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Review written by: Mead (
Review posted on: 09/30/01 02:59:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The show was incredible. The videos were amazing. All in all, it was the best show that have ever been too. Here is the setlist: Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Pushit (Aenima) Schism Disposition Reflection Intermission Parabol Parabola Aenema Lateralus

Review written by: mark ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 08:22:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I thought the opening act wwere a little wierd but they tried hard. Tool was excellent! Slight change in the set list from earlier shows, but basically the same as earlier dates. They have the most different stage presence. It is about the music, not " hey look at me". Very good musicians, sound was great. I don't know the average age of tool fans, I'm 40 and this was one of the best shows I have ever seen. If you can go and you consider yourself a fan, don't miss it!

Review written by: Nino ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 08:55:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was incredible. Tool sounded top notch in every way. The visuals--- WOW!! The whole show is still sinking in on me. My highlight -- during aenima when the bottom drops out of the song and he sings "praying for rain", a really cool breeze hit right then and the lights poped on for a split second...AWESOME!!! Just don't expect a rip roaring metal show. The new material makes you just wanna sit back & take it in. great show!!

Review written by: goodwillnothing ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 09:29:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Damn I am totally impressed with their performance. I was in the Orchestra pit and let me say that everybody in there was going wild. I could literally see everything from where I was. Danny, Justin, Adam, and Maynard were definately into the show. Maynard got pissed off just before they played Lateralus because someone right up front took his picture. He had his back towards the audience for the rest of the show. Will they be back? Who knows. Maynard's little "thank you and good night" speach says they will, but you never know/ Now I am also a big Mike Patton fan so Fantomas was extremely good as well. For those of you who heard them for the first time last night, I urge you to buy their Director's Cut album. All the classic movie songs you heard such as The Godfather and Cape Fear are on this. Both bands made this show great. Glad I got to see them in the Orchestra.

Review written by: todd ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 10:07:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show was great, the band played really hard. Maynard didn't say much to the crowd, I think someone pissed him off early on. They had just finished playing 46 & 2, and Maynard started to talk, he said "good evening," just then someone shined one of them stupid laser pointers in his eye, so he turned around, then waved his arms to the guys like if to say, just play the next song. After that he didn't speak till well after intermission. He said that same old speech about how we need to take their music and make something positive, and he told us to be safe on our way home. Then right before aenema, he said thank you goodnight over and over again. Then right after the song he said thank you good night once and they broke into lateralus. At the end of the show the band all came together and had a big group hug which was nice to see, but right after that Danny, Justin, and Adam turned to wave good bye to us, and Maynard just ran off. Finally Danny threw out about 4 pairs of drum sticks, and they all left. Over all it was a great show! and I can't wait to go to D.C. on Friday. Thank you, Goodnight!

Review written by: encephala ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 12:48:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd! Tool show

i dont know if that was really Maynard posting up there, or if T00L look at this, but i wanted to thank them for the show, because they played a lot of songs i was hoping to hear-- especially pushit and lateralus, those were great; and for me, the visuals for the latter really added to the experience. sorry if people in the crowd werent as cooperative as others, but im sure they were just trying to express their excitement. i hope you can forgive them, and come play an even more rockin show soon! :) .e

Review written by: Jessica Mezger ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 13:05:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Outside of exterior, excess complications, the concert was MINDBLOWING. As in, the same way an orgasm could be considered to be MINDBLOWING. It's an appropriate analogy, I think, considering the concert and song material. We missed the opening band, and that appears to have been all to the greater good. My was it chilly. Technically, their performance was incredible. They did a great setlist; lots of stuff from Lateralus, but that's only to be expected. I could wish that they had played Opiate as I've seen on the setlists from some previous concerts, but that's a minor gripe only. Maynard was DAMN hot, hitting every note and wail, turning previously established melodies inside out. Tool is one of those rare bands whose live performances, even technically, far outdo the studio cuts. They played around a bit with some of the songs; Stinkfist comes to mind immediately. Some of the lyrics were likewise switched around, but not to the extent that I've seen before. Minor tinkerings, that's about it. Some extensions to previously existing musical themes in the middle of a few songs. The stageset was simple and elegent, designed to take attention away from the musicians and place it where it belongs, on the music and the visuals. Unlike previous performances, there were no elaborate getups or drag shows. ^_^ Mostly black, with some visual highlights: an emblem to the right of the stage, and the three huge video screens. Which brings us to the imagery. =WOW= I was enthralled. Most of the imagery was previously seen, either in videos or in other album related pictures, but soe was entirely new. All of it was very evocative and powerful; most of it seemed designed to make the viewer uncomfortable or force them to react in some way, very effectively. Sometimes there were obvious metaphors involved, and sometimes it was just a kaleidoscope of images. The contortionists were in the same vein. They were incredibly talented; the writhing and "dancing" they were doing while suspended upside down well above the stage was amazing--fluid and beautiful. Also very relevant, as Parabol/Parabola were playing at the time. Apparently the name of the group is Osseus Labyrint, and they were hired by Tool specifically for one of their videos and the tour. The general attitude of Tool seemed to be very loving and positive, which is no less than I expected anyways. So many people miss the point of the band, which is their loss. Many times, Maynard said "Thank you--thank you again" to the crowd, and the band did a group hug at the conclusion of their performance. Very little in the way of commentary from Maynard, which was again different from the other performances I've seen. It appears to me that the band as a whole has stepped back from the theatrical, shock stuff that they used to do, and prefer more than ever to let their music speak for them. All in all... MINDBLOWING. Yet another incredible performance, and typically unpredictable.

Review written by: colin ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 13:11:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

to start out, the fantomas fuckin sucked! they hads the drummer from rage against the machine playing with them. they were the worst band i have ever heard. but screw them. finnally tool came out and opned with THE GRUDGE,then STINKFIST, 46 and 2, PRISON SEX, PUSH IT, and thenSCHISM........during schism, the people from the schism video came out on stage and were walking around like giraffes!(yea.....the people with the silver suits) it was kick ass. then tool played some weird instrumental songs from LATERUS. then the silver suit people came out and hung upside down 20 feet in the air for 20 minutes. then tool came out and played PORABOLA followed by PORABOL, and then closing with LATERALIS..................... THIS SHOW KICKED ASS

