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Review written by: Matt (
Review posted on: 10/02/01 01:54:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show


Review written by: Magnus ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 01:55:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 50th Tool show

Another Tool show came and went. Adam was a little off than the norm but Tool as a whole still ROCKED. Although Tool is not ment for a Big Venue, I still managed to enjoy the Show. See you at the next one.

Review written by: Mister_Monster ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 02:16:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this setlist is from memory - The Grudge - (-) Ions - Sober - Undertow - Parabola - Eulogy - Mantra - Schism - Disposition - Reflection - Osseus Labrynt - Triad - Pushit - Aenema - Lateralus i was suprised about how much the setlist changed from philly. wow...

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 02:17:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was very different.Things are not the same in this world especially here in NY, but you know that. Throughout everything there was a sense that something more mattered, and obviously the band felt that too. The Grudge began slowly, but built up intensely.The rest is history. It was extraordinary to watch the songs unfold, on a huge stage with such a different feeling in the air.The music,as expected took you away to somewhere inside your own mind.Somewhere where you could look inside yourself. ...It was beautiful. Tonight is the first time that ever really hit me.Before I was always too awestruck, mindnumbed,and inspired by hearing Tool play, I never actually realized that it was beautiful. What Tool is doing is beautiful. To experience and understand that was a great thing.

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 02:53:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

It was a good show, only spoke to the audience once, the audience was annoying but aren't they always. they played perfectly, I just wish they would light up the stage a bit more. Many were complaining that you come for the band not the video screens, oh well, I thought it was good and hopefully tomorrow they play a different set list, hope everyone enjoyed the show!

Review written by: submachine ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 02:53:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

"Remember how you feel right now"- Maynard James Keenan, at the perfect moment of the perfect TooL show. The phrase that repeatedly came to mind during the 10-01- 01 TooL NYC show was "beyond art". It was the two figures hanging by their ankles that really solidified the concept that the mind-numbing video display and the continuous silhoutte of Maynard put into effect: this show was something that will never be forgotten by any who witnessed it. It became a thing beyond itself, beyond music, beyond art, during the interlude of the hanging duo, into Pushit, into Aenima, into Lateralus. This was TooL at their best. "Remember how you feel right now" We will never forget.

Review written by: Deric ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 03:01:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I've never seen a band that sounds better live than Tool! I couldn't have been happier with this show- the setlist mentioned earlier sounds accurate to me. I'm really glad they played some great songs they haven't been playing much. Pushit stands out especially- they did a largely different rendition of it than the one from the alblum. It started off a lot mellower but finished up sounding much like it does recorded. I wish Maynard would have come up with something unique to tell NYC though. It was the same line he's been feeding people since the disaster about taking the feeling you're having home with you and trying to do something positive. This would mean a lot more if he wasn't repeating it over and over again. Otherwise I have no complaints. I didn't even mind Fantomas all that much, but I was ready for them to be the worst thing ever from all the negative feedback I was hearing. Compared to Fantomas, Mr. Bungle seems normal. Mike Patton has never been much for crowd pleasing, but for a collaboration of such talented musicians the act is a bit of a let down. I had more of a taste for it still than the average Tool fan, being that I listen to a lot of loud, manic strange stuff, though nothing quite that strange. True to his indifferent, f*** you candor, Mike Patton politely thanked the crowd and gave his respect to the city while being inundated with loud howls of, "YOU SUCK", by the audience. I really think he likes hearing that. Sorry to go on so much about the opening act but we all know Tool being great is a given. I wish I could go again tomorrow night- a Tool concert is an experience like no other.

Review written by: vacant ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 03:02:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

why do people feel the need to mosh to tool? fucking tards. ok well. i was general admission and got there early so i had a really bad ass view of the whole event. fantomas was insane. i don't know if most people got it, or liked them. there were definitely a few who did. that made me happy. i love the guitarist's fro. patton's a mad man, let me tell you. anyway, they seemed to really enjoy themselves, and played for about a half hour. awhile after that, out stalked justin, danny, adam and maynard. adam looked so beautiful in his red shirt. i love his hair. he looks vampirish, but not in the cheesy 'goth' way. the way adam and justin just stand there in their 'positions' is so cool, its like they are the flankers of an army of sound and beauty. maynard stayed on his little stage as usual. took his jacket off at some point. couldn't see his face well, too obscured by shadow. he played guitar for a number of songs, i'm assuming either rythm or possibly bass. when he didn't have a guitar in his hands, he 'stalked' to the music. danny was insane as always. i was really up cloe during the grudge and of course all the dumbass motherfuckers behind me stat to mosh and i'm almost crushed. then me and me droog slipped over to the left side, which afforded us a clear view and distance from the mindless bitches in the pit. i think the show got better as it went on, each song building on the intensity of the last. pushit, ænema, triad, and latralus were my favorites of the night. i was a little disappointed that they cut parabol from the parabol/a combo. it made it seem rushed and sloppy, kind of. oh, whoever that girl was who was standing near me on the left side of the stage, doing all those stretches and shit, i just wanna ask, why? that was pretty insane. hats off to you. oh and to the stupid drunk crowd surfer who pushed past me, FUCK YOU. i teared up a bit at the climax to both ænema and pushit. so very intense. i do believe i've suffered some hopefully-not-permanent hearing loss to my left ear thanks to the drums and bass. its worth it tho. i couldn't help but smile during ænema because so many of the people around me belong to the types of people maynard is saying 'fuck you' too, yet they go on moshing, dancing, whatever, oblivious. that is just damn funny. oh well, this was my first big concert ever, and i'm glad it was tool who broke my precious wittle hymen. adieu you fucks.

Review written by: TheDog ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 04:52:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Kick ass show. Really mixed up the set list from what I've been reading, and the crowd was WELCOMING, not confrontational. Not a political forum. But a work of art in progress, nonetheless. Intermission didn't cut it for me - with the figured hanging from the ropes. But my friends explained the things they acted out (I was in the bathroom, smoking a jay in there because security was so tight and i was kneeling next to some guy's vomit.... But yeah, it kicked ass it felt cutom tailored for our beautiufl city in a mournful sense. Peace out.... doG

Review written by: FDeuce ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 05:27:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Holy shit. That was fucking AMAZING. These guys are so talented it's frightening. The set list in the first post is correct. I was pleasantly surprised that they mixed it up a little from previous shows. I'm going tomorrow too, so I hope it's somewhat different. My only criticism of the band was Adam's drawn out ending to Reflection/Disposition. He went on FOREVER, and considering that the intermission came right after that, it seemed a little unecessary. My only other minor complaint was not the fault of the band. I've never seen a concert at the Garden before, but let me tell you, the acoustics are pretty crappy. Even though the show ruled, it would have ruled squared in a smaller venue. I didn't mind that you couldn't see the band very well; TOOL is about the music, not about some teenage girls getting wet watching Maynard. Speaking about getting wet, I almost came in my pants when they played Undertow. Thank you guys for an unforgettable night. Final complaint - non-show related...the LIRR fucked me right in the ass. The trains broke down and we had to take the subway to Jamaica and wait for TWO HOURS for the train to leave. Assrammed.

Review written by: Ralph ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 06:32:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Let me start by saying a few things up front: 1. I'm 34 years old. While not ancient, life has had a way of not permitting me the time to see as many concerts as I would like. However, Tool is one of the few "new" bands (for this arguement let's define new as post-1990) that can actually hold my interest for more than 5 minutes. 2. I have seen many of the classic acts while still in their prime (Pink Floyd, Rush, Metallica before they started suing everyone) 3. My best friend of 30 years, Troy died in the September 11th attacks on WTC. This was our favorite band and we were so looking forward to going together. I decided to go alone and leave his seat empty in his honor. But enough of my problems... This was by far one of the tightest bands I have ever seen perform. I can doubly appreciate this since as a musician (hardly) I understand the complexity of the odd time signatures that virtually every Tool song is in. The set list above seems accurate and while this was my first show, there were in my opinion a few surprises in their song selection. I was pleased to hear Eulogy and given the emotional tone of the evening for me it was fitting. Visually I can only compare the band to Pink Floyd, a band whose influences can obviously been seen in Tool. It was nice to not have to hear a lead singer drown me in meaningless bantor and even more refreshing not to have to my intelligence insulted by making me beg for encores. Nice touch! I'll let others get into more of the specifics of the show as I'm sure they can do a better job than I. For any of the younger fans out there, just know that you are witnessing a band that can, in my opinion, stand with any of the all time greats. I'm not normally a very spiritual guy but I must say that I really felt as if I was watching the show for two people that night.

Review written by: Vickie ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 08:09:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Last night was....AMAZING. The show was incredible. So, we were stuck up in Section 340, but to my surprise, they were pretty good seats. Except for the assholes yelling TOOL you suck all night. Oh excuse me, not all night, just at everything besides Sober. I thought Maynard was completely and totally "on" last night. He nailed every single note perfectly. From the 30 second scream in "The Grudge" to all of the ones in "Eulogy" to the notes at the end of "Pushit". Totally on. I was really surprised at how much they mixed up the setlist compared to the other shows. I thought it was absolutely wonderful with the exception of maybe not playing Parabol. Parabola just isn't the same. But it did make room for some other unbelievable songs... Pushit was the highlight I think. I had only heard Pushit live once before at the Hammerstein, and that was the Aenima version. But last night's performance was the one. The Salival version ain't got nothing on the 10/01/01 version! The sound, I thought, was excellent. We were sitting right by one of the surround speakers though. I heard every single note perfectly. The energy last night was indescribable. Maynard was so into it...I've only seen 4 shows, but in those 4, he never moved and danced like he did last night. He writhed, and twisted, and contorted....awesome. I wish he would have spoken to the audience, but we all came to hear TOOL play, not Maynard speak. I'm still in shock from last night. Thoughts are wizzing around in my head with no intention of stopping any time soon. Thank you again TOOL. See you tonight! Vickie PS. Was that Mike Patton that came out last night after the break and played with TOOL? We couldn't really see from where we were...

