it under the cleveland list. First off, I thought the setup and all the artwork and videos were incredible. I thought the band could have played with more energy, but i wasn't disappointd with the music at all. I was, however, extremely disappointed with many of the fans. I'd like to add here that i apologize if i offend anyone, that's not my intent. I enjoy moshing and screaming and chanting as much as the next guy, that is, if i'm at a pantera concert. Tool shows are not for getting drunk and being a moron, they are for listening and absorbing the art. I was on the floor near the barrier the whole time, and i could barely listen to the first three songs because the people around me refused to stop trying to make a mosh pit. Then when maynard tried to speak the first time he was drowned out by screaming idiots, and he just gave up. After that I noticed a difference in his energy level through the show. Then later when he spoke of the tragedy in New York people starting chanting USA, USA, i mean it's nice to know people are patriotic and all, but he was just trying to talk, and it was rude. Again he gave up on talking to us and started the next song. I was actually embarassed to be a member of that audience. I think a lot of the people there just didn't understand what Tool is about. The band played great under the circumstances, but I hope i have a better experience at the next concert i see. Anyone who wants to email me feel free, I'd love to hear feedback from other tool fans. I think Tool is the best band around today hands down, and i'd like to meet more people who appreciate them for the artists they are. Sorry for posting under the wrong date, Matthew

Review written by: CaptainJustin37 ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 11:09:41 ET

This was this reviewer's Best Tool show

LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't understand how incredible this show was to me. I found a good seat before TOOL started. A decent view for the best band ever. I went down to the floor before they started playing just to see how it looked. It looked alright. I figured at some point during the show, I would go down to the floor to experience the show with the thick crowd. That all changed as soon as the band started. From the moment the lights went out, I was glued to the seat. I never once took my eyes off the stage. I thought, "fuck the floor, I'm staying here so I can see absolutely everything that goes on." I didn't want to miss a single detail. I wanted the full experience. Not to mention the floor was full of assholes. Unfortunately, there are two kinds of TOOL fans. There are the "sober" people, then there are the people who actually "get it," or at least get something out of it. I'm so glad that TOOL didn't play sober. I know a lot of people were disappointed that they couldn't hear anything off undertow, myself included, but you could tell a lot of fuckheads were only there for the most popular songs like sober,prison sex, and schism. These "sober" people were easy to spot. They were the ones moshing to "disposition" and "reflection." They didn't know what else to do. I personally was in a trance by these songs, unaware of anything but the music and the visuals. Another reason I decided to stay off the floor. Don't get me wrong, I love a good energetic mosh concert as much as the average metalhead, but save it for bands like slipknot and mudvayne. Or at least save it for an angry or fast paced song. Moshing to "disposition" doesn't even make sense. Some people were angry that TOOL "blew them off" on the USA chant. Fuck these assholes. Assuming that he was refering to the NY incedent, maynard said to take the feeling and create something POSITIVE. I find it kind of ironic that these asshole motherfucking cocksuckers chanting "USA" are the same fuckheads that would jump in a moshpit and beat the everloving fuck out of each other. America united? I don't think so. These are the chanting dicks that want to go bomb any third world country or person that knows how to fly a plane. Is that something positive? does it solve any problems? I say, thank god that TOOL didn't acknowledge the chanting. One more thing. People are complaining that TOOL didn't put on a good show, because they all just stood there and didn't move. Well, what the fuck do you want? Do you actually want them dancing around on stage making asses of themselves like britney spears or sometihing? Personally, I would have been disappointed if they had. As far as I can tell, but I can't speak for the band, TOOL is all about the music. They wanted to take the focus off themselves, and concentrate on making a flawless, surreal experience for the audience, using visuals on the screens and stunning music. The band stayed in the shadows the entire time, until they were revealed towards the end. Even when Maynard talked he was in the shadows. Fuck all you assholes that didn't appreciate it. The show was perfect, and to make a reference to stinkfist, "I would not want it any other way." Email me if you have anything intelligent to say. Adios, dipshits! Love, Justin