Review written by: Frank ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 14:02:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Since the setlist was already posted, I won't bother. But, wow, what a nice setlist! You'd think it would be impossible to play just 14 songs in an almost 2 hour period, but not when it comes to Tool. I can't comment on Fantomas since we didn't get to the venue until 8:10, had to park in Portsmouth, and walked forever to get to the gate, attempted to make a phone call, had my ticket scanned (and torn, which was weird because only he was tearing the tickets), and we walked for even longer to get to the food/bathroom/phone area. Waited in line at one of the small bottled water left. Stood in line at the man concessions...$3.50 for a bottle of water that they dumped into a cup. Apparently they don't trust rock fans with bottles. A pain because I can't put down the cup like I can with a bottle. So I gulped it down pretty fast. I had to go to the bathroom before Tool came on stage, but I didn't go. I didn't want to miss anything. So, I held it until I got home. Okay, back to the concert. We finally sat down at 8:40. I asked people around me what they thought of the opening act since I missed them. Half of the people were already so stoned that they could barely form a coherent sentence. At around 8:45, Tool finally came out, everyone stood up and cheered. I finished my water sometime during Stinkfist and ditched the cup. The visuals were incredible. Some were very trippy, while some were really disturbing. Those, and the contortionists were worth the ticket price alone. The crowd seemed really into it for the most part, and people usually sit down during all the non-singles, but not at this concert. I only sat down during the Intermission briefly because my feet ached. When I read that screens played an important part of the concert, I was afraid. While I had awesome seats in Section 102, row S (same row as sound guy), slightly off center, and I could see everything on stage, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see these fabled screens since I knew the Amphitheater had screens behind my section and in front of the lawn. But, Tool had two HUGE screens on stage plus a small one behind a sideways- standing Maynard. After 46&2, some asshole thought it would be funny to shine a laser pointer on stage and it hit Maynard right in the head. I think that's why all he said was "Good evening." He didn't speak to us until before Aenema. As for the crowd, typical crowd. Some fans, some were dragged, some went at the last minute for something to do that night, some were there to be "cool" and some were there just to get drunk and stoned. Okay, if you want to waste money on $6 beers, fine, just don't spill it on everyone else. And stop stomping on people's feet and blocking their view every time you make a beer run. As for the some class, not everybody wants to smell your bad habit, especially when you stand on your chair lighting one after another and turning around blowing it in the faces of other people. As for the weed, jeez. It is bad enough you can't obey the law or whatever, but damn, people got drug tests they need to pass. A couple near me...stoned out of their minds but they never lit up once. I guess they must have already done it before the show. Which is supposed to be the most effective since it wears off in time for the ride home instead of kicking in when the concert is about to end. The highlight of the evening? Definitely Aenema. Everyone went nuts, singing along, moving around, etc. Even I couldn't help singing along. Oh, and I didn't hear anyone scream for Sober. I would have liked to hear it, but since the show was so great, it wasn't really missed. Some people were stupid enough to leave during Maynard's "Thank you for coming.." but I knew it wasn't over yet. I knew that Lateralus and one or two more songs were yet to be played. I was happy to hear Aenema since it wasn't played at some of the recent shows. The group hug at the end was nice, as was the speech about this and that. Overall, even the immature and cold weather couldn't stop this from being the best concert I have ever been to. Tool hasn't been in the area since Lollapalooza 1997 and they have been missed. I only hope they come back again.

Review written by: gmulgrew ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 15:08:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I may be "kicking 50" but you never get too old to appreciate a truly awesome performance such as this. Maynard and the guys were excellent. Stunning visuals and attention to the music with little emphasis on the members of the band, made this one of the most memorable concerts I've seen in a good while. Despite our seating to stage left, the acoustics were great. A shame some of the audience were not mature enough to appreciate this band's hard work and love for their craft (i.e. laser pointer and plastic bottle thrown on stage) I hope Tool doesn't hold a 'grudge' and will return to the area again.

Review written by: Blaine Campbell ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 15:18:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

WOW what an awesome concert the weather was perfect the music was perfect the visuals were perfect. It was a perfect endind toa perfect weekend. Thanks TooL you guys are awesome. The Set list was awesome although i would have liked to hear Sober and opiate, i still can't complain. WOW

Review written by: Lauren Parker ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 15:22:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey. My friend and I saw the TooL concert here in VA Beach. This was THE best concert I've ever been to. Not only did they play new stuff from Lateralus, but they played old stuff like Ænima, Stinkfist and Pushit. Maynard, as well as the rest of the band has such a marvelous stage presence. It was the best night of my life. A fan of TooL forever and a day, Lauren Parker

Review written by: Troy Thompson ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 15:26:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I went to the most defining concerts of my life. I am only 16, but that was an excellent concert! I loved the videos, some were reallt trippy (the maggot, etc.). The music was great, the only songs that they didn't play that I would have loved to hear were "Jimmy" and/or "Opiate". I am sure the videos would be cool (and also Third Eye for that matter). TOOL tore it up, I hope they see us again soon! I didn't really enjoy Fantomos, I could see were they were coming from, but I couldn't take it for long. I wish they had more words outside of Italian and sreeching. Thanks, Peace. I know the setlist is already up, but I am going to clarify: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) 46 and 2 Prison Sex Pushit (extended) Schism Disposition Reflection Intermission: This was an awesome intermission! I particuluarly loved the video in the backround for this. Parabol Parabola ["Thanks Goodnight"- Maynard, we stayed so they played...] Ænema [Again -"Thanks Goodnight"- Maynard, we stayed so they played...] Lateralis

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 18:11:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

My Review: Fantomas is better than what the previous morons that bagged on them would have you believe. They are very experimental, something your typical closed minded Pimp Dickshit fans wouldn't get. So when you read a review from someonw that says how awful they were just remember that they have no taste in music. Their motto is probably "if it isn't a piece of crap radio friendly single then it sucks". Anyway, I'm done bitching about them. Fantomas played some really cool music. This was my first time seeing them. One song sounded like an Italian opera. That must have been the "Godfather" thing mentioned in an earlier post. My wife seemed to think it was good music to fuck to. I agreed. Of course that could have been the percocets talking. Tool was really good. There were a few missed notes here and there. Justin at the beginning of "Schism" and Adam on a guitar part at the end of Prison Sex were the most notable. Still a very very good performance. The sound took a few songs to really come together. About midway through 46 & 2 they got the mix right. I don't know why others haven't mentioned the changes and extra piece to "Prison Sex". The whole song had a much looser groove to it and there was one little part where the song was played differently. I think there was even a new part in either Reflection or Parabola, I can't remember which but the live version was definately not exact to the album cut. "Aenema" had a lot of power, I thnk it was one of the stronger songs of the set. "Prison Sex" had my wife and I grooving and was probably my favorite of the night. Each member of the band performed excellently. All the new stuff sounded really good. The visuals were good, after reading some of the earlier review's hype I was actualy a little disappointed. The stage lighting and setup was cool. Oseus Labrynth were cool. I think they freaked out some people near us when they walked out for the first time. Anyway it was a killer show and I'll go agin the next time they cme around. "The greatest show on Earth".

