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Review written by: Rahmoan (
Review posted on: 10/05/01 01:23:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

Setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist Forty 6&2 Eon Blue Appocalypse The Patient Eulogy Schism Parabol Parabola Disposition Reflection Triad Aenima Lateralus Excellent show! They ran through the numbers with relative ease. The visuals were nothing short of astounding. Camella did an excellent job editing the footage so as to compliment the music. The audio sounded great considering they were doing an arena show. Pepsi Arena is on the smaller end of the spectrum so that made for a much better concert than say (cough cough) Madison Square Garden. The band hugged each other at the end of Lateralus and Maynard said "Hopefully we have served as a sort of catalyst for healing." They sure did. New York and I are grateful.

Review written by: Andy J ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 01:28:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just got back from a damn good show. First off, Fantomas was very interesting, and I actually enjoyed it, which was not expected after reading what most people said. They are definitely strange, but it seemed like most of the people there at least gave them some credit, the band appeared to be surprised that there weren't more boos and such. Anyway, Tool was amazing. The Grudge sounded a little off to start, but after that they were quite impressive. I'd say highlights were The Patient (Maynard was awesome), Parabola was spectacular, and Aenema and Lateralus are always good. I thought the c rowd was pretty weak though, as is to be expected for an arena show but some people left after Aenema and seemed pretty bored during Lateralus. Last show I saw was better-state theater was better Blake-, but this was still an amazing concert. Bye Andy J

Review written by: Peter (germanhorsepower) Review posted on: 10/05/01 01:55:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I begin to remember the physicality of everything slowing down to let it all in before I get carried away again DO something do something that we can sll hear HE said something like that What did you have in mind? How about some changes to comfortability? I ask you to step out of this thought Step out and take it all in. PETE

Review written by: Motorzep ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 01:55:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

My first time seeing tool, I was blown away by Danny's drumming. Fantomas -- not really my style of music but I enjoyed seeing Dave Lombardo on the kit. When tool hit the stage, about 200 or so people rushed the floor from the 1st mezzanie and of course security couldn't stop all of it, looked like the running of the bulls. Really happy I got to hear Eulogy. We had box seats, our own bathroom, sink, leather couch, lots of room for drinking, smoking and puffing. Maynard sounded great and the contortionists were, of course, jawdropping. 3 Short of wanting to hear them play Opiate and Undertow it couldn't be more perfect. Great show!

Review written by: Nick (webmaster) Review posted on: 10/05/01 02:12:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

The Setlist: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist-(Extended Verse) 46&2 Eulogy Eon Blue Apocalypse Patient Disposition Reflection Intermission Parabol Parabola Aenima Lateralus Due to the smaller arena size, the show had amazing sound, which is expected anyways. A Great show considering their was nothing off of undertow or opiate. Maynards voice sounded nothing short of amazing. They sounded tight as hell the whole show, totally in the groove. It really didnt seem like their were a lot of drunk assholes their, which made the show even more enjoyable. Tool really needs to go back to playing smaller venues, even if they have to play seated theatres. Still in a state of disbelief...hope everyone else enjoyed the show.

Review written by: Jan ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 02:52:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'll start with the opening guys: Fantomas. They sounded pretty crappy (the vocals were incredibly distorted) but their original and irregular style was extremely interesting. I'll say this: If you get their CD or download some mp3's, you may be pleasantly surprised. They were largely a victim of poor sound quality and they sound much cooler in the studio. On to Tool. First of all, Tool was also hurt a bit by the poor sound quality. The instruments sounded good, but the vocals were very distorted and it was difficult to understand what Maynard was saying a lot of the time. I can deal with distortion and that high-pitched squealing that is present at every show I've ever been too, but it was a little much in the vocals. However, overall it sounded pretty good and was enjoyable. All the songs they played were extremely well-executed and very accurate. Seeing Danny in action really pumped my nads, especially during the drum solo at the ends of 46&2 and Lateralus. However, I didn't really enjoy their choice in songs. I was extremely happy that they played Eulogy, 46&2, and Aenima, but they played 0 songs from Opiate and 0 songs from Undertow, which sorely disappointed me. Most of the songs were from Lateralus, many of which were too slow and quiet to really get me excited (this is just my opinion, but I really think that the energy present in Opiate, Undertow, Aenima was lacking in Lateralus). They also spent too much time playing the interim songs. I think they're great when I'm listening to their albums in my car or while I'm working, but at a show the interim songs were just boring, and any energy or excitement from the previous song just kinda went away. They should have used Intermission as interim song at some point. That would have been cool. Another thing: I also went to the show in Hartford, and they played the EXACT SAME set at both shows. I've looked through the other reviews, and it seems that they've been using that very set since the beginning with only a small amount of variation between shows. It upsets to me know that I will probably never hear any of my favorite songs (Third Eye, Hooker With a Penis, Cold and Ugly, Bottom) played live. And finally: I was kind of annoyed and surprised that they wouldn't play an encore at either show (especially after playing only 10 or so real songs). After playing the exact same set for an entire tour you think they'd want to do something different. Oh well. While I've said a lot of negative things, it was, ultimately, a good show, and Tool is a great band (I would have once said they were the greatest band, but their lack of energy in Lateralus and in concert has knocked them down a step in my book). I would recommend any Tool fan to go see them once, because it's pretty neat seeing them live. If Lateralus is your favorite album, then you'll be happy. If you prefer the older stuff (like me) you may be somewhat disappointed, but still please to see a few of your old favorites played. But don't bother seeing them a second time, because it's just the exact same thing. If anybody wants to argue with me or bitch at me or whatever, feel free to e-mail me.