Review written by: mkb ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 08:23:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Last night I had my first experience with dumb kids who think huffing cough syrup from the bottle is a great substitute for DXM. I had tickets in section 406. The balcony. In the next to last row. I got those tickets 20 minutes after they went on sale. *sigh* I was quite surprised that even though I was right down in the front for the Boston performance, I still felt the vibe more way the hell in back in MSG. This was my first non-club show (as an audience member) in 5 years. It's still a disappointment; the sound was terrible, the view was less than perfect, and WAY too many idiot punters (but far fewer than I expected) Maybe Tool should change their name and stay off the radio. Just to please me. (end david mamet mode)

Review written by: ed ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 08:57:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

once again tool was great this was the 5th time i have seen them and they kick ass every time. it was a bit difficult siting in a seat sec/311 but i enjoyed the show anyway one question though why no stinkfist , prison sex,or 46+2

Review written by: Jen ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 09:13:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I don't have the setlist but all the songs that they played were amazing. The energy last night was just incredible. I know people talk about a positive energy speach. I'm not sure what he says but I know what he said last night and if you go down to WTC or if you were there when it happened, it's touching. I love Tool, they put on one amazing show but last night was just a more amazing experience for me. I was here about 10 blocks down from WTC when it happened, and I was locked in my building scared. Last night was the first real time that I just let go of what I saw and just felt alive. I can't explain it, it was just so amazing. So excellent show and I recomend that everyone go and see them! Thanks for reading this review.

Review written by: BladeZ ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 09:14:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

OK, TooL can be heavy and tool can be wierd. Let's say this show was 80% wierd and only really rocked on a few songs. They opened with some new stuff, and then when they played Eulogy, I thought it was really starting to pick up. Just when the show was rocking, they play like an hour long song with no lyrics. People were falling asleep. Then the aliena were climbing the rope, ok, now were watching aliens for like a half hour. I'm looking at my watch thinking there's like 10 songs I know I have to hear and they'll never get them in on time. They played Aenima, that was awesome. But they had no encore, no stinkfist, no opiate. Aren't these like the BEST songs? What the hell is wrong with them? I was really dissappointed. The show was more about the image of tool than the heavy band I like to listen to.

Review written by: Eric ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 09:38:03 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

sorry...not a review...i have an EXTRA TICKET AVAILABLE for tonight's show. it's general admission on the floor. asking face value. email back if interested...thanks.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 09:39:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Great Show! This was my first Tool show, and one of the best concerts I've been to. Here is the setlist as best I can remember: The Grudge Sober Undertow Parabola Eulogy Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Pushit Aenema Lateralus The band didn't interact with the crowd much, taking the focus off of them and putting it on the music. The video clips accompanying the songs were really cool. Eulogy was definately the highlight of my night.

Review written by: Chris Broas ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 09:44:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Went to MSG last night, and once again a brilliant performance. The set list was a little different than the Hartford show I went to. Not good or bad either way, they were just two seperate shows. One interesting difference was the fact that they play Parabola without Parabol. The show seemed a little more on the heavy side, especially with the addition of Sober to the set list. Push It was awesome, now between this show and the Hartford show, the only song missing was Prison Sex. But hey, they could just jam all night and it would still blow my mind. I was quite impressed with the crowds enthusiasm. Great audience participation on Eulogy and an eruption of support at the end of Aenima. I was impressed with the people around me, they all seemed to get it.

Review written by: keyser ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 10:08:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Amazing show! Maynard's voice was amazing and everyone else was on! The crowd was cool too, except for this big guy on the side where i was standing who wouldn't shut up about how long he's been a fan. I'm going again tonight and can't wait. I hope to hear Undertow, though i know they rarely play it live.

Review written by: JR ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 10:29:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

After scoping the setlists in anticipation for my first Tool show since 96, i was *thrilled* that they really tossed it up for the first MSG show. The crowd was here-we-are-now- entertain-us indifferent to start, but they warmed up eventually. there was a huge crowd response for Eulogy which was a great surprise. My only beef was this pass: - Disposition - Reflection - Osseus Labrynt - Triad - Pushit Disposition was nice, but does Adam really need to play the last 5 notes of Reflection over and over for 10 minutes? And, yes, it was 10 minutes. For the time Adam dicked around they could have played 2 more full songs easily. The performance artists were boring. Then Triad almost brought MSG to sleep. Then they play (surprisingly in the encore) my fav Pushit, though the Salival version was again just too freakin mellow and the crowd was getting jumpy. Proving that they could have worked on the setlist flow a little better was Aenima which the crowd went literally ballistic for. So after waking up the audience with Aenima, they closed with Lateralus which - while *I* expected it - made a lot of people wonder why the the show was ending. The show was great, don't get me wrong. Surprisingly, our section (125) sat the whole time which i actually didn't mind, but again, from Disposition -> Pushit was like 45 minutes and pretty numbing on the ass. Wondering what tonight's show will be like, so have fun to all that are going!

Review written by: Anthony ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 10:42:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th? Tool show

So as to not repeat anything anyone already said, the set lists look accurate. Was a little shocked at how much it varied from some of the other shows, but it isnt often you hear Undertow, so you dont complain. Eulogy, my personal fav, just kicked ass. The Disposition-->Pushit interlude was long, but in those songs you heard and saw alot of what Tool is really about. Maynard had me mezmorized during Reflection, a personal fav off the album. A lot of MSG took the time to take a seat or go grab some air, and I saw a few heads nod. Not mine - and by the time they finished up with Pushit everyone got back into it in a hurry. A little surprised to NOT hear Stinkfist, 46+2, Prison Sex, or Opiate....would have figured at least a couple of them would have made the set list....but like I said, I am NOT complaining. Going back tonight, and cant wait to hear what tonights set includes.... .

Review written by: Big Tim ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 10:44:43 ET

This was this reviewer's TOOL Tool show

Hey to the guy above me fuck you. Those notes that he plays for 10 minutes are at the end of reflection, one of the best Tool songs ever. I think Adam on stage by himself playing for 10 minutes is one of the coolest parts of the show. For all you fuckers that fell asleep during reflection you are odviously not a Tool fan. Disposition Reflection and Triad are a masterpiece and Im sure a lot of people agree. And it totally rocks out at the end climax of the song what are you talkiing about? Everything Tool makes is a masterpiece, so fuck you for falling asleep.

Review written by: The Usual Suspect ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:00:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Just got back from my second show this tour. And I thought Hartford was a damn good show... I had no idea how much better it could get. This first night in Madison Square was truly an exceptional show. The Grudge was the typical rompin'stompin' opening, same as in Hartford, but the mood altered considerably after that. With all due respect to phillyhamstring, I have to thank any and all assholes who got the freaky four (and sometimes five, but I will get to that in a moment...) to pull out Sober. Powerful and slow, like bones grinding under the weight of gradual intoxication, Maynard and the boys tore through it into an Undertow that throbbed and pulsed more than in my last show. Then again, in Hartford I was crushed against the front General Admission barricades, but here in my city, I had a perch eye-level with Justin from the back of the floor, so I could see all of pretty colors and videos... Other great notables... the Salival version of Pushit... again, a more of a slow, painful crawl versus the feverish pitch of the Hartford shows. Maynard's voice, though a little rough at times, was clear and blended perfectly with the trance-like rhythms Danny played on his electronics. And triad... never expected to hear them play that in the flesh. And I definitely was suprised by the suprise fifth Tool who lent a hand on the keyboard. Wish I knew who the mysterious, uncredited guest was... The ending kicked back into high gear after a mostly hypnotic set, first with a full-on bodyslam of aenima, and then with the spinning frenzy of Lateralus to end the night. There were many other highlights in there, including Euolgy and Parabola... hell, it was all good. It suprised me that Maynard didn't deviate much from his carefully scripted words he has been repeating at the end of each show -- his reference to the events of 9/11, which impacted this city in a way that will be felt for generations... I had expected a little more, maybe something that really felt like it came from his heart instead of a 3x5 index card. And a spcial note to the cute girl in the "I LOVE NY" T-shirt behind me -- thank you for sharing the feeling of the moment with me so I could take it home... hope you enjoyed Lateralus as much as I did. And now, a word about Fantomas... I loved them in Hartford, but missed them tonight. I hope they were as good, but I will never know thanks to all of the scumbag scalpers and insidiuously untalented radio personalities. The latter for blurting out the Ticketmaster passwords to the whole world so ALL the scalpers would know, and to the scalpers for seemingly STEALING all of the general admission tickets that were supposed to be available for the fans. Thanks to this slick-as-snail-snot DJ who thinks he is cute by letting everyone in on the "secret", and to the dozens of professional scalpers who held handfuls of worthless tickets (after the show, you could get G.A. seats for $10.00 from these bozos! Hope they all lost money on their efforts!), true fans got locked out of the pre-sell, and fans who wanted to see Tool didn't bother to show up at the sold-out Garden to see if they could get a ticket. How do I know this? Because I wound up with two unclaimed tickets, and spent from 6:00 until almost 8:30 trying to sell these two legit tickets at face value. And I had no takers for the $41.50 tickets. So I missed Fantoma... But, on the bright side, I consider it an honor to be a patron of the arts... especially if the art is Tool. Folks, there's gotta be a better way to let the fans get the tickets and keep the bullshit from stinking up the farm. I'm done. Looking forward to tommorow's show... read on...