Review written by: Lee ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 18:40:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This is the best concert I've ever been to. I don't want to give away too much but maynard looked different compared to concert photos ive seen in May. Danny's new drumset is so amazing. Ive never seen better musicians. They dont move much but to me i think it would be so hard to duplicate the songs from the albums that they are doin too much and not worryin about movin alot. they are the greatest band ever. they make me think and give me such amazing experiences. danny is my god. they are all my gods. amazing musicians. I AM DIEING FOR A DRUMSTICK. I HAVE TRIED SO HARD FOR DANNY'S DRUMSTICK. DANNY I LOVE YOU. TOOL I LOVE YOU.....BEST SHOW EVER

Review written by: Lee ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 18:55:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Sean J. ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 19:02:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Last night, September 29th, and it's my first time to see Tool. I get to the Virginia Beach Amphitheater about 45 minutes early enough time to grab a shirt and find my seat. My friend and I found our seats, which were coincidentally right behind a post blocking view of the stage. The security guard nearby was nice enough to tell us that we could take any seat, so we found some center seats in the middle section between the lawn and front section. after about 10 minutes Fantomas took the stage. With Mike Patton's screaming, my first reaction was "I didn't know Cradle of Filth was on the tour too." But nonetheless, Fantomas rocked the show and i'll be sure to pick up their cd soon. After Fantomas left the stage, a huge Corellian circle was rolled out, and soon TooL took the stage, with the video screens behind them airing various footage of past videos plus some new footage. I lost track of what songs were played after 46 and 2. but it was the best concert i have ever been to, and i shall forever compare every concert to this one, seeing as how there is no parallel for a TooL concert. the masters of the live show.

Review written by: Sabinal ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 19:42:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was wonderful, but the band themselves seemed dispirited. I know the "formula" of Adam, Justin & Danny playing while Maynard sings, talks, dances, etc., but he did nothing of these, and I felt really let down. By the sixth song, I felt like they did not feel like being there. They played excellent, and Maynard's voice was golden, but the energy I recieved came mostly from the fans. The stranger I made friends with drove 10 hours to see them. he and I and another guy were hamming it up, dancing, thrashing our heads and everything...the other guy said the whole Tool Experience as "the most beautiful thing I ever saw". I was glad when Maynard finally spoke at the end (I did not realize he got pissed at the beginning with a fan up front, but still, to "punish" the rest of us ? I don't agree ) What he said about doing something positive, was so sad. I wanted to hug him and comfort him, he sounded in pain. I'd hug all of them, but I couldn't tell if they were sad 'cause I was like 300 feet away. I felt happy to finally see Tool after 9 years, but let down as well.

Review written by: Sabinal ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 19:52:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

All in all, it was indeed worth it. I also put up the wrong email (shrugs shoulders)

Review written by: Charles ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 20:19:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

Thank you Tool. All around fantastic show. On the setlist, I believe Reflection came before Disposition. Good crowd, except for the laser light morons. Can't wait for Charlotte and Raleigh.

Review written by: Dan ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 21:19:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Dear Tool, First, I would like to thank each of you and your special effects crew for the excellent job you did last night. Technically, the music was incredible; the contrast of sound quality between fantomas and tool was noticeably evident. I thought the setlist was extremely well organized and flowed well...i just wish that "The Patient" had been played, but that's simply because "The Patient" is my favorite song on the new album. Anyways, I'd just like to say that although you guys have not been to Va Beach in awhile, please don't let four or five ignorant and ill-behaved concert-goers ruin your image of those who attend concerts at the GTE Amphitheatre. I'm sure that you have encountered worse before, so I just hope that the laser pointer, etc. didn't deter maynard's ability to speak a bit more to the crowd. Anyways, you guys sounded absolutely fantastic last night, and I just hope you realize how much you mean to most of the audience. Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon. Dan

Review written by: Blake Guthrie ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 23:03:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well can I i say My TOOL experience began with a long flight. I go to school in New Orleans and just could not wait till late OCt. to see my favorite band. . .especially after seeing them in New Zeland this summer. Anyway after eating some delicious Chicken Gordita mushroom Taco bell I was more than set for the experience of Sept. The Concert was incredible. The guys were much more together than this past summer especially danny. I started in the pit but found the sound to suck so I made my way back to some Box seats a vbuddy of mine came across through his work WINDSTAR MUSIC RECORDING IN VIRGINIA BEACH (selfish plug sorry) ANyway the crowd was great with only minimal mindless moshing during Stinkfist and a gracious girl who decided to take her shirt off during Prison Sex. . . Thkanks to Steve for the Mushies and for the Taxi driver that got me back to teh airport somehow just 5 hours after the show- - - Now im back in New Orleans. . trying to create something positive---maybe ill actually study. Thats positive I think oh yeah if Sara reads this- - -it wasnt me naked swinging around on stage---you were just on drugs----

Review written by: Benny ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 23:27:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I tried so hard to get into Fantomas, couldn't though. Most of the songs they performed sound alike... Tool destroyed! Setlist was missing a couple songs. I was really hoping to hear "The Patient". Some of the highlights for me were; forty six and 2-flawless.Parabol/a with osseus labyrint,that was so amazing,probably my favorite moment! Aenima-it seemed as is if the entire audience was singing with Maynard,I know I was.Lateralus-Awsome close. Excellent show,wish it could have been longer :) There where a few assholes there with laser pointers,It also seemed that during Stinkfist (I think),someone threw a water balloon or something at Maynard...Why? It missed luckily. Best birthday present I've ever given myself, Benny

Review written by: Mr. Bungle ( Review posted on: 09/30/01 23:58:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This show was PHENOMENAL. The opening act, Fantomas, fell upon deaf ears as they recieved very liitle recognition upon completing their very short set-which included "Angel of Death" by Slayer and other Fantomas goodies. ALL HAIL MIKE PATTON!! TOOL is the most powerful, technically sound band i have ever seen live. They didn't miss a beat. The show projected on the monitors combined with TOOL's musical prowess created the exact conditions for my head to literally pop like a zit. I must admit i am now addicted to TOOL live as well as in the studio and can't wait for those Madison Square Garden shows!!!

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 00:00:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was awesome, but i noticed a few songs missing from previous setlists. I liked parts of Fantomas, but overall I wasn't really that into them. (btw, those who criticize others for not liking fantomas simply because of close-mindedness couldn't be any further from the truth.) My biggest gripe was the fans. I would've thought that at a Tool show, the crowd would be mature, intelligent, and courteous. However, I found nothing but drunk assholes, assholes who felt the need to blow smoke in my face, and assholes who got up and left every 10 minutes. Why would you bother paying for a show to leave and buy beer? I personally would've payed just for the intermission and the songs after, because those were the 3 I wanted to hear more than anything, although I loved hearing every song, really. The visuals were breathtaking (although I thought the visuals for Pushit could've been better.) All in all, this was a great show, and I'm eagerly awaiting Tool's return.