Review written by: eric b ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 03:00:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

one word to describe what i experienced just a few short hours ago...amazing. easily the best show i have ever been to. i've waited many long years to finally see tool and they totally blew every other show i have been to out of the water. our tickets weren't for the floor, so we had to jump over the barrier and run past security to get down to the front. the visuals behind the stage were incredible. adam came out during fantomas and played a song with them. wow. the show had a very sexual vibe to it. the videos were constantly showing naked people...then 2 people all painted silver came out and did a suspended act while hanging upside down and naked. maynard didn't really say much... before the last song he said something about remembering the feelings that were cultivated during the show and trying to pass them on in this time of healing. there was a white dove on one of the speaker stacks. all i can really say is that if you haven't seen tool yet, or they are playing anywhere near you, see them. it's a very emotional and spiritual experience. no other show will ever compare to my first tool concert. i would have liked to see them play pushit, but beggars can't be choosers i guess. good night all. i need sleep, early class in the coming morn'. -eric b-

Review written by: Paul ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 03:02:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What an awesome show! From front to back, the band played incredibly. The amazing visuals make Tool more than just's an experience that floods all of your senses. I wasn't so crazy about Fantomas, but I suppose to each thier own. Osseous Labyrinth is awesome! It's interesting to note the symmetry between Maynard's body motions and the pulsating images on the screens. Everything is choreographed to the letter. To say the least, it was a beautiful experience. Somehow, Tool just keeps on getting there weren't too many assholes in the Albany crowd. All in all, an excellent show. It won't be long till Tool engraves thier names alongside the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd. I can see influences of all of them perfected in the dark, yet intelligent tidal wave that is TOOL. SETLIST: The Grudge Ions (-) Stinkfist 46 & 2 The Patient Eulogy Disposition Reflection Triad --Intermission-- Parabol Parabola Aenema Lateralus With all respect, Paul

Review written by: k ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 03:07:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I won't bother with the setlist, cuz if it hasn't been put up yet, someone will get it done.... As per my expectations, Tool was fucking amazing. Right now, I'm in the midst of one of the largest shitstorms that I've ever experienced, everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong in the past week. But tonite, for roughly 2 hours, I forgot that I had a care in the world. The band was beyond tight. It amazes me that a group with such intricate songs can pull off a show without a hitch. Also, the sound quality was ridiculously good for an arena show, but I was sitting dead center so it might not have sounded as good in the rest of the building. The setlist was fucking awesome. I realized tonite, even though I would have liked to have heard some songs off of Undertow or Opiate, the music just doesn't fit in to what they're trying to do right now. Think about it, if they played Prison Sex tonite, how would that have fit in with The Patient, Reflection, etc...? I like what they're doing now, and you have to remember that no band is going to play every song you want to hear when you see them. I was very impressed with the whole Disposition/Reflection/Triad thing. I've always liked Reflection, but it's definitely taken on a new meaning to me after tonite. Now, to address the usual bitches you read in these reviews... 1) The crowd didn't seem, from my vantage point at least, to be as bad as they are made out to be. They cheered Fantomas and Osseus Labrynt, whether they were being polite or legitimately understood either I have no clue, but they cheered nonetheless. There were no idiots in my section who were there just to bang there heads, but I obviously can't comment on other parts of the arena. 2) I think Fantomas is an awesome band. I missed the beginning of their set, and even as a fan of them, I can admit that at times they can grow a bit tiresome, but they are incredibly tight for the style of music they play, and are a whole lot more creative than about 98% of the bands out there (Tool is part of the 2%, don't bitch at me over that one). In any event, I'm glad they got a decent response from the crowd. 3) I don't understand what the complaint is over Adam playing the riff to Reflection for a few minutes by himself. Just listen with an open mind, it's a simple riff with alot behind it, I think he's really hitting on something deeply emotional with that. 4) In terms of calling the band self-indulgent, go right the hell ahead. But I think that's what makes them such a great live act. How many bands have the balls to show the kind of graphics that Tool shows? How many bands would be willing to suspend two contortionists from the lighting rigs while they played? Tool takes risks, and from these risks come great art. Self-indulgence does not necessarily equate to egotism. A few of my friends were lucky enough to meet the band after the first MSG show and said they were some of the most down to earth guys they had ever met before. Danny Carey doesn't play ridiculous drum beats to win some stupid reader's poll in a drum magazine, he plays what comes from his heart. The same goes for the rest of the band. Therefore, I have absolutely no problem with Tool being self-indulgent, in fact I hope they continue to be self- indulgent. It's obviously working pretty well. peace k

Review written by: KC ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 03:32:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Fantomas are the best live band I've ever seen, and I've seen ALOT. It was interesting to notice that not a single one of the meathead Fred Durst come-lately's standing with me in the front row had any idea that this was fucking Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Buzzo from the Melvins, Trevor from Bungle AND the single most gifted freak on earth Mike Patton on stage; all of whom have paved the way for most of the loud alternative rock that these brats take for granted. I'm glad I didn't hear what these snot nosed gas huffing retards said about King Crimson. I digress. Fantomas are truly a turn on a dime psychotic/melodic extravganza. On to Tool: Justin, get somebody to take care of that bass rumble! It eats up the whole mix. Seriously. I've heard this everytime I've witnessed a Tool show. When the bass guitar frequencies eat up Danny's toms, what's the point? He's got all of these intricate bass lines that are rendered inaudible by the rumble. Maynard can sing like a friggin' pro, though. All in all, a little thudding and mind numbing. By the way, when did the average Tool concert goer become a meathead? I worry for this country, and not because of terrorists.....

Review written by: Court ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 03:40:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was a great show i must say but I was slightly dissapointed in the set list. I also saw Tool in indiana, the set was more impressive mostly in part because they played prison-sex and push-it. The areana was alright as far as sound quality went but could have been better, also the set could have been a little longer but was great to spare. All in all this was a great fuckin show and i hope they keep up the great work.

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 07:51:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First off, FUCK YOU ASSOLES THAT RUSHED THE FLOOR!!!! I saw a girl get run over and a bloody (possibly broken) nose. Real cool. I doubt Tool will ever be allowed back at Pepsi, thanks morons. The one fatass in the blue fleet shirt with the black hat, I hope you broke your leg when you slipped trying to jump the wall. I saw you sitting in the back holding your leg still about 30min after the show started. As for the show, when I finally stopped watching my back and could enjoy the show it was actually about the same exact show as Hartford.

Review written by: Oysterhead ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 08:27:49 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

Another awsome show by Tool. Maynard was a little more talkative than some other shows I saw this tour. After seeing that the MSG shows had Opiate one night and some other different songs the next, I was looking foward to a different setlist, but this was pretty much the standard show. Not like there is a single thing wrong with that. Security was really rough, but I managed to sneak my recording stuff in there but they took a "climber" clip thing off my keychain at the door. What's up with that? I heard that the security atthe seating enterances was nothing, but to get on the floor it was crazy. My friend crotched a disposable camera and the guy grabed him right there and was like, "what the hell is that?" and threw out the camera. If anybody got any good pictures I'd love to trade you a CD copy of my recording for some doubles of your pictures. Just email me if you got some good pics. The contortionists didn't go quite as nuts when they were hanging from the celing as in other shows...I wonder if they were starting to get sore from all the performances. Having them come on tour was a great idea. Also of note, at the Hartford show they didn't have any T- shirts with the dates and stuff on the back, now they have a shirt with the dates and venues for pretty much all of the East Coast and Central US dates. At $30 it is a little pricey, but at least it's something that you can't pick up at your local mall like the other shirts. Also, the hats were $30!!! I could have sworn that they were either $20 or $25 at Hartford....maybe I'm nuts, but I thought they were cheaper before.

