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Review written by: Lance (
Review posted on: 10/07/01 21:43:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show and I wasn't disapointed. They flat out rocked.The new version of Stinkfist was incredible though I think the two best performances were Aenema and Eulogy. The only negitives I have are : 1. I'm sorry for those of you who are fans of Fantomas, I really and truly gave them a fair chance but I just thought they were awful. They sounded more like a 3 year old's temper tantrum then music. 2.It was great to hear the Disposition-Reflection-Triad sequence but I really would've rather heard "H." "Third Eye" or "Tick and Leeches".Not playing anything off of Undertow or Opiate didn't bother me all that much because while I love those two albums, I think that Lateralus and Aenima are much better.Oh yeah, I've noticed some people have posted some "Fuck you's!" so let me send out a big FUCK YOU to all of those disrespectful assholes that started chanting "SOBER! SOBER!" Tool isn't and never will be a jukebox.Great show though, next time I hope to be closer and warmer!

Review written by: Lance ( Review posted on: 10/07/01 21:45:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

My first review was meant for the October 6th show in Charlotte.Sorry for my fuck-up.

Review written by: Scullboy ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 00:07:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Ok, so, i've got to focus my thoughts here. I just got back from the show in Raleigh and it was amazing. Missed my first oportunity to see Tool on their mini pre-European tour in NYC, but it was well worth the wait. The only thing that sucked about the show was the horrible opening act Fantomas. I'm sorry for those of you who are fans of them, but I could play better than that with my ass. Tool's setlist- i can't remember everything they played and I'm sure someone else will be kind enough to waste enough space on the page and do just that. I was extremely happy that they played my 2 favorites songs of of Lateralus- Schism and Lateralis. And the fact that they closed with Lateralis, muah, pure genius. Danny is just an amazing drummer and I liked how they brought in Dave Lombardo on the tabla drums later in the set- cant remember which song it was. All the stuff shown on the screens was as I've read about and more, simply amazing. I think the craziest thing I saw was the 2 naked people hanging upside down and twisting all about and hovering over Tool while they played. Awesome covers of Eulogy and Opiate. Maynard was a little bit light on talking, but isn't he always? Adam and Justin were incredible too. I liked Maynard's final thought: All of you, take what you're feeling right now, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent, and in the coming weeks use it to do something positive. Smart words from a smart man. To all of you who braved the cold to see Tool tonight, like I did, I salute you.

Review written by: Morbid-o (aka Jesus)/Chris ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 00:45:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

ha. I am first! setlist: 1. The Grudge 2. (-) ions 3. Stinkfist(new lyrics) 4. 46&2 5. Parabol 6. Parabola 7. Pushit(synthesis of new and old) 8. Schism(Ossues Labyrint performing scenes from video) 9. Misc Noise feat. Dave Lombardo("the Sheila E. of Techno-Reggae. Death Country. Speed Reggae.") and beautiful acrobatics by Osseus Labyrinth 10. Disposition 11. Reflection 12. æon Blue Apocalypse 13. The Patient 14. Opiate 15. Lateralus Ok, first of all, excellent show. I've seen Tool in San Antonio(98) and Paris(01). This show was different because we had actual seats, and there was no floor. TOOL amazed me by altering their show to fit this. They changed the melodies a bit so that there was more flow between the heavier and the softer parts. As I'm typing this, people are posting reviews. Well, I'm not getting rid of my setlist. It is 100% accurate. The ticket prices were absurd, as were the t-shirt prices, but I'm a sucker and I bought one. In the parking lot t-shirts were being sold for $10 vs. the $35 inside. I learned a lot tonight. Thanks, TOOL. I love you. I'll see you soon. memories....

Review written by: George Dubya ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 01:37:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Ok awesome show, damn it was cold. Maynard was warming up to a propane heater the whole night!!! Brilliant

Review written by: Bryan Wall ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 01:43:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Ok, no setlist crap, but the show was fucking amazing, as always. I especially liked the part with Dave Lambardo(?) Not quite as good as Charlotte's, but for a cold-ass Sunday night, still quite a good show. I don't know why everyone's bashing on Fantomas, I mean, yeah, they're no TOOL, but don't you think TOOL picked them for a reason? I thought they were really good, you just have to be open to new shit. That said, TOOL once again played a flawless set and never failed to amaze me. I'll see them again if they ever come within 100 miles.

Review written by: ? (?) Review posted on: 10/08/01 02:46:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

setlist: in order the grudge stinkfist 46 and 2 parabol parabola pushit-aenima version schism disposition reflection ----intermission triad-with guest drummer eon blue the patient opiate lateralus

Review written by: Audispider ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 02:52:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool was fucking awesome. Ive never seen so much crazy shit it all my life....i mean people hangin from the fuckin roof and shit...damn... if only i was doing more hardcore drugs....the shit that was on the screen just takes you away... I still dont understand that no smoking shit in the wasnt like i was up front...i was in section 9...not that it stopped me...we smoked good weed... anyway, tool will never cease to amaze me with their hardcore non steamlined image. I will definately go see another tool show when it comes around...thank you reverand maynard!!!

Review written by: Ken ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 04:52:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was only my second live show (Yes popped the proverbial cherry last August), and I must say I was damn impressed by the musicianship. Did anyone else notice that the band was in sync with the video for the first few songs EXACTLY? Good God... Anyway, I was in the middle of the front of section 6 (the f'd up thrasher by halfway through the set), which I must say was decent considering I got the tickets the end of September. First, before the show even played, I was amused to hear tracks from the Tool On Strings CD. And it also got too damn cold for my liking, especially because all I was wearing was my own T-Shirt and the tour T that I bought there. I will say this much about Fantomas: the drummer's cymbal solo was pretty damn sweet, but besides that, I thought that was 45 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Not to say they can't thrash (they did when they actually PLAYED), but it seemeed like their entire point was to try and piss as many people off as possible, especially during that minute- long "break" while the guitar/bass changed instruments. If it was a joke, I got it the second time. I got desensitized to it real quick... And that was a real cheap heat bit where he said cops give good head. As for the band I came to see, I can't say they changed my life, but I will say that they provided the catalyst to one of my most extreme cases of delerium in a long time. Odd how the video of "Pushit" showing a man holding two naked women, one on each arm, turned it into a relationship song...they were big into showing naked people in general, actually, which I am not against (even though sac was shown, but you got to have something for the ladies, right?), but it was also done tastefully and damn near encouraging to strip ourselves. Metaphors within metaphors, and I overanalyze anyway. *laughing* Great usage of lights as well, and props to the techs who coordinated it on cue... But enough from me. I was happy to hear two hours of Tool, and I now have a new respect for Lateralus which by this concert alone has placed it at second best, below Aenima. May you all do something positive for the rest of your days... Ken AKA Gimmickless

Review written by: Thomas ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 09:47:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

2 shows 2 days. This weekend was sweet. So we drove back to Raleigh Sunday morning after the Charlotte show to see the show in Raleigh. We altered our plans a little and planned to miss Fantomas. Unfortunately, the sound carried quite a ways and I was subjected once again to the mind numbing emptiness of their music. Enough about them, though. Tool started with the same 3 songs as the last show, so I was a little scared they were playing the same set, thankfully enough, they switched 2 songs and played Pushit instead of Aenima and Opiate instead of Eulogy. It was a little colder, but the adrenaline kept me warm. The show was great, again. There's really not much more to say, they kick ass. Anyone who gets a chance to see them should, even if you have to go out of your way, because the show Tool puts on is great. I'm going to leave it at that.