Review written by: Ramsey ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 02:00:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

One day later and it's still hard to believe that I've finally gotten to see the Mecca of bands. TOOL in concert was the most amazing experience I've ever had. My best friend and I arrived at the Amphitheater at around six. Another mutual friend of mine wanted to go but couldn't, so I managed to sneak in a tape recorder without security finding it (hide it in front of your jock). Bought a tour t-shirt (the all-black "The Eyes Have It" t-shirt) and went down to the pit/orchestra section. The guard rail was already taken so we took a spot right behind them. Shitty techno music playing for an hour and a half as the wind blew like hell. 7:30 arrives and Fantomas takes the stage, opening with "The Godfather." Lead Singer (who I think is from Faith No More and looks like Gary Buesi) has incredible energy. Uses mic effects like crazy and screams at higher octives than Mariah Carey (no relation to Daniel Carey, thank God). Oh, there's a plastic pumpkin on stage by the way. Funny moment: guy standing next to my friend lights up some pot and passes it to the dude next to him. Goes on for about five minutes until a security guard reaches right over the guard rail, yanks the joint out of his hand, rips it in half, and stomps it out. The guard had his eye on those two since they lit up. Funny stuff. Their set ends about 8:15 (lyrics that freaked us out: "Welcome to the realm of Satan"...ugh) and they deconstruct the stage setting up for TOOL. A technicial climbs the video wall and all I'm thinking was "that bastard's gonna fall and they're going to cancel the show." Luckily, he didn't. 9:00, TOOL takes the stage after a lengthy humming and eye circles on the video screen. Opening track was a slightly longer version of The Grudge. Maynard's mic wasn't up loud enough at the beginning, but it cut back up at "negativity." Video featured hypodermic needles and a bloody eye close- up. Yum. After (-) Ions, they break into Stinkfist, playing bits and pieces of the Stinkfist video on the wall. They psyched the crowd out by extending it...sly bastards. Song went about another minute and a half than normal. From Stickfist it goes into 46 & 2, which sounded awesome live. Naked people under water (including a blow job) and maggots/worms occupy the video wall. Some ass beamed a laser light off Maynard, which lead to their only comment of the night as "Good evening." More pot fills the air. Thank God I don't have to drive. A smashing dose of Prison Sex follows with pieces of the video in the background (mmm....more naked people). It's great to hear the entire crowd singing the song as well. Adam did some great guitar work, yet sounded in a different tune than normal (I'm sure it was still Drop D though). I check my tape....still a good 15 minutes left. I yell for Pushit and.... Pushit! I call my friend whom I'm taping the concert for on my cell phone...not home. Oh well! Sounded awesome, except I couldn't really hear the clock tick effect. Still sounded awesome and longer. Must be the long version from Salival. And then BOOM, Schism. The entire crowd sings. Adam misses a note or two at the beginning, it happens. Justin is the mack of all bassists. Oseus Labrynth shows up and does the freaky walk across the stage (my GOD, they're naked too!) Video for Schism playing in the background. The crowd was really into this song. Post song, I got frisked by a really hot chick that had ran to the front of the pit of "rocking my ass off." Good times for me! Oooh...Disposition sounds soooo good live. Danny is rocking the fuck out of the place. Maynard on the headless guitar (eh?). Video has more colors and naked people. Great. Reflection sounds great but the video freaked the shit outta me. Headless people, giant maggots, it looked like a run- down hotel....shudder. Adam is left alone playing the final riff for like five minutes while the rest of the band leaves and the video slows to a crawl at the same spot. Adam finally leaves. Flip tape. OL climbs up some ropes and suspends themselves from the ceiling by their ankles. They clasp together and move together, then let go and do some swinging stuff. Gut sucked in to make them look skinny.....dude, his fucking balls are hanging down! ACK! Maynard and the boys take the stage again for Parabol. OL makes it look like their walking upside down. Pretty sweet looking. And then.... Parabola, which causes OL to go apeshit above the crowd. Song sounds awesome up close and personal. Not really paying attention to the video, but it looked like Windows Media Player. Damn you Microsoft! Maynard says "Thank you, good night" like three times, then jumps back on the mic....hey hey hey hey ..... AEnema! The place goes apeshit. Bar none, the best song of the night. Maynard says to drive safely and stay positive. Then they all crowd around Danny and his drums, looking at the weird Pentagram thing to his left, my right. I yelled out "Adam Jones is God!" and Justin got his attention and he pointed at my, smiled, and nodded his head. Awesome! After standing for a moment, they broke into Lateralus to close the show, featuring the old "On The Pill" shirt image. It was an excellent way to end the show. Adam threw out his picks, Maynard and Justin threw out water bottles, Maynard threw his wife beater with a star on it (after intermission he changed into a much warmer pullover), and Danny threw a drumstick, which I caught by the head and some tall schmuck beside me grabbed the bottom and yanked it from me! Bastard! My friend, meanwhile, caught one of Maynard's water bottles and gave it to me. What a pal! Group hug in the center of the stage, and the show's over. No Sober, Hush, Opiate, Intolerance, Third Eye, or Ticks & Leeches. Who cares? It was the most orgasmic experience I've ever had without actually having an orgasm (or maybe I did.) From the opening Moog effects from Fantomas to the final riff in Lateralus, it was the greatest show i've ever seen. I try comparing it to 311 which I saw the day before and there is no comparison. TOOL is GOD. It was my first show, and it hopefully won't be my last. Best moment: Pushit played right after I called it. Funniest moment: A pigeon flying around pre-show pooped on someone. Good raughs. Moment I could have did without: The high/drunk guy in the Pot hat attempting to start a mosh pit during The Grudge.