Review written by: dp ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 09:20:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I cut out of work at 3 in boston to drive the 170 miles to albany. This time, I was determined to not miss Fantomas as I did for the mansfield show. They were pretty cool, the sound was a bit on the harsh side though. When I'm 70 and deaf I'll have Mike Patton to thank. Adam came out and jammed on one of their songs which was pretty cool but I don't think most of the people realized it until Patton announced it at the end. Fantomas was pretty well received for an opening band, and Patton seemed pretty fired up. His best quote: "c'mon, smile ! you live in albany ! ... i guess that's better than dying in albany, eh?" When Tool played I moved around a few times to get some different perspectives and ended up on the right side with a great view of Danny tearing up that drumset. Couple of random observations: 1. The video they played at the beginning of Aenima looked like an internal camera of a heart valve. Really freaky. 2. 46&2, Aenima, and Triad rocked really hard, I thought the place was coming down. What a great release. Pretty much every song was perfect. 3. The crowd was cool. Everyone I ran into was really friendly. When Lateralus ended, and the guys came out and waved, and everyone waved back, several people around me cried out "thank you !!!" -- which is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. These guys are phenomenal musicians, and can't believe how lucky I am to experience their work.

Review written by: bob ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 09:50:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well i wont repeat what was already said but i was completely amazed. i know everyone would have liked to hear push it or opiate but hell they can't play em all and as far as i'm concerned this was a perfect set list. the visuals added a new depth to my understanding of their music mjk spiraling like a dervish at the end of lateralus blew my mind not to mention he can sing that w/o gasping for air- a perfect end to a perfect evening i never thought anything could rival a pink floyd show- i was wrong.

Review written by: MattK ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 10:37:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow. I was so pumped to see Tool, I've been a rabid fan since 1992. I think I can die happy now. LOL The band is just so tight, they are all such great muscians, and the visuals on the video screens complimented the music perfectly. Some highlights for me were, 46&2, The Grudge, Eulogy, Stinkfist, and Parabol/Parabola. I was hoping for something off Undertow, like maybe a little Prison Sex, or Intolerance. But the new songs were amazing, Lateralus takes some getting used to initially, but its such an amazing album, and the songs translated perfectly live. I've heard people say that Lateralus is too slow at times, but you are selling yourself short if you don't give it a chance, the whole album is killer, it hasn't left my CD player in weeks. The opening act, Fantomous, led by ex-Faith No More singer Mike Patton, were ummm, how should I put it? Interesting? They were entertaining at least. The crowd was very friendly, I chatted with people on either side of me, and there seemed to be a relaxed mood to the crowd. Relaxed in a good way, it wasn't a "lame" crowd by any means. Overall it was an amazing show, Tool is an incredible band, visually as well as musically. I look forward to future albums and shows and to see how they continue to evolve. Take care everyone, stay safe.

Review written by: Mr. Matthew ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 11:52:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 13th Tool show

Setlist as I remember it: The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist (extended) 46&2 Eulogy Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Parabola Aenima Lateralus It's so good to see you, I've missed you so much..... I would like to preface this review (more accurately, my opinion) by stating the following: This was my 13th time seeing them, my third this year. I was lucky enough to see them in NYC in May, and in Cleveland last month, where I got Undertow, the regular version of Pushit, and sound so good it bordered on being ridiculous. So if my enthusiasm seems tempered in these words, it isn't tempered in my heart, I'm just trying to be objective (which is difficult to do with a band I love this much, who mean so much more to me than I could ever communicate in words), and I'm certainly not trying to put myself above anyone else. I've also been accused of being a tad on the elitist side, though I prefer to think of myself more as someone who follows their own path, so this text is most likely worth what you paid for it. No more, no less, certainly valid, even if only for me. First of all, I think this was, of the three times I've seen them this year, only the third best. Still good, worth twice as much money as I paid, Tool on an off night is better than 99% of bands on their best night, but they were a little off. Negatives: 1) The sound was really not very good, even when taking into account this was an arena, and inexcusable considering it was a smaller arena. And I was on the floor, in the middle of the mix, so there's no mistaking the rather poor quality of it all. The mix, especially in the mid ranges, was very muddy, and Maynard sounded as if he had a cold or something, a little raspy, a little short of breath at times. Maybe he couldn't breathe in those pants. I suppose it's the fall, and they've been on tour, so I guess people are allowed to get a little cold or something. And I've never been to a show at this place before, so it may have been the venue, I know Tool's sound people could not have been the primary cause of that. 2) I thought the effort on the part of the band members seemed a little more varied than usual, they didn't seem like they were all exactly in the same space. Maynard though, seemed, in particular, pretty darn energetic, even considering that his vocal sound was a tad off, like he was compensating for it with sheer will. It seemed like an average night for the other 3. Maybe they were a little looser and I took it the wrong way, I don't know. Probably shouldn't be overanalyzing :) 3) Nothing off of Undertow or Opiate. Then again, this is the first major supporting tour for Lateralus. I'm sure they have, as they always have, an overarching idea and theme for these shows, one which transcends the individual songs, wanting to put together a broad tapestry that will go over well in front of this many people, and one that highlights the newest members of their growing storybook. It's probably easier to do that when you can perfect a similar game plan for show after show over 2 1/2 months. I'm sure when the snow melts (hopefully), when they're back playing Hammerstein or the Roseland or the Agora, etc., that the shows will be a little more varied, a little more of a treat for those who show support day in and day out and really get it. We'll get 5 off of Lateralus, 3 off of Aenima, 2 off of Undertow, 1 or 2 off of Opiate, they'll throw in the 4' and Swamp Songs and Cold and Uglys of the world. I would also guess that is when we will start seeing Ticks and Leeches being played. But right now, it's not the time for that. It's time to welcome the new members of the family, and I think they're doing it the right way. They've never been a band to play a "greatest hits" type of setlist, and their shows are never any longer than they are on this tour, much to their credit. I would much rather see an 11 or 12 song journey (replete with beginning, middle, end, and proper pacing) than 15 hastily thrown together "rock tunes" meant to please the Budweiser and Modern Rock Radio crowd. Positives: 1) Maynard gave one hell of a performance. His outfit was pretty funny as well, somebody needs to call Billy Howerdel on the phone and tell him Maynard stole his wardrobe, or maybe he stole the idea from some other guy from that part of the country, a guy from Asbury Park, especially with those jeans........... (an encore of "Dancin' in the Dark" would have been perfect, "this tool's for hire, duh duh.....", and then Clarence Clemons strolls out and plays "Useful Idiot" for a half hour as people file out) 2) Triad and Osseus Labyrinth. Those people are truly gifted, and I like the space they set, very nice, very relaxing, a little disturbing, surely a treat for those who were opened up a little bit more than I. 3) No Sober or Prison Sex. Sorry, but I get sick of hearing them at every show. I'm very happy to have Triad replace both of them. 4) A relatively non-ignorant crowd. I can see why the only time I ever got to see My Dying Bride headline a show, it was in Albany. But I didn't see any Skinless shirts in the crowd, a little disappointed. So, overall............ Missed Fantomas (look, I had to work and it was a 3 hour drive, OK? :)). Would have liked to have seen them, I'm sure it would have been, at the very least, interesting. Anything with those individuals has to at least have some good ideas going on behind the scenes. Can't wait for MP on that DEP EP. All in all, another satisfying moment with the best band on the planet. For Tool, out of 100, I'd give this performance a 75. For any other band save Pink Floyd (or maybe Opeth or Anathema), this would be in the high 90s. Perhaps it was not perfect, but they are human. And maybe they're trying to do something more, and falling a little short. But they keep reaching, and trying, and growing, and maybe they're trying to tell us we can do the same thing too, together. And for that they should be commended, for at least trying, and staying true. Or maybe after all is said and done, they're just 4 guys playing in a band, and it's just music. But we know the truth. To Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin. Thank you. To all who shared this experience on 10.4.01, remember it, and try to make every day just a little but more of a reflection of everything you've learned so far. Get up and free yourself from yourself. See you when the rivers swell again, and the shit adds up.......