Review written by: Ev ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 11:52:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I never thought I'd ever feel anything less than amazed after witnessing the spectacle that is Tool. But walking out of the Cumberland County Civic Center Thursday night, an uncomfortable feeling wasn hanging over me. A disappointment? No. Disappointed? Well, a bit. The performance was pretty much flawless. I did think to myself that Maynard sounded a little nasal-y, like on the verge of a cold or hopefully getting over one. I instantly thought back to November of 1996, when a show in Fitchburg, Ma. was canceled due to Maynard's throat problems while he was sick. Of course they made the show up in February of 1997, but when you're amped to see your favorite band, it's disappointing. After all, I'm seeing them 3 days in a row on this tour so I didn't want anything to interfere with it (because I'm that fucking selfish when it comes to Tool...*insert evil laugh here*). Okay, here's the set: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist (extended jam with Elvis' 'Suspicious Minds' lyrics, i.e.- "Caught in a trap. I can't walk out...") 3. 46 & 2 4. Pushit (slow version) 5. Schism (with contortionists) 6. Dispostion 7. Reflection -=contortionist intermission=- 8. Parabol 9. Parabola 10. AEnema 11. Lateralus Highlights included the Salival version of Pushit. Reflection was gorgeous but Adam's 10 minute ending on guitar get's very stale after a while. I love the ending on the album. It's almost reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's 'Over the Hills and Far Away.' but live, his swan song (pun intended) was extremely nerve racking. Parabol/Parabola was fantastic. And Lateralus, which is probably the best structured Tool song, was addicting. I also have to send infinite praise to Danny Carey. His drum playing is unmatched, untouched, and unequaled. Major kudos to your playing that is tight as a fat lady's corset. You have put yourself on that level of legendary drummers such as Neil Peart and John Bonham. I do have to say I was only disappointed by the setlist, or lack thereof. There wasn't anything off of Opiate or anything off of Undertow. Tool is known for their live performance and changing there setlists around every night. But what a rapid change this was. I was also disappointed by the fucking idiot's who choose to mosh. Kill the show for yourself and not everyone else. Do it in a more aggressive atmosphere, like Pantera. Pay attention to what's around you. Listen to it. Absorb it. Luckily, I had 2 more shows to attend to build my "Tool-esteem" up, if you will. And the next was in Mansfield, Ma. At the Tweeter Center...

Review written by: Raven Child ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 12:11:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, first and foremost i'd like to let the guys of TOOL know that they did a spectacular job. This was my first TOOL concert but i can damn well tell you that it will not be my last. I would like to thank them for taking their time to come to Maine to do this show for us. Second i would like to thank the tall blondeish haired guy that was wearing the blue long sleeved Abercrombie and Fitch shirt that was protecting my back in the pit. I am eternally gratefull to him. I was protecting my small mother who had gone with me and I was having a hell of a time trying to keep all the head banging lugs off of her and then he came along and kept them off my back which was the niceest thing anyone's ever done for me. I never found out his name or anything but I sure would like to know him a little better than I do now.(If you are the guy who did this for me and you are reading this, e-mail me or something so I can talk to you). The concert rocked, but the crowd didn't. I am more than sure that over half the people in the pit didn't know the words to the songs, let alone anything about the band. But the show was sooo awesome!!! Well, I guess that's all i have to say bout that. "Take this feeling you have now, take it home and turn it into something positive" Love to all, Raven Child By the way. I'd like to give a BIG THANX to Maynard who almost bumped into me after the concert. I was looking at the bus that the wonderful Guys of TOOl acctually ride in and Maynard came around the side of one of the equipment trucks and almost ran right into me. IT MADE MY YEAR! I mean I acctually got to see TOOl in concert which was all I could wish for....but then Maynard James Keenan himself almost bumped into me. WOW! (He was wearing a Maroon colored shirt with his leather pants after the concert) And it wasn't just me he almost bumped into either...he almost bumped into my mom too. She has Red hair and mine is kind of reddish with streaks of black. maybe Maynard wil read this and try to get in contact...Now that's the stuff dreams are made of!!! For any of you who think you know who I am, I was the tallish girl with the tye-dyed t-shirt, with my nose and lip pierced. And after the concert I was wearing my A Perfect Circle Shirt (it almost touched Maynard :) THANX TO TOOL!!!! Raven Child

Review written by: Ari ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 15:53:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing! Tool rocked! Fantomas sucked, though. Set: The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Schism Pushit (Salival) Disposition Reflection *Intermission* Parabol Parabola Ănima Lateralus