Review written by: catharsis expediter ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 02:52:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After 2 shows this year(Hershey and Philly) and being a hardcore fanatic since '92---my opinion of the 2 shows and TOOL in general must be read. You know the feeling you get when you realize you're off work and vacation starts, or when an exgirlfriend calls back after a few months to apologize and you get to stick it to her------- exhultation and bliss!!! I get painful goosebumps when I listen to the CD's now because I place myself back at the show and remember how I felt, standing there, transcending those less forgiving pseudo-fans and feeling my mind levitate with TOOL's precision and tight timing. I have never been swept away simply by music like I was at these shows. I sometimes lost track of where I was, and that there were people around me. I was not bothered by the amount of time between songs-or the extended play---- the guys weren't stalling, they were flexing their artistic muscle through music, props, sets and body paint. It all made the show much more intense, and I was so absolutely mesmerized by the visuals--my medulla was pulsating. I yearned for more and more songs eventhough I knew my wishes were made in vain. I propose a marathon TOOL only show--a full day of every song they have recorded, and covers and extended versions---I'll pay anything. Some of my favorites were skipped but many of my favorites were also mastered, Final words go to Fantomas----Im open to tons of things and it is hard to perform when you're being booed, but Mike Patton's taunting the crowd(especially at Hershey) doesn't help his cause. My honest impression was the rest of the band was tight and strong---but Mike's bird calls, screaching and mating calls ruined their potential. Buzz was the strength to the group. It's the first time I ever had to walk out on an opening act to get food. It's unbearable screaching dissolved my ability to tolerate them. Thanks for supporting TOOL and supporting some of the last remaining music pioneers who don't succomb to media sellout interests.--------------------chaoticvessel

Review written by: mortisii ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 06:35:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hardly know where to begin. Such a great experience on so many levels. Trip down from No. Virginia went smoothly, stayed with family in Chesapeake, 25 minutes from venue. Got there early, located seats, and kicked back and waited for it all to begin. Fantomas were a great opening band. Short set but, I personally thought they would have blown most of today's headlining bands off the stage. Not everyone thought so, but those of us who liked them clapped and cheered and others stayed quiet, no booing or yelling that I could hear. Eight rows back, not quite center stage, excellent seats. I thought after Fantomas sounded so good, that we were in for a real treat when Tool hit the stage and Jesus was I right! Crowd vibe was excellent and when lights went down and they band crept into place the crowd was already going into a frenzy. Everyone on their feet and The Grundge begins. What a great opening number. Knew it was coming, but it still stunned me. First three songs were expected, but still sounded fantastic (had'nt seen Tool since '98) I believe Prison Sex was next, wow! what a great rendition. Set list probably posted by others, so I won't bother. Hightlights for me, other than whole show, Pushit and Aenima. Both these songs have always been two of my all time favorites. and both were played flawlessly and with great feeling. Pushit was the Aenima album version (love Salival version also) and it just blew me away. Aenima was a great sing-along, I believe everyone in the place was singing the words! Parabol/a was outrageous and Lateralus was simply an amazing closer. Show left me .drained, but with a feeling that kind of hard to describe. Others have touched on it in other reviews. During the concert I just got the most wonderful feeling as the power of Tool's music rolled off the stage and over the crowd, At times it had all the aspects of a religious experience (as if I know what one is). Truly a fantastic vibe I got from the band and the crowd. I know this sounds insane and I;ll probably catch some shit for it, but after saturday's show, I'd have to say Tool has entered a realm rarely visited in today's rock scene. These guys have entered the realm of some of the great rock bands of all time, and believe me, I seen most of them. Thanks for taking me to a place seldom gone to for quite some time and reaching into me and touching feelings and places long thought unreachable. One of the best shows I have ever witnessed, period. Love and peace to all!

Review written by: Kimberly Tower ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 10:00:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

As always, the performance exceeded my expectations. Tool's music constantly progresses and sounds better every time I see them. So much talent exudes from them. I was pretty pissed off with the assholes that shined the light on Maynard's face and the lasers on Danny's face as well. That was fucked up! Maynard's voice was edifying! The contortionists were awesome! I was utterly speechless after the show was over. It left me craving for more! I have been listening to Tool since Opiate came out and I have to say that this was the best show I have seen so far. I look forward to seeing next weekend's shows in Charlotte and Raleigh...yes I am a Tool freak...and like other real, hard- core Tool fans, I will do anything and go anywhere to see them perform.

Review written by: Kristina ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 10:16:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

It suprised me when I heard Tool was coming to the VB Amphitheater because I think it's a shitty place for a concert. But since it was Tool, I HAD to go. And it was the first time I really REALLY enjoyed a concert there. I'm repeating what everyone else has said by saying that the show was FUCKIN AWESOME!! The only problems were the DUMBASSES with the laser pointers and whoever the hell was making monkey noises in the pit the whole time. And this fuckin idiot in front of my took Maynard's picture and so I nudged him and told him that wasn't cool. Needless to say, I was in a trance the rest of the time. Especially during Aenima when Maynard sings "And I'm prayin for rain..." Time actually stood still, and everyone in the pit put there hands up like they were reaching toward the rain drop on the screens. It was the best concert moment of my life. Tool, let me just say you guys are great. Your old stuff is great, your new stuff is great, you guys rock. Don't let the pricks with the laser pointers keep you guys from playing here again.

Review written by: Alien000 ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 10:28:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