Review written by: K (unlisted) Review posted on: 10/05/01 12:20:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show, although I have seen Maynard with APC. You can imagine how hyped I was for the show and I mean no disrepect but Fantomas really killed a part of my night. The guitarist was decent and they were "interesting" but turn the fuck down man my godamn ears were shot before Tool even set foot on stage. The crowd was kind of mellow and I felt something weird in the air all night. Tool was great, a couple songs seemed off but The Patient and Eulogy were awesome. I guess I have bitched a bit here but man I was really waiting for something off Undertow like many people. I would have loved hearing Bottom or 4 degrees and after Salival I need to hear Third Eye in person but despite minor qualms it was a good first first show and I look forward to seeing Tool again.

Review written by: Mithrandir ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 12:25:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Setlist: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (with Elvis lyrics and extended jam) 46 & 2 The Patient Eulogy Schism Dispositin Reflection (Intermission) Triad Parabol/a ∆nima Lateralus So now my mini tour with Tool is over. It was a great experince and enjoyed every show very much. Thank you Tool very much. Other than listening to the music I also have listened to fan reactions during the show as well as reading other reviews. People have been criticizing the "slow" parts of the show and the idea that Tool has become arena rock. People have this insatiable hard-on for the songs from Opiate. Now don't get me wrong, there is not a Tool song that I dont like, but Tool hasn't made music lke Opiate in nearly TEN YEARS. Not even Undertow is exactally like Opiate, let alone ∆nema and Lateralus. Tool has evolved and I invite you people to walk up right and enjoy what they have become. And if you can't well than please dont go to the show, this way they can play small venues again. I'm sure there are a bunch of bands that make muic like Opiate but Tool isn't one of them. I see them like the evolution of the brain. At the core is the reptilian brain: basic motor functions/ plain old hard metal rock. But then the brain gains many many layers and more depth. Just like Tool. The heaviness and agression of Opiate wil always be at the core of Tool but you just have to look for it a bit harder now. Thank You agan Tool. Thank You for being tue to your art and just plain old kicking ass. Hands down one of the two best bands today (the other being radiohead) and one of the best bands of all time.

Review written by: Lasher (xxtoolfan13xx) Review posted on: 10/05/01 13:13:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Amazing........ That about sums it up......The set list has been posted so I wont bother... The energy was amazing right from the outset......The Grudge hit and the place was awash with positive energy.....My head almost came off when I heard 46+2.... I do have to agree somewhat with the people who say the "slow spots" killed the energy...I dont think it killed the just changed from "agressive" or outward energy to a "passive" or introspective one...if you didnt look at it like that you may have been put out by the shift in mood...... Thank God Parabol was played before Parabola...I was worried that it wouldnt be when I read it on a few past reviews....... a holy experience........... Isnt it amazing Opiate...No Undertow..and yet I am still blown away........ Thank You to the guy behind me and my friends that kept the bowls packed the entire show and gave us all water during the show.......much love to you my man ..and Thank You to Tool...In a world full of manufactured bullshit and assembly line music transcend the shit and redefine the artform.....Keep it all coming...The visuals....the book lists...the emotions..the spiritual instructions....the music... Spiral out..........Keep going Lasher

Review written by: Chris Horn ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 14:08:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Second TOOL show in as many weeks, I am going to go along with what some of the reviews are saying in that the quality of the show was not as good as it was just a short week and a half ago. Come on folks, it's TOOL, nothing short of one of the greatest bands of all time....get over it, enjoy it and shut up! Sound quality was a little off, from where I was sitting (Section 103) there was a high pitched reverb, that became annoying at points. The energy put forth by the band and the crowd was something to behold. Regardless of the atmoshpere the show was incredible. I commented to a friend as to what song would be next, he said he didnt care, it's not like they are going to play a shitty song. Any fucking time, any fucking day I'd see TOOL in a heartbeat. For those of you complaining, learn to swim, and we'll see you in Arizona Bay!

Review written by: jimmy ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 15:11:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 0 Tool show

hey guys, just wanted to say I didn't go to this concert, but will be hitting friday nights in D.C.!!!!!! well c ya :)

Review written by: Jen ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 16:00:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I love Tool live. They rock. The visuals are always intense and between Maynard's voice, those intense drums great bass and guitar playing I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my night. Highlights--where Eulogy, Parabola, Aenima and those strange people from the videos. The hanging contorsionists were amazing. No complaints just a great show all around.