Review written by: Dan the Drummer ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 16:35:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Portland: Excellent Tweeter Center: Shitty, but not the fault of the band When we got there on Thursday, (late, thanks to someone coming along with us), I could already hear Fant˘mas playing the Godfather theme. Don't know how much they played before that. The Director's Cut is now one of the two creepiest-sounding CDs I own, along with the Ravenous soundtrack. Mike Patton was as always, completely insane, and Trevor, Dave, and King Buzzo were all great as well. Obviously, it's not everyone's cup of tea. It normally bothers me when fans boo a band, but with Fant˘mas, it only seemed to feed them. People would yell "You suck!", and in response, Mike would belt out a screeching banshee wail that would both bring joy to those of us into it and further piss off those who weren't. So Fant˘mas put on a great set, and thanks to their beautiful music causing people to leave the immediate area, I managed to get a bit closer to the stage. Overall, the show was great. The sound was too bassy, to the point where it sometimes distorted the speakers and garbled the music, but you can't really get great sound in such a large venue. It was at times difficult to lose yourself in the music and visuals with idiotic drunken frat boys moshing into you and screaming such intelligent things as "U - S - A!" pep-rally- style, and "TOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!" (Yes, that is, in fact, the band who you are seeing. Thank you for repeatedly identifying them loudly during the quiet parts so that I cannot hear the music.) I'd especially like to thank the two large cro-magnons directly behind me who kept elbowing me in the back, talking very loudly during quieter parts about the party they went to the other night, shouting to "Play some fucking music!" during the ending of reflection and other musical segues, and screaming for "Opiate" throughout the show, pronouncing it wrong every time. Ok, so aside from a great deal of people who completely don't get the experience that the band is trying to create for us, it was a great show. Osseus Labyrint was fantastic, and I'd like to find out more about them. The moment when they suddenly clutched onto one another after struggling and reaching for each other was powerful, and put a huge, uncontrollable smile on my face. Seeing Danny Carey up close was inspiring to say the least. The whole band put on a great performance. Ănema was the climax of the show for me; a total eargasm that sent shivers down my spine. I left the show with a powerful natural high that I have not experienced since seeing Sonic Youth, who, like Tool, created a very powerful musical experience, except that the fans at their show understood it and didn't ruin things by acting stupidly. Such is the problem of fame, I suppose. Still, it was intense.

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 16:42:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Fantomas was tight, energetic and extremely original. The only parallel to their style I can think of is The Boredoms, though Fantomas are far more technically proficient than the Bordeoms. Fantomas would probably be much better in a club type venue (time has done little to diminish Patten's demonic energy: great screams and grunts :) The audience however, wasn't exactly an art music crowd and the booing started early in Fanomas's set. Yes, 45+ minutes was a bit generous on Tool's part, but to paraphrase MJK, closed minds suck... Tool's atage set and lighting were always interesting and well thought out; great use of colors although the pantacle on the left side of the stage was kind of comic-bookish and seemed out of place during some of the more subtle moments.. "The Grudge", my favorite track on LATERALIS doesn't pack the punch you'd think it would live, but some of the more sombre tracks, particuarly "Schism", took on new dimensions in a live setting.. The highlight was definitely "Aenima", which Maynard introduced as "a love song". Speaking of Maynard, he was extremely hard to see, not so much hiding as practicing onstage camouflage. It was almost the end of the show before I was able to see the black stripe painted down the middle of his face. Last, I'd like to say that although a lot of my favorite Tool songs were absent from the set (I was hoping in vain that "Eulogy" might be resurrected), that Tool isn't a showboating "give em what they want" type band anyway, and missing a few great songs is well worth the Tool experience.

Review written by: Venomous Voice ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 17:48:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