Review written by: jake ring ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:04:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

first paragraph = background info on my night... because they weren't playing around new york on a weekend, i had to go to the monday show in nyc. of course, my ride to the show decided to leave without me, and not tell me that he was either. so i finally managed to get myself a buddy's car 45 minutes before the show started. problem is, i'm 50 miles away from the city, and i've never really been to nyc before. you can imagine what happened. so i'm hauling ass down 87, end up in east rochelle or something, and thanks to a new father at some random hospital that i ended up at i was headed down the henry hudson highway. of course, i didn't find msg right away because if you asked 100 new yorkers where it was, you'd get a 100 different answers. well, i finally parked my friend's car and got in the garden. i came in at the end of a song, i can't remember which because i was sprinting up the stairs. the first song i heard in its entirety was schism, followed by reflection/disposition/triad, pushit, aenima and lateralus. second paragraph = long story short... if you add up all the money i spent on this concert i ended up spending $20 for every minute of music i heard. i loved every minute of the show (well, the ignorant pot-smoking adrenaline junkies notwithstanding anyway...). the visual performance was incredible. tool is one of the few bands that creates a visual experience that is as moving as their music. it was an exceptionally ethereal experience and incredibly powerful and moving. i'm definitely going to see them live again. and next time, i'll know where madison square garden is.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:10:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

- The Grudge - (-) Ions - Sober - Undertow - Parabola - Eulogy - Mantra - Schism - Disposition - Reflection - Osseus Labrynt (contortionist and adam jones on guitar) - Triad - Pushit - Aenema - Lateralus Amazing setlist, im happy they playd most of the songs i wanted to hear, i wanted to badly hear 3rd eye live, but there was no chance of that. Tool is my fav. band and has been for a long time, i just never got to see them live untill now. i had pretty good seats, i was happy i wasnt on the floor with the morons who had an american flag, and who were idiots for moshing, and crowd surfing for the slowest songs. Everything was perfect except i was forced to spend the night in the city due to the 3rd rail on the LIRR out of service. i got home about 4 hours ago and its 10:30 now. TOOL is the best though

Review written by: ~*Laura*~ ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:30:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow..I thought this was the most amazing experience, theyre my favorite band, and Im so glad i went to this show, i think i see life from a different point of view now, Tool takes us to a higher level, its like a therapy, it cleans ur soul, I came out of there with the most positive energy, i think this is what NYC needed for all thats happened.. What kind pissed me off were ppl not payin attention to the show, or complaining about whatever the hell they complained; instead of really gettin into the show and letting go, but to those of us who reached that point of intensity, relaxation, satisfaction, and euforia...i think these artirsts have accomplished what they had in mind, take us to another dimension. All my love to Tool.

Review written by: Erik ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:36:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The Grudge Sober Undertow Parabola Eulogy Schism Disposition (opens with Adam doing ambient keyboard soundscapes) Reflection (intermission) Triad! Pushit (slow) Aenema Lateralus You just can't beat the unveiling of Triad...

Review written by: midgwett ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 11:37:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was the best set list so far in the shows i have seen this year.thanks to tool for giving it up for new york,we can really use it right know.See you l8r, i will be at the tuesday show also.

Review written by: Paul ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 13:26:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

THE SHOW WAS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!! I went to the show in willkes-barre and the two shows combined for the perfect TOOL experience, and its not over, cause im going back tonight! Now a word to all those who bash moshing at TOOL or any other shows for that matter. You enjoy the show in your way and ill enjoy it in mine. First off im only 5'2" so when i have a floor ticket i cannot see a damn thing. So i mosh, and i crowd surf. Now im not an asshole about it like some people. I mostly dance rather thn just going around pushing random people. I dont throw punches or kicks. And when i crowd surf believe me im light enough that im not bothering you. There is nothing wrong with moshing, its just glorfied head banging. Let me ask you critics something, do you bop your head to the beat at show? Then you are physically displaying the way you feel the music. And that is what i do when i mosh. Moshing is an increible outlet of emotions, its a rush like no other. I enjoy it, to say the least. And the last word to critics of moshing: IF YOU DONT LIKE IT STAY OFF THE FLOOR AND IF YOUR ON THE FLOOR STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE PIT! Only at the most brutal show (rage, soulfly, pantera) have i ever see the ENTIRE floor a pit. Usually one could avoid the pit if they want, but it never ceases to amaze the amount of assholes are in the pit area complaining. Now i know you have every right to be there as me, but if you dont like the pit would it kill you to move five feet to the fucking left or right? We are all in this together, dont judge me because i mosh, we each enjoy the music in our own way. And no maynard is not singing about people like me who mosh to his music, he is singing about people like you who would jugde others for doing so. "Let it go." -the grudge -- Paul --

Review written by: Mithrandir ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 13:34:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Oh my dear Tool dfans. How privilaged I fell once again. This is the third time i've seen Tool on this Lateralus tour and i promise you no other night was like this one. Perhaps I should start at the begining.I came in after Fantomas. I saw them in Hartford and once was enough. Let me just take this time to say to all the pople who are posting that "if you were a real Tool fan you'd realize how different and creative Fantomas are" that DIFFERENT DOES NOT EQUAL GOOD!!! the lights go down and the Lateralus eye ring thingie comes up and i light my joint. Wich was funny because i was about half way done with it when someone taps me on the shoulder and offers me a hit off of theirs and i show them mine and we laugh and smile the "oh you do drugs too" kind of smile.Then Tool takles the stage, complete with Maynard in his dark shaman warrior face paint. Right away I knew it was different than the last two times i saw them. Oh and how it was. The Grudge was amazing. There was so much energy Maynard was staring the crowd down and stomping on the ground. Unlike looking of to the side and at the screen like I've seen and even read about. I had a feeling that they might try to do something at least a little special for us new yorkers and they certainly did.Sober and Undertow were awesome. I wish they kept at least Stinkfist or 46&2 but they totally made up for it. First Euology, sweet sweet Eulogy. Then Disposition and Reflection. And i swear to you right now that unless a member of the band personally tells me i am wrong i will be totally convinced that Adam plays those last chords extended at the end of Reflection for everyone who is on drugs. The first time i heard him extend it for so long like that was in Hartford and i was sober and i was like "yeah yeah we get it" but this time it just penetrated me and i abosrbed it. it caressed me like ripples in a dark milky purple pool. i am so sure someone in the band one night was on drugs and told Adam to keep playing it. then the dancers wich made me nearly catatonic. i dig them so much. and then suprise number one. TRIAD!!!!!!! fucking rock ass kick ass Triad! oh that was so cool. and i remebered someone posting the other day "they never play Triad etc etc" to them i say "tool is listening". Then the sweetest suprise of all. Adam plays a little something that sounds like Aeon Blue Apocolypse but just barely. On the other hand it could have been Salival version Pushit. I was so torn wether to be really excited for Pushit or just enjoy The Patient. and finally the chords were more clear and i nearly shat myself. Undertow, Eulogy, and Pushit all in one night. Then Ænima when everyone goes apeshit and the amazing Lateralus. Tool played so well tonight I was truly amazed. Some weird characters in the crowd and to the jack offs who started a near fist fight in the back/middle left of the GA section i invite you to wait until Limp Bizkit comes in to town. Justin threw doves in to the audience at the end while Maynard gave the peace sign (and the live long and prosper (or prespisre as he once put it) for that matter) and i dont think they would think you were a tough guy with large gentials if they saw you doing that, epsecially since it was during O. Labirynt and Salival Pushit. Anyway i enjoyed myself. And thank you to the fine folks who sold me a shitty seat for tomorrow night for ten bucks as i was on my way out of the arena this evening. I hope they arent counterfit, but for ten bucks i dont think they would be. For some strange reason i feel a Third Eye coming on tomorrow night my friends. Let us hope so. See you at MSG (again) and albany .

Review written by: Latnlou (luis_v@hotmail) Review posted on: 10/02/01 13:35:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3th Tool show

What can I say but fucking amazing!!!! This was my 3rd time seeing Tool live. I've been a fan ever since Undertow. I was SOOOO glad they are playing these arena type tours. I know some people will disagree but it justifies there stance as outsanding musicians. They these guys who focus so much energy in their music and so little of themselves. Of course its been stated hundreds of times but I cannot stress enough the voice of maynard. His voice is so distinct from any other I've ever heard. No one can touch him in that category. As for Adam his gutair handling is just mind bogoiling. Justin off the hook. And Danny please no other can compare to his skills. The setlist was posted and what a change. I've been following the tour and it was a NICE surprise not knowing what to expect. Tirad was amazing. I had pretty good seats SECTION 8, 5 seats away from GA. Can't wait for tonight to see them again. Even though I've got nose bleed tickets it doesn't matter too me. I came to see a band that can out preform ANY band in rock. See you guys tonight. Below has nothing to do with the show you can skip it but if intrested read ahead. (OT) Overall just simply amazing. I brought a friend of mine along for the ride so he can see my favotie band in the world live. I've been telling him for years that you have to expereince Tool live. That they sound totally different live than on the album. My friend isn't too much into rock as much as I am. But after seeing Tool he had said he's never seen anything like that in his life and that with all the concerts I've taken him this one had the be the best. Myslef I'm into ALL types of music. For me I'm into anything that catches my ear. If it be Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Metal, Techno, Opera, Classical, House whatever you name it I have something I like about that particluar category (or Album). What am I trying to say you ask???.....that no matter what type of music I hear I ALWAYS ALWAYS go back to Tool nothing else beats thier music. I'm mean right after the concert I went to a spanish club and danced my ass of too Salsa and Merengue (with a quick change of clothes). I was still euphoric after the concert that I had to release even more energy. When I got home about 4 in the morn I just passed out for the best monday I ever had. To look at me you would never think that I was into rock or metal. Quite the opposite. You'd think cause I'm domincan (don't look though) that i fall into hearing spanish muic only. Espcially in my neiborhood. Where you only find Rap, Reggae, Salas, Merengue. And if you play rock around here people look at you funny if you blast it in your car like I do. Not that anything is wrong with that cause I'll groove right along with them. But sometimes it gets tiring of the same songs being blasted by everyone else on the block, christ open up to something else. For me I judge people on the type of music they listen too. the way I see it the more categories of music you know the more open minded you are. If you stick to JUST one particular type of music and don't listen to anything else and don't even at least try to listen to something different I see as closed mindedness. I'll probably get a lot of flack about that but hey thats just my opinion. Well I got that off my chest. Whats great about tool concerts you get people from ALL walks of life coming together to hear there message and music. I find that amazing. I know I know alot of crap but at least i got it off my chest. And now thats done back to go see TOOL tonight!!!!! I'll post again today after the concert. Without the thesis part. TOOL FAN FOREVER!!!

Review written by: Samantha Barbera ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 14:01:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Monday night's show was, simply put, completely amazing.. It was my first Tool concert, though I have been a fan for a while now. I was completely intrigued by how great they sounded. I guess you can't get a full perspective of a live Tool concert until you're there hearing it in person. I only wish I had tx for tonight's show also haha. My personal faves of the night were Aenima, Sober, Pushit, Mantra, and Parabola. Each song was done so incredibly well.. The only downfall I thought of the night, was the lack of interaction with the audience. MSG was full of 22,000+ Tool fans and I had just thought they would have been a little more interactive with all of us. Sure, we were all there for the music and not for an eleborate speech, but a few more words wouldn't have hurt. All in all, Tool did an incredible and unforgettable performance! They definately left their mark as my most memorable concert.

Review written by: Kurt ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 14:03:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I'll just say the concert was simply spectacular art. I don't think there's a single band out there as well balanced as Tool. Words certainly can't describe what I saw last night. I thought I heard a really cool instrumental version of 46+2 during the show. I'm surprised it's not on any of the set lists here. Did I just imagine this or does anyone else out there remember this point of the show? Kurt

Review written by: Rich ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 14:12:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

A very entertaining show. I'd hate to swim against the tide here, but there's a part of me that is disappointed. Tool is officially an arena rock band now, and that in and of itself is slightly upsetting. While the visuals were nice and the overall vibe was great, in my opinion it does not compare to the raw energy unleashed at Roseland five years ago. I suppose this is the cliched evolution of a rock band too good for its own good. You create music to touch enough people and you become huge. Inevitably, you start to buckle under your own weight, and you're no longer who you were a year ago (or 3 years ago, or 5 years ago). One other gripe - the 25 minutes of droning guitar and swinging dancers was downright self-indulgent. If you're gonna take a break, just say so so I can go pee. Nevertheless, they are a great band and deserving of all their success. In their genre, nobody does it better.

Review written by: Will ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:07:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing show last night, the best I've ever of the best I ever will see. It was the kind of event that we'll look back on 10, 20, 30 years from now and hold in our memory as a legendary experience. Something we were very very fortunate to be a part of. Makes we wish I could hit each and every leg of the tour, I have a feeling two shows won't be enough. Interesting setlist (the one up top is accurate) because they got a few "surprises" as I like to call 'em out of the way (songs like Undertow and Eulogy that aren't played at the majority of shows). They were definitely highlights (eulogy...come on now, classic performance) and now I have a pretty good idea of what I can expect to see tonight (Stinkfist, The Patient, 46 & 2 just to name a few). They'll most likely interchange, ya know the first few slots after The Grudge and cut Aenema for The Patient tonight. I think it's great they're mixing it up for NYC considering many of us are attending both shows. The band was just so on from the frantic opening notes of The Grudge to that insane aural spiral that is the closing of Lateralus. The visuals were stunning, even though I couldn't see the big screens (I was sitting up in section 330, off to the right of the stage). I did have a sweet fuckin' view of Danny simply goin' postal on those drums and Justin diggin' in, sending basslines twisting, rolling through the arena. Interesting angle to catch the show from, and on the 2nd I'll have better seats (section 203) and the straight-on view to look forward to. There isn't much I can say here that hasn't been said...the best part is that the true fans share a collective bond. We each feel this music in our own ways, but the experience shared among us all. To those going to the show on the 2nd and missed this last one, be prepared for a night like no other. Don't believe the hype...because the hype doesn't do these guys justice. Thank you TOOL for creating this art for us and serving as an inspiration. Thanks go to kabir as well for keeping t.d.n going - it serves as a community for us to interact with like-minded individuals and keep the experience alive long after the concert has come and gone. - Will,

Review written by: Anya ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:14:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

How fucking awesome is seeing TOOL perform? -It doesn't matter where, when, or under what conditions, it's always a blessing, not just listening and seeing but taking it in with your whole being. The last time I saw them was at Hammerstein, which was my first time seeing Tool - I was blown away. I just stood there barely moving, mesmerized by the video, the performance and the sound. The venue was a lot better I agree, but even being at MSG this time the music filled the whole place with as much emotion as you can get out of the music and as airy as it was I was very able to find a more comfortable place, like someone said - yes, inside myself. This time Maynard was in even more shadow than last time and my seats were in the back of the floor so it was hard to watch the band the whole time. Then there was the (what) - 4 video screens in the place + the 2 bodies performing upside down. It was great, but for the first time in my life probably I found a real release physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I've come close a couple of times before but this was one of those - I’ll never forget the experience for as long as I live - best time of my life type of things. And now I'll just try to recreate if possible. It's not just hearing the music that makes you feel good, it's what the music makes you feel, and to feel at peace you need a way to release the feeling. That's what I did. I danced my ass off, I felt the music with my whole body, inside my mind, and the singing felt great too. I was very glad to see that I wasn't the only one going off and really feeling the music, as many people that come to mosh or talk or don't really like the band, I did see a lot of people who knew the lyrics, knew the music and appreciated and enjoyed every moment of the show (maybe it had to do with the fact that all those seats on the floor were the ones that went for pre-sale therefore more devoted fans came but anyway). I felt it all. I think I felt as much as a person is able to feel at a single time without exploding or having a heart attack. Not many things in life give you that strong of a feeling. Love does. But often that's not totally fulfilling with people, but a TOOL concert is so in every way except that it doesn't last a long time. (That's why when the show was over and everyone kept screaming YEAH!!! I couldn't help but scream NOOOO! at first and only then thanked the band. Thank God I’m seeing them today again, else I would've been crying.) But the time it does last is enough for a long time; it's worth a lifetime of pleasure for some people. Music is my best friend; good music is always good to you, so I guess it works out that this IS the best feeling in the world. I LOVE TOOL! ... and that's the best love in the world - no consequences, no regrets, only evolution. We leave behind this world, "... this place so negative and blind and cynical". Our souls leave our bodies and progress somewhere past the ordinary, past the every day life (while our physical body is still able to feel a pleasure of its own). That's where we all should go. Everyone who knows what Tool is about, who doesn't find two people hanging upside down too weird, knows what I mean. "And you will come to find that we are all one mind..." and appreciate TOOL not only for making beautiful music and art but also for crossing the boundaries and for being probably one of the few 'tools' on this earth able to enlighten us about the reality behind our existence, the divinity of us humans and maybe even bring us to start existing on a higher plane of consciousness. Then we'll eventually evolve ("46&2") and they make it so easy - all you have to do is think. Anyway, I understand that some people just like the music, or maybe Maynard, but I know that those of you who feel the way I do are out there. I was glad to meet one girl like that last night in the bathroom, she made me happy because we didn't even have to say much to describe the feeling. Maybe it was the shortness of breath, the sparkling eyes, the bruises on the arms, or the unfading smile, but you just knew. And the best thing is it's all in the lyrics. My last word would be: Listen to 'Lateralus' (the song). I think it gives a pretty clear idea of what these guys are doing and maybe you should too. I know I am and that's the way I'd like to keep living my life. Peace to all of you, thanks for reading if you did, any comments feel free, and hopefully you will come to see the show today. I expect it to be even better. Can't wait!!!!! (:

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:16:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well what can I say Tool is amazing. I studied all the setlist from the previous shows on this tour and just when I thought I knew what they were going to play they completely changed it. I just hope tonights show will be as much of a surprise. Set list is: The Grudge (-) ions Sober Undertow Parabola Eulogy Schism Disposition Reflection Intermission Triad Pushit (Salival) AEnema Lateralis During Triad someody was playing keyboard I don't know who it was but the song sounded great. I was hoping for Stinkfist or Prison Sex but there is always tonight. Well the best song they played had to be Eulogy. The whole crowd seemed to blow up once AEnema came on. And watching Adam Stand alone on stage after Reflection playing the same guitar part over and over was just mesmorizing. All I can say is if you have a chance to see this tour go cause it is the greatest rock show on earth. Check my review for tonights show tomorrow. Later

Review written by: TBH (IAMTINA11@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:17:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 4TH Tool show


Review written by: max ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:38:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

wow it was really really easy sneaking down to the floor in this show.

Review written by: B Turtle ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:42:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

JESUS!! That was awesome! I saw the show back at the Hammerstein in May, and I was at the Philly show on Thursday, but this was the best Tool concert I've seen since the AENIMA tour! I missed The Patient, which kicked ass in Philly, but having Eulogy in the set list more than made up for it! I liked the fact that they dumped Parabl, and went straight to Parabola. Don't get me wrong, I like Parabol, but when time is short... Anyway, these guys blow my mind every goddam time I see 'em! My only complaint, aside from the morons who mosh for every song, and whine about not hearing the "heavy" songs (you ignorant morons aren't worthy of another bitch slap) But like I was saying, my only complaint had to be the 4 jackasses behind me who bitched about the cigarette and pot smoke the whole time! Look, I know Maynard is a god, and where he preaches is a Temple, but we're not in church... smoke up and connect! Whiney bitches almost made me miss Triad! Just 'cause there's no lyrics doesn't mean the song won't speak to you. .

Review written by: Will ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:49:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, what can I say? I went to Tool last night. Great tickets, well, for never being to the Garden, I was on the floor, 8 rows back from the pit. It was good that we got seats though, because he is on crutches. He is doing the whole "on tour" thing with Tool, Hartford, Philly, NYC 2X. I went to see them once. I guess I have always known Tool, I just never pictured myself going to see them. Lets face it, this summer I went and did the who tour thing with Radiohead. Now, there is my obsession. I guess you Tool fans won't take to kindly to me. Other than that, I am more of a Dead fan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, umm, Floyd (of course) Well, all I had to say to you guys is. WHAT A FUCKING AMAZING SHOW. The sound quality could have been a little better, the echo on the floor was horrible. The setlist, from what my friend tells me, was one to be thankful for. I liked the segway b/w eulogy and sober, that kept up the pace. I also like the Triad triad, heh. The jam work on the guitar was great. I figured wrong about the crowd. I was expecting something different. They were all there for the music, i guess i didnt see any moshing, which was nice. And, everyone seemed to be happy with my hippy ass being there ( i think i was the only one in yellow, or any bright color for that matter) Thank you guys for a great show. thanks to tool peace out will

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 15:55:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was amazing. I think they're alot tighter since I last saw them at the HAMMERSTEIN show. I was really happy to see the changes in the setlist for this tour. Eulogy and Pushit (slow) were the highlights for me. Osseus Labyrint was great, I was very impressed. Fantomas...not so great...great musicians, but the music was really bad. Although Maynard only spoke once at the very end of the show, his vocals were amazing, if not perfect. At the end of the show Justin threw paper airplanes out into the crowd, and the others threw various other items. When they were done, they all hugged(?) was nice. I'm really upset I can't make it to the second show. If anyone has or will have recordings of this and tomorrow night's show (esp. Video)...please e-mail me.

Review written by: Greg Sarica ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 16:02:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I thought Tool was amazing when I saw them at Hammerstein a couple months ago... Now I am truly spoiled. No show will ever match the one that I saw last night, well maybe the one I am going to tonight will. Well, i always wanted to see Eulogy done live, and now I have, it was amazing. Maynard playing the guitar, good stuff... Adam playing the same three notes for like 15 minutes was great too, Justin played flawlessly and watching Danny play gave me a headache. This show was the best ever! Alright... Im done rambling now. Later.

Review written by: FMC ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 16:29:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

On the monday morning of October 1, I was so excited as I woke up. I was going to the TOOL concert in Madison Square Garden. I still couldn't believe that I was really going to see my favorite band TOOL. After declining many offers to go to other concerts, because I promised myself the first concert I will go to will be a TOOL concert. Anyways, I got into the city at 6:45 with nothing to do. As I walked around Manhattan to kill some time before the show, I noticed many other younger, older and people of my age walking around, all talking bout the TOOL show and about how hyped up they were. Finally it was 7:15. I ran to Madison Square Garden. As I waiting on line, me and my friend decided to buy some stuff before it would get sold out. So I buy a t-shirt and my friend gets a shirt also. Now it was time for the show to begin. After Fantomas finsihed their opening which was very loud and got me excited to see TOOL. The lights turned down and a slow rythym began. It was very very enchanting. Suddenly it stops and the band started playing into the Grudge, I could hear Danny go crazy on the drums, Adam and Justin blasting with their weapons of music. Finally Maynard who was mostly in the back started singing. Everyone (including me) start applauding yelling and screaming to the top of their lungs. The mosh pits started and everyone was ready to hear TOOL. After the Grudge it was quiet for a few seconds then a lound boom was heard. It was sober. Everyone again applauded and cheered, but this time everyone starting sining along. Not only was it great, it was terrific. After sober, the Parabol-Parabola pair hit nice and loud. Yet again, mosh pits went wild. The next song was a nice old one. Eulogy. Everyone was singing to that one also. By now I finally relized that I was actually expiriencing a TOOL concert. Now TOOL's single as of now was being played, Schism. It was great to see that single live. Also the characters from the music video made a guest appearence. Bobbing their heads back and forth was amazing. I for one thought they were just hi-tech computer models. Now I know they aren't. Soon they were tied by their legs and were raisied up into the air. Posing as the body on the Salival album only upside down. People were questioning what and why was that there. I kept quiet to myself and knew this was exactly how TOOL sounded. As the music got louder the lights started shooting out, which was greatly synchronized with the music. Then Maynard grabbed himself a weapon and started playing the three songs, Disposition, reflection and Triad were being played. This was a sort of resting moment for everyone. Everyone sat down listening to the quiet yet awsome tunes of TOOL. When they were over, it became quiet for a second. A familiar sound was heard by me. A heavy breathing sound. I immedietly knew it was Aenema. I quickly jumped out of my chair appluading and cheering followed by many others. This is what I've always wanted to hear. Hearing the words of that song made me excited, and I was greatful to be there. Everyone was going wild. When the song ended, everyone thought it was over. Maynard said a few words wishing us well and making sure we got home. Then he told everyone to remeber the feeling they were about to get. Lateralus started playing. When Maynard would say 'black and white are all i see,' only white lights shot out of the stage, then he said 'red and yellow then came to be,' red and yellow lights shot out. It was the most wonderful thing to see TOOL play live. After it was over, Maynard wished everyone a good night and left. It was all over. My first concert and my first TOOL concert was over. Exhausted I left the Gardens, thinking about everything that I heard. It was a great feeling to remember that I was at a TOOL concert. Here I sit on the 2nd of October writing this review, only wishing that I could attend the show today. Oh well, life doesn't always working. But I am happy to see TOOL play live. If I could say anything to Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin. I'd tell them, you guys kick fucking ass.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 16:37:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Incredible to say the least.. Sober caught everyone off guard.. A great version of Undertow.. The sound was amazing..Maynard's stage presence was beautiful..he was really into it..cannot wait for night 2.. and to danny, adam, maynard, and justin__thank you for making the lives of 20,000 people so much more enjoyable..

Review written by: Siddhartha Alpha Journeyman ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 16:53:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

i had waited long for this 5th tool show...The first of two dates at MSG, marking the first time the band had been in the heart of Manhattan since the attacks. Being relatively farmiliar with Maynards on-stage antics, I wondered whether or not he would adress the issue, and if so, to what extent.... well... a totally different show...the setlist was thrown out the door and the band just played their hearts out. i in this order: the grudge, sober, undertow, eulogy, parabola, disposition, reflection, break, triad, pushit (salival), aenema, lateralus...maynard did not open his mouth once, until after aenema. rather than adress the broken hearts of all who attended with mere statements, condolences, or apologies...the band gave us the only thing that really matter... their hearts... that setlist was not contrived of chance, they played songs that poured emotion into us...TRIAD!! just the band jamming facing was too much...i cried, many of us cried...what they did for us means something... everyone in that building was affected by september 11....and tool gave us more than anyone could...they gave us a moment to weep like a widow, bathe in the fountain, witness the beauty....if u cannot see that than try...because alot is missing if u dont... to all who shared that moment and the moments all along this tour...i thank you for your companionship and your compassion...its pretty simple...s p i r a l o u t

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 17:05:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The set list is true, in one night eulogy, pushit(salival version), and the unveiling of triad, which sounded amazing. they played extended parts in both eulogy plushit and triad just for our viewing and listening pleasure and have amazed me again. This was by far the best tool concert i could imagine and it was more than i could have asked for. Thanks guys. matt

Review written by: Tony Garlicknot (x46andtoolx Review posted on: 10/02/01 17:55:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Great set list. Tool is better live than I expected. Sick as videos goign on in th background. What was with that skinny naked guy and chick. The was extremly weird. It was cool how they came out during schism thogh. awsome flow between desposition, reflection and triad. Sober was awesome live. I couldnt believe they played Eulogy. The extended ending was aweosme...Danney is the man. Pushit is ok, rather have seen them play the aenima version. Aenima sounded great. Undertow was stunning. Every song they played sounded amazing fro such a big venue. I was in G.A. and there were a bunch of flamers. Int eh pit i saw a few people jsut pushing people from behind, elbowing them in the head, shoving people right when they got up form somone else pushing them. I hate people liek that. Then when I was at like the 4 or 5 row of people a fight was a botu to break out cause these pretty boys all dressed nice didnt feel like being pushed. One thing that amazed me was that throughout the entir concert a few people had like a 6 foot American flag and they just held it up the whole time. I didnt knwo who Fantomas was at first till some one told me who they were. I never knew patton was like that. You couldnt even under stand a word he said. They have to do something with the sound cause there was no way you can understand wha he was saying. Dave lombardo kicked seriouse ass. He the only reason i kept wathcing. THE guitarists hair was insane

Review written by: New Yorker ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 17:58:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Ok. So TOOL is definitely the best band out there now, right? They have been kicking ass for years but for some reason, this is only the first chance I got to see them. What a great time too! With the emotions that NYC is going through right now and Nationalism through the roof, I thought that TOOL would come on and play a kick ass set that New Yorkers would remember forever!! A little something special for a city that pretty much represents America as a whole. But no! What did we get.... a cookie cutter show that could have happened anywhere in the world. For all I know it could have even been pre-recorded! The features were a 20 minute long intermezzo, familiar cd jacket graphics floating around the screens, no acknowledgement of the fans, and no encore!!! Nothing special at all! What I witnessed was Corporate TOOL. Make record, collect money, sell show, collect money (repeat as often as neccessary). I feel as if I were robbed and let down by a good friend.

Review written by: SliNcH ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 18:15:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow. That is about all that comes to mind when thinking of this show. Wow. This was my first show. I was deeply upset when I couldn't get any tickets for their last show at hammerstein ballroom. The show didn't disappoint me at all. Musically, the band was right on key. It sounded just as if you were listening to the album. They create such a chemistry when they are on stage, it is something i have never seen at any other show I have ever been to. The electricity in there last night was unbeleivable. Even more striking were the visuals at the show. They went perfectally with the music and really amplified the expirience of the concert. I can't wait for the next time they return to NY.

Review written by: MATTY COOMBS ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 19:09:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

WOW! that was my 1st tool show and words can not tell u how great it was. to me it was one of those events that changed my life as long as i live. TOOL, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Steven ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 19:12:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well the people who saw any other show on this tour or read setlists can see .... it was unbelievable. I went to the show with my friend and we arrived at 8:55 and Tool comes on at 9:00. I did not have a ticket yet. Nobody was outside really I was asking everyone for an extra it seemed like I was not going to get one then some beautiful girl told me she had an extra. THANKS HONEY YOU MADE MY DAY YPU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. By far setlist wise this is and probably will be one ofthe best shows on the tour.

Review written by: Alekcey Yevdokimov ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 20:39:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1stt Tool show

"MAYNARD! STEP UP!" & "STEP UP! MAYNARD!" Thats what I screamed throughout the silence parts of the show, anyone heard myself screaming my ass off send me a message. I screamed that because he was hiding on his dark little stage enfront of the screen. The show was awesome, eventhough it was my first one to see TOOL. Fantomas, is good from artistic point of view, but I wouldn't run out and buy their album(Fantomas' album) I know why TOOL picked them to open for them: Fantomas is no where close to TOOL and guys from TOOL wanted to see our bored faces turn to gold when they, TOOL, came out. Anyway, the experience was awesome! I was standing throughout the whole time TOOL was playing. HELL YEAH! I screamed all of the songs, fucken lost my voice now and add that I was constantly screaming my little message to Maynard. Those bastards were poiting lasers at him, fucken morons, no wonder he spoke to us with his back "Get home safely" Ah! I wont even get into discussing the respect that we have for him(well most of us, except those fucken laser pointing jackasses!) I had two guys sitting next to me, they came from New Jersey, so one got drunk and slept throughout the show, it was hilarious! And after the show he was like 'They dint play Opiate! Encore!" He was right, although he was pissed drunk. If you were around sectin 303 in tower B, if you saw crazy guy standing enfront of you and blocking your view while waving his arms and screaming something you couldnt understand, it was me, heheh. It was cool I saw those guys running around in circles around the arena singing TOOLs songs, I wanted to join, but I figured I would miss Maynard posing his body enfront of the screen so I guess I stayed there getting on peoples nerves. EVERYONE WENT CRAZY ON AENEMA! I WENT INSANE!!!! Nex-|-> show~~ I AM THERE!

Review written by: Peter ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 20:43:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Familiar circles bring it aroud 2pi Even more familiar symbol close to Danny, reminding me of another perspective. Standing above the crowd I experienced this phenomena from a new position. But it all came through. Sorry I had to leave early but we had to find the car. Peter~

Review written by: Jay-sone ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 20:45:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Oh my god. That was the nost spectacular show i had ever seen! I got butterflies in my stomach when i saw maynard, adam, justin and danny take the stage. That show will be with me for ever.

Review written by: Greg ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 21:34:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Not only was this my first Tool show, but it was also my first concert of any kind. I'm only 16, and prior to hearing Tool I wasn't very interested in music at all. Anyways, it was fucking amazing! I don't know if I'll ever be able to go to another concert because I can't begin the fathom the possibility of any band performing any better. They were absolutely incredible. Fantomas didn't deserve to be on the same stage as them. From "The Grudge" to "Lateralus," they were unbelievable. My favorite performances were "Eulogy," "Pushit," and "Lateralus." I was a little disappointed that they didn't play "Forty Six & 2" or "Third Eye," but the set list was very good, nonetheless. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get tickets to tonight's show. My seats were very, very good. I want to thank Pat Kenne for getting me some truly amazing seats. I was seated in section 71, and was only 8 rows back. Unfrotuantely, I couldn't get a very good view of Maynard, but I could see all the wonderful art perfectly. I can't wait to see them next time around. Tool is undoubtably the greatest band of all time. No one can compare to them. NO ONE!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 22:11:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I enjoyed the show. I did not like the moshing, the nosebleed seats, the missing links screaming O! O! O! O! OO! Prison Seeeex! Fantomas Sucks! etceteraetc. Of course, I like to sing along and light my lighter, but who said I can't mosh. I would like an autograph on my breast please. I thought the variety of the enter was great. Does anybody like arena shows? Could have been worse. I liked it but it could have been better. Why all this television and dances? Why can't I see the band, I heard that they glow every 7th Monday bi-annually. What a gut. On the bright side, we are all alive (as of the time stated above) ie; no mustard or anthrax or burning fire from the heavens (no short term effects in 95% of woman, 94.331323of the moman, long term yet to be discovered) Just because I cannot control my body spasms does not mean i cannot control my electrical shorts in my brain. I like Budweiser and the cherry water but how does one know when one has had too much to think about it? Why doesn't Tool play more interludes and un-moshable music so I can dance on my legs and feet and touchdown and bang my head to a little ethnic music. Good show, solid, perfect if I were alone, but we can't have it all. maybe in 22 years. I will go again soon, but not now. I was alone, easy as pie, focus on it. Have you ever liked all the exibits at the zoo? i do , and I like Tool. Please no opinions on my opinions, i would like to know how you feel. Opinion=assholes. We all have one and they all stink. Please disregard this message. Thank you and dog. i like to belong. As you may have speculated, there are no contradictions her

Review written by: JuiceBox (no address given) Review posted on: 10/02/01 22:42:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Very cathartic, very necessary, and a very good concert. I wasn't sure what to expect, being that it was my first Tool show. Unlike some, I truly enjoyed the emphasis on the "movies" -- I thought they added a cryptic audio/visual presence, the likes of which I haven't experienced since Nine Inch Nails. Only these were far better. If only I had brought those damn shrooms... In any case, regarding Maynard's "message" at the end of the show -- who cares if he has offered the same message at every show since 9/11? What can possibly be said about 9/11 that hasn't already been said? There aren't any words left. At least it was positive, and for those of us who hadn't yet heard it, it was damn nice to hear.

Review written by: Fredo ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 22:58:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey guys I just wanted to tell anyone who was thinking of going to a Tool concert for the first time but didn't know if they wanted to that you should go. This would have to be without the best concert I ever saw and I think it was better thn Ozzfest 2001 at PNC. Only wish I had floor seats so I could get the full effect of a Tool concert, oh well theres always next time. Fredo

Review written by: Fredo ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 22:59:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey guys I just wanted to tell anyone who was thinking of going to a Tool concert for the first time but didn't know if they wanted to that you should go. This would have to be without the best concert I ever saw and I think it was better thn Ozzfest 2001 at PNC. Only wish I had floor seats so I could get the full effect of a Tool concert, oh well theres always next time. Fredo

Review written by: Collyn Gold ( Review posted on: 10/02/01 23:14:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Seeing tool for the first time was a long awaited experience. I've been waiting since I was 11 years old to see them, way back in 1996, but now at 16 my time had fineally come. I went to try and get tickets last May for their show at teh Hammerstien ballroom but after a grueling 3 hours ofwaiting around onlne, the tickets sold out in less than 30 seconds which i found to be extremely dissapointing. I'll cut to the chase. My tool experience cannot be put into words, because tehre is no such set of words in the english dictionary to describe how incridable, awesome, amazing show I saw. I was completely shell shocked once the show was over, no joke, I was shaking, and couldnt even speak. Embarassing as that may sound, I dont know, I just cant descirbe it now. I almost can say that i feel alsmot like different person. Maynard is god

Review written by: D. Hunter (No ) Review posted on: 10/02/01 23:38:29 ET

This was this reviewer's Yeah Tool show


Review written by: Matt B. ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 00:00:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What an experience!!! First for those of you who did not enjoy the Fantomas at least give credit to Mike Patton for being an original artist who doesn't give a shit what people think of his music. Now on to the good stuff. Tool is by far the most together band I have ever seen, between Maynard in rythym to the screens or holding a long ass note out better than anyone can Tool is the best money I ever spent on a concert. Their setlist was beautiful, even a little somber. Wonder if it was because they were in New York. I saw them in Hartford and that show was a little heavier. My brother and friends thought the show was lacking because there was no 46+2 and The Patient. I can't complain. Just seeing Tool in the greatest arena in the world in the greatest city in the world was a lifetime experience that I got to share with 20,000 other people. I thought the screens were a cool addition. it almost seems that Maynard wanted no attention on him (like he received from APC) but more focus on Adam, Justin, and Danny. It so great to see real muscians play unlike all these other muscians who spasm out when they play their instruments ( I like to call it the Korn effect). Tool is a band I could follow across this country and around the world. And I want to say thank you to Dina who sat in section 95 for making out with her "girlfriend" and making the night that much more rememorable.

Review written by: P ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 01:36:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Tool is my favorite band. I have loved them for 9 years now. That s why it hurt so bad to see that terrible show. The 10 minute riff? The slow pushit? Nothing off of opiate? Painful. Worst of all was Maynard saying nothing after the first tool concert in ny since the disaster. Review written by: Made In Canada ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 02:02:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1 Tool show

To all those who seem to think Maynard should have said something at your NYC show about the happenings on 09- 09-11.... Why should He?... will He make the pain go away, will something He says make it all go away? Tool as a unit is the healing the world needs, not some 2 line phrase that Maynard would say to the Chant of USA. USA. Fret for your Guns and Fret for Your Flag, Learn to Heal... Leave your Shadow behind

Review written by: dabel ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 13:47:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 5nd Tool show

There is nothing to say, really. The show was so good, and more evolved from the august shows in Cali. Bigger, louder, etc...I was glad to hear Pushit in it's extended form, that was the song I wanted to hear most. Eulogy was a surprize. MJK didn't use the NY lyrics for AEnima. The 10 minute Reflection outro was the thickest part of the whole show. I took my friend who never saw Tool before, or really liked them, till recently... He thought the show was phenominal. The best he has ever been to. I'm glad I missed Fantomas on both nights... For some reason I keep going back for more. Four times this year alone. To think that Tool have been performing live shows since May, almost every night, all accross the world and giving it their best each time is completely extraordinary and should be way appreciated and conceptualized by every one of us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to James, Adam, Justin and Danny. Thank you for following your intuitions and insprirations, your spirals, giving everything you got during this time of relativity and rationality. You could just close your eyes, tap your feet and play the bare minimum, and get away with it too, but you keep pushing it to new levels and mixing it up and keeping it fresh and loud and clear. Your extra effort is recognized by us, and is inspiring. I am learning more about myself and our life in general. I am patience as this cycle begins it's ascent. I stand willing and prepare for it's return. I feel the importance too. to. 2. We are one.

Review written by: Ben ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 14:42:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hello All Tool fans, I was at the first Garden show and it was my first Tool show. I don't know how it was my first because I'm a big fan of the band. I saw both APC show in NYC earlier in the year and I was also a big Failure fan. Dear God. I knew Tool would rock me, but they really were on and I don't really have any complaints. A Perfect Circle is like Maynard's alter ego where he can show his face and speak and be public a little..Tool is about music and art and not placing a face with the art. I like that. BUt reading the setlist for Night 2 I wish I had seen Third eye/Opiate and No Quarter if they actually played that, but I'm still greatful to have seen the band in the flesh. Seeing bands like Tool in venues like MSG just can't compare to any other city as far as I'm concerned. There's something magic about New York and there always will be. With all the bands for the most part that are coming out now, criteria for success is appearance and ifyou jump around the stage enough. I like energy too, but at least Tool can just chill and play their shit and still rock out without going out of control. I'd go on forever about the state of music but i'll spare you. Thank you everyone who made October 1rst an incredible night. Peace. If anyone's interested in new music, go to my band's website at or check us out on Hope you like.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 15:16:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow, what a change from Philly, I think the EMS guy in the hallway said it best "Look at the faces on these people, what just happened here?" THANK YOU!

Review written by: Brian C ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 15:28:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Ok I would like to start by saying that this will be a different review than what you are used to seeing on this site. Some people would bitch about tons of things in their reviews, i.e. that they didn't like the set, or that they wish that they had got a pit ticket or that tool doesn't belong in madison square garden, or that maynard is a homosexual, or that tool is selling out. I'd rather focus on the positive, and its been hard the last few weeks having lost an uncle in the WTC and almost losing a father. So here's the deal if you have a problem with what songs they are gonna play, then don't go. There are some other songs that I like by Tool that they didn't play but I like them as much as the ones they played. If you have a problem about not getting a pit ticket, then calling a ticket agency or don't go. If you think Tool doesn't belong in Madison Square Garden, then don't go. If you happen to think differently of what Maynard's sexual preference is, then don't go. If you think that they sold out, its your own opinion and don't go. But if you want to see the best live act in the world, then buy a ticket. I know that the band will never read this review, but instead of bitching like most people did, I would really like to thank them for making May 20, 2001; Oct 1, 2001 and Oct 2 2001 the three best nights of my life. Finally, for all who read this and once bitched about Tool, think of it like this... ok you may not particularly love something like the songs they play or something like that but at least you are alive and well to see the show. Appreciate what you have now because you if you don't , you will miss it when its gone. Thank you ----Brian PS if anyone has any video tape or cd of either of the MSG concerts then please e-mail me (

Review written by: SHAZ ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 21:05:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

simply amazing i dont think my posts worked before this if they did I'll just repeat my self anyway....fist of all, it was fucking rude for some retards to scream for maynard when adam was solo on stage at the end of reflection...this song was a suprise, and a wonderful one too. this show was focused more on Lateralus compare to oct 2nd show which had more songs from Ænema. Maynard as usual was shy, not so upfront, with a painted black line going down his face.danny is an amazing drummer and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out...Every tool fan deserves to witness such an awasome experience.. *ShaZ* by the way LI railway is f*ckin' retarted..they suspended trains and we got home at 6 in the morning..still a spectacular night

Review written by: Drew ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 21:36:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool owns MSG! They played some great songs-- a little something for everyone, they rocked hard, and the show was visually stunning. What more can you ask for? Even Fantomas rocked. (Despite being lost on a great deal of the crowd.) So they werent 'normal'-- but what did you expect from a band that brings John Zorn out on stage. (Which they did!) Patton is crazy, and the band was explosive. Great show overall. Oah, I almost forgot my major reason for posting. If anyone has a video of the show, please e-mail me! My brother had to work, and I want him to see what he missed. :) Thanks

Review written by: jason ( Review posted on: 10/03/01 22:39:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i'll try to keep it short: tool rocks and that's that. too bad about the gold's gym metal heads that went to the garden to drink beer and not pay attention to the greatest band in the universe. can you believe the people i had to sit next to left during pushit to go buy beer for six dollars a glass? fuck 'em. at least i was able to enjoy the experience without them yelling "fuck you" and smelling like pot. hey tool: thanks.

Review written by: shadow ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 00:05:34 ET

This was this reviewer's #### Tool show

"they better play AEnema" was my comment earlier that day.. though i was preparing myself for the event that they wouldn't. But they did.. incredible.. and i was thoroughly surprised with Undertow, but loved every second of it. Tool's meditation in the middle of the concert, beginning with the underwater lighting for Disposition, went beyond any art experience or musical experience i've ever known. The videos are simply captivating, though they often repeat the same thing over and over, there is something deep in that repition. During the extended Reflection ending, the murmur of the crowd and the occaisonal shouts somehow became a part of the music. i was glued to the screens, and my ears heard the music and the crowd as one simultaneous peice of meditation art. Amazing.... Perhaps the most amazing thing i saw that night aside from what we all know is the most incredible band, was the flag. Someone carried in a sizable american flag into the standing room area, and the entire audience errupted in cheers. For a moment i thought the band was taking the stage, then i realised they were cheering for the flag. The flag stayed up above the standing room crowd, like they were crowdsurfing it, for the entire concert. Very moving. Maynard's only words to the audience were fitting. "remember this place, look out for each other" I will never forget that place. It is engraved as deeply in my memory as the images of the world trade center. it was beyond art, beyond music, beyond statement, beyond expression. So much was summed up in that night, and yet so much was opened up. I couldn't help but feeling that The Grudge was a plea to cease the desire for revenge and concentrate on healing the deeper wound that causes terrorist groups to form in the first place. A tough lesson... one that i cannot fully accept, but one i do acknowledge. Even my dad, who listens mainly to classical and jazz music, thought he'd give tool a try because i constantly praised them. He was completely blow away by the experience. maybe it was the combination of recent events together with tool's genius that created the unforgettable place that night... whatever it was.. thank you tool...