Review written by: toaster ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 19:08:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This is the third show ive seen this tour, and probably the least respectful crowd out of all of them. Seriously what was up with all the moshing? Moshing is so....... 1992. Grow up people. Slamdancing to The Patient is not really a cool thing to do. Also if you dont have floor tickets, STAY IN THE STANDS. There is nothing worse than being smushed between 8 other sweaty guys because you think being 5 feet closer to the band will make the experience that much better. In a brighter note, the Fantomas were amazing. It was my first Fantomas show and they did not disappoint at all. I was ready to leave once they left the stage because they really were just that powerful. Their setlist was: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion Page 1 > Cape Fear > Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 6 Der Golem - (with Adam Jones) Simply Beautiful Page 15 Page 16 The Omen (Ave Satani) Page 23 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Page 27 Spider Baby Page 11 Page 25 Page 7 Rosemary's Baby The song that Adam came out during i dont think is on Amenaza Al Mundo...... I think its just a new one they are trying out. Besides the crowd this show was definately on par musically/visually with the others ive seen

Review written by: Maynard Wanna Be ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 21:29:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

what can i was amazing... My first tool concert and hopefully not the last. The visuals and the naked people hanging form the ceiling was awsome. I'd like to know how they hung upside down for that long without having there heads explode. I wish they played some more of the older stuff but it was still very good and I loved it. I really wanted hear Hooker with a penis or Pushit. The opening band...what the fuck...they sucked ass. I hated them. I didn't even hear the guy sing any words. Its like they made the shit up as they went. Im not a big fan of his distorted high pitch screaming...That kinda killed my ears. Anyways..back to Tool. At the end of reflection I thought the show was over...But then i thought to myself, noway it can't be. Thats when the naked people climbed the ropes and hung themselves by there feet. I stood there sayin.."what the fuck" it was crazy. I wish the show went all night I loved it. The only bad part was getting out of the parking lots and finding my way home..yes..i got fuckin sucked but I made it home in one piece.

Review written by: absolut0 ( Review posted on: 10/05/01 23:03:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well hot's the 5th now and I've driven about 5 or 6 hours back from Albany to Buffalo and not a second goes by where I don't reflect on last night. First off, I missed Fantomas b/c of our hellishly long car ride...that's kinda disappointing from what people have said. I kinda wanted to see them. After the German pre-show (possible Die Eier Von Satan II hehe), the lights dim and the crowd swells. The Lateralus eye/circle logo comes up on the three screens as well as reflected on the floor. I'm over to stage right, with a perfect view of the band especailly my hero, Danny. Personally, I think The Grudge was an awesome way to start off the show...(and trippy videos begin). I'm not sure why all the complaints came b/c of the Lateralus songs. I mean, you need to realize that Lateralus IS the new album they're touring on. Everyone understands this, right? Personally, after buying Lateralus the day it came out, I spent my days learning the lyrics. So, I wasn't the least bit disappointed. Their music has really expanded and broadened over the years. And Maynard's experiences with APC are really evident on some of the Lateralus songs. (-) Ions and its video was pretty we anticipated for the next song.....Stinkfist! I'm not sure why everyone's commenting on bad vocals through the speakers. From where I was standing, it was fine. See, everyone's talking about distortion, but didn't anyone notice that during louder parts like could hear him perfectly? Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking most of the distortion is caused by Maynard himself (obviously Eulogy). But then again, I was at stage maybe I just wasn't cathing the distortion that the people on the floor caught. Anyway, Stinkfist was awesome...especially with the extended middle and the Elvis verse. Rousing response from the crowd. And then came Forty-six & of my personal favorites...also one that I jam to on my own guitar :-) The crowd singing through the chorus made it that much of a better feeling. Since I wasn't on the floor for any of these songs, I just stayed in the stands and sung along while mimicking Danny's drum parts on my thighs in a half-assed manner (I mean, I've spent years trying to play like him...why stop now? :-P ) Even though he talks about playing new things, I'm glad he kept the classic solo in for this just about made might night right there. Always a classic song...and another great response. Eon Blue and The Patient were so tight. Maynard's vocals were incredible in this was expected. When I heard them start playing Eulogy, I could have damn near died right there! This one was one of the best songs of the night...everyone could have played it with their eyes closed. And it was even better when the crowd sang along to: Don't you step out of line/Don't you fuckin lie! Nice. The end of Eulogy was incredible! My hero, Danny going off on some far-out rudiments and a semi-solo as Adam and Justin faced each other to keep I said, simply incredible! How many other bands could pull something like this off and make it sound so great? Schism was so nice! Their first Lateralus "single" caused most of the crowd to sing along with it, and the contortionists were a nice add-in (despite the fact that I got mooned a few times heh) Everyone cheered when they spider-walked off stage, and the song concluded to a much-deserved cheer. Disposition/Reflection - I admit it...I saw a few lighters out there...and there were a few clappers which was nice. It's not that hard to sing along with disposition...and I believe I saw a little moshing...which was a bit odd. The end of the first section was fantastic. Everyone slowly filing off stage as the lights dimmed around them and spotting solely on Adam. He did play it for a while, but that's just the artistic expression. You know when you're dealing with Tool, there's always some sort of underlying meaning, and emotional undertone. The lights finally go out and the crowd cheers for Adam...I know I did. And then came the dangling nudists. This was a really cool part of the show. While the rest of the band was probably throwing back a few, these two put on an excellent show. Although I didn't appreciate being pointed at so much (if you know what I mean). As an art major, I really appreciated this segment for what it was...simply artistic. Everything was synchronized and really beautiful. Haha...did anyon notice the crowd going: "Aww.." when they hugged? The tie-in with Salival was also cool. I guess they finally rediscoverd communication, eh? Then I notice Danny slide back on stage (you can't sneak past me Danny!)...and start into Triad as the rest of the band gathered. Triad was an extremely tight song. A lot of people commented in the past that some of the new songs were a bit loose and choppy...but everything tonight seemed right on the dot. I mean, even when I would lose track of the tempo...they would always still have it. Parabol/a - My second favorite song(s) on Lateralus (aside from the title track). I always sing along with this shit at home, so it was so cool that I was actually singing with Maynard (sort of). There was also a nice anti-climactic element in there in the switch between the songs, as Justin and Adam waited for Danny to go from the sound table to the set. And then I noticed all the heads on the floor drop down with the first beat of crazy headbangers you! Let the moshing begin! Chorus for Parabola is escpecially sweet to hear live...Maynard is way better in concert than on cd. Then came on of THE best parts of the night...Aenema! There was kind of an anticipated silence before the song began...and it took me by surprise when Maynard started it off. But the best was the fact that I could hear everyone in the whole damn arena singing the Aenema. It wasn't just the chorus either! Everyone sang basically the whole song! It was incredible...all the concerts I've been to, and it's never felt that cool to sing a song. The song was so great...another one they could have played with their eyes closed. The video for this song was great...almost hypnotizing. At some parts I even saw Maynard staring endlessly at it. The red and yellow lights were a very nice touch. I love the intro to this was a great way to end the show. I absolutely love the time signatures for this song. I think the verse are in 5 and the chorus is in 3 I believe. Either way, the rhythms for this song are ridiculous and very unique. Songs like this make me glad that Lateralus debuted at # 1. Things I noticed in particular: The lights and the crowd singing...made it that much more memorable. Did anyone notice the video with the weird dude with the top hat standing in front of the toilets? Wow. Now THAT is some insane art. I heard some people talk about how Adam doesn't really get into it much. Well...maybe that's his way of expressing himself. He's in constant concentration and you can see how he's always thinking by the way he moves (or doesn't move) on stage. Actually, I saw Adam take two steps backward during a song...I guess that's him getting his groove on ha! Also...when I saw APC play, I noticed how Maynard stays motionless for quite a long time...almost like he's in a trace. He was really feeling the music last night and it was really cool to see him moving around and getting into the music. Did anyone notice the thing on Maynard's face during the "second act"? I couldn't see it really well b/c his face was all black...and I saw something dangling? It almost looked like he was trying out for Slipknot with that thing hehe. Whatever it was, I'd love to have gotten a better look at it b/c it looked cool. Group hug was nice...very cool. Only wish I could have had my camera at that point. I didn't know Maynard could play guitar so well. I guess you learn a thing or two when you tour with Adam Jones, eh? The videos were all-in-all...VERY cool. I see the band likes to dabble with the naked people. That's not always a bad thing, I suppose... Funny things: Crowd surfers getting pulled out and thrown around..ha! ha! Danny nailing someone at the end when he frisbeed his drum head. He even pointed that one out to Adam hehe Me buying a shirt for $10 from some guy in the parking lot. And all my friends bought them for more! Haha you guys! Those great security guards with their "Hey! Who's there?!" flashlights. Not Funny things: Watching a girl get picked up off the floor and carted off in a wheelchair. You moshers must be really proud of yourself now... Not having my camera Not being able to buy beer Watching "the man on the moon" during 'Schism'...yea, you know what I mean... Drivin for 7 hours to get to Albany!! But dammit...this show was well worth it. I would have driven for a whole day to see this show! If you're indecisive about what concert to go see...think one word: TOOL Did I talk enough? Hey...if these guys come to can count my ass IN! I only have one question...Who's coming with me? "So good to see you once again....I thought that you were hiding..."