WARNING: This isw primarily a Fantomas review, so if you don't want to hear about them, don't read the freaking thing! September 29th 2001: This day has been a long time coming. I just got back to Florida after a weekend trip to Virginia Beach to see Fantomas and Tool. As I have already seen Tool on this tour in Atlanta on 5/15/2001, and I will be seeing them again on 10/10 in Tampa, this trip was primarily to see the supergroup of Mike Patton, King Buzzo, Trevor Dunn, and Dave Lombardo, known as Fantomas. After getting nailed trying to bring my minidisc recorder inside, I hastily retreated to the car to put it back and then ran back to the entrance so as not to miss any of the short set. The bastard searching people just had to grab all up on my nuts, therefore preventing me from getting a recording of this momentous occasion. On that note, if ANYBODY HAS A RECORDING OF THE SHOW (FANTOMAS OR TOOL), PLEASE EMAIL ME, I WOULD LOVE TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY. Thanks. Fantomas kicked into The Godfather as I was walking into the arena, and they followed witht he first few Pages from their first album. I don't remember the order, and I might be forgetting a few, but Fantomas played Der Golem, Vendetta, Spider Baby, The Omen, Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and possibly Cape Fear off the new album, all interspersed with various Pages from the first album. Spider Baby was the highlight -- they fit in several Pages in this song and kept kicking back into it -- Very nice. They also played Angel Of Death, and (I THINK) Chariot Choogle. All told, it was an excellent set, I just wish they were allowed a little more stage time. The sound, at least from where I was standing in the Orchestra Pit, was excellent. I was happy to see that they got a fantastic crowd reaction; none of the booing that I have heard mention of in previous reviews was audible where I was standing, only cheers and applause. Those who did not like it were either too dumbfounded to jeer, or they just couldn't be heard over the positivity pouring from the crowd. I was also happy to see that the band seemed to be enjoying every minute of their set. The stage was set up with Dave on the left facing to the rigfht of the stage where Patton had his synthesizers set up, Buzz to Dave's right, and Trevor between Dave and Patton. There was a Jack-O-Lantern lighting the stage just in front of patton's set-up. They performed every song to perfection, with the live emotion adding a certain raw energy to the pieces, making them seem just a little more organic than on the albums. Mike Patton was conducting like a madman, leaping in the air on every other beat, and Trevor Dunn was watching him closely and filling in the bass slides. Dave Lombardo showcased his exellence on the skins, playing a couple of gratuitous little solos. Is it just me or does he use some massive drumsticks? Watching Buzz play the guitar parts in person was amazing. TOOL came on to the lateralus floating-eye circle design after some Mantra-ish chanting, and they kicked into their now-standard opening of The Grudge, Stinkfist, and 46&2 (The video for this one has a little worm-guy writhing around, it looks like a gray Mr. Hanky). Then they played Prison Sex, with the 'OTRM' verse (That was cool, when I saw them in Atlanta they left it out to my disappointment). Pushit was next, and they played it the original way. I liked the visuals during this one, they were very trippy black and white designs that kept flowing and changing, getting grainy and then more clear. Schism sounded great, the bass line sounded just right, and the guitar was mixed in well -- in Atlanta that was not the case, the bass reverberated too much in the small club, here it carried perfectly). Osseus Labrynt came out during Schism -- they walked out on their hands and feet like in the video, their heads bobbing around like those little dashboard dolls that seem to be the biggest thing since Beanie Babies. Adam played a little ambient intro on his keyboard/synth setup, kind of a 'soundscapes' type thing (not that I saw the King Crimson/Tool tour, but I am guessing here), which led into Disposition. Reflection, probably my favorite of the night, sounded great. I don't know if I liked the visuals on that one, with the weird yellow jelly blob creeping around through what looks like a Ghost House from Super Mario, but it was still kind of cool. I was actually paying more attention to Justin's bass playing -- that guy's hands are all over that neck. Adam dragged the last riff out for what seems like an eternity, then he dragged it out a little longer. Osseus Labrynt reappeared on stage, climbing ropes that had been set up in front of the two large video screens. At the top, they hung themselves by their feet and started swinging, then they embraced -- and they let go and continued swinging, bouncing off one another, until they settled a bit. Then they started spinning in slow circles with their arms outstretched, and the Salival guy appeared on the screen doing the same thing, only inverted. The band came back out and started Parabol, and Osseus Labrynt began contorting a bit and making weird shapes with their arms while contracting and retracting their diaphragms, making them look like starving Ethiopians or something. The soft Parabol was followed with a power-drenched Parabola. This was obviously the highlight of the night for the kid standing next to me, he sung every word to Parabol/Parabola. Next maynard started his "Hey! Hey! Hey!' which signaled the start of Aenema. I was happy and sad to hear this one, because I really had my hopes set on The Patient, since I have not heard that one performed live yet. However, this song still kicks some ass, so I can't really complain. this was the only time a mosh pit really broke out, surprisingly enough, and a large black man in a green security shirt put a stop to it real quick. The crowd was pretty relaxed actually, not alot of pushing and shoving going on most of the night. The huddle at the drums meant that Lateralus was next. I thought they cut the set a little short by not playing Opiate, or at least one more song since there was no Patient or Eulogy, but Lateralus sounded great. I think the band should mix it up a little bit with the setlist, play a few different ones off of the older albums and some of the newer ones that they have been leaving out (do you think that they will ever play Ticks & Leeches live? It is starting to look like they won't). My friend Dennis came with me to the show primarily to see Fantomas, but he was also excited about seeing Tool for the first time. His impression was that with all of the distractions on stage and the dim lighting that the band really does not want to be seen, and he was hoping for a little more interaction with the crowd -- But he did commend their musician-ship, he loves the odd time signatures and musical arrangements. All in all, it was a really good show. I might be pissing off some of you die hards, but Fantomas definitely stole the show Saturday night. VIVA FANTOMAS!

Review written by: Porch Monkey ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 10:48:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Most useful information is already posted... just a few notes: - Yes, it was a laser pointer that "pissed" JMK off and, quite frankly, I don't blame him. - Fantomas was wildly entertaining (loved the blaze orange hunting hat!). The crowd seemed to be pretty receptive, too, which was nice. - For anyone reading these reviews and trying to gauge Fantomas - PLEASE disregard the neophytes who didn't even blink twice when Mike Patton hailed Dave Lombardo as the "former drummer for Rage Against the Machine." - Need I even say it? - Tool was amazing.

Review written by: jonathan ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 12:42:37 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

two lawn tickets for charlotte nc october 6. true fans only. e- mail me if you are interested. i am not trying to use this site as a point of sale but for the May 15 atlanta show many of my friends were not lucky enough to get tickets. i am sure that someone somewhere else in this worldly confine is in the same situation. i just want more people to see the greatest band on the planet.

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 12:49:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, Tool show #2 and it was just as impressive, even if my seats weren't as good as the first time in Mansfield the week before. This show was kind of difficult for me because my contact lens was bothering me and I eventually had to go to the bathroom to take it out. It was also FREEZING over there, because of the cool autumn weather and the fact that the open air amphitheater where the concert was happening was less than 10 minutes away from the ocean. I think Maynard was feeling that as well, because for the first half, he came out wearing pants and a wife beater. Then in the second half, he put on a beanie and a sweater. It's kind of funny seeing Maynard putting ON clothes during a show, as opposed to his usual habit of taking them off. IMO, Adam and Justin weren't as animated as they were a week ago. Maynard wasn't too chatty but he was really getting into the music. I spent most of the evening watching the screens and paying close attention to Danny. Just watching him play drums is worth the price of your ticket. I'm not going to go into the detailed break down of the setlist, but I am sorely disappointed that some dipshit thought it would be funny to flash Maynard with a laser pointer. I wish security would be a little more thorough when checking bags and doing patdowns before the show. The visuals were even creepier the second time around because I knew what to look out for and paid much closer attention to them. The visuals for Prison Sex were especially provocative. Much to my surprise, there was no "USA! USA!" chant during the show. I say that because there are plenty of Navy bases in the towns near Virginia Beach as well as North Carolina, so I was expecting some sort of turnout from the military crowd that night. I was utterly ecstatic that they mixed up the setlist from the last time I saw them when they played 46 and 2 and Aenema. They're 2 of my favorite Tool songs and didn't make the setlist in Mansfield, and I finally got to see them live in Virginia Beach. Is it just me or did the show seem much shorter than usual? I'm still holding out hope for Eulogy, the Salival version of Pushit, Undertow, and Sober. I'd love to see them do Intolerance as well, but I've pretty much accepted the fact they're not going to play it. Oh well, see you all in DC next Friday.