So... This being my first Tool concert and being a fan since forever, I was mad psyched all day about going and just being there.... and getting there. I had tickets once upon a time in a far off land when Tool played at Ozzfest.... and then... the wicked "best friend" fell victim to peer pressure to people that didnt like little me. They said they were on their way to pick me up..... and they never showed..... and she sold my tickets right under my nose.... I cried all day... and Never forgave the bitch. And now....I'm going to tell you my long drawn out story of the night.... Anyway..... We got there and waited around for a while outside, got inside, and they made us sit down on the floor..... first of all what the fuck was that all about?!? That pissed me off, cause my ass hurt after a while from sitting and the floor was freaking cold. I felt like I was in Kindergarden again. We (Me and the five other people I went with....) all sat, gave some of the "security" shit about having to sit.... And just as I go to re-tie my shoes... Everyone jumps up and runs towards the stage, shows about to start. Awesome... Fantomas kicked some major ass. Mike Patton is awesome... the man has a wonderful range, and can do almost anything imaginable with his vocal chords.. wonderful. So, I was pretty close to the stage for about fifteen minutes to a half... Then thats when people just started getting ugly. One girl that was next to me, looked like she was about fifteen, started jumping around and swinging her little arms around.... her friend that was with her told her to chill the fuck out, and I just gave her that look.... she looked at her friend and said "I came here to get in a fight." That pissed me off... go to a concert to enjoy the music not to "get in a fight." Mind you... I myself stand at about Five foot Two, so, no matter what.. I cant see shit anyway among all the people pushing and shoving each other. I put up with the pushing and shoving for a while... and after not even being able to stand in one spot and acutally pay attention to the wonderful sounds of Fantomas.... I guess... I freaked out... I couldnt find anyone I came with, and I had a hard core Anxiety attack.... I guess I started swinging at everyone and just needed to get out. It will be a wonderful day when people can just not beat the hell out of eachother or respect the other people around them enough to chill the fuck out on the floor. I was hoping to be down there for Tool, but that didnt work out that way... I was out of there for majority of the show. So... anyway... I got dragged off the floor by My best bud who cleared the way, and my great wonderful boyfriend.. and the rest of my gang followed close behind... I freaked out some more, and got some water, and we all went to find some seats.... We all enjoyed the show very much from the seats.. however.. like I said, I would have liked to enjoy the show from the floor, but that would be nearly impossbile.... as for the set list.... Grudge Stinkfist 46&Two (-)ions Pushit (Salival Version) Schism (with the head bobbers... YAY!) Disposition Reflection **Intermission with Preformance Art by the head bobbers** Parabol Parabola Ănema Lateralus I was very impressed with the whole show... Kinda upset that nothing older was played.... but...... thats not a complaint..... The visuals that were played on the screen were beyond..... imaginable.... fucked up shit, as well as some very well done Electronic Imaging.... wonderful...the subject matter was all over the place, the nudes were beautiful... the colors... the scenes.... everything... incredible. It's what I've been waiting for my whole meaningless little life.... and it made me complete. I was really put over the edge when they all came out... I had so many mixed emotions. The Grudge just seemed like such an appropriate song to start with. As well as Lateralus to end.... I would have much preferred to hear Third Eye (which I was told WAS played in Hartford.. the lucky bastards who could have afforded to go to that show.....) I was already, uhm... yeah... by the time they broke into my favorite song.. 46&Two....... which came second.... I could have left at that point and been completely satisfied... but you can never have enough. Pushit was VERY moving... I think I came very close to crying... It was a crazy surprise to see the head bobbers... er whatever you'd like to call them... come out on stage during schism... Fucking great! I love that stuff!! And to see their preformance piece later on in the show... totally off the hook!!!! I enjoyed it throughly... even though I know alot of people had no idea what was going on and didnt like it much... I enjoyed every minute.... It was more than appropriate. Having Adam and his unbelieveable control over his guitar lead into their preformace. Adams solo.... when everyone left the stage..... took me over and consumed me. Parabol and Parabola have a deep meaning to me as well as 46&Two... consumed in myself, and not concerned with my surroundings... I zoned out... In my own world.. just me and my love for this tantalizing music. Til the end and after.. I'm a different person...Lateralus was wonderful..... It all has so much more meaning than the already overwhelming meanings of these songs when you hear them..... And then.... I went the next night.....

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 09/23/01 22:16:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Opening band was BAD!! Tool really rocked the house...

Review written by: Jack Parsons ( Review posted on: 09/24/01 11:05:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A friend of mine had given me a copy of "Opiate" when it first came out, and one of the only reasons I endured the hell that was Lollapalloza in '93 (?) was to see Tool. Nobody even knew who they were back then, but they seemed to feed off of that fact, burning on the stage with a raw power that was as hot as the core of the sun. Even in '93, a time when good bands were plentiful, Tool was at the top of the heap. The next time I saw them, "Undertow" was climbing the charts. Seeing Tool in a small Boston club (Avalon), was one of those rare ocassions where your mind realizes how fortunate you are to be in that moment, that one day you'll be forced to deal with large venues in order to see this band. They were still as raw, but somehow meaner, angrier, darker. "Opiate" is almost happy and playful compared to "Undertow" and it was reflected in the performance. The band yelled angrily at the audience (I heard Maynard lived in Somerville once upon a time and perhaps he still held a grudge against Beantown for something), channeled pure frustration through their instruments. Tool were sharing themselves with the audience on a level that I'd never seen any band visit. Maybe that's why I could make the connection with the future so easily, knowing that their willingness to share who they were would one day turn the lead into gold. And now it's 2001, and they have so much gold. The anger has been forged, the powers being channeled chosen from so many choices. Tool have made themselves worthy vessels through which the thoughts and emotions of our Combined Consciousness flow and are given voice. They're doing the bidding of the Gods, and I mean that in the most pagan sense of the word. Even before this whole WTC tradgedy came, Tool seemed to see it coming. "Lateralus," with it's Middle Eastern imprint, with its lyrics full of introspection, self-examination and warning cries of/for redemption, foresaw this better than Nostradamus. At the Cumberland County Civic Center, they brought the emotional and physical impact of this great album to a room full of apprecaitive fans. Driven by the incredible tribal, primal, technical precision of Danny Carey, Tool reproduced some of their finest material. The "46 and 2" was the peak in my opinion, but "Aenima" really got the crowd off. "Reflection" was also amazing, invoking thoughts of the Middle East where so much will soon happen. Tool is the most important band in rock and roll right now, and this performance was further evidence to support this thought. I just wish they'd done some stuff from "Opiate" and "Undertow." The fact that Fantomas opened for Tool was icing on the cake. It's refreshing to see a band taking chances and doing something strange and musically acrobatic. Patton alone is a master vocalist, but when surrounded by talents like Lombardo, King Buzzo and Trevor Dunne, it becomes quite a musical feast. But sadly, it would have been preferable to see Fantomas at a small venue as a headliner. There were just too many nimrods present. It's my opinion that anyone who thinks that Fantomas sucks obviously doesn't know much about music. The only reason these people would be at a Tool show at all is because they are part of the inevitable herd precense that the fan base of every band is partially composed of. If Tool bothered to invite Fantomas on tour, there must be a good reason for Tool to respect them enough to do so. If you can't perceive what that reason is, sit down, shut up and deal with it. Don't scream "YOU SUCK" whenever they stop playing. Go smoke some crack in the bathroom or think about football or about beating your girlfriend. Fantomas is one of the only supergroups of this day and age, so either educate yourself to who the members are and what they've done or SHUT THE FUCK UP. Okay, I feel better now.

