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Review written by: Josh (
Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:01:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow. I have waited so long to see Tool, and I was not disappointed. I had floor tickets and was able to see the band up close and personal, in all their glory, as well as get sweated upon by thousands of drunk and stoned patrons. It was great, but if you're not into that kind of thing, I'm sure the reserved seating can offer as great an experience. Fantomas opened their last show for the band on this tour, and I found their unique sense of music amusing, but it dragged on too long and seemed repetitive when I was so anxious to see Tool. I can't recall the exact playlist, but most notable was that they played Ticks & Leeches. Maynard conceded that they normally don't play it, but the boys from Fantomas requested it for their last gig. The performance of the contortionists suspended above the stage was amazing... I won't ruin it for those that haven't seen it, but it is impressive. The concert ranks in my top three of all time with Smashing Pumpkins and Tom Petty, perhaps topping the list. I highly recommend picking up a ticket and seeing them as soon as possible.

Review written by: Scott Schlossman ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:13:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

WOW. my first CONCERT ever. my first TOOL concert. unbelieveable. they didnt play some stuff i hoped they would, prison sex, eulogy...of course sober which i knew wouldnt be played. but fuck damn! it was amazing! Osseus Labyrinth was amazing, just amazing. Fantomas...i was hoping, HOPING, that whey would be good.... not good. wow not really good at all cept for drums(you could tell he drummed for slayer). i stood IN THE STANDS and screamed the lyrics and shifted my body all over the fucking place, yet not missing a note from the band. 5 people were grabbed and taken out for trying to get on the floor...damn they put up good fights. but fuck them for ruining it for the rest of us. TOOL. amazing...over-priced but amazing. listened to Pink Floyd on the way home, boy did that work. peace. scott.

Review written by: ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:14:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was amazing. Concert started out great with The Grudge followed by Stinkfist....I was a little dissapointed with Fantomas, the band that opened for Tool, and also the fact that they didnt play Eulogy, Sober, or the Patient...but anyway...Show finished very strong with Aenima(WHICH ROCKED), that was easily the best song of the night followed by Lateralus... an amazing show and the best concert i have ever attended.

Review written by: fp ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:18:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show!!!!!! ticks and leaches baby!!!!! aenema the rest you know...

Review written by: David Glass ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:33:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The setlist: The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Parabol Parabola Pushit (Aenima Version) Schism Ticks & Leaches (i'm serious, no joke) Merkaba (a little bit) Disposition Reflection --Intermission-- Triad Aenema Lateralus The review: The Ft. Lauderdale show was amazing. It was just so many emotions all rolled up into one for me. To begin, Fantomas was OK I guess. I think what they do is interesting, but it just wasn't for me. At least I wasn't like those assholes telling them they suck and to get off the stage. Of course these are all beer chuging rednecks who dont appreciate people trying to entertain them with something new. Now that thats out of the way, Tool. The crowd was ready to get pumped and they did as soon as The Grudge started playing. I was sitting down and i saw the people on floor level just rocking. I must say the visuals were awesome and the sound was great. Maynard was really into it and so was Justin. Adam was so cool, he looked like he thought nothing important was really happening. Danny was just going crazy in his corner, he plays the drums so well. But anyways, the first few Aenima songs played were well recepted. Then Maynard said that they would like to thank Fantomas for their opening act and they would like to play a song they dont play that often. He called it this weird thing that i can't remember, but what it turned out to be was Ticks and Leaches! Folks, it is great live. I saw Justin, Adam, and Danny playing and I heard Maynard sing, but i couldn't see him from my point of view. I think he was on the ground but I'm not to sure. I bet someone else will say what Maynard was doing. I think he was singing into a mic that sorta does what it does to the voice for the singer of Fantomas, i dunno. But in the end it was cool. Aenema and Lateralus were really well recieved and the pit was just exploding by then. If you have never seen Tool, go and see them now. You will never forget that moment you shared with Tool.

Review written by: billy ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:35:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey everyone knows the setlist (HOWEVER THEY DID PLAY TICKS AND LEECHES!!!) so im not gonna go all out with that... all i know is that this was my very first tool experience. if someone went to this show and would like to e mail me i would be very VERY gracious. Thank you. ba..

Review written by: Jessy the Loner ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:44:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Set List: Grudge, Stinkfist, 46+2, Parabol/a, (Insert song I cant remember here), Schism,Ticks & Leeches ,(Insert another song I can't remember),Aenema, and finally Lateralus. * I apologise if I left a song out, and for the forgotten ones* Ok, so to start of with, I'm totally a loser. Or south Florida contains losers. Whatever, I went to the show alone. But this just goes to show how awesome Tool really is. I had the best time. MY GOD!!!!! It's hard seeing Tool as an arena rock group, but man... they are far from it in reality. There were these chicks there dressed up for like Ricky Martin or some crap, but I guess this shows the popularity that Tool has gotten. Actually, now that I think about it, it kinda sucks. But props to the band for getting noticed. Anyways. Fantomas opened... Mike Patton - You rule. So close your eyes..... lights go down, every one screams. Music playing, screens flickering with the usual trip flick that the band shows. Once we saw Maynard on his platform... BOOM! House goes wild. They open with Grudge, fitting since this is the tour for Lateralus. Between 46+2 and Parabol he greeted the audience. It would have been cool if he had said more than just "Good Evening", but we know Maynard to be short with words. For Schism they had the contortionists come out, damn that was freakin cool. They went around the stage bobbin their heads. About midway thru the show he spoke again and dedicated Ticks & Leeches to Fantomas (he mentioned something about Girls on heroin...) I definitely think it was a cool jesture. Before Aenema they had their typical break period of just instrumentals and the contortionists came back to the stage and hung upside down from the rafters... this definitely was the highlight of the show. They wiggled around and its hard to explain, but hopefully others will get to see it as well. In the course of the show Maynard said thanks and that "we'll see you soon", god only knows what that means... maybe APC will be stoppin we've seen this quote before. The last of his mini speeches he was talking about the feeling we all had at the show and said something along the lines of "take this feeling over the next couple weeks and turn it into something good." So that's a quick rundown of the show. For one of the instrumental pieces the drummer from Fantomas joined the group to play. Nifty. Overall this was a great show, but I think they could have done better. Of course the crowd needed to be more into it. (Again I think it has to do with So. Fla. being home of dance music crap) The stage was pretty plain. I think they should have switched the set list up a little more, like all the well known songs, at least ones that we could sing with, were at the beginning and then there was the long period of the instrumental and lesser known songs. It ended well, but again, I think they could have done more to send us home all stupified. Maybe a cute lil oncour (sp?). So...those are my thoughts about 2 hours after the show. Damn I'm glad I went... PS- those of you who plan on buying shirts at the show, bring lots of cash, the t-shirts were like $35 a piece here. so dont say you had no clue.......

Review written by: joey ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 00:58:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Im not gonna give a setlist,but i am gonna say tool played ticks and leeches which i couldnt believe and they didnt an instrumental with dave lumbardo (fantomas)...all this was because it was the last show with fantomas....maynard barely talked at ALL, songs from either opiate,or undertow were played,which was unusual,but the show ruled

Review written by: Shane ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 01:31:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show tonight was truly amazing. This was my first Tool show, and it went above and beyond my expectations (which were pretty high). We arrived at the venue around 11:30am and gaev the security guard at the gate some crap about being a promotional team and he let us in, we went and stood around the back area of the venue to try and meet someone. We eventually got to speak to Mike Patton for a bit (he was extremely nice) and we saw everyone from Tool walking around, and got to speak to Justin a bit, Adam wouldn't acknowledge us when we called him, although he kinda made fun of the way i was waving at him. Anyways, on to the show itself. Fantomas was great, alot more than i had hoped for. Adam joined them on stage (wearing a very large wig that resembled Buzz's hair) and played with something that looked like an electric massager over Buzz's guitar pickups. When Tool finally took the stage, it was great, Danny was playing his special golden kit (which i was kinda hoping to get to see). Adam had a Virus Synth next to him on stage, which he controlled with a foot pedal of some sort on certain songs. One of the most surprising things of the night was that they played Ticks and Leeches! Maynard has said on several occasions that he would never do that song live. During that song, he wasn't visible from where i was (floor, against the railing, directly in front of Adam) but he was singing into some sort of box that distorted his voice somewhat. I have the setlist below, but i'm not sure about where it was that they played Ticks and Leeches, i also think there may have been one more song after the intermission that slipped my mind, other than that it should be pretty accurate. 1. intro 2. The Grudge 3. Stinkfist (extended) 4. Forty-six & 2 5. Parabol 6. Parabola 7. Ticks and Leeches(!!!) 8. Pushit (AEnema version) 9. Schism (with Osseus Labyrint) 10. short jam(lots of electronic noises) 11. Disposition 12. Reflection 13. Interlude - with Osseus Labyrint 14. Triad - with Dave Lombardo 15. AEnima 16. Lateralus if Tool comes to your town, don't miss it, its one of the most amazing show's i've ever seen. Osseus was amazing as well, especially during Triad.

Review written by: juan guerra ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 01:59:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th? Tool show

same set list as last carolina show. except "ticks & leeches" was substituted for opiate and at the same time dedicated to the opening band 'fucktumus'...or whatever they were called. no anthrax. great show. late.juan

Review written by: adrian ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 06:23:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well first things first. They played Ticks & Leeches. It was the first Tool show I have ever been to. I came not knowing what to expect. Luckily, not knowing what to expect was the best expectation to have because I was absolutely blow away. You can only describe it as an audio/visual cleansing. What I heard and saw was a gift that I can not repay. Tool is a messenger that I saw humanized before me tonight. I thank them for their time, musicianship, thoughts and playing a show that I will never forget for the rest of my life. The set list? Get it from someone else. I was on too much mescaline to remember. I only know two things. One, they played Ticks & Leeches and two a little toe in my right foot is broken. Both of these instances were definitely things I did not expect to happen but did. I guess we're even. Tool took a toe and I got Ticks & Leeches. And for the sister-fucking rednecks who we're chanting USA. Can you be more pedantic? It’s a goddamn Tool show not a fucking pep rally. Grow the fuck up! I mean you can’t spare one fleeting moment from cleaning your guns and suppressing your latent homosexuality to at least enjoy the music. TOOL. Stellar show. Stellar performance. By far, the most amazing experience ever. adrian

Review written by: Goatsby ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 08:59:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

First, I must thank the Tool Pre-Sale for finally being able to get great seats to see my favorite band. But more importantly, I must thank TOOL. This was THE best show I have ever seen, I am still in awe the morning after! I was looking forward to this show for many years, and it was worth the wait. I don't remember the exact setlist but it goes something like: The Grudge Stinkfist Parabol Parabola 46+2 Schism Pushit Ticks and Leeches Disposition Reflection Triad Aenema Lateralus These are not really in order, but these were the songs they played. The show had a few nice surprises, including the dedication of "Ticks & Leeches" to Fantomas, which I have heard they don't play often (I feel lucky because I also have seen them play "No Quarter" as well). Also of interest was MJK playing the guitar, or I am assuming it was a guitar. Dave Lombardo appeared with TOOL during Triad, and the duo osseus labyrint was on for Schism and Triad. I had a good view of DC playing the drums, which is always amazing. Maynard ended the night by saying thanks, and something like - remember this moment we have shared together - and make something positive come out of it in the next few weeks. Damn skippy!!! After Lateralus, they all got together and had a group hug and waved goodbye. Touching after such an emotional show. The crowd was really into it as well, which enhanced the experience. As I sit here and try and think of a way to describe the show, no words come to my mind that can accurately say how INCREDIBLE the band was, as always. It is not just a band playing together that looks like they punch a time clock when they get on stage, like most bands these days, but more a group of friends who actually care about their music and the experience they bring to the fans. I urge anyone who has never seen TOOL play to do so, even if you aren't really into the band - you will NOT be let down. THANK YOU TOOL FOR MAKING MY (and many other's) LIVES A BETTER PLACE!!!!!! Goatsby

Review written by: Clay Clayborne ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 09:19:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 12 Tool show

As we all know, Tool live is almost allways mind blowing and the Ft Lauderdale show had moments of brilliance. I would like to coment on a few things I did not care for: people who have been trashing Fantomas, the cred these guys have is second to none, you got to see TWO of the best modern drummers in the world! Tool chooses it's opening act remember that. I am not a fan of keeping tha band members in the dark, the videos are great but they should complment the on stage prefomance not replace it! One of the things that hooked me to Tool ( back in 94) was watching Maynard "pull" huge vocals out of his small frame. Some folks say (including the band) its not about the individual it's about the music. I say a crowd will connect better to guys they can see. It's funny to see how Stinkfist has evolved into a band/crowd favorite especially with the extra Elvis bonus material. A killer show much better than the Red Rocks with KC. The new material has grown tighter and the sound rig is much better suited for the indoor set up. I thought the band was a bit nervouse at Red Rocks and the sound was was under powerd. They overcame the huge cavern that is the Car Rental Center Besides we got "Ticks and Leaches" and you did'nt!!!! all in all an awesome show (natrally) Pobably my 4th fav time behind New Orleans 96, San Diego 98 and Tijuana 94

Review written by: Noah ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 09:20:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Concert was mindblowing, thankfully it was the last night w/ Fatomas...I mean not to proclaim my ignorance too loudly, but these guys really blew...drummer was good though. Tool managed to overcome the terrible acoustics of the Nation Car Rental centre and really put on a great's odd when 2 1/2 hours isn't enough of a set, but we were all wanting more, but it really couldn't have been better. They played Ticks & Leeches which wasn't expected, all I can say is wow.

Review written by: Gonzov17 ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 09:24:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well let me say that it was quite an impressive show. They started off fairly warm with "The Grudge" but when they played "Stinkfist" next, everyone went ballistic. Great show. A little more cerebral than when I saw them at Ozzfest about 3 years agon now, I guess. Osseus Labyrint was pretty cool and bizarre (how do they hang upside down for so long without their heads exploding?). This show wasn't quite what I expected in intensity but made up for it in the emotional area (if that makes any sense). Overall, a great show with great musicians. And just because I can't help myself, Fantomas is definitely a acquired taste. I don't mind avant-garde music but they more just a little past the edge, in fact, I think they fell off. Its just my luck that their last date on the tour was

Review written by: 5POINT56 ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:09:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

OK, this was show number 3 for me, and again, I was blown away. Fantomas opened, and I thought they were alright. Nothing great, nothing terrible. They're original, I'll say that. Personally, I would have been happier catching this tour a day later so I could have seen the Melvins instead.....or Tricky down the road. Regardless, Fantomas was unique, and there's a lot to be said for that. From reading the set lists from past shows on this tour, TOOL isn't departing a whole lot from the set lists I've seen. Maynard did surprise us with "Ticks & Leaches", which he said the band usually wont play, but it was a request from Fantomas since it was their last show together. It was thunderous! The band was in great form, which was best displayed by a lot of intrumental transgressions that were amazing. There's no question that this tour is really aimed at the TOOL purist. There's no doubt going to be a lot of people looking for that more raw set list with more contributions from Undertow and Opiate....don't count on it. This was an experience heavily aimed at TOOL's latest direction and creations.....and they delivered that with amazing power. They seem to get so much more complex and talented every time I see them, and this tour is no different. It was a great night, with the best band I've ever seen.

Review written by: Mrua in mrua ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:15:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

the show was fucking amazing. The acrobats and the video were two of the coolest fucking things ive ever seen. the sound was incredible. the whole night was awesome except for the opening band; they sucked. the setlist was good but i wish they wouldhave played sober or h.. adams les paul sounded really good tonight, and so did MAYNARDS for that matter. To the assholes fucked up on acid that were sitting across from me: fuck you. . you are two of the worlds "millions of dumbfounded dipshits" and "i hope you choke" thank you TooL for a sick ass show. come back soon

Review written by: Chodejoe ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:29:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I dont really know if there is a phrase or term to describe to the experience TOOL provides for their live show. I will attempt though in my own words. I guess you can say it was a audio/visual stimulation orgasm. It was a magnificant display of art and musical talent. The had great use of contortionists, lights, and screen show. They opened the show with The Grudge followed up by Stinkfist, and many of their other amazing songs. During reflection, you could just close your eyes and dissolve into the atmosphere, it was so melodic. I can't believe a concert could be so spiritual and stimulating. I probably sound like a retard at this point, but all I can say is, if the oppurtunity to see TOOL is present, seize it. You will never forget it. Even if the music doesnt appeal to you, the show might. You could mute the music and still be hypnotized by the show.

Review written by: Jessica ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 10:59:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show, and it rocked. Fantomas opened, and about 70% of the people there hated them. But they put on a good show. The Ft. Lauderdale show was the last show with Fanomas, so Tool had a special treat: Ticks & Leaches. This song has never before been done live, and Tool dedicated it to Fantomas. It was awesome! Actually, I previously wasn't too into Tool. Don't get me wrong, I've always known that they rocked, but I never really got to see how great they are until this show. I thank Nick for getting me into this band, cuz this show kicked ass!

Review written by: Chickenzilla ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 12:02:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The October 9th concert was awesome. Fantomas, the unusually aweful death rock metal opener, was so bad it was funny at parts; however, it made Tool sound all that much better in comparison. They opened with a fairly studio rendition of The Grudge, but the rest of the night had no studio quality at all. Everything was performed with so much more emotion and strength that it just blows the mind. Especially good were Forty-six and Two and Lateralus. The twin songs Parabol/Parabola were also done to a higher degree. Radio favorite Schism was rushed through the first half of the song, but had a wonderful solo and conclusion. Most of the songs contained some freeform jamming which seemed to make them all that much better, and definitely illustrated how well this group performs together. Their lyrics may have messages, but their music speaks volumes more. An truly great event.

Review written by: Isaac Fer (n/a) Review posted on: 10/10/01 12:34:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'm pretty sure that I'm the first, so I'm going to post the setlist. If I'm not the first, I apolgize. Tool played almost all of Lateralus, with the exception of the Patient. Osseus Labyrint performed during Schism and Reflection. They jammed a little during Stinkfist, which rocked, but the Pushit they played was a little too by-the-book for me. After slowing it down a little with Deposition and Reflection, they had a rockin' finish with AEnema and Lateralus. 1. The Grudge 2. (-) Ions -> Stinkfist Crowd Greeting 3. Fourty-Six & 2 4. Parabol -> Parabola 5. Pushit 6. Schism w/ Osseus Labyrint 7. Tricks & Leaches- Dedicated to The Phantomas for their last night 8. Deposition 9. Reflection w/ Osseus Labyrint 10. Triad 13. AEnema w/ goodnight message 14. Lateralus

Review written by: sadman nomad ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 12:38:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well, even though i had to pay through the teeth in order to get tickets, last night's show was worth it. this was my first time at national car rental center, and i'm not quite used to the idea of having central air in a rock show, but i'm not complaining. it was a nice place. i went with a big Mike Paton fan, so i had to show up in time for fantomas. they started out really strong. with glimpses of their full talents teasing the audience through a deluge of high-powered amphetamine-ridden chaos. i think it was right around the time that two circus clowns appeared mid song and offered the band-members what one can only assume to be alcohol...that was when it started going down(up?)hill. not many people liked them. but i think that had more to do with the fact that they were opening for tool than with their own talents/songs. a little after eight-thirty the house speaker system switched from it's unoriginal-elevator style "alternative" music to what one can only convey as a suspenseful opener to grudge. i suppose it lasted five or ten minutes...seemed like an hour. then came the band. then came "the grudge" then came the rest of the night. it's been stated in other reviews how powerful tool is live. how they're "awesome", "amazing", "inspirational", or a coven of superhuman beings brought to earth as a gift from the gods in mount olympus. i'll say only that i had high expectations. very high...for the price i payed, i was determined to milk it for every drop of hype i could...and they exceeded those expectations. i have a few very minor disappointments though. i wish they'd played "Third eye" or maybe "jerk-off" but that would be a beggar preoccupying himself with illusory choices. i am NOT DISAPPOINTED! the crowd was surprisingly calm also. there were a few people moshing, but the mob seemed to disapprove to it, and the thick-skulls in my area got bored with turning on their own and disapated. allowing the rest to do what they'd come to do: witness tool create beutiful art. express, i should say, but there seemed to be something very alive in the band itself. to me there seemed to be an intimacy in the crowd. maybe it was because i was a little stoned, maybe that's how tool always is. i don't know. it was a bit strange, mid-show to hear the crowd chanting "U-S-A" but to each his own. i can't remember the exact setlist, but secific songs. the intermission to me seemed to be like a little kid's mom waking him up from a flying dream so hje can get ready for school. and i wanted to slip back in that magic so badly...and sure enough, they spun their web of sound back up it was great. "stinkfyst" was great. i liked the new addittions to it. also thank you, tool for playing the original "pushit" much desired, and much enjoyed by myself and others i spoke with. i can't wait to see them again.

Review written by: Adam Trister ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 13:05:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Last night's show at the National Car Rental Center was very interesting. After recently moving to the Miami area from New York City, I am accustomed to the raucous Tool show's at Roseland Ballroom (1996) and more recently at a sold- out Hammerstein Ballroom. Thue, you can imagine my surprise when I entered a half-empty cavernous hockey arena slightly primed to see TOOL, It was so empty, that my girlfriend and I were able to move from our seats to a better vantage point without a problem. Since I have seen Tool six times since my first show in '93, maybe I found the air- conditioned opulence, and comfortable chairs a bit disconcerting for a concert from my favorite band. Anyway the show got underway as expected, the setlist was very similar to the May NYC show, as were the visuals. Of course, MAynard sounded incredible, and as always the mastery of Danny, Adam and Justin was tight. HIGHLIGHTS: Ticks & Leeches, this was played in the middle of the set. It was dedicated to Fantomas (last night on the tour) because, accoridng to Maynard, "we don't paly it alot.". AENEMA: A wonderful song, it gets better everytime I hear it. Subsituted lyrics: "Fuck all these gun-toting, BLOOD THIRSTY wannabees." STINKFIST: It may have just been me, but they seemed to add this extended jam instrumental to Stinkfist. It sounded phenomenal. If anyone has any info on this please get back to me. INTERMISSION: Drum jam, with Maynard and Adam on guitar, Justin, Danny, and drummer from Fantomas, and of coruse the contortionists. The jam, and I know this seems nuts, was very similar to a Grateful Dead DRUMS jam. As I was listening it sounded alot like the Dead tune "That's it for the Other One". As the drummer from Fantomas exited the stage., Maynard amd e a reference to Jerry Garcia, hmmm..... (Again, please email me, if you have any information on this). LOWLIGHTS: Arena Rock: I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT TOOL IS PLAYING ARENAS. ITS JUST TOO WEIRD. The Grudge Opener: I like this sond alot, but I just don't dig it as an opener. If I were Tool, on an arena tour, I would open with 3rd Eye or perhaps more fittingly, ala Lolla '97, Hooker With a Penis. NO UNDERTOW: My biggest gripe for last. Tool has reached their success because a generation of people now in their early to mid 20's (I am 25) went out and bought Undertow in the early to mid 90's . This album was so amazing that created an enormous buzz and anticipation for the release of Aenema in '96. Aenema as we all know is a masterpiece. Leading to the incredible success of Lateralus. I understand that all of Tool's music is amazing. But at one time there was a day when all the Tool we had to listen to was Swamp Song, 4 Degrees, Crawl Away, Jerk-Off, Cold and Ugly, etc... And songs like Anema, Stinkfist, Schism did not even exist. But we all loved the Undertow and Opiate albums so much we couldn't wait to hear what was next. How they they could not have played one song from either Opiate or Undertow is absolutely astounding to me. SETLIST: (a little unsure on order) The Grudge IONS Stinkfist (extended) 46 & 2 Parabol Parabola Ticks & Leeches Schism Dispostion Reflection INTERMISSION (Grateful Dead like Jam perhaps??) AENEMA Lateralus

Review written by: Majestic Man ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 13:34:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

One word can describe this experience, incredible. This was my first time seeing TOOL live and it was amazing, every song sounded perfect, no mistakes whatsoever. The setlist were really good too. Thank god for the crappy fantamas performance or we would have never heard ticks and leeches. Putting up with 45 minutes of crap from that band was worth that 8 minute song. I don't really remember the set list but it went something like this: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. Parabol 4. Parabola 5. Schism 6. 46 & 2 7. Ticks and Leeches 8. Pushit 9. Disposition 10. Reflection 11. Triad 12. Aenima 13. Lateralus I'm almost positive that was about it, pretty incredible. The highlight definetly would be ticks and leeches/pushit. The crowd was really into it. A couple of people got arrested here or there, I saw some guy getting the shit kicked out of him by some cops down on the floor. Well anyways, definetly worth the $40, I'll be sure to go when they come here in 4 years again =)

Review written by: Camel Toe ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 13:47:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

As a bass-playing musician, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer intensity of the music and the visual elements of last night's show in South Florida. The bombastic drumming and heavy-hitting bass pounded through my torso. The mix of the vocals cut through like sharpened daggers. We were treated to a "song we usually don't play", said Maynard: Ticks and Leeches. Absolutely incredible. Doug, Bass/vocals, CAMEL TOE

Review written by: SHAWN O. ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 13:56:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, this was my first Tool show. I have been a casual fan since Undertow, but unfortunately I have not previously been a big enough fan to know much about the band, including song names outside of the obvious hits. So, you can dismiss this review, or you can take my word for it that this was quite a performance. I have always had respect for Tool in that I always found them to be extremely musically inclined. This was proven outside of the studio and on stage live last night. Maynard was outstanding... hitting every note perfectly. The drummer (sorry not familiar with names outside of Maynard) was AMAZING. The visuals were in such perfect sync with the music. The weird "Schism" video creatures (forgot their name) were live on stage with the band, as well as hanging upside down from the ceiling of the arena for long periods of time. During Schism they came out in their primitive stance, bobbing heads and all as they patroled around the band. Maynard was stationed in back of the stage for the duration of the show, standing in front of a screen that was displaying wicked visuals. It seemed as if the creatures on the screen behind him were standing with him, lurking around him as he powerfully belted out his emotion filled vocals. The highlights for me were Stinkfest (awesome) and Schism was played very well. All in all a great show. No "Sober" was a let down, because it is the song that introduced me, as well as many others, to the band. But hey, you have to respect a band that 86's the mainstream hits after a while to prove there is much more in their repitoire. And there most certainly was an arsenal of them.

Review written by: C. Paul Mayfield ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 13:57:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I just want all of you who have missed out on going to the Ft. Lauderdale show that you have missed the greatest show ever. To begin with, they performed Ticks & Leeches!!!!!!! And from what I've heard, Maynard made a statement that they would never perform it live because he lost his voice putting it on the album. Maynard , Danny, Adam & Justin; THANKYOU!!! This is by far my favorite song off the new album and I was so sure I would never see this performed. Sad thing was that Maynard hid behind some equipment while singing, can't have your cake and eat it too. Finally, is there a better drummer than Danny. My god can that man rock the drums. He is so incredible at what he does, as is everyone in the band as we all know. My first TOOL show was in Atlanta at Lallapalooza (sp.) '97, then I went to the two back to back shows at the Palladium in Hollywood in March of '98, so it's been awhile since I've seen them. I had almost forgot what a moving experience their shows are, but they have topped it all last night. This is one of the many reasons why TOOL is the greatest band there is!!! Thank you again! C. Paul Mayfield

Review written by: Kyle ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 15:02:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I dont know what the setlist was exactly but it was majority Lateralus music. They dedicated one to the opener for them and gave it a bogus name which turened out to be "fleas and ticks" and would apparently be the last time this suck band would open for them. Tool~intelligence. The visual setup was fukin awesome with the hanging scorboard monitor facing directly towars us in the box seats. It was wild on the floor level with the usual heathen mosh that knew little of what was fueling their aggression. The crowd would chant USA in between songs. I had no idea of the visual synchronization with their intricate trip ass visual and sound; it all made for a truly spinally satisfying show...may post another on the tampa show.

Review written by: Kyle Beamsderfer ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 15:25:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first time seeing TOOL and I was blown away. The stage show was spectacular. The set list included, from what I remember and what I recognized: 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. ? 5. Pushit 6. Schism 7. Ticks and Leeches 8-11. ? 12. Aenima It was the best concert I have ever attended. The only complaint I have is they didn't play my favorite 4 songs which is Sober, Hooker witha penis, Jimmy, and Prison Sex but other than that< I highly reccommend getting tickets for a TOOL show if you haven't already. Please do the band a favor and go see this high energy show. Maynard didn't talk much but that is what made the show so different. The charectars from the Schism video were onstage with the band. To sum up the concert in one word: AWESOME .

Review written by: ToolusingDeftone ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 15:34:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I Had waited for this experience since the day aenima came out. And finally last night it happend. Fantomas opening, floor tickets, and a good buzz from the crowd....what more could you ask for?!?! So anyway...8:45 rolls along and the boys are keeping us waiting....eerie music plays in the background....the arena turns dark....and The Grudge blows me away...I seriously would have been happy if i would have had to go home right there.... As the set continued, we got treated to a newer version of Stinkfist(with great new start and stop points), a great performance of Push It, and the second to last song, AEnima.(this song was the one that brought about the biggest pit of the night and was the one with the most energy by far). Something else that was incredible was when Dave Lombardo of Fantomas came out and played Triad with the boys.....great performance.... We got treated last night , with a very rare performance of Ticks and Leeches(wasnt expecting that). Also they ran through most of the songs on lateralus including: Schism, Parabol, Parabola, Reflections, Ticks And Leeches, Triad, The Grudge, and Lateralus(not in that order). It was an amazing performance, and im basically still in shock. I can't even remember the exact order of the songs. However, the best part of the night is that after they played Lateralus(last song)...the band embraced in the middle of the stage. That was very very cool. Can't wait to see them again.

Review written by: Jonny ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 16:40:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Ive read - 'Maynard is boring, he doesnt even face the crowd!' I found out - Maynard is SO locked into the atmosphere of his art, that who cares where he faces, do you not hear how AMAZING this guys performance is? Ive read - 'Maynard isnt even playing the guitar, he just wheres it around his neck' I found out - OFCOURSE he plays it. He offers atmospheric balance to the entire performance by layering the various guitar tracks that Adam recorded in the studio. Ive read - 'Fantomas are just a bunch of noise' I found out - Well, that may be true BUT they were pretty cool and none of us will ever forget them. Ive read - 'I wish the band moved around more and played more older stuff' I found out - Some of you are just missing the point. NOTES FROM THE SHOW - 1-Fantomas used the 18 inch stone hendge replica from This Is Spinal Tap. 2-Fantomas had 2 clowns come out half way through their set and juggle as well as refresh the band with drinking water. 3-Tool played 'Ticks And Leeches' as a gift to Fantomas for their last show of the tour. 4-Dave Lombardo played kettle drums on Triad. 5-Tool are some BAD mabo-jambo's live!

Review written by: Takeone ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 17:29:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Holy sweet jesus!!! If your even thinking twice about seeing a tool show coming to your area. You'll be crazy to miss it. This was such an incredible show. I can't even begin to tell you guys. I'm speechless. One thing I did want to report is that ticks and leeches was included in tonight's setlist. It was dedicated to fantomas, being there last night on the tour. I guess they kept bugging maynard to do it. This show was well worth the money. All the people there seem to be into the show. Maynard threw his mic into the moshpit, that was going on all night.

Review written by: Moss Man ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 17:36:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The Tool show was done well. Although I would have liked to have heard "H." or anything off of Undertow, I thought the set list was fine because after all it's a tour promoting Lateralus. Oh yeah, I thought it was odd that Ray Lewis and Donovan McNabb was at the show...I didn't know they were Tool fans.

Review written by: Mary ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 19:05:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Finally... years I have been waiting for this moment... I got to see the almighty T00L! I love their stage setup. The eye candy was awesome. Their music is the best... I mean you can't label it anything... they're their own fucking genre... none can compare. The band rocked out, each pouring out their awesome sweet tones... mixing the hard and heavy with the melodic... I mean I was in a trance the whole time, totally engulfed in their music. The energy pounded through the arena, through everybody... pulsating through our heads...and our hearts. It was complete bliss. They played from the aenema and lateralus albums. I cannot specify the order. And the contortionists were beautiful. I have to say they really know how to put on a damn good show. And not a boring moment. We are so lucky to have these guys, to appreciate their form of art… whether they know it or not =) I hope to see them again soon... that was the best concert I’ve ever been to! They had some very comforting words at the end of the show and they all hugged. It was so nice. Last night... T00L was nothing short of divine (are they ever?)... Truly a beautifully spiritual show. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Review written by: Chad ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 20:25:51 ET

This was this reviewer's rd Tool show

I have seen Tool 3 times now. lastnight was the best though. The highlight of the show was when they played pushit, that's my favorite song. They played a long set I won't post the set list don't worry. The opening band fantomas was tasteless, I was really getting annoyed by those tweekers by the end of their set. Maynard's vocals were right on target, I was very impressed. It seems everytime I see them they get better. I have never seen a Tool concert so packed.

Review written by: SnaFu 714 ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 20:29:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

"HOLY *****!" (<- insert your expletive of choice here.) Ahhhh,..what can be said? Seeing my two favorite vocalists on one stage was a fantasy that was manifested into a reality last night at the ol' NCRC. FANTOMAS hit the stage at 7:30. I thought they played an impressive set, however being a longtime fan of Mike Patton projects, (FNM,Mr. Bungle,Maldoror, his solo projects on John Zorns' label Tzadik, etc.), I know that FANTOMAS is an aquired taste. In their defense let me say that they are more of a "studio" band, and that their latest effort "The Director's Cut" is a must have for anyone who likes "real" music. Please check it out, you won't be dissapointed. OK, OK, enough rambling on about Mike Patton, (checkout TOMAHAWK, releast date 10-30 on Ipecac),now on to TOOL. From what I've read of previous reviews, it sounds like we had an above par performance compared to recent shows. The sound quality was supurb from where I was standing, (about 20 feet from the stage). Lots of moshing, which was pretty annoying at times being that this was TOOL, a band that people actually LIKE to watch play! However nobody was really being a testosterone-driven dick and beating the shit out of anyone, (that I saw at least). I'm not going to give the setlist, the ones that everyone else have listed are acurate. I really want to comment on the video clips that are shown through out the entire show. They were just fucking awesome! If you are going to see TOOL in the near future, and you have seats, drop a dose. I will envy you. You will NOT be dissapointed. Don't think about it, DO IT! I am sorely dissapointed that I did not. This show puts Pink Floyd's shows to shame. Lastly, I would just like to add that this was one hell of an amazing show by both bands! i can only hope that we don't have to wait another 4 years for a new TOOL album/tour.

Review written by: M ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 20:34:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

If anyone bootlegged this show, email me please! Let's talk some business ! I would pay some serious money for a CD or video.

Review written by: Holly ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 22:16:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow! I love Tool! I have never seen them in concert till last night. I was only able to indulge in their music. I must admit this show was the best show I have ever been to. It was way better than when I saw NIN. Anyone who is anticipating the show coming to their city will be amazed. They were friggin awsome! I can't get over it and I will be reliving it for quite awhile. Everytime I hear Tool now I get a little tingly feeling!

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 10/10/01 22:49:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

My, oh my. It's really hard to write a review right now, because I'm fucking speechless. But, I've got to say something. First off, Fantomas. I actually thought they were pretty damn cool. Fucked up beyond all recognition, but very cool. There were instances where I was kind of getting into it. Mike Patton's a raging lunatic, that's for sure. What I was most impressed with was Dave Lombardo. He was wicked, pounded the shit out of the drums like a madman. It was real choppy, if only they could piece all that shit together, to make like a full song or something, it could be great. It was cool nonetheless. But who gives a fuck about them anyway. About 30 minutes after the Fantomas set, it was that time. I saw the massive drum kit being assembled, and the goose bumps started coming. This was the nicest place I've ever seen a concert. The sound was perfecto. Not to loud, not to quiet. Any seat in this place would be a good seat. It was perfect. Of course, they opened up with The Grudge. The visuals were the same as Atlanta, but still awe inspiring. Then Stinkfist, and holy shit it was something else. They played an extended version of it, but it wasn't like the version I heard. I couldn't really understand what he was singing, but it was pretty damn spiffy. The crowd erupted after that song, the arena was shaking. I must say the crowd was cool. I was suprised at that fact, being some of the people i know here, and what fucking morons they are. Everyone was real nice and such. After SF, 46and2 was up. Amazing. Pushit-album version. Stunning. Schism-beautiful Then I believe it was Parabol/Parabola-very nice. About the middle of the song the lights seemed to create what appeared to be an American flag. It was fucking cool. Made sense Ok, i'm hazy and can't remember the order or anything so fuck are the songs I heard after that... here's the one that will make everyone jealous... TICKS AND LEECHES. Damn. He said all his thanks to Fantomas, and dedicated it to them, but instead of calling it Ticks and leeches, I believe he said "this song is called 'Heroin'. My favorite song of the evening. Then came Disposition with an xtension of last few notes for like 10 minutes(everyone but Adam took a break)Reflection then came. Then Triad, fucking Triad. Dave Lombardo came out and played right in front of Danny. I've never seen anything like that in my life. While all that was going on, Odysseus-whatever the hell they are called-were doing there cool shit up in the air. That was amazing, especially when they played Triad, they were going fucking banana's up there. How the hell they do that shit, I do not know. A cool twist on the show definately. After a short intermission Maynard came back with the middle of his face painted black, and he started doing the Hey, hey, hey.... Aenema. WOW. Fucking the most intense feeling I've ever had in my life. Maynard then gave his "remember this feeling, make something positive" deal he does at every show. Very nice though, made me think. Finally, Lateralus. So beautiful, I felt that song through my soul I swear to God. It brought so much peace over me. It's still stuck in my head. During the song I about lost myself. It was me, and Tool. That's it. Amazing. Adjectives don't fucking work, they are just are pointless. during the song, they were all huddled around Danny's drumset, I thought that was cool. Then a big group hug. And they all waved, and bowed to the crowd, clapping there hands, and showing us there appreciation, as we showed them ours. I thought that was cool too. Made me realize these were real people creating such great music. The visuals were cool, Maynard was so energetic, even saw adam bang his head a few times which is unusual. But that shit didn't matter. It was just the music, to me. I tried so hard to stay focused watching the band, all the visuals, but I couldn't. I would just lose myself, my eyes would close, I'd start singing and shit, and dancing. I never dance. I was fucking dancing for christ's sake. I couldn't help it. I missed half the damn show now that I think about it:) Really, everything was overwhelmed by the music. People bitch, oooh I can't see Maynard...I didn't care. I could hear Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny. That's all that mattered. I'm still just in awe. It was just great, something special. I'll never forget this night for the life of me. Lately I've been kind of down about life, but no more. I've been healed it seems, for now. This night just made me realize as bad as this world sucks these days, there will always be beauty. And as long as beauty's still around, we've got nothing to bitch about. I just wish I could just keep this inside of me, and just lock it in. I'll try. I'm fucking exhausted from my damn tool aerobic session. Goodnight! Tool is good.

Review written by: toolboy ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 01:39:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Are the reviews for this date working? This is a check.

Review written by: Toolchicky ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 13:01:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th? Tool show

AMAZING. That should sum it all up. Maynard's voice, if at all possible, sounded better than all the other times I've heard him before. The setlist was kick ass... They played pretty much every song off of Lateralus... But nothing from Opiate or Undertow... I was REALLY hopin to hear prison sex with the extra verse.. but hopefully I will hear that wed, thurs or friday night's concerts... I went to the TOOL concert all by myself... and i coudlnt have given a fuck either way if my friend had come or not... if you cant appreciate TOOL the way I can, stay home... I too was sick of all the little pop divas in the audience, but fuck it, they cant possibly understand what TOOL is all about... and if they choose to pay to see TOOL with their lunch money and support the band, good for them... I had floor tickets... the floor was NOTHING... I was a chick by myself and i had no trouble at all managing the pit... if you even want to call it a "pit"... I think the crowd surfers realized that as well as they kept falling face down to the floor.... it was such a joke.. but i'm glad i didnt have to worry about it... and yes, the highlight of course, was Ticks and Leeches..i thought fantasmas sucked.. but i'm glad they were around for they're the reason why Maynard played th esong in the first place.. I wasnt fucked up at all... but the visuals were fucking unreal... even to a sober chick like me... TOOL is about so much more than just music... reading between the lines is key... Before the last song, REVEREND Maynard spoke... "Remember this feeling that you have right now... whether you had a good day or a bad day, tha'ts irrelevant... REember this feeling that you have and in the next few weeks take it and create something positive with it"... Words to remember... ..... Till the Next Concert...... TooLChickY

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 14:20:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

To start, Fantomas... I thought that they were unique, the clowns trying to juggle were pretty funny,cosidering they cant =D and then they fueled the band with a bottle of whiskey i think... Thier music got boring after the continual pauses...not much on fantomas.. i thought they were OKAY...on with TOOL!! I had front row to what i thought to be god-like. Besides having a huge ass nazi use my back as an elbow rest and me getting pinned to the rail nearly crushing my rib-cage... (cause im a pretty small guy) THE SHOW WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!! as the grudge opened up everyone just went apeshit, once stinkfist came on, it was all hell on the floor of over 1800 people.. the visuals all night long were insane. danny is to the height of unspeakable godliness on the drums... and the way maynard sang was pretty awesome. i plugged my ears during one of the songs because the sound of the drums and bass were throwing my stomach acids everywhere in my stomach making it pretty painful... and it sounded exactly like the studio versions which was pretty fucking awesome!! the guard dudes were awesome, they gave everyone in the first couple rows water. Unfortunately, one guard got water up my nose which sucked.. as for the best part of my night... the contortionists matching the shape and movement of the objects in the screen during the intermission was incredible. and after the intermission i asked the guard if he could help me get out of the front row, cause by then i almost passed out from lack of something(probably oxygen) and the area was packed really tight. so i walk myself over to the pit as aenima was just starting. and everyone just went fucking nuts! lateralus finished and he made a speech about how to keep what we were feeling right then or something like that.. after the show i saw some pretty weird shit in my peripheral vision which was pretty cool...(i didnt take any drugs.. although i was looking for acid that night...) Overall, the show, again was GODLY! to those people that havent seen TOOL yet... YOU GUYS ARE IN FOR SOMETHING!!

Review written by: STOOL ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 16:15:59 ET

This was this reviewer's Nth Tool show

thank you for being a friend, travel round the world and back again. fucken golden girls get ticks and leeches. you guys SUCK!!!!

Review written by: arco-doofus ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 16:18:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I'll admit to being the one who shouted "do you want us to think you suck?" to Fantomas. I felt bad after, But there's more to my claim. I think its likely they were purposefully put there to sort of frustrate us, its something Tool would do and now we won't forget them and maybe we'll see them in a record store and say "hey remember them they were fucked up" and buy the CD. Its kind of the same approach stanley kubrick had in his movies. Yes it was true we did get ticks + leeches which was great for me 'cause I was expecting the same setlist from all the other shows. Triad was great too. One thing everyone should consider when buying tickets is whether or not you want to be on the floor, because it adds an element to the show to be always pushed around, but remember it can also be distracting. It can also make the screen tough to see and for me it seemed the sound balance was messed up by all the people around me (everyone in the seats said the sound was great). And finally, When Maynard says "remember this feeling and put it into something positive" I think everyone should really do that and not just think "oh that was a good thing to say" I've already started, and posting a review doesn't r

Review written by: paTOOLa ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 17:56:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

uufffffff this was my first TOOL show, i made a trip from Chile just to see them is October 11 right now im in a Kinko's right outside the Waterhouse center here in Orlando and I saw them yesterday too in Tampa. I gotta say that the Ft Lauderdale show was fucking amazing the crowd was really great and the setlist ufffff outstanding. when maynard talk before Ticks & leeches and said that they will play a special song i thought ...pleace got to be Third Eye.......but then Danny start to play the drum of Ticks and Leeches and i just couldnt belive it, thank TOOL you made my first experience just unforgetable. I hope that tonights setlist includes some song from the Undetow album or a diferent song from Ænima like Eulogy or Pushit slow and Opiate..... -see you auntie-

Review written by: Gator McClusky ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 18:59:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I won't bother posting a set list, as many others have posted them you already know what songs you missed. The show opened with Fantomas, which was a hell of a surprise for me. I've been a Fantomas fan for a long time now, and it was great to see them live. There are many people that hate them, I'm sure, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better class of musicians assembled together anywhere. Dave Lombardo (Slayer) on drums, Buzz Osbourne (Melvins) on guitar, Trevor Dunn (Faith No More/Mr. Bungle) on bass, and, of course, Mike Patton on vocals. What they do together may be experimental, but it's extremely difficult to play like that, and it was fuckin' great to finally see them live. Tool was great, as they always are. I like their new layout on stage, where Maynard isn't really in the forefront as in the past, but set against the projected backdrop. The contortionists were cool, but felt they dragged on a bit too long for my taste. As for three Tool shows I've seen, this was the second best. The top one being when they were at Sunrise Musical Theater a few years back, and the third one being Ozzfest.

Review written by: Mitch ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 21:45:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Great...amazing..unbelievable..and these are UNDERSTATEMENTS!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I saw APC live, but Maynard was MUCH better with Tool. Ok, Fantomas blew the big one, and took up more of Tool's set, but that's all right. Tool warmed up the crowd by playing a new Mantra, which wasn't Maynard's cat this time (read FAQ). And the Grudge was spectacular. A new verse was added to Stinkfist, and if you need to know the rest of the setlist, read it somewhere else. Then Maynard pronounced they would be doing a song they don't normally do. He called it "Buzz Has a Harelip." Turned out to be good ol' "Ticks". Awesome. The contortionists during Schism made the song 20 times better, and we learned that Maynard can play the guitar! Skip ahead an hour. I thought they were down. And then Maynard starting hissing into the microphone and the fimiliar opening riff for AEnima started. The crowd went NUTS. All in all, the concert was the best in the history of the Universe. You know a concert is good when your voice is shot for two days, your abdominal area hurts from yelling, and your neck is hurt from seizing around and headbanging. A word to the wise: If you want a shirt, take a lot of cash or a credit card

Review written by: Scott ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 12:10:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, they did it again! Tool made another lasting impression on me that will never be forgotten. This band has managed to leave me awe struck every time I’ve seen them. It was a delight to see fellow fans singing and swaying with overwhelming excitement. I hear a lot of criticism from the fans as to why they didn't play anything from undertow or opiate. In response to that, it should be understood that when you go to see a Tool performance, it's like no other. I’m sure when the members plan out their setlists, they do it so that each song flows nicely to the next (like their albums). Ænima and Lateralus are more elaborate and corresponding to each other than Undertow and Opiate, which are (with all due respect) hard hitting and in your face. This is not a band that is going to go touring around the world playing their hit singles to the average joe fan that listens to them on the radio. If you want that go see Limp Bizkit or Godsmack. The Tool show should be looked at not only as a concert but also as an experience. The time you spend with their music, to many devoted fans and myself is a learning process to appreciate music and almost a way of open-mindedness – hence the name “Tool”. To the band – Thank you for the experience, Another satisfied customer.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (???@???.???) Review posted on: 10/13/01 17:01:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Oh my God! The October 9th Tool show was unbelievable! It was my first Tool show, but it was unforgettable! Anything that can happen good to a concert did happen. My seats were pretty cool, they were the 21st row, but they were just to the left of the stage, so that was great. Now for the highlights: 1. They played my favorite Tool song, "Forty Six & 2"! That song was amazing. 2. There was an awesome drum interlude inbetween "Reflection" and "Aenema", which I though was amazing. Not only was Danny out there, another percussion was out there too. Amazing! 3. Oh yes, "Aenema". During that song, everyone went crazy. I think everyone was building their energy back up during "Disposition/Reflection/Triad", and it showed. The mosh pit was insane. Not only all that, but it was an amazing performance. 4. And, of course, "Lateralus". The highlight of the night. Maynard sounded amazing, as were Danny, Adam, and Justin. The animation on the screens was superb. There was only 1 lowlight, but it was big: THEY PLAYED "TICKS AND LEECHES" INSTEAD OF "OPIATE"! Now I know that everyone is bragging that we got "Ticks and Leeches" instead of "Opiate". Yeah, that's great and all, but there's only one problem, "OPIATE" IS THE BEST TOOL SONG EVER AND "TICKS AND LEECHES" IS THE WORST SONG ON LATERALUS!!!! Not sure what you think, but I was dissapointed about that. Other than that, this was an amazing first Tool show. I can't wait until they come back, but I hope they play "Opiate".

Review written by: Alexander de Large (TheIncredible8) Review posted on: 10/13/01 21:20:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

That.......... was the single greatest experiance of my concert going career. True, up until now, my "concert going career" consisted of A Perfect Circle but Tool had their work cut out for them to best it. Needless to say, Tool succeded in making the 60 something dollars I paid for ticket and shirt well worth the money. Alright, from the beginning. Fantomas was terrible. I have a suspician that Tool merely brought them along for the ride in sympathy. About the only good thing Fantomas did was Stonehenge. If you've seen This is Spinal Tap then you know what I'm talking about. When Fantomas was finished agitating the crowd it was Tool's turn. Just in time too. The crowd seemed ready to storm the stage if some real music wasn't played soon. Tool's entrance was amazing. By the time a new version of Mantra started playing, they crowd was quivering with anticipation. Then Tool went into The Grudge, one of the best songs on Lateralus. It was incredible. Looking back on it I can only begin to describe the sense of euphoria I was experiancing as the show really got started. No review can truly get this feeling across. When I could finally force the blank stare of my face, and focus on the stage, I realized something. Maynard is an incredibly small person. Up on the tv sceens and on screens Tool had set up for this purpose, were clips of video, most of them created for the concert. As I'm sure every guy who was at that show noticed, there was quite a bit of nudity in those clips. Way to go Tool. Anyway after a nice bit of bliss, it was time for Schism. I was awed by the song, but I was in for an awesome treat. To my great surprise, our friends from the Schism video, the contortionists, were there live and in person. Without even taking my eyes off the stage I pointed it out to the people around me. Wonderful. When Maynard stopped for a moment to say that this was their last show with Fantomas I cheered of course. I was only slightly disappointed that they dedicated Ticks and Leeches to Fantoms (which was intorduced as "Buzz has a hairlip") rather then Jerk-Off which, in my opinion would have been more appropriate. More bliss and then, after the same guitar riff for about 3 minutes, Our friends the contorionists were hooked up by their ankles and suspended a good 30 feet above the stage. I understand that used to be a form of torture. Once again, way to go Tool. As it was winding down, Maynard made a statment about how he wanted everyone to remember the good feeling they were getting from the concert. Don't worry Maynard, there isn't even a slight possibility that anyone who counts will forget. And then....... Ænima. Every single person in the crowd, it seemed, was singing the words. Even I, despite the fact that I had long since lost my voice, managed to sing well enough. Finally it was Lateralus and then, sadly, it was over. My only regret is that they didn't do Sober or Prison Sex. I would have loved to hear H (my favorite Tool song for the moment) but I didn't think it was going to happen anyway so I wasn't surprised when they didn't do it. There's nothing more to say. Tool is great, the epitimy of awesome and good. It was an incredible experiance that I will remember forever until I get old and senile.

Review written by: le joue de la jour ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 07:07:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I wanted to write something different from the rest of the reviews… But I found myself at a loss for words, so IT WAS AWESOME! WHOOOO! I was amazed to come to the realization that Danny (Drums) is as good as he is. Of course all the songs rocked, but in particular I loved The Grudge, Parabola, Lateralus, and 46 & 2. What about fantomas? Well, I'll get to the point bout fat tomas with the exception of the slayer drummer, they sucked ass. Any IT WAS AWESOME! WHOO! N I did do something positive from this concert. I played great music outa the garage saterday really loud so everybody could hear, but aparently someone didn't like it, n theres laws bout playin to loud.. n the cops sorta visited (I thought it was because I kick ass on guitar) for a chat. So all n all, music=good

Review written by: SPOOL ( Review posted on: 10/15/01 14:53:30 ET

This was this reviewer's ???? Tool show

Maynard told you guys to suck him dry. so SUCK damnit!!

Review written by: Stephanie ( Review posted on: 10/15/01 17:46:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

All I can say is...WOW! Everything about the show was amazing! I've waited 5 years to see TooL and I've definitly have been satisfied. The visuals were awesome. It was so cool how TooL's music matched exactly with the everchanging images. I'm not disappointed at all with the set list. I wish they could have played on throughout the night. They only played songs from Ænima and Lateralus. Right before they played Ticks & Leeches, Maynard called the song by a different title (Balls of a Hairlip?). I don't know. I don't think I heard it right. If anybody wants to e- mail me what he said, that would be really cool of ya. Anyways...Bottom Line: KICK ASS SHOW!!