Review written by: Scotteralus ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 14:12:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This was my first Tool concert. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I want to thank the boys for providing us with such great music over the past decade, and what I hope will be for a long time to come. I arrived with my girlfriend who is handicapped and the people at the gate were so wonderfully accomodating, the next thing I knew we were in the front row. I was ecstatic, and that grew exponentially as each song was performed with power and subtlety, inspired precision and brilliant madness. I was somewhat surprised that no one moshed in the pit, but I also understand why one would be so transfixed as to lose oneself in the ongoings of the concert and the trippy vids. I will also be going to the Tues night show at MSG (yes, I live in NYC and drove a total of 20 hours from NYC to VA and back, just to see THIS show!) I will compare setlists - the ones here are accurate, and hope for a Sober and/or a Eulogy, but I have NO complaints with this night's version of Pushit, and I was particularly thrilled to hear Aenima and 46 and 2. Be sure I will need to see Tool concerts the way an addict needs a hit.

Review written by: Donny ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 15:28:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2cnd Tool show

The show was incredible. The first band was ok , they didnt suck but not my style. Tool kicked ass , ive never seen anything like it before in any concert. The stage set up represented the music they played. The 2 large screens and the one behind maynard, it almost made him look like a shadow. The vocals blew me away , he hit the high notes perfect. the improvisions and breakdown on stinkfest was great. ON all the screens they had tripped out and psychadelic images going with each songs. Dannys drum was perfect, no mistakes at all. Adam jones is an incredible guitar play , it surprised me to hear him go off and freestyle in the songs. theyre timing was great in all the songs no one was off or a little out of place, tool is not one of those show off bands, theyre very serious about the music and the you could tell by theyre performance. You could tell maynard was pissed off after anemia , i dont know why but he was very quiet. I really wanted to hear them do sober, but thats cool , the lateralus material was great, one song pretty much flowed into the next. I thought it was real cool of maynard to say take the music and feelings u have from tonight and do somethiung positive with it. It was cool to see them hug at the end, it shows how tight the band is. Almost forgot in the intermission they had people tied by theyre akles moving and twisting with the images on screen, and so forth threw parabol and parabolla. Best song of the night had to be reflection maynards voice was great, the bass riff was phat, drummin was great, the guitar work was out there , incredible. I never knew maynard played the guitar, but it was cool to seee him playing through some songs.. This was the best show ive seen, if u missed it damn im sorry, drive somewhere and see it , its worth it. donny

Review written by: Master Masturbator (fuck off ) Review posted on: 10/01/01 16:51:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

Here is my ideal tool setlist. You dont like it? Tough. The Grudge Stinkfist Intolerance The Patient Eulogy Undertow *Intermission* Opiate Parabol/a Aenima Ticks and Leeches Third Eye Lateralus Peace my brothers.

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 10/01/01 22:52:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I had been waiting for the moment for more than a month, since I went and saw the Big Day Off and learned from the announcements on the big TV screens at the Amphitheater that Tool was going to be coming there. Tool is a band that has changed my life -- some say for the worse, some say for the better. I'll just stick with the fact that it has been changed, forever and always. I no longer believe in anything because of them. (Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow a mind not to function. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. Believe in nothing.) To quote the 13th Apostle, I have a lot of good IDEAS though =). Anyway, back to my review. Although I bought my ticket a month in advance, I still got a not-so-great seat (section 201, row M, seat 1... I was all dressed in goth makeup wearing my groovy pentacle & w/ dyed black hair). I was just shy of the big posts that would've made it so I couldn't see the band at all. I was sitting beside this couple that looked really cute together but I was afraid they were going to make out the entire time and that it would detract from my experience. They didn't, thankfully. I didn't really talk to them that much, but the girl seemed really in to the music. Fantomas was pretty good -- I liked hearing the Godfather theme. A lot of their stuff would be considered gothic-metal or gothic-industrial... not many fans of that in VA I take it (actually, I know of quite a few... but most of the people around me were screaming "We want Maynard!" the entire time Fantomas was on the stage). Anyway, I'll probably end up buying Fantomas' CD because of it... I tend to do that with most bands I see in concert. I guess I'm just impressed really easily =). When the lights went down for Tool, everyone screamed and stood up. The visuals were fantastic -- the eyes from the Lateralus CD cover were very trippy and surreal. The Grudge was a GREAT song to start with -- it's really heavy but ends with a soft enough ending to go into something more lyrical. Which they did - immediately after The Grudge came Stinkfist, which is probably my third favorite Tool song ever. The solo between where Maynard sings "How can this mean anything to me? / If I really don't feel anything at all?" and the "I'll keep digging!" scream was extended... it prolonged my favorite lyrical part of the song. Forty-six and Two was great as well... I sang along with that one. A drunk guy passed in front of me and heard me singing and just stopped and started singing along too. It was great =). I positively SCREAMED for Prison Sex, so much so that I almost lost my voice and my screams sounded really girlish for the rest of the night =). The visuals were probably the best for this song, IMHO. I liked the trippy "multiple- people" effect... it looked exactly like there was a woman there getting fucked in the ass. I know -- it's harsh, but impassioned and groovy at the same time. Pushit was performed REMARKABLY... absolutely, positively perfect. You know those perfect moments in time that you experience, where time seems to stand still? I had one of those during this song... when Maynard sang "I must pursuade you another way!!!!" I swear I looked up at the sky and my eyes filled with tears there was so much emotion. Schism was excellent, as I expected it to be. Reflection was done perfectly as well. I was very happy with that one, as it is my favorite song on the new album. The lyrics are reassuring, almost soothing. And did anyone else notice that the moon came out from behind the clouds just as Maynard sang the last "and watch the weather change" in Disposition? Trippy... The intermission was great, though not because of the contortionists =). The girl standing beside me (not the couple... they left for beer or something) talked to me for a little while... I would've liked to have talked to her more but after the show we parted ways rather fast. She went to go get a t-shirt and I went ahead towards my car. If you're reading this sweetie, I'm sorry... I had to work on Sunday and my mind was swimming and I really didn't know what I was doing. If I seemed rude by running away like that, I didn't mean to be. I'm just not very social anyway, and I was anxious to get away from the crowd. It's a little late now, but if you really wanted a t-shirt that bad I would've gladly given you the one I was wearing if you would've just walked to the parking lot with me =)... Anywho, back to the music. Parabol/a was good, and one of only four songs on Lateralus that I currently know all the words to, so I was singing along and swaying to it as well. After it... well, when Maynard started saying "Goodnight" and "It's time to go home" over and over, I knew the concert wasn't over. You can tell when MJK is joking with you, I swear it. It's like he has this little childish giggling twinge in his voice, like he's got a secret and he's just dying to tell it. I screamed the loudest I had that night when he broke in to that "hey hey hey hey" at the beginning of Aenima. It's a lyrically perfect song, and not just perfect but flexible... I swear I thought he changed the "L.A." to "V.A." a couple of times in it... I have always maintained that Lateralus is probably the greatest song to end a concert with. It ends so powerfully with all the drums and guitars going wild and crazy. I didn't want to believe that I wouldn't get to hear all my other favorites... H. is my absolute FAVORITE song of ALL TIME by any band, and Sober is my second favorite song by Tool... but I knew that Lateralus was the perfect ending to the perfect evening, and I knew that's where they would leave off. Sorry this review has gotten so long, but I've been meaning to do this since Saturday night when I got home... I live 80 miles from the Amphitheatre and it was well worth the trip. It was categorically the best concert I have ever been to. Everything is excusable... the worthless imbeciles with the laser pointers, the stupid fucking security people with the lame-ass flashlights who kept flashing them in my eyes when they were showing the people looking for seats where their rows were, thus detracting from my experience (there was this one fat blonde lady who would've looked less out of place at a Britney Spears concert...). As for us smokers... we're outdoors for fuck's sake. There's plenty of air for everyone, you don't have to breathe mine. Though I know it's necessary to keep the Amphitheater house clean, that doesn't mean the numb fuckers have to go around treating us like children and shining flashlights in our faces and pointing us out to everybody when we light one up. I am going again to the October 7th concert in Raleigh... I can only hope, for the sake of my sanity, that the second one is as good (or better even) than the first.

Review written by: zev ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 14:58:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

My friend took the "short cut" to amphitheater, unfortunately, so I missed Fantomas. As a Mr.Bungle fan, I was severely pissed, but no sweat. This was still easily the best show I have ever seen. Since Undertow, I have worshipped this band religiously... No other can produce the mixed feelings of intensity and bliss so poigniantly. Please come back to Hampton Roads. I will do my best to follow you. I have to go, but goddamn, what a performance. I hope your heightened perceptions pierce through the shit-stream that is our radio/TV interface, and revolutionize the empty-headed Kornbiscuit shit heads. May you guys could tour with Neurosis sometime. They put on an equally spiritual, heavy, and stunning audio/visual show. Thank you and good

Review written by: Mike Lovejoy ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 16:10:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After the culmination of a month of waiting, Sept. 29th finally arrived.It had been 4 years since Tool's llast visit on the 97 lollapalooza was a chilly evening as Fantomas took to the stage and proceded to blow me away.i tought there were really cool.i had hard of them before but never actually heard them. it was a sonic assault. Finally the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. Tool took the stage, Maynard was oddly dressed quite normal for once. i didnt like how he was in the back but tool has never been one for being in the spotlight.the first half of the show was awesome as they ran through some of their hiits. Maynard even picked up a guitar and played on Schism. the first half ended with a awesome rendition of "Disposition & Reflection." After a lagging intermission the grey people from Schism scaled ropes and hung uypside down and proceeded to flail about while the band played.The really cool graphics they displayed on the screens titilated the eyes while the auditory senses were driven to overload.I dislike the Ampitheater but this is the first time i had orchestra pit and i could see everything. The sound was good also. They played a great set even though it was oddly devoid of Sober. But all in all a great show.

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 03:26:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Went to the Va Beach Show last Saturday night, didn't get laid, but saw a few fights - drunk morons, Maynard would have been so dissapointed. A few observations: My Brother and I had the best seats We've ever had at a concert, 4th row, right in middle behind the orech. pit, so thanks for the email or Tool Army or whoever you are. Even cooler because our friends on the lawn paid the same price for tic. Anyway, at one point I observed Danny drawing power from his big gong thing w/ the symbols. Man is he intense, no doubt he is posessed and his percussion was flawless. Loved that new kit Dan, looked and sounded terrific. Adam & Justin played in perfect syncronicity, loved the soundscape boys, I was hoping Buzz would join in sometime especially since we were late & missed Fantomas. Would have loved to seen the Melvins open up again. Maynard tore it up as usual, even though the pathetic crowd had to have him somewhat less than pumped. I wonder if that's why they played one less song than usual. I guess he got a little nippy in just his wifebeater t-shirt because he had a jacket & hat on towards the end. After they played lateralus I don't think the guys were hugging, but rather huddling for warmth & debating whether or not to play another song. I yelled "play Jimmy", but I guess they either didn't hear me or had stopped taking requests for the night. Oh well, I got my money's worth for damn sure. For those who were confused or unsure in previous posts, MJK was definetly playing guitar, and playing it well, microphone stand and all, on at least three songs. The attendance was quite weak (it was a cool night, but not cold), Va is really sad when it comes to music, except for Northern Va perhaps. I wonder how much worse Richmond would have been. I'm sure Tool won't be back anytime soon, and it's a damn shame because they along with NIN are with out a doubt the best, live and studio bands of current times, comparable to Led Zepplin in the 70's and Van Halen in the 80's. True Monsters of Rock, no one else come close, Fred Durst couldn't carry Maynard's jock on his best day. One final thought, Tool burned it up, but who sucked all the fun out of concerts, besides ticket master? The venues themselves I think. There is no festive atmosphere outside in the parking lot anymore, just cops. Then your herded inside like cattle and patted down like a criminal just so they can rape your wallet was many times as possible. You can't bring in unopened bottled water, so they can sell you a small $3 bottle of water or a $6 Beer which they pore into a cup, probably in the hopes that some drunk will kick it over quickly, which they usually do. You can't smoke anything unless your out on the lawn and even there people complain. I don't mean to bitch, my point is, why not just do pay- per-views or release live DVDs. This show would have looked great on my digital bigsreen, bong in hand, and without the drunk pugilists, zombies, and other dumbfounded dipshits. Spiral out. RCP

Review written by: c. ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 11:17:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the religious, out of body experience that i call a tool show definatly remains in true form. Standing there, watching REAL fans with their eyes closed, hands up, swaying, as if they were in some kind of praise and worship escapade brought real tears to my eyes. its a real shame that people use this area of this page to piss and moan about trivial, personel politics, and not speak of the truley amazing enigma we know as TOOL. The virginia beach show was nothing short of Emmaculate. it left me feeling highly creative, but at the same time, empty. i say empty because i know how long it will be until they come back. for the last couple of months all ive looked forward to was the TOOL show, now what? Anyway it was Full ON Orgasmic, Phantomas was awesome as well! All of the people who want to say that they suck, do me a favor. Find ONE band who sounds like them. You cant! however , evryone sounds like the unfortunatly ever-present limp bizkit. its a matter of being yourself, or being one of the herd. ALL INDIANS AND NO CHIEFS !! spiral out, c.