Review written by: NNY ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 01:33:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Ok to start i am decalring 10/4/01 the greatest day of my life. No words can describe the experience of TOOL.Fantoma was fucking awesome i loved there creepy halloween vibe and all that wierd synth keyboard shit. Not to mention Adam got up there and played part of another crazy tune with them. He came silently and just stood there staring like some sort of unique monolith. General Admission was hell because i was dying of thirst and i just wanted to stay put and feel the music but i was too nusy getting shoved 10 feet back and forth. I lost my sneaker in all the melee but recovered it :). The vid screens were amazing , i wasn't to big on the male frontal nudity but oh well. The contortionists were something to see when the climed to the top of the screen. Also playing there role live during Schism was also very cool to see. They played Eulofy and everyone went ape shit it eas fucking intense. Pits were opening up behind me so i was getting my spine smashed and getting thrown back so i tried to get footing but the floor was coverd in sweat so my leg slipped back and i almost did a split. Luckily i didn't get kneed or kicked in the balls once. There were a fair share of assholes at this one but i soon got my position back after fighting my way through to be 3 people behind the rail for the last 4-5 songs. During The PAtient everyone just chilled out and i could finally breathe some cool air. Seeing how youre in GA i would have to stand on the edge of my toes and arch my head up to breathe some cool air, like a fish jumping out of water. Surprisingly they didn' play anything off of Opiate or Undertow. I never wanted the concert to end but until next time......

Review written by: Nina Banina ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 01:57:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well i just got back from the tool show in washington dc on october 5th. It was a crazy night. the band that opened up for tool was really good. Tool of course rocked. They started with grudge and after that i was just in the moment groovin with the music. Well about halfway into the show i got kicked out for smoking a cigarette. I was very upset at this, but i met a few cool people. The first guy tried to help me back in but the lady who kicked me out was there at the ticket check. so i ended up back outside crying because of the madness of the evening. Then some other guy named eric i think was willing to put up with my shit long enough to get back into the building and into the mens room one last time. Up on the third or fourth floor of the building we were checking to see if doors were unlocked. Fortunately, one door was and the people inside invited us in. I got to see the last 2 minutes of pretty sure that was the song. just to let you know, i was pretty f.u.b.a.r. this evening but that had nothing to do with the turn of events....nina

Review written by: roberto from toronto ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 02:09:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I just got back from Janes Addiction and it wasn't until tonite that i appreciated the sound and the vocals especially from maynard...JA was/were incredible but farrell's fucking mic did not work during the "acoustic" portion on the second stage....imagine hearing a great version of 'jane says' but as the vocalist sings hardly anything comes out the other end...for a show with the best LIVE visuals possible how is it that a bloody mic won't work...even during the regular performance you could hardly hear the if the jane's addiction people (who actually move) on stage could perform a tool concert (with an energy setlist) and tool's equipment, we could have the perfect concert...but the bottom line is....tool 9 ...JA 7.5 because of being able to hear the vocals....and what's this 1.5 hour shit for ja???? ja did not play OBVIOUS or BEEN CAUGHT STEALING so they at least have one thing in common with tool...pissing me off with song can say what you want about how great this tour is but if a band has songs like fucking sober,prison sex,opiate,undertow...(which are or can be short songs to boot) then why the hell not play them? ... give the bloody masses the best concert of their least perry farrell JA can fuck up a mic at $120 for floors and $75 for seats is beyond me...