Review written by: Scott Wilson ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 10:09:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Well, this was a great show! I really loved the concert - too bad the audience's energy level wasn't as high as the band's... In any case, the set was really great, and I appreciated the stage layout and presentation. The guys played very well (of course). The real reason I'm posting this is because I'm so dissapointed in the crowd. As Kabir stated on the "news" page, there were a lot of "arena rock" losers there, who IMHO didn't deserve to experience Tool's performance. Likewise, there were people who only knew Schism, and were dumbfounded at what they saw. Now, don't categorize me as a "Tool snob" or anything, because I'm all for folks beginning their Tool experience with a great show. But, I do not appreciate people who just came to rock, and don't know shit about the band or their music. And I really hate having to sit between them and a group of half-drunk overage ex-fratboys. All in all, the show was excellent. I of course wanted to linger for one more set, but the guys had to call it a night around 11pm, since good 'ole Raleigh city ordinances prevent loud music after that time. I just love the South! Hope everyone who takes the time to visit TDN (e.g., the "real" fans) liked the show as well.

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 10:59:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, the show was simply amazing! My first time seeing Tool, was during Ozzfest '98, and that playlist was just not long i feel better! That was such a perfect night. I drove up 600+ miles from Orlando, FL so that i could see them with my best friend. It was so worth it. As much as i love tool, they become 10x the experience when you can share it with someone close. I missed the opening act, but from what it sounds like, I didn't really "miss" them. Still, i would have liked to give them a fair chance, and heard it for myself. In any case, i give maynard and crew mad props for playing on such a cold night! i don't think my fingers would have been able to grip a drum stick, or hold down guitar strings if i were in their shoes.....but they did......boy did they ever! i swear, for Tool to be able to play cd-perfect versions of their songs (with subtle alterations) in a live environment, says WORLDS for their talent......think of that the next time you go to watch nsync do their lipsync dances! bravo maynard for the wise words, what america needs is to FIND a way to do/make something positive, not focus all our energy on "the war" over seas. in any case, this concert was life fullfilling for myself. i knew it would happen during my 10 hour drive, but i must now see tool if they are ever in my half of the U.S. enjoy the show everybody!

Review written by: Bushra ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 12:31:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Sigh... I finally got to see Tool in concert. It was amazing! First of all, Fantomas blows! Sorry to all of the Fantomas fans. Mike Patton can sing and scream very well, and when they actually played something in between the breaks it was good, but the breaks caused them to lose momentum. I couldn't stand that. They play for only 45 minutes. I am jealous of everyone who will see the Melvins and Tricky!!! But when Tool came on, everyone went crazy. I had a hard time seeing becase I'm short. :( But during the show, at one point I forgot to look at the band play! I had closed my eyes and started dancing. I felt people looking at me and laughing a little, but I dont give a shit! This is what Tool does to me. Most people were just standing and watching. There were a few in the front row of my section who were into it and there was one guy who danced like crazy! His body was twisting in all sorts of ways. He was really into it. My friend thought it was weird, but I felt so happy to see a guy dance to Tool because it shows how much Tool affects him physically and mentally. Maynard was at the back of the stage with barely any light on him. I liked that because that put more attention on the rest of the band. My friend who has been in several bands was telling me that to be at the front and center of the stage, you have to do something worthy of that place. Adam, Justin, and Danny all deserve to be at the front center. By having Maynard in the back, we were forced to realize even more how great and essential every member of Tool is. Every song they played was as if you were listening to them on the cds, but with more energy, more intensity. I could feel the music causing my body to vibrate to it literally. I danced like crazy! haha. They played: The Grudge, (-) Ions, Stinkfist, Forty Six & 2, Parabol, Parabola, Pushit, Schism (feat. Osseus Labyrint), Disposition, Reflection, Triad (feat. Osseus Labyrint), Eon Blue Apocalypse, The Patient, Opiate, Lateralus Each show has been different, judging from other reviews I have read. Sometimes they played Eulogy and Aenima, or the change the setlist around. I like the setlist for the show I went to. I went crazy when they played Opiate. hehe I love that song. During Triad, the dancers were hanging upside down from the ceiling by their feet. And they were butt naked . . . in 35-40 degree weather! They were swinging themselves and bending themselves in impossible ways. The lighting was magical! All these neon colors and the videos to go along with each song only enhanced the show. I really appreciate the artwork. Maynard went wild on stage! Even though he was in the back the whole time, you could still him clearly. He wore all black. And when he was singing, he danced along as well. Well, actually, he was thrashing his body all over the place. Danny was in the center of the stage. I could see his huge drum set and watch him play. To watch him rip on his drums during Schism... sigh. Justin and Adam were in the very front of the stage. They just stayed in place while they played, no jumping around or running. But I could see how intense they were in the way they were playing, even from back where I was standing. The show was sooooo intense and beautiful! That is the word to describe my experience, "intense" - intense sounds with intense lyrics from an intense singer giving me intense emotional and physical reactions. I had an intense kick ass time!!!! hehe Thanks Tool!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 13:38:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow. The Grudge Ions (-) Stinkfist (Extended Badass Version) 46&2 Parabol Parabola Pushit (Aenima Version, although Adam played the sickest solo I've ever seen him do for a good minute) Schizm Disposition Reflection Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patience Opiate Lateralus I went to Charlotte as well, and hands down the best two concerts I've ever attended. I would have to sway more towards the Raliegh show just for the fact that they jammed Pushit...the greatest song of all time! -Hell Yeah

Review written by: frost ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 13:39:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Fantomas was very interesting. The music was extremely energetic and Dave Lombardo was able to keep my attention throughout the night. Adam came out again and gave them a hand for one tune. Mike Patton still has a terrific handle on dynamics and the importance of it. But everyone was really there to see Tool. You could tell. Tool played a terrific set. I Liked it better than the Charlotte show, but it was probably due to the fact that I was right up front for Raliegh and in the back for charlotte. It was a little odd seeing Maynard with clothes on, and didn't see how Adam played with just sox on, but they freakin' rocked. Danny was absolutely amazing as usual. I thought having Lombardo join them was an extra special treat. Probably the two most talented rock drummers in the world shared the stage and I got to see it. A treat indeed. I liked that they added Pushit and Opiate, but I really missed Aenema and Eulogy which were really cool in charlotte. But at least we got something off Opiate which sounds like a rarity on this tour. I will say that I enjoyed them a lot more at the International Ballroom in Atlanta a few years ago. But in the days of cookie cuter arena venues this was by far the best amphitheater show I ever saw.

Review written by: Devoted Fan ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 13:43:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Holy shit, dude. This is the fifth time I've had the experience of seeing Tool, and I have to say that they get better every time. The rendition of Pushit was unbelievable. Adam played the sickest guitar solo I think I've ever seen. I'm curious to know how the hell Maynard can scream as long as he can, as he does in the Grudge. The people hanging upside down and moving around was fucking nuts. After this weekend, seeing the greatest band who has ever lived two nights in a row, I am now asking myself how I could ever go see any other badn perform in concert. I just want to say thank you to Danny, Maynard, Justin, and Adam for giving me the greatest weekend I've ever had in my life. I really wish I didn't have to sit through Fantomas, though.

Review written by: matt ross ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 13:55:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 3nd Tool show

good god-tool was the best i have ever seen them. NOW FOR MY CONTRIBUTION! ADAM"S GEAR! ok he was running 2 diezel vh-4 head's with 2 mesa recto 4x12 cabs with his trusty modified marshall jmp stack beside those two. he had his usual 3 guitars with the orangish les paul used for the paraboll/parabola run. danny had his massive cymbal- melted down paiste set, with a gong! justin had his wal's with 2 8x10 mesa cab's and from what i could hear, at least one mesa m-2000(i know this because i own a 400+ and an m-2000!) the sound quality was exceptional-not very loud, but crystal clear. maynard was dead on. that guy never disappoints! oh-yeah, did i mention it was freezing! good god it was cold. and too everyone else in the crowd-you suck! that was the deadest, most unenthused crowd i have ever seen. didnt keep me from moshing in place. it was really cool that they only played opiate off of the opiate and undertow-noooo sober! I though that was hilarious because it probably pissed 1000's off. i dont think you care but i think the best song of the night was reflection-with the bass and guitar volume swell trade-offs! thanks tool, you were worth the 10 hr drive up there and the hallucinagenic ride back!

Review written by: bill cosby ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 14:38:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 200 Tool show

If you know anything,you know that I Bill cosby am a big fan of jell-o,but I am an even bigger tool fan.This was my 200th tool show and wont be my last.The show was great,but i think what made it even better were the mescaline laced jello molds that i managed to smuggle in.After the show I was invited back stage where i presented the boys with a Jello mold of the tool logo and a mold of old Bill's tool.Well as you would guess things started to get a little weird,but due to legal reasons i cant tell you a fucking thing except I Bill Cosby "the god of jello" will see you at the next tool show. Where ever there is tool you will find Bill Cosby!!!!

Review written by: Mrs 8=P ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 14:44:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th? Tool show

I am still recovering from the show lastnight. It was freezing but no one seemed to care when Tool got on stage. The sound was amazing but I almost fell asleep during parts of the set. I wanted them to play sober or anything off Undertow! Oh and if you show up early bring ear plugs fantomas sucked nads! They were too loud and messy.

Review written by: Undeclared Procrastinator ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 15:08:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

On October 7th I attended an event that changed my personal views of how music should be seen as art, not only as songs. Tool's performance was a explosion of sounds, sights, and an overall warm feeling. To anyone who has tried to say that a tool performance isnt very good, you obviously dont understand why they are a band anyway. If you are contemplating going to a tool show, I highly suggest you attend. On a scale from one to ten, I give tool the highest rating being a perfect ten. Thank you tool for your love of art, music, and sharing them with me. A true fan, Ryan Stevens

Review written by: Patrick Buchholz ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 15:41:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After seeing TOOL in Virginia Beach for the first time on this tour, the first thing out of my mouth was, how do you top this experience? Well, you go to another show....which lead to Raleigh. The show as a whole was just amazing, very gratifying and fullfilling. The band with its music puts you into state of translucent reality with no boundries, each song that is played, each note that is struck allows you to journey into an unparralled universe where the only limit is you imagination. I think there was a great chemistry in the air, it seemed more people understood the music which conveyed to the band which led to a very tight played show and small variations in playing which prabably went unnoticed by the mojority of the crowd. But most noticeably in stinkfist with different lyrics, which leads me to beleive that maybe Maynard was expressing feelings of betrayal and let down in his relationship with his fiance (finding a good woman is hard, if not impossible)? Maynards vocals where flawless and powerfull. Maynard also had his imput with a synthisised guitar on Schism, Disposition and Reflection, to add volume to the overall Adam's playing was inspiring at on point Danny and him made eye contact to go into a small jam during 46&2 Danny and Justin gave the solid foundation of rythm. osseus labyrint was a visual treat and they where wearing bodysuits. The light and videos images just added to the final touches to the show. In closing TOOL by far ecxeeds any expectations in performance and in their music. This wasn't just a concert it was an experience.

Review written by: Adam Lancaster (optimistic pessimist) ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 15:56:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

I saw Incubus on the 6th in New Orleans. Louisiana and left immediately afterwords for Raleigh, North Carolina. I was coming up to visit my friend, Irene. Her roommate had access to VIP tickets to the Alltel Arena, so we got to enjoy the show from 14 rows back, dead center. The 13 hour drive, overnight, by myself was worth it for that view. I was practically delirious when I got there, but oh well. The setlist has already been posted, but not entirely correctly. So here it is with a few of my comments. 1. long intro 2. The Grudge 3. Stinkfist (extended) - Maynard not only inserted the new line ("white lines, running through my mind") but also used the "old new" Elvis line ("caught inside, I can't walk out. Cause I love you too much baby. Why can't you see, what you're doing to me. You know I need you too much baby.") 4. Forty-six & 2 5. Parabol 6. Parabola 7. Pushit (AEnema version) - the long instrumental portion in the middle was even longer tonight. I think that the length of this is left up to Danny...i.e. he hits a certain combo to let Adam know to move on. 8. Schism - It was clear that Maynard used his guitar on this song as kind of a harmony to his line (communicatiooooooon....". Osseus Labyrint was a great addition to TOOL's live performance. The way they walk across the stage is impressive. 9. short jam - (this is how it's worded on the setlst from the stage) 10. Disposition 11. Reflection 12. Interlude - with Osseus Labyrint 13. Triad - this was a great surprise. It featured Dave Lombardo as a guest percussionist (he played standing up with three floor toms while Danny played on his kit) Osseus Labyrint remained suspended above the stage for this song. Very impressive. 14. Eon Blue Apocalypse 15. The Patient - I couldn't believe I was finally able to hear this after three other shows this year where they didn't play it. 16. Opiate - This was great after a full set of nothing earlier than AEnema. Maynard did his usual "full-body head bang" to the climax of this song (at the end) 17. Lateralus A few other comments: 1. Adam came out and "performed" with Fantomas for one song. I couldn't tell what he was doing though, because from my seat, he was behind Mike Patton's equipment. 2. Adam had a keyboard-like device rigged up beside him on stage during TOOL's set, but I never noticed him using it. 3. On top of Maynard's personal video screen and the 2 screens behind the stage, they had 2 screens set up on the side of the stage facing inwards toward each other AND 2 screens on the outsides of the stage facing the crowd. They used these last four to project lighting effects rather than the videos. 4. Maynard was more animated and energetic this night than I have seen him in quite a while. Maybe he's finally gotten that leather suit to stretch out a little so he has some mobility. kidding :) 5. Not only did I get the setlist from Danny's drumkit, but I got an incredible recording of this show (Don't ask me for a copy. When it's ready, it'll be out on the internet). I also took two rolls worth of pictures. Hopefully they'll turn out well. What can I say gotta love VIP seats. 6. I would have to say that this is my favorite performance yet...but I still have four more to go to this month: Birmingham, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Houston. See you there. Later. "contemplate what i've been clinging to..."

Review written by: Justin Goble ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 18:00:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

OK . . . . .first off, lets get the whole Fantomas issue out of the way . . . . . .yes, they did suck HORRIBLY, but all of their supporters (at the show and online) were and are even worse with their banality and narrow-mindedness. ITS ONE PERSONS FUCKING OPINION . . . . . .CALM THE FUCK DOWN, ALRIGHT!!!!!!! Im sure Adam or someone in Tool likes the band (or else they wouldnt be on tour) . . . . .. but I dont think they would try to defend their taste in music with a concieted remark and an upturned nose, do you? Anyways, this being my first Tool show ever, I didnt really know what to expect. I must say, if I can quote Jack Black, "My ass was blown off." From open to close, the guys didnt miss a step. The setlist, whatever it was . . . . . I know what they played, just not how and when . . . . . was amazing. People were bitching that they didnt play "Sober" or shit like that. Well, Ill admit, I would have liekd to see them play "Third Eye", but I aint gonna bitch and moan cuz they didnt. Every song they played was amazing, and going back to "Opiate" near the end was a cool move. Maynard was cool as "The General" (that whole leather suit thing reminds me of an SS General's uniform), and I admired the fact that he sympathized with our fight against the cold. Adam, well, he was the damn man. Justin put those bad ass bass lines in there perfect . . . . .I ended up watching him and Adam do their thing a lot mainly cuz of my perspective (women standing on their seats . . . . .whats a chivalrous man to do in that situation?). And Danny . . . . .well, words wont work on that front. That was some bad ass drumming on his part . . . . . . .and the "Triad" breakdown . . . . . . .that was the percussion equvialent of an orgasm (dont ask). I never knew Maynard played guitar either, but that Steinberger added a lot to the performance. All in all, this ranks as one of the best concerts ive been to, and if Tool ever comes this way again, Im there

Review written by: AB ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 19:45:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

(Prepared 10/8/01) Fantomas As I entered the complex a sign was posted at the entrance which ask that people refrain from moshing and was signed Tool, all I could think was “how tame.” The opening act was Fantomas and almost every one thought they sucked, were amusing, or a combination of the two. People were chanting “You Suck” and flipping them off when the opportunity presented itself. At one point the vocalist asked the audience if they liked to fuck and after a few said yes he replied that he heard the police at the venue gave good head. Few laughed at the singer’s remarks because they were cliché and contrived. The vocalist, Mike Patton was lead singer of Faith No More and I strongly recommend a reformation of that band or a reevaluation of this one to occupy his time. The only redeeming qualities of Fantomas were the drummer and their comedic value. There was very little to no innovation from the bands compositions and their instrumentation. Most of the songs were indistinguishable from one another because they all had a common theme of erratic pauses in-between improvised chaos were the singer would growl rapidly into the microphone in unison with what ever the other members of the band were indistinguishably playing. Adam Jones was with them on stage standing behind the singer and his turntables working some device during one of there songs but he wasn’t playing guitar. Having an opened mind musically is all good but don’t waste the audience’s time with idol ranting. I suggest a return to the garage for Fantomas and guitar lessons for both guitarists. Tool Tool came out after a bit of restructuring and ritual cleansing by the roadies due to the fouling of the stage by Fantomas, GOD THEY SUCKED!!!!! I was in the 15th row in section 2, which was pretty close to the stage at Walnut Creek for all those concerned. From the audiences point of view Tool came out and aligned themselves with Adam to the far left of the stage, Justin to the far right of the stage, Danny to the rear of Justin but slightly closer to the center of the stage, and Maynard directly back and center on a heightened platform. Adam had two Diezel amps directly behind him with a 60’s Marshall off to the right of those amps, for use by Maynard. Adam played one, maybe both of his late 70’s silver burst Gibson Les Paul’s and one natural top Gibson Les Paul. With the Marshall amp right beside him, Maynard plugged a Steinberger GU guitar in and accompanied Adam on two maybe three songs but I could barely hear him. Danny used a gold drum set and Justin a dark wood bass. I believe the temperature in Raleigh was around the 40’s so the band and audience were both a bit cold. Maynard was dressed in the usual black leather garb seen in numerous Lateralus concert photos. Maynard briefly wore a toboggan at the beginning of the show but later took it off followed by his jacket. Adam wore a black dress jacket, Justin a black long- sleeved shirt and Danny a black sleeveless shirt. Each member had a 3-foot propane tank gas heater beside them. After two or three songs Maynard slowly said “if you rub against one other you’ll be warmer” and then proceeded to play the next song. At one point I noticed Maynard rubbing his hands together to warm them up from holding the metal microphone and Adam in the middle of a solo briefly removed his hand to shake off the cold. Generally they were at the top of their form, with respect to the albums anyway, giving a great deal to each performance but the cold may have stiffened them up a little at times. For the most part, the band stood mainly stationary with some movement, except for Maynard. On his platform, Maynard moved primarily to the beat of the drums, stomping, contorting, gesturing like a primate, and setting up the beginnings of a sprint. There were three projection screens, two large ones beside each other above the band and one smaller one behind Maynard all showing the same repeating images to a given song. Images included: *Nude people swimming underwater. *Digitally created dilapidated public bathrooms. *A digitally created dirty wallpapered wall with an oval picture off a female contorted and a worm-like creature falling in front of it. *A man in a stone widow with tree eyes. *A distorting of the back design on the Salival slipcover. *The male figure from the Salival box rotating during the contortionist’s exposition. *A small alien subtly twitching during The Grudge. *An alien head with glowing eyes. *An alien head with flat impressions of facial features. *Black and white television frequency-like testing images. *A worm-like creature from the Stinkfist video *Two females fighting off a mechanically wired device. *A mirror image of a female underwater with tentacle-like fingers. *Graphic 3-D-like circular outlines. *Bone spine-like images. *A spiraling bone spine-like image during Lateralus. *Lateralus cover flames swaying back and fourth. *Video clips and unseen footage of Stinkfist and Schism videos. Schism footage was B/W. *And a few other visually compelling images. I and everyone around me enjoyed this show, singing almost every word to every song in unison with Maynard. Hear is the set list: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist (Preceded by Brief “Ions” Intro.) 3. 46 & 2 4. Parabol 5. Parabola 6. Pushit 7. Schism (Two contortionists, possibly from the video, walking around the stage on their hands and feet bobbing their heads and wearing nothing but silver metallic body paint that reflected different color hues.) 8. Disposition 9. Reflection (Adam repeats the guitar outro for about five minutes as the rest of the band exits the stage and the contortionists prepare to do there thing. Adam leaves right before the contortionists appear. Watch Adam’s feet during the song, he is controlling the synth sounds.) 10. Exposition: (Contortionists hanging upside down from ropes high in front of the projection screens contorting their bodies and interacting with each other during unfamiliar backstage musical accompaniment.) 11. Triad (Followed by Maynard giving a thank you shout out to Dave Lombardo, the percussionist who accompanied them.) 12. Eon Blue Apocalypse 13. The Patient 14. Opiate (Preceded by Maynard saying “Thanks for coming and I’m sure we’ll see you again real soon.”) 15. Lateralus (Preceded by the band huddling around Danny’s drum kit and Maynard, with his back to the audience, saying “Thanks for coming and something like take what you got from the experience, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent and create something positive with it.”) During the last song I moved up to within three rows of the stage on Adam’s side of the stage and after the song was over various items were thrown out into the audience. Justin threw a couple of picks, Maynard threw three full water bottles, toying with the audience on the last one by faking them out, Adam threw two balls, tennis balls I think, and Danny threw his drum sticks and frisbeed a drum skin out into the audience followed by the rim which flew right over my head. With a grin Danny pointed out to Adam the audience’s ecstatic response of fighting over the rim. The band huddled for a group hug and from the audience’s point of view, they exited stage left ending the show around 11:15pm and uniformly gave no encore. This was a great show and I highly recommend that future shows not be missed. If any one has pictures, video, and/or audio from this tour and especially this show please contact me for trades at Thanks.

Review written by: sable (*~*) Review posted on: 10/08/01 22:20:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I went to the show at Walnut Creek/Altele paviloin. i, personally, thought it was amazing. the videos that were played on the screens were awesome. i loved the ribcage from the front of Undertow, closing in on it's self with chimes in the back. The contortionists were beautiful, and added a touch to the show. seeing it in live was so much better than on a television screen. i had seats in the very back, and am rather short, but the show was nifty-cool from any perspective. maynard and the band did a wonderful job, as usual. it was really cool to hear him live, and was kinda funny when the crowd went wild for the water drop drums. dah.. ok.. enough review... it was a bloody cool show ^__^

Review written by: Christian ( Review posted on: 10/08/01 23:14:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I have to say that I enjoyed the concert at Altell Pavilion despite the bitter cold, i was trying my best not to be "the guy" (you know, the one that wears the shirt of the band he's going to see) but it just got too damn cold and i had to dish out 50 bucks for a long sleeve shirt to wear under my fleece. As to the crowd, you sucked, they were the most non- moshing people ive ever seen, and ive seen people mosh to 3rd eye blind, besides, moshing keeps you warm, but since most of you were doped up out of your mind before the show even started it wouldnt have made a difference, and to those who were tripping, i KNOW you had the time of your life, Im strait edge and the videos were tripping me out. I will definatley go to the next TooL concert out here, hopefully it will be warmer and i'll have to bring more friends to make our own mosh

Review written by: Thomas Dolister ( Review posted on: 10/09/01 18:36:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Apparently quite a few people decided to attend both North Carolina shows because there was a lot of traffic going from Charlotte to Raleigh all day Sunday. The differences between the two ampitheaters were numerous and I'm not sure if I could say I liked one better than the other, but that's neither here nor there. My friend and I were supposed to meet some others just inside the front gates but while we were waiting somebody bumped into my friend and picked his ticket out of his pocket, so we couldn't go to our seats and had to hang out on the lawn, which wasn't so bad really but still!! The set was basically the same as in Charlotte except they played Pushit instead of Eulogy and Opiate instead of Aenima. We had to use the restroom before they started Pushit so I missed out on most of that song (if they had only played the version on Salival I might have had enough time to get back.... oh well) I was glad to hear Opiate but still a little disappointed that they didn't play a single song from Undertow. The sound system in Raleigh was a bit louder than the one in Charlotte and it kept popping whenever Justin or Danny would start wailing away. It was a good solid performance, I think even better than the night before and I can't wait to see Tool the next time they come around this way, which I'm sure will be a long time. I know if I didn't have to I wouldn't come to North Carolina for anything.

Review written by: JP ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 02:50:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I have so many words, yet not enough breath to summize what I feel towards this band. I went to both the Charlotte and Raleigh shows. Both were awesome aside from the cold (thus no Maynard in boxers). They played nothing off of undertow either night but did an intstrumental/effects movement with the whole art of the undertow symbol. Most people didn't get it. I won't repeat what's already been said but the Raleigh show was much tighter, yet seemed much slower and melodic with Pushit (Aenema) and Opiate rather than Eulogy/Aenema from the Charlotte performance. Most fans seemed bored at times, I guess these new songs truly teach "Patience." I love the use of the dancers during Triad. But this don't compare to first time i saw them just a few months ago. For those of you who were reading these reviews "to read what Maynard said during the shows," scroll on. But for those of you who truly appreciate and have a real passion for this band, I have a very interesting story to tell. I've been a fan since 1995 (not as long as some of you cool guys) and I'd been playing drums for about 2 years until I heard Aenema. Then it all began, I have to be one of the biggest Danney Carey fans, for he taught me then and always how the drums "should" be played. So, around February, I found out my girl was cheating on me, too bad cause I had been saving over $1000 to take her to Europe to propose. But as fate would have it, about a month and a half later, I had a dream that I was finally seeing Tool perform in some small bar to promote this new album coming out. The next morning I woke to read THE NEWLY RELEASED EUROPEAN TOUR. Within 45 minutes, i booked a ticket and 3 tickets to see Tool in the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland, my heritage stomping grounds. I don't know why i bought 3, but it seemed like a good trade off if i needed a place to stay (which so happened). So on June 6th, I boarded a plane by myself with nothing but a backpack, a change of clothes, 3 tickets, and a credit card, I set out to finally see Tool. I had no idea what i was going to do or where i was going to stay. But (and for those of you who don't believe in fate, kiss off) but it just so happened that the day before i was going to fly out, i ran into an old high school sweetheart and after I told her about my trip, just so told me about her step sister that lives in Glasgow and gave me her #! I get off the plane in Glasgow and head to a bar to experience my first scotch on tap when I call the # of the stepsister, took her out to lunch and she let me stay for a couple days till the show. So on June 8th, I set out at 9 am to see all the local art museums (by the way, there is the 2nd largest Whistler collection in Glasgow not to mention a famous Rennie Mackintosh exhibition). All day I sat in front of pure art admiring it as I do Tool's art and thinking about the songs they might play that night. Finally, I ventured over and sat in front of the entrace at 2 pm. It just so happened that some couple that had flown from Greece (only one of them spoke english) were looking for the ticket booth. "I'm sorry," I said, it's been sold out for months (by the way, only 1900 people fit in the Barrowland Ballroom). "But it just so happens that I have two extra tickets," I say. So I gave them the two tickets in exchange to stay on the floor of their hotel room. "SOLD." The whole show was magical, songs off all the albums, Maynard in jeans, perfect acoustics, and I was at the front wall, right in front of Danney, AND FINALLY SAW MY GURU PLAY! They played Pushit, prison sex, the grudge, sober, pretty much all my favorites (except for H and Third Eye). I was only 1 of 4 total (non-band affiliated) Americans at the show. Email me at, I have decent pictures to prove my story. Look at the picture on their website. I'm 6'2" tall (the average Scot is 5'5" and most were under 17 there) so i'm the tall fucker on the right side. I even got pictures of the balloons and Adam"going down" on Maynard behind the video screen. This show had it all. I saw Tool, and my life has never been the same since. All I could say was "WoW!" I wanted that night to continue forever. I'm sure some of you know what I mean. So for those of you who go to shows because you think it's cool or you just wanted to hear schism of "the new album," do me a favor and don't buy any more tickets, please allow those of us who Tool really means something to enjoy their show without you yelling and hooting like a bovine american. There's a reason for everything they do. Put some intelligence back into music and it'll truly mean something. Tool is so ahead of it's time.

Review written by: Rich ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 09:56:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I have only actually been to a handful of live shows in my life, but I will have to say this was, hands down, the best show I have ever been to, and probably will go to in a long time. I first saw Tool in Raleigh at Ozzfest 98. Maynard started the concert in female preacher garb and did the whole scene, even going as far as to quote from the bible, but all in all the set was just too damned short. This time was much better. First off, I actually got to the show about 2 hours early, and then I had to sit through that BS Fantomas. I am not really going to bash the band like so many others already have, though they did suck pretty bad, but they did have potential. The sections of their songs were too short and there were irregular breaks between them. The only time you could really tell when it was a different song was when the guitar player changed guitars. If they extended the heavy parts and light parts to give people a chance to actually get familiar with them and have something to grasp and either kept the breaks in time with the songs or didnt stop at all between transitions they would be much better. Nuff said. After a long intro and a painful chill ((Whats with the 'No Blankets' rule??)) Tool finally entered the stage with Maynard, as is befitting of his personality, keeping a low profile at the back of the stage. From then until around 11PM the show rocked!!! I had 5th row center to the Ozzfest show, but this time I only got as close as the chain separating the grass from the seats. Whatever chill there was to begin with was completely gone about half way through the first song, as myself and a few of the people around me started the only mosh pit I actually saw the entire night. There was an amazining opening version of Stinkfist and the best version I have ever heard of AEnema's Pushit. About half way through the night, though, the show started to calm a bit with the Triad-Disposition-Reflection- Eon Blue Apocalypse section of the show, and the chill set in again, though people climbing to the rafters and hanging by their ankles while convulsing and moving in ways the human body was never meant to move was by no means calm. Luckily I had my gf there with me to share some body heat. Not for long though, as the show came slamming back for another thrashing climax with Opiate and Lateralus. I think almost everyone there wanted to hear something along the lines of Sober, or at least something from Undertow, but choosing Opiate as a closer ((not including Lateralus, as it was expected on the tour and album of the same name)) was pure genius. Again, a great thanks to Tool for the greatest live experience of my life, it'll be something to tell my grandchildren about ::laughs::. Rich "I want you to take what you are feeling right now at this moment, whether good, bad, or indifferent. I want you to remember that feeling, and over the next few weeks, use that feeling to create something positive." --Maynard

Review written by: JSon ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:17:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

As all of you already know that TOOL's live show is really beyond words, and for you that were at the Alltel Pavilion for this show know this, so this will be brief....I thought Fantomas were really cool. I think the reason why alotta people didnt like them was because they were so different, but thats a good thing. they were like a death punk, sabbath orchestra, it was awesome...I was to the left of the stage with the shittiest view, but when TOOL came out the guards were cool enough to let everyone go to the front and before i knew it, i was right there in front of Justin. ...This is the best of Tool. right here....everything was perfect except for the cold :) ....I didnt see one crowd surfer or mosh pit either...and the guy that was standing next to me was standing there at the end...just a perfect was good to actually be able to see the band and not pick kids off my shoulders from flying through the air...they had videos for every song, alotta new stuff i havent seen...the too people from schism were there doing some crazy shit...I know they were freezing.. I would say the best part was at the end seeing the band all embrace and waving to the crowd..I had never seen that at a TOOL show...This band has come full circle now, and noone is gonna stop them....cant wait to see em again!!!!!

Review written by: Leatherface ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:54:23 ET

This was this reviewer's ---- Tool show

Fantomas kicked fucking ass as usual! Im not sorry to say that i did not stay for Tool. Tool fans are the biggest buch of fucking morons. Most of you believe that you are all intelectual and artsy because you listen to Tool. Fuck man, most of you guys are no better than Limp Bizkit, or 'Nsync fans. You are told what to like, and fall in line like little piggies. Im glad to see some fans actually apreciate Fantomas. THESE are the people I respect because they know just how wonderful their music is. Because of how fucking ignorant most Tool fans are, i left. I want all my money to go to FANTOMAS. P.S. I apologize to those of you who think Fantomas sucked, i mean maybe if they get as popular and as much airplay as Tool; and maybe if your friends all start liking it, you'll love it too. Come on boys....lets start the'll love it!

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 16:03:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

yeh so this was my first ever tool show. I had waited like 2 years for them to come close enough.....After reading some reviews and talking to a few friends i had Really Really big expectations...and Tool met and even overcame those expectations.... the songs were so PERFECT quality...i cant say much about Fantomas they were just different i guess. im not going to say they sucked but they for sure are different,.. There are not much more i can say that someone else has not covered already.....the screens were amazing...i was in a trance from the first note of the grudge to the last note of lateralus.....AMAZING 10+++++ Thanks tool

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 16:33:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Very spiritual. Cold. Warm. Dark. TOOL They were just a site to see for the first time, I have no complaints about anything....maybe they didn't play anything from Undertow, but I was still well pleased that they gave us TOOL fans something so special. Who else can play only 12 (a guess) songs and have it last over 2 hours. Worth every penny, and service charge.

Review written by: mermaidnics ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 19:45:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this show was my 2nd live tool experience in a week. i have nothing negative to say about it. not even about fantomas. maynard is absolutely a genius as are all members of tool. this was my best concert experience of my life and i feel a completeness, but yet a sorrow now that it is over. maynard's voice is not of the human realm i am now convinced it is of a greater power

Review written by: humbug ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 21:34:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

ok, on to the show. um, fantomas. yeah, whatevah. they were funny and good when they played actual songs...but the guh guh guh guhguhguh-ing got really old after awhile. however, amber's imitation of it *never* got old. hahahaha. the amphitheatre was pretty nice, with bleacher-type seats set up at the front part of the lawn, which we spent a good deal of night resting upon. the security people were real dicks, though. so sal, amber, and i had a little herbal break before tool came on, and then again during "the grudge", which tool has been opening with for this entire tour. now, i am not a regular drug user, but my goodness it was perfect to get a little high to watch tool that night. first of all, it was fucking freezing outside, and *none* of us were prepared at all. it was like 35 degrees. agh. so that was alleviated quite a bit, at least for me. during the show, maynard said something about "if you rub up against each other, you'll be warmer". so anyway. the show started and immediately i was awed all over again. IF TOOL IS COMING TO YOUR TOWN, GOOOOOOOO. in my opinion, there is not another male vocalist in the world right now who can even *touch* maynard james keenan. even though "the grudge" was a little bit rough around the edges, by the time they kicked into "stinkfist" (second song), maynard was displaying the most awesome voice i've ever heard. and danny. don't get me started on danny. it is seriously like the guy has extra appendages. i kept looking to see if he was really playing all the drum parts. and of course, he was. and he makes it look SO easy. he keeps all these fucked up and weird time signatures throughout the show...i mean, the guy has fucking two kick drums, if that's any indication of how badass him and his kit are. i don't know how magically two of the most talented musicians working today managed to get together, and it's still kind of funny that maynard plays the guitar for like, two songs and he plays roughly one note per song...because he's a badass without a guitar. he seriously doesn't need one. he commands more stage presence than any band member i've ever seen in my life. even with the mind-blowing visuals and ossyeus labyrint (the contortionists from the "schism" video who performed completely naked both nights) up in front of me and maynard not even lit from the front, it's *impossible* to not watch him when he's singing. enough gushing, i guess. haha. favorite moments of the show (WARNING, they have been doing the same things all tour, so if you're going to see them and don't want the surprise spoiled at all, don't read this): *the end of "the grudge", which i love anyway, but is so powerful live...when maynard starts saying "let go, let go, let go, let go" and danny starts hitting the rim (i think?) and then maynard slowly escalates into his trademark sing- scream...could it be more like a huge orgasm!? *the bridge of "stinkfist" when they play it live, during which maynard sings, "caught in a trap/i can't walk out/because i love you too much baby" (apparently it's an elvis song) me chills. i was hoping that this song would inspire the whole crowd to become one body, like it did in london, but unfortunately it didn't. oh well, it was still amazing. *hearing "46 & 2", which is my favorite aenima song of the moment. the lyrics kill me, and the end..."step into my shadow/coming out the other side/stepping through my shadow-ah/46 and 2 just ahead of me"...MAYNARD. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?! *"schism" live kicks ass, and when ossyeus labyrint comes out it's a total mindfuck. haha. i'm totally intrigued as to how tool hooked up with them. did they just see them perform and be like, "hey, come on tour with us?" i love how they show the fire on the screens at the end of the song. it's such a simple graphic but it's so apropos that you wonder what came first, the fire or the end of the song?! danny carey. drums. drool. die. *"pushit" rocked the shit out. i wasn't a huge fan of the album track, but ever since the show got out sunday night i've been listening to it (and also "reflection", which i never liked that much until tonight when they played it...) nonstop. *"triad" with lombardo was incredible. say what you will about fantomas, but that guy wailed on those toms. unlike charlotte, when i was on the lawn and got bored, i could've stood up in the 14th row in raleigh forever and watched them play "triad" with lombardo. maynard also kept trying to make up a genre for fantomas..."death country"..."ska" something...something else with country in it...i don't remember exactly. *"lateralus" at the end of the show was note-perfect and the best closing song they could've picked. the song's all about spiraling, etc. and they show this spiraling spine on the screen and maynard throws everything into this one. they start out the song all huddled around danny's drums facing each other and at the end of the song, they all put down their instruments, danny throws out his drum heads and maynard throws out his water bottles and justin throws out some picks and then they all gathered together for a group hug. and not like standing in a line with their arms around each other and bowing, like a BONAFIDE hug. it seriously brought a tear to my eye. anyone who knows me knows that seeing hard rockin' guys get all sensitive gets me EVERYTIME. only complaint about the shows..."parabol/a" didn't rock me nearly as hard as it should have. i don't know why. something was just kind of off. THAT'S MY ONLY COMPLAINT!

Review written by: Parron ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 15:08:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my 2nd Tool show. I saw them a week ago in Va Beach(where I live-and let me just say that the Raleigh amphitheater is so much better than the Va Beach one) Anyway-my friend and I drove down here to see them, because his sister suprised us with tickets. I wanted to see Phantomas again, because they are very talented, they just have a really unique style. Well we missed about 20 minutes of them because the line getting in was really long, and later I heard that Adam came out and played with them for a song. Kinda upset that I missed that. The songs that I heard Phantoms play were dfferent from the Va show, and they sounded better. Anyway, Tool came out and it really started to get very cold. We had good seats but they were at an angle so I couldnt see Maynard. Then I noticed a few people wandereing down to the front, so my friend and I wled down there and were right on the rail in front of Adam. It was incredible. The band seemed a lot more into the show than the Va show(don't get me wrong, the Va show was awesome-it was my frst Tool show, but they seemed tired) I was just amazed at how good these guys are. I was happy to hear that they changed the setlist some from the Va show. I have no complaints about the setlist, the new songs are just as incredible as the old ones. I was happy to hear The Patient, as well as Opiate(which my girlfriend wanted to hear at the Va show-oh well) They were spectacular. I was amazed at how well everyone played in the cold. Dave Lombardo coming out and jamming was so awesome. The whole evening was just one big highlight. Maynard was up to his old tricks-flailing all over his little podium. I dont know how he sings so well while moving so much. His voice was incredible. Danny is just the nastiest drummer I've ever seen. I got dumbfounded watching him play. Adam and Justin were on as usual. I never really realized how good Justin is untl I saw them live. The way he and Adam just flow together is astounding. I think these guys are from another planet or some shit. They are too good. Overall, I had an amazing time at both shows. Seeing them two different times with two different people I love was the better than anything I could have asked for. Everyone should go see these guys. I dont think a band as overall talented and deeply interesting as Tool will ever be seen again in my lifetime. I missed out seeing them before a few years ago, and I wont ever do that again. Truly an eye opening experience. Thank you Tool for two great shows in one week. You guys rock. I'll be seeing you again(I hope) Thanks again Tool, and thanks to anyone who actually reads all this.

Review written by: Brent J ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 19:21:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The first thing i wanted to mention was the opening band which was Fantomas. I thought those guys were brilliant. I heard alot of people booing them off stage and perhaps that is why I liked them so much. They were truly something dfferent. I am not totally sure that i would purchase any of there music but i wouldn't mind seeing them play again. I was slightly disappointed about Tools stage set up but i wasn't exactly mad at the band for it. I basically ruined it for myself. I downloaded some live footage off the internet of the first show they did in Atlanta, GA when Lateralus first came out so it was no surprise. But they sounded great. The sound was perfect. It was almost like listening to a live version of the cd blasting through some amps. But I wasn't very close to the stage which added to the disappointment .. not there fault though. That was a trip seeing the people from the schism video out thre doing there thing. One major complaint i have to say about the concert is this. The merchandise was way over priced. The cheapest shirt was 30 bucks. Then they went all the way up to 45 bucks for a long sleeve t shirt. I just didn't understand it. I mean ...come on. Yeah there are big but come on now. It was ridiculous. I mean did i miss something. You should have seen the crowd. It was fucking huge. There had to have been at least ten or twelve thousand people there. Maybe more ... i don't know. But I paid 45 bucks for just the shitty seats. So you know that they are bring in the bucks. I don' know ... that just struck me as odd. Maynard said something that stuck with me though. He said that he asks that we remember this moment and what we are feeling right now. May it be good or bad or whatever it may be and when we go home. We should turn that energy into something positive. It was something to that affect. But it was awesome just to here him say that. Truly an inspiring thought. Well i can't think of much else to say. I'll write later if i can remember anything else. -Brent J

Review written by: Lou ( Review posted on: 10/13/01 10:38:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Although this was my first Tool experience, it was not my first concert. I am 38 years old and have been to over 200 shows. Yes, I am what every Tool fan seems to hate. An arena rock fan. Sorry people but I love their music and wanted to see them live. I was not dissapointed. This was a very good show. Their sound quality was A+. Visuals were mind blowing and they were everything I thought they would be. I understand how any true Tool fan would feel about people like myself coming to "your" shows. I know what it's like to be a fan of a band that no one else seems to know then have them get big and see all these people come crawling out of nowhere. You almost feel like they don't have the right to be a part of it. I know because I was a Rush fan and a Metallica fan from before they were big. I learned to welcome each new level of success and still be able to treasure the good old days. I not only enjoy seeing shows but also talking with fans, especially true fans like most I ran into at this show. It gives me more of an insight into what this band is all about. You have chosen a great band to get behind and I hope they play together for many years to come so we can "all" enjoy them.

Review written by: bdca534 ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 01:49:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This show had to be an obvious crowd pleaser because while tool played reflection/disposition, tha crowd was perfectly mellow, however it seemed as though they had saved energy for aienema. This selist is better than sober and eulogy in my opinion Grudge -ons Stinkfist 46 and 2 parabol/a Push it, original, and best version wich made the show for me Schism Reflection Disposition triad Aienema lateralis By far one of the most influencal shows preformed by tool out of what iv seen. I saw tool in 93 in houston at lalapalooza and it seems that after almost 10 years there shows have not discontinued to astonish me and motivate me in many ways. I waited 2 months for this show and i about had an anyrism i couldnt sleep tha night before. BUT Seeing tool tonight was much worth the wait and the anyrism scare...... TOOL PLEASE COME BACK TO BHAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill stand in tha rain ten times over again.

Review written by: mr bungle ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 02:15:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Fantomas kicked ass, infact they were more entertaining than tool. if tool didnt have that video screen, they would be a horrible live band. i thought most tool fans were open minded, espessially to music. i guess not, tool is very mainstream now, and with that comes many stupid fans. i like both bands alot. but since i'm nuetral i have to say fantomas show was better than tools. they put alot more into it, not to mention theyre music is much more inventive. i was dissapointed in tool since the last show i saw of them was alot better. oh well at least i got to see fantomas for the first time, Fantomas was great

Review written by: Chris aka Fantomas Kid ( Review posted on: 10/15/01 16:14:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

k first of all...i just wanna say that they did OPIATE not Aenema...ok...i went with 3 of my best friends and needless to say we were hyped..we had been reading reviews all week...we were hoping for eulogy and aenema...but i was REALLY satisfied with opiate and pushit...we were in row X set 1 and 2 and in section 6 then as soon as fantomas hit the stage we moved up to the barier blocking the VIP tables off.. here we met some really cool people.. we became buds with the people behind us and the guy beside us...we became hoarse the first song fantomas and my friend were REALLY hyped abotu seeing fantomas and i love them..i dont see how you cant...but anyways the dude's behind us were really cool and called us the Fantomas kids hence my review name..they left for a while after fantomas's set and we were just in shock at how awesmoe it all was...they came back and some dudes sat in some chicks seat and then she came back and was like get the fuck up then there was this big argument..then she left after stinkfist...then me and my friend and our little group we became friends with just started going insane for tool...overall Tool's set was incredible here's the set list from what i remember The grudge Stinkfist with added lyrics 46&2 Parabol Parabola Schism Pushit Disposition/Reflection Triad Opiate Lateralus that's all i really remember...after the concert i was was a spectacle...i know this review sucks..sorry...but if you havent seen tool and are thinknig abotui it GO SEE THEM!! AND REMEMBER!! fantomas rules ... if you wanna talk about the show or just talk in general IM me on aol biindmelon or email me