Review written by: Amanda ( Review posted on: 09/24/01 20:00:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What can I possibly say that people reading this don't already know...Tool in concert is a beautiful thing. The excitement didn't really hit me until I heard their soundcheck. Then I remembered the feeling I had when I saw them (two days in a row) in 98. Utter contentment. Once the show started, the music of course took me to that other world that I think everyone needs to experience at least once. This tour I got to experience it three times in three (very tiring) days. I also saw Tool in Mansfield and Hartford. A lot of driving and it seems a little crazy but well worth it. The band was so tight and the setlist was well picked. The stage itself was really cool. Its amazes me though that even though I went to the concert to see the band perform, I still wanted to close my eyes and just listen, almost as if I was trying to take the humans out of the music, but then again Danny Carey is amazing to watch. Especially on that beautiful, new drum set of his. When they pulled the tarp off and turned the lights on them it was like you could have been seeing what the gates of Drum Heaven look like, if there was such a place. Needless to say, after the Hartford show I still wanted more, just can't get enough tool.

Review written by: jade ( Review posted on: 09/25/01 00:48:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Definately a learning experience. I learned about my own greed. I was greedy enough to be standing outside the doors several hours early and I was greedy enough to want to be as close to the band as when the doors opened, I went straight for the front. My daughter warned me that it might get rough, but I was inexperienced enough to believe that all of the people there were there for the same reason I see this enthralling band work their magic...ahhh...Tool live. What could have...should have been an inspiring night, turned into a fight to stay on my feet and not be brutalized. My daughter and I started out in the second row from the barricade, but soon were pushed back behind too many tall, aggresive fiends. We slowly moved to the left until I found a place where I could still moderately see Adam and Maynard and sometimes Danny, if I stood on my tippy-toes. I am 5'2" and have a slight frame...however, my daughter is about 5'8 and is a strong girl. She guarded my back and missed much of the concert just trying to keep me from becoming a rug...and because she knew how much this concert meant to me. I don't think Ive ever really appreciated just how much she cares for me. I want to thank her and a few select fellows who came along now and then and guarded her back. I won't complain about what "the boys" didn't play or what they didn't do...because I am thrilled with just having been there, soaking up as much of them as I could. I love all of the older Tool, but I love the progression of Lateralus and Parabol-Parabola was absolutely a high point for me. The music...the videos...the all came together to create nothing short of pure magic. Danny, Justin, Maynard, Adam...each such a talent....together as a unit...they are almost a religious experience. If they ever grace the state of Maine again...I will be there...but I will balance my greed with sense. And as far as my enthusiastic daughter's earlier review...yes we were witness to Maynards leaving the building and getting on the bus...but I don't believe that he even noticed us there. Although we were only a couple of feet from him, he was walking very fast, bent over (it was raining) and he had his eyes to the ground. He didn't look like he wanted to be bothered so we kept silent...but she is a dreamer and being young, she looks for acknowledgement from those she idolizes... ... it was an exciting moment and a great memory. Mom