Review written by: john ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 13:46:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hello fellow Tool fans. I have been a fan of Tool since they first came out in 92'. Unfortunately, I haven't had the priveledge, or honor to see Tool before. But october 4th was my night. You fans already know the setlist so I won't bore you with repetition. All you really need to know, is that this concert was single handedly the best show I have ever seen. The crowd aged from 15-35, and aside from the immaturity of the moshers and the body surfers, (who would want to mosh during tool and miss the music?) I managed to have an excellent time. Tools technicality was outstanding. Their stage presence was awesome. There was this big wall of sound and music coming from the stage, but noone on the stage was moving. Maynard occasionally did his little swaying motion, but my eyes were glued to J.C. He king of looked like robert plant playing the bass because of his hair. You people who were at the show, will know exactly what Im ralking about. This is not much of a concert review, but instead, general observations of an outstanding show. I have been going around saying to people who ask me about the show, "John, how was the show?", "It was a religious experience."

Review written by: uncleernie ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 13:50:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

ummm.. Well boy howdy did that concert rock. First of all this tour has easily made me a fantomas fan. Prior to seeing the show in Hartford i hadn't even heard of them. But after their kickass shows in Hartford and Albany i WILL be buying their albums. Now onto Tool. After reading some of the other reviews i gotta disagree with the folks who went to the hartford show. Yes... the setlist was similar but they did play triad instead of undertow. And overall i thought they were a little more into it in albany. Of course i had really good seats in Hartford where as i was in the exact front of the General admission in albany so maybe i am just biased toward the albany show. I met some very cool people there. Regretfully a few of them were ill equipped physically for the crushing. The security guys at the front are great and they kept alot of people safe. As for the fans i was pleasantly surprised at the warmish welcome they gave to fantomas. With the exception of a few jerks who kept calling mike patten old people seemed to enjoy them or are at least polite enough to understand that some people paid the 40$ pricetag soley to see fantomas. (they were there i was standing next to one) Anyways going into the tool show song for song is long and tedious but i will say that Tool is truley a progressive Matal band and if they are leading a metal revolution im following whole heartedly. We gotta do something to end this Limp biskit, Linkin park, crazytown trend. pardon my grammer i know it sucks. Get over it

Review written by: short girl ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 16:24:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First of all, FANTOMAS ROCKS!!! I was disappointed in all the tool cronnies who wouldn't move out of my way so I could enjoy this band!! A lot of confused faces in the crowd. Too bad, you didn't know what you were missing. I'd like to congratulate Tool on the inclusion of male nudity. Thanks bunches. As a 25 year old woman I was psyched to see people appreciate the beauty of cock besides me. That was one subliminal message I didn't mind tool fusing into my cranium. If the video clips are supposed to be the highlight of the show...I didn't need them, really, I'll get cable T.V. I hate MTV and never watch it. I felt like I paid for a video. AC/DC has more energy than TOOL.

Review written by: Mark Lavonier ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 16:25:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

SO. I am writing this review a bit later than I would've liked, but I've been in a state tranquility, and didn't want to tap into myself and transcibe until I was good and ready. I attended the show with a very close friend of mine, who is on the same plane of conciousness when it comes to life, and what Tool teaches all of us. To communicate, to love. To use them as a tool for healing, which is what I've chosen to do with the beautiful gift ...thier music. Tool was -so- on thursday night, incredible. The mix from the back seats of the arena seemed to be perfect, to where it was just loud enough to burrough into your chest, only to be channeled through your limbs and outward.. when i closed my eyes I was consumed by a white light.. Such a profound experience for me in so many ways..Truly, I needed this show. I kept catching myself with my hands clasped together and had to force myself to open up and let go so everything could pass through freely. My personal favorite moments are as follows: The Grudge, when he sang the opening verse for the last time (know what i mean?), Maynard sang it, not the growl.. very pretty. Stinkfist, I grabbed my hair in disbelief when he sang the Elvis lyrics to Suspicious minds -during- the extended bridge. MAN. Eulogy, was played with a grace that i never realized possible, and MAynard really came through with the "Good Bye" scream at th e end, it was hit from start to finish and then some. Overwhelming. The Patient is really what I wanted to hear, because it's been dicey as of late if they'd play it at all. The video was so appropriate (as was it all throughout the entire show, very impressive). It was something I needed, and I got it. How can i not cry.... the answer is right there, as are we who are truly aware of our surroundings...'giving blood and keeping faith' .... The end of Reflection (Adam's closing) I hadn't realized how powerful it was. I was frozen in place staring.. drinking it all in, feeling connected. Triad rocked the house, and it was really nice to sit and enjoy it, as it lead into the 'Parabols' where i stood again, with one hand over my heart, feeling the beauty from within.. something which we all posess, but stray from, and fail to acknowledge at times because of the trivial. We are in this together..... Aneima was beyond. Lateralus.. as soon as the undertones of the dums started, i wept. As hurt and confused I can become traveling on this path.. What other choice do I have but to spiral out, and never stop. All of us choose. Every time. Lateralus was the guide...burning the last of the 'garbage' inside. I can't help but feel that everything that's happened in my life as of late has been a buildup in some way, to this experience, this moment of clarity... One thing i rarely see mentioned in the reviews are tears... I cried quite a few times during the show, everything just made that much sense...It's that point of realization that you've seen coming from a distance, and then it's there. And now you know where you stand, how and what you've healed, and how endless the possibilities actually are. I embrace Tool as a part of my life, and all others who realize and accept the simple concepts that Tool makes music about and for. I'm a musician, choosiing to express myself through it in every way. I was asked the other day, "How can you write a song about something, hope, trials, dreams, etc. .. without any lyrics?" To which i replied, "Because I know how to feel, and harness it, productively and artistically. What other reason is there to make music?" Hope, like every one of is is indeed eternal. With love, Mark L.

Review written by: Brand New Tool (teamnolan) Review posted on: 10/06/01 17:20:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I am 17 and as a recent convert to the music of Tool this was my first show. Amazing. While much of the crowd didn't seem into it I certainly was. My hand was numb from pounding it to the beat. Especially Stinkfist. The only thing that pissed me off were a group of about ten jerk-offs moshing to everything. You don't mosh to fucking Reflection. Aenema had everyone going. Even my friend who thinks they suck and wore a Blink 182 shirt to the concert. Some of the highlights were the dancers from the Schism video. Freaky. And also at the end of Parabola when Maynard sings "We are eternal, All this pain is an illusion." The stripes of the flag then came out in the lighting. Amazing. Thursday was one of the greatest days of my life.