Review written by: Lindsey ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 12:35:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I'd just like to comment on another extremely wonderful show. I saw Tool in Philly on the 27th and in NY on the 1st... I have to say that both shows do not even compare. I was very happy to hear Eulogy, played in NY...actually I think it was the best song of the night. Maynard I don't know how you do it...when I left both concerts I had this amazing feeling. All I can say is thank you for making those two days worth it!!! Keep your voice strong...I love you! Lindsey

Review written by: TheDog ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 12:51:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

My two cents on these shows: I thought their first appearance in New York back in May (5/20) was better than either of these shows, for the most part - although musically these two shows were slightly stronger. It's other factors - the venue, the setlist (esp. on Monday), the minimalist break in lieu of intermission, the videos - that made these latest shows slightly less satisfying than May 20th. Of these two shows, I thought Tuesday was better. Mainly because the transition from high energy to tranquility a la Philip Glass was accomplished better on Tuesday. I did not at all care for Adam Jones' extended minimalist ending to Reflection. On Monday it bored me to tears, on Tuesday it was a welcome call to a bathroom break. Suffice to say that I left when he began, and when I returned he was still going with the same 3 chords. Both shows were excellent musically, but the theatrical elements - video and acrobats - were more of a distraction than anything else. Tool uses elements of minimalism in some of their music, especially on the new album (Disposition, Reflection, Lateralus). But the videos were too steeped in minimalism, too repetitive. Also, they need to upgrade some of the imagery they use to fit their evolved aesthetic better. They didn't play anything off Undertow, but many of the videos felt like they fit better with that album. Too dark, simple, and repetitive. Not that Undertow is any of that - it is an absolute masterpiece - but the repetitive, dark imagery didn't work well for me this time around. The more abstract videos worked better for me than the "dirty toilet imagery." That being said, I enjoyed myself tremendously. I spent a good deal of the evening on Tuesday watching Danny Carey from my seat in Sect. 77. Daaaaamn..... These guys are one of the very best bands around today, in my opinion. It was great to hear them mix up the set list on Monday so much from the shows since September 14th, and also for Tuesday to include different songs from Monday like 46 & 2, Pushit, the Patient, Parabol/Parabola (I don't know why they played Parabola without Parabol on Monday) and Opiate. Although admittedly I would rather have heard Aenima again on Tuesday instead of Opitate, and I was really hoping to hear Intolerance and Ticks and Leeches. Finally, Tuesday was also interesting because the group I went with included 3 or 4 newbies to Tool - had little or no experience with the material. This is not easy listening and it's not gonna work if you don't know the material well, never mind not at all. The reaction of these people kind of underscored that point for me, their primary reaction seemed to be perplexion. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. Oh, and it was nice to see Maynard comfortable and the crowd so welcoming. Of the two nights, there was no "USA! USA!" chanting - up until the very end of the show on Tuesday when a few yahoos in the pit couldn't resist. But Maynard was more talkative and in better spirits than any of the post-tragedy shows I read about. Great shows if you focused on the band and knew when the "secret intermission" was.

Review written by: Ben ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 14:50:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Sorry for my multiple review post...not my fault. Keep supporting Tool!

Review written by: Panda ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 16:49:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I just want to say that i got kicked out of the concert because i was crowd surfing. I just dont get why they picked on me and not the other hundred that were doing the same thing. It wasnt even MSG security, it was tool's. (dick). one thing that pisses me off are people in power who abuse what has been given to them. Oh well, ill still be there next time they come around.

Review written by: michael robinson (robinson1919@hotmail) Review posted on: 10/04/01 21:14:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Thank you to Tool and to the audience for the healing ceremony we all took place in. I got back to NYC two weeks ago after a 6 week trip to Burning Man 2001. The place I call home was altered on both a geographical and emotional landscape level. Out in the desert Tool's music from Lateralus was mixed seamlessly into trance sets that caused the crowd to get happier and higher. Hearing the music in the Garden reminded me of a meditation that started with the chanting of ohm and the visuals of an open third eye. It let me know instantly to see/hear the concert with my heart/solar plexus and not my eyes. I let the music take me where it had to take me as long as I was reminded of my breath. It was music you felt in your guts. When the music slowed to a few chords repeated for ten minutes I was in a state of bliss. It really had become a meditation as we could focus on the control one must have inorder to hang upside down like that or sustain the drone. Try beating out 60 beats per minute for ten minutes like a shaman can. The show was a reminder that speed also means slow. Five miles per hour is still speed just as fifty miles per hour is. I love artists like Spacemen 3/Spiritualized that recognize that sound is only effected by the sound preceding it. The quieter it is the more shocking the thunder clap. Tool gets it. They offer you a space to acknowledge the tension inorder to release it to heal. They offered you a fully balanced experience of yin and yang, fast and slow, loud and quiet, brutal and beautiful, up and down, and breath in and out. It all returns to the body as the visuals suggest. Mind and body attempting to unite...I got back intouch with the feelings I had before the 11th and my passion to create. The music let me know that this is a time we need to understand our minds so we can control our bodies and use our energies positively. It's time to open up and give back to others. I design record packages for a living and work with recording artists. Tool has something very special to offer in an industry based on marketing and we need to keep that space sacred. Keep it open so other artists can get through and try to create a piece of art that communicates to 19,200 people at once. Let each experience be a new one. Let artists play and show you another side of the thing you already have. Allow yourself the pleasure of something new all the time. You paid good money for art and they gave it you if you allowed yourself to enjoy it. I loved what I got. I got amazing art and a part of myself back again that I needed so I can continue to give. Thank you again Tool and to the audience.

Review written by: lalon ( Review posted on: 10/04/01 23:57:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ok...taken a bit to collect my thoughts and let my body heal from the two hour dance. this is my second time seeing the band...after a long chip on my shoulder (due to the fan's seen at my first show in pittsburgh lolla 97) brushed away'...where the band blew me away dispite ignoring most of their set to wait for devo... the show on monday night was mindblowing...simply put. i don't quite understand what these strangers (why do you all insist on prying?) owe us than what they have deemed their vision to be... debate about maynard keenan (oh,,,did i forget the james...?) has been so intense since he (and the other gifted musicians) became a force in the metal "scene"... this does not matter...and is the reason why the man stays on a the dark...facing away from you...listen to some early van morrison (astral weeks is a good one) and you'll get an even better idea why... to make it possible to listen and not crack skulls... you can see him feeling the music...isn't that enough? aren't the other documents of this band...the records...the videos...the sheer sound... enough? this may not make much sense...but to feel creation happen is quite enough for try to regulate that action would be the equivalent of what the governments you all are currently hating...especially the group with the large flag that night...and that would be...i feel...inherently inhuman... these four mothers play their hearts it up or dump your plate... lalon

Review written by: Ayri ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 14:08:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

These guys keep getting better and better every time I see them. They finally advanced and became SUPER-SAYENS. Thanks guys for the experience. TOOL Rocks.

Review written by: Julian, a.k.a. TOOL fanatic ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 22:16:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Hello to all. This was quite the concert seeing my gods and idols on stage. Unique in every way. Perfect set-list (Any set-list makes me grateful). Especially seeing my idol Danny and the other leaders of mine playing how music should be done. I Am ONE OF THE BIGGEST TOOL FANS! and I make sure the guys in Tool try to remember that seeing as how I have had the previledge to meet them a couple times, and man are they something. Thanks again TOOL for keeping up the greatest work any band does. Always their most devoted fan, Julian

Review written by: Ahren Lanfor ( Review posted on: 10/07/01 17:02:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The opening band Phantimus really sucked live they really know how to make annoying noises sometimes they would sound pretty decent but then the lead singer would fuck it all up with annoying yelling. What a waste of 45 minutes that tool couldv'e played. Any way Tool took their positions in each corner of the stage and a really relaxing sound filled the room and the video screen projected the lateralus circle of eyes. Then the grudge was the first song they played. I personally thought the whole set sounded better than the actual recordings of the songs. They played two of undertow's songs which included sober they also played Eulogy the other version of pushit and Aenima and they also played most of the new album including parabola which sounded really awsome. These guys truly know how to rock! the video they played along with the songs had the weirdest footage I had ever seen. During Schism the two weird grey people came out and were walking on their hands and feet like in the music video also shaking their heads up and down. Later on they were hanging up side down on a rope. The show was so good that I wish they could have played on forever. In fact they did not stop at all really throughout the entire show except when Adam kept playing this one guitar riff for at least ten minutes while the other band rested and then they played on. It kind of reminded me of pinkfloyd when they had cool stage setup with theatre stuff. Kick ass!

Review written by: ridinthespiral ( Review posted on: 10/07/01 20:35:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

being a new yorker, this show was really special for me. i was lucky enough to get floor seats through the internet presale and lucky enough to be next to the tech booth. the people working the visuals and lighting for the band really made the show for me... throughout tool's set they felt the tribal rythyms that danny carey and the rest of the band put forth and, in turn, moved with the music. being one who is likewise moved in the same way by their music (maynard being the first one moved thusly) was only the very beginning of the feeling of fundamental unity that pervaded madison square garden that night. i experienced the drunks and people who "should not be there", but if anyone is going to be complaining about these things, then we are not getting the point of the band and the music. maynard would have us look beyond these things (the "drunks") and find a place inside ourselves where we are peaceful: a place that we all are in dire need of at this point in history. beautiful show, beautiful feelings, beautiful city, beautiful existence.