Review written by: Glen A. Metz ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 17:39:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My 1st Tool Experience..... Picked up rental car in Rochester (about 3 1/2 hours from Albany) around 7:30 AM, picked up my 3 buddies and left. Around 11:30 got pulled over (80 in a 65), I guess I was a little excited for the concert. Got into Albany around 12:30, checked into the hotel. If anyone ever is going to stay in Albany, do not ever ever stay in the Ramada Downtown, what a shithole. Found a parking lot near the arena to tailgate. Albany is an awful city to tailgate. The arena is in the middle of downtown, with no place to park and have a few before an event. About 3:30 walked up to a great little pizza shop next to the arena, had our fill, and back to the hotel for a little after dinner green stuff. Got to the arena around 5, and stood waiting to get up close for a really good view. Let into the arena around 6:30, end up about 4 rows back of the stage. Within 45 minutes, 400 assholes just push thier way past us and to the front. I go to the bathroom, and when I come back I decide that I am just not going to be like everyone else and bull my way to the front, so I stand about half way back in the center. Fantomas plays, and well, at least they were original. I would have to say overall, they were awful. Adam playing on the one song was pretty cool though. They clear, I drain the ol' lizard, and come back and wait for Tool. The lights go down, and the place goes nuts. About another 2000 people push past me to the front, but I am still cool. The concert was excellent, the band absolutely rocked. Danny is a god. Just absolutely the most in synch I have ever seen a band live. The only thing I really missed was anything off of Opiate or Undertow. All in all it was a great experience. My only complaint would be the amount of people that probably only know about 3 tool songs (Schism, Sober, and 46 & 2). I have been a tool fan for around 6 years, not like most of these people that have known of them for 6 months. And it was these people that were pushing, and shoving, and punching people in the face during the show. Also the same people that jumped the barricade to get on the floor, some people will never learn. Then again, they don't know what they missed with songs like Sober, Prison Sex, Intolerence, Pushit, and Opiate missing. But overall, it was great, and I would do it again in an instant. Just one request next time around, play western NY please (Buffalo or Rochester, hello),

Review written by: Jeannine ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 21:03:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I see that the setlist was already posted, so I'll just go into my review. This was my first Tool show, and I've been listening to them since Undertow. Although they didn't play anything from Opiate or Undertow, I wasn't disappointed. Lyrically and musically, I prefer Aenima and Lateralus. The visuals behind the band looked like clips from videos I haven't seen yet, and the contortionists were fascinating. I was amazed at how long they could perform upside down. I could see Danny playing from where I sat, he has got amazing energy and rhythm. I could also watch Adam play, he was excellent, and Justin as well. Adam's extending the guitar solo at the end of Reflection just enhanced the hopeful, peaced way that I feel when I hear that song. Usually, I don't pay too much attention to the bass when I listen to music, but Justin just has a unique sound that makes me sit up and take notice. Maynard sang well, although his voice sounded different. It didn't sound bad, I just noticed a slightly different timbre. Maynard didn't speak much, just said good evening, I think after the 3rd song. Then at the end, he thanked everyone for coming and said he hoped we would all take the feelings we had and create something positive. I would rather hear a short positive, sincere message than a lot of used car salesman-like "hello, Albany, we love you" bull. They played two of my favorite songs from Aenima that I was hoping they would play, 46 & 2 and the title song. I want to thank Tool for the best concert I've seen in a while, and also my husband for agreeing to go although he's not a fan. Although I do think he enjoyed it enough to see them again if they play Syracuse.

Review written by: Lateralien ( Review posted on: 10/06/01 23:24:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The setlist was posted. Everyone knows it was an awesome show. I think I'm gonna attack this from a different angle....Under a different light. First off, I want to thank the fans for making it possible for Tool to be part of all of our lives. Second, I want to thank the band to give me something to look forward to everyday. yes, this was my first show. I've been listening to Tool since right after the release of Undertow. I waited this long. And it was worth it.. Over all the experience was priceless. I know Im not alone when I say that my life has changed, my thinking has changed and just my general response to everyday activities have changed all because of these phenomenal performers. Tool has taught me to step through conformist thresholds and put myself in a state of openmindedness and positivity. Tool isnt just a rock band to me. Tool is always with me and always will be with me because of the thinking they have helped me achieve. Ive become more content with life because I choose to not dwell on my mistakes and take them as stepping stones into a higher conciousness. I have become less content in other ways because I see how many people wear blinders for their entire lives. Truly, I feel enlightened.Tool's lyrics and views have pushed me to learn about things that I never knew existed. Things that the majority of the world ignores. i will not say that Tool has made me a better person. Tool has helped me push myself to be something I never thought I could be. And I dont really know what that is. Its ME. Tool is the only band to bring me to tears during a show. For that, to say the least, I give them credit. If anyone would like to share their thoughts with me, email me. If youve read this far, I appreciate you interest in my thoughts. Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

Review written by: Matt Kilmartin ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 10:33:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was amazing. Adam came out and played with Fantomas and that was awesome. I felt an adrenaline rush come over me when he came out on stage. Awesome. The band was tight as hell and played an awesome show. I went to the NYC May 15th show and I personally preferred this one, so did my friend that went to both shows too. The visualizations were insane and the two people hanging was a real treat, they accompanied the music as well as the screens did. If you can go to a Tool show, do it. It is a great feeling. The mood was good, a real positive vibe. Thanks Tool, you mean alot to me and the rest of the fans out there.

Review written by: Charlie van R ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 14:51:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Seeing that this was my first Tool show I really don't have anyother shows to compare it to. I have been to so many concerts I lost count about 5 years ago, and I have NEVER seen anything like this. Tools stage presence in Albany was undescribeable. The only thing I had a problem with was undercover NARCS. I only noticed this once, but there were undercover cops in the crowd. They were going around busting people, and asking people to get off of other peoples shoulders. One of the cops would go and report to a security guard who was right next to me. I doubt that Tool had anything do to with it, but it still made me a little nervous seeing that I wanted to smoke a joint at the time. Even if the NARCS had stoppoed me from smoking that joint I still would have had one of the best times of my life. This show is something that I will never